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									                            COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS LABORATORY PROJECT

                                                                           PERSONAL WEBSITE


To build a personal website that incorporates basic to intermediate web features and
functionalities using Microsoft Frontpage Editor and fundamentals of HTML plus Dynamic


    I.               General Guidelines

                           A. Your task is to create your personal website using MS Frontpage.
                           B. Decide the specific sections you want to include in your website. i.e.
                              biography, photo gallery, etc.
                           C. Create your personal website. Take note of the design guidelines stated
                           D. Publish your personal website in any 1 of the portals provided.
                           E. Prepare a written documentation for your website following the guidelines
                              given in this document.

    II.                    Website Design
                           Consider the following guidelines as you design and create your site:

                                                                                               Design Guidelines
                                                                                                                Language /
                       Navigation        Accessibility                     Organization        Information       Grammar                              Creativity       Originality      Legibility

                                                                                                                                                                                     - contrast of
                     - contains                                                              - sufficient &   - no                                 - understandable - design was
                                      - clear path to                     - clear structure                                                                                          colors in
                     necessary                                                               relevant         grammatical &                        sequence of      orginally and
                                      all information                     of all information                                                                                         background
                                                                                                                                Graphical Design

                     navigation tools                                                        information      spelling errors                      infromation      uniquely done
                                                         Content Design
     Screen Design

                                                                                                                                                                                     and text

                     - clear,                                                                                                                      - artistic
                     consistent icons                                                        - appropriate    - appropriate                        combination of
                                               -                                  -                                                                                         -        - readable text
                     & graphics                                                              information      grammar used                         graphics and text
                     schemes                                                                                                                       elements

                     - basic links are
                                               -                                  -                   -               -                                    -                -                -

    III.                   Website Documentation

    Project documentation must be computerized and shall have the following sections:

                           A. Title Page
                              Must include the Course Name (CS113P / COMPTR011L), Section, Name,
                              Project Adviser, and Date of Presentation.

                           B. Introduction
                              In this section, you must indicate your objectives for the creation of the

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            C. Design Approach
               Must include the tools that you used in the building the website. A discussion
               of the items listed below must also be included as part of this section.

                              Programs used (i.e. Frontpage, java / cgi scripts).
                              Other data and information taken from websites (i.e. animated
                              gif., etc).
            D. Website Contents
               This section provides a discussion of the information that you included on
               every page of your website.

            E. Diagram/Site Map
               Site diagrams are excellent for planning both the broad scope of the site and
               the details of where each piece of content, navigation, or interactive
               functionality will appear

                 Create a structure / diagram of your personal website similar to the examples

    IV.     Website Presentation

            Presentation shall be graded according to the following factors:
            A. Presentation Skills                              30%
            B. Ability to answer questions clearly              30%
            C. Functionality of website                         40%
            Total                                               100%

    V.      Annex
            A. Directory of portal sites with free uploading.
            B. Directory of websites with free web tools (i.e. web components, java / cgi
               scripts, etc.)

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            C. Directory of websites with free online custom webpage graphics and

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                                           “ANNEX A”

      Free Servers -
      20 Mb. An advanced service for experienced HTML users.
      Brinkster -
      30 Mb. No ads. An advanced web host aimed towards kids who have a lot of knowledge in HTML
      and CGI.
      CyberSoup -
      15Mb. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads.
      MatMice -
      With an easy to use homepage builder, kids can make their very own homepage on the web. -
      1 Mb, no ads.
      Free Webspace Inc. -
      100 MB, FTP support. <name>
      Angelcities -
      64 Mb. Browser uploads. Preloaded CGI scripts: guestbook, message board, and form-mail.
      100 Free MB -
      100 MB. FTP support. No built-in hompage builder.

      8tc webhosting -
      Free Host, 108MB, Sub-domain, FTP, PHP, CGI-bin, and mySQL on request
      HavocHost -
      100 MB. No FTP, Browser uploads only. <name> -
      Free web space for kids to build their own web page. Includes help on how to learn HTML.
      Host Department -
      Free web hosting without any advertisements and unlimited hits. 10 MB. FTP available
      Tripod -
      50 Mb. Provides tools to help beginners learn HTML.
      Yahoo! GeoCities -
      15 Mb. Includes easy-to-build website templates, and direct FTP access.
      Angelfire -
      50 Mb. Provides tools and resources for beginning, intermediate and expert web page designers
      Zero Catch -
      Provides Subdomain webpages, with support for flash, FTP, and Frontpage Extensions

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                                            “ANNEX B”

      Hosted Scripts -
      Offers 22 different CGI scripts including message boards, mailing lists, form processing. [Free] -
      Six different web-based applications including message board, mailing, and calendar.
      Response-O-Matic -
      Form processor for web pages. No programming and no cgi-bin access required. [Free]
      Cut and Paste Scripts -
      A variety of free hosted CGI scripts.
      Add live chat for help/support to your site -
      ASP solution for live chat, real time visitor monitoring, one operator multiple chats, proactive chat
      invitation, chat transfer and more with hits counter and site submission as value added. -
      A reasonable selection of remotely hosted cgi scripts [Free membership and usage]
      SiteGadgets -
      Message boards, guestbooks, news and a wide range and variety of scripts. [Free]
      Add live chat to your website. -
      Service includes live chat, real-time monitoring, audio alert. - Our Servers. Your Service. -
      Over 10 remotely hosted scripts, no downloads - all free.
      Pliner.Net's Free Remotely Hosted Scripts -
      Customizable free remotely hosted scripts including mail forms, polls, chat, message boards and
      website monitoring. - Free Tell A Friend Service -
      Free 'word-of-mouth' promotion tools with multiple features.
      Free CGI Hosting -
      Review of free remotely hosted CGI script sites.
      Webmaster Tools - CGI Scripts For Webmasters -
      We offer full featured commercial cgi scripts.We want to give any webmaster the opportunity to
      aquire a professional full-featured program without paying thousands of dollars in development
      costs. - Professional webtools -
      Hosted guestbook with 14 day free trial and then $12/year.
      Webmaster Tools Designed by Aleco Systems -
      Free webmaster tools like reciprocal link checking and fake spider.
      Cgi4Free -
      Several free, ad-free customizable scripts.
      Altlist -
      Free remote-hosting of top-list CGI script. With FTP access included.
      Rent@Script -
      Great free remotely hosted scripts: polls, feedback form and site news.
      Web-Form-Buddy - Put A Professional Web Form On Your Site In An Instant! - http://www.web-
      With Web-Form-Buddy you can add a contact form to your site in minutes - a lot of functionality,
      and neatly formatted data.

      URL ' LOG -
      Track the amount of times people click a certain link on your site or the number of times each of
      your files are downloaded with this remotely hosted script. Well now you can track links with
      URL`LOG. (Free)
      Refer-a-Buddy : A Webmaster Resource For Viral Marketing -
      A free tell-a-friend service with no script to install. Refer-a-buddy is a highly configurable web tool
      compatible with all browsers.
      Tell A Friend Wizard -
      Tell-A-Friend-Wizard is a solution that combines the power of the Internet with unparalleled word of
      mouth measurement tracking to give you a referral technology.
      Webmaster Tools Central -
      A directory of remotely hosted scripts. Types of scripts include counters and trackers, guestbooks,
      classifieds, forms, banner rotation, password protection, polls, message
      Info2Web -
      Includes scripts for Tell-A-Friend and Mailing Lists.
      Webtowns: Remotely Hosted CGI scripts -
      Remotely hosted CGI scripts for webmasters. Listings of counters and visitor statistic logging

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      packages. Visitors can read reviews and add their own comments about each script. Lots of pop-up
      windows and animated banner ads.
      My script host -
      Free remote-hosting of server-side script - news posting.
      OmniCrawler Co-Branded MetaSearch Engine -
      Add a full-featured metasearch engine to your site for free.
      Completely customizable poll. No promotional advertising or banners. Monthly or yearly pricing.
      Free web poll for your site -
      Get free web poll or voting for your site or web page. No cgi just add html code and it will run.
      Byte-Site -
      Free remotely-hosted CGI service. Scripts include counter and poll. -
      Remotely hosted bulletin board service, site statistics, site search and guest book, and other
      webmaster resources.
      Free or Cheap Web Authoring - Free CGI Hosting -
      Free or cheap web authoring, featuring free CGI hosting including (counters, trackers, guestbooks,
      discussion groups, and search engines).
      SunSteam Custom co-branded search -
      Site proved a Cobraded search. -
      Offering over 30 free remotely hosted cgi scripts.
      Creationcenter -
      Guestbooks, Message Boards, 'Tell-A-Friend' scripts [all free] -
      Meta search script that searches 8 major search engines at once and gives webmaster logs of what
      their visitors were looking for. - Sci-Fi Webmasters Resources -
      Free remote guestbook, message board, and recommend this site to friend scripts. Exclusively for
      science fiction, fantasy, RPG and horror websites.
      Recommend This Page/E-mail This Page Script -
      A very easy to use "Recommend This Page" to a Friend script.
      Quotez -
      Adds a randomly selected quote to page using simple HTML code. Script remotely hosted.
      f-Polls -
      Unlimited polls, just add one line of JavaScript. Free for now.
      SiteReminder - remotely hosted reminder service -
      User sets HTML header/footer, text in reminder emails. Includes 'special' reminders, where you
      nominate the date, and your users just pick a checkbox.

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                                      “ANNEX C”

    •   1 Cool Button Tool - create Java applets buttons without programming.
    •   3B Graphics - includes bars, buttons, and backgrounds.
    •   [lasher]s Domain - collection of backgrounds, animated GIFs, and icons.
    •   ABC Giant - original free background graphics, Mac ttf fonts, TrueType PC fonts, icons, buttons,
        and more.
    •   Animation City - offering animations, custom buttons, backgrounds, and more.
    •   Art for the Web - page templates, backgrounds and more.
    •   Atomic Arts - providing buttons, banners, fonts, and graphics.
    •   Backgrounds Paradise - a collection of background tiles sorted by size, buttons, lines, matched
        sets, and a HEX-color viewer.
    •   Banner Maker Pro - software for creating banner ads, web buttons, animated GIFs, logos, and
        web graphics.
    •   Barnyard Graphics - featuring animal graphics, backgrounds, and borders.
    •   BTgraphix - fonts, animations, and HTML help.
    •   Button Hole, The - buttons of all shapes and colors for your homepage.
    •   Buttons Crazy - selection of buttons, icons, textures, and animations.
    •   Buttons, Bullets and Backgrounds
    •   ByDezign - offering clip art, fonts, backgrounds, templates, and animated GIFs.
    • - features images and backgrounds including holiday, flower, and zodiac.
    •   Classic Themes Webart - contains backgrounds, sets, buttons, bars, and web graphics.
    •   Cool Archive - archive of fonts, icons, web graphics, backgrounds, and much more.
    • - includes arrows, buttons, balls, bullets, backgrounds, digits and more.
    •   Creating Graphics for the Web - A fortnightly guide to how to produce killer graphics for Web
        sites. Explodes myths about GIFs and JPEGs and advises on tricky subjects such as anti-aliasing.
    •   Danella's House of Graphics - backgrounds, buttons, bullets, and animated GIFs.
    •   Debbie's Page Graphics Helper
    •   Designed to a T - offers free backgrounds, bullets, and clip art.
    •   Designs by Distinction - offers free linkware, splash, dingbat frame sets, animated linkware, and
        web design services.
    •   DesignTech - provides web design resources for beginners such as GIF images and backgrounds.
    •   Dick's Web Design Workshop - free animated GIFs, backgrounds, buttons, tutorials and more.
    •   Ender's Realm Graphics - one stop shop for Web development graphics.
    •   F1 - Help For You And Your Computer - Windows tips and tricks, web design help, backgrounds
        and wallpaper, and a weekly humor page.
    •   Fantasyland Graphics - free fantasy graphics for backgrounds and homepages, including
        unicorns, fairies, and fairy tales.
    •   Flamin's Florals - flowered backgrounds, lines, and GIFs.
    •   flip flop flyin' - includes minipops, micropops, the minimoma, and other miniaturized graphic
    •   Free - offers buttons for web page design.
    •   Free Graphic Pages - includes animations, backgrounds, letters, states, and more.
    •   Free Graphics By Syruss
    •   Free Online Calculators - offers a range of calculators for use on web pages and blogs.
    •   Free Web Graphics by Lauren
    • - contains free graphics, web templates, photos, buttons, bars, and fonts that
        can be used without a link back.

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    •   Gifart's Web Resource - free original images that are all Web ready.
    •   Graphic Shop, The - downloadble graphics including blinkies, country background sets, blog
        layouts, adoptions, floaters, tutorials, and more.
    •   Graphic Station
    •   Graphica
    •   Graphics 4 Free - free buttons, backgrounds, dividers, bullets, and other graphics to use on
        business and personal pages.
    •   Graphics By CandeeKis - offers downloadable web graphics, software tutorials, and custom web
    •   Graphmaster - free Girl Scout graphics.
    •   Home of the Horizontal Rule! - lines and other graphics custom made for your web pages. No fee
        for those already posted.
    •   Hoteye - offers free, original images and web graphics as well as professional graphic and web
        design services.
    •   Humble Bee, The - backgrounds, changing buttons with matching borders and more - free.
    •   Internet Bumper Stickers - slap one on your email or web site.
    •   iSpace - 3D web graphics tool from Caligari.
    •   LaughLady's Graphics - graphics site offering wallpaper, tiles, divider bars, Blade Pro presets,
        signature tags, PSP tutorials, templates, and border backgrounds for web sites or Outlook
    •   Laurie's Free Web Graphics - offers home page theme sets and backgrounds.
    •   Logoworks - webpage logos, Flash multimedia, and design tips.
    •   Maryann Sterling's Art - clip art, animated GIFs and photos to enhance your site.
    •   MC4K - features web graphics, 3D art, and wallpaper.
    •   MicroArtist - graphical resources for your Windows applications.
    •   Misty's Creations - themed sets of backgrounds and buttons in categories such as animals,
        children, fantasy, and others.
    •   Museum of Web Art - showcases web-exclusive art in a virtual-museum atmosphere, including
        counters, buttons, and wallpaper.
    •   Music Graphics Galore - a large assortment of music-related graphics, images, icons,
        backgrounds, buttons and lines.
    •   Pank Pages - includes photoshop tutorials, free graphics, message board, and much more.
    •   Panthera Web Design - featuring linkware and purchaseware image sets for use in site design.
    •   Peace is Patriotic Too - heartfelt graphics and animated GIFs of peace symbols for your web site.
    •   QuickBanner - online banner maker that allows users to create, design, and animate custom GIF
        and Flash images.
    •   Rad Graphics - including clip art, animated GIFs, fonts, buttons, backgrounds and more.
    •   Reality9 - custom wallpaper, WinAmp skins, and a series of Paint Shop Pro tutorials.
    • - offers a collection of images, backgrounds, animations, web clip art,
        javascripts, MIDIs, and wav sounds to download.
    •   Shattered Glass Graphics - take or request free web site graphics.
    •   Shawn's Clipart and Webateria - fun, unique and free web art for personal and nonprofit sites.
        Web images are transparent GIFs. Eps clip art also available.
    •   Temple of Mighty Grapholina - buttons, bullets, bars, backgrounds, and more.
    •   TJ Style - free graphics for use on personal webpages with coordinating websets and individual
    •   TrueDoc - dynamic fonts for the Web.
    •   UkraGrafix - free traditional designs from Ukraine in digital form including wallpapers, icons and
    •   Umi Kuni Layouts - featuring free anime, manga, and game layouts, as well as buttons, banners,
        and other web graphics. Custom requests considered.
    •   Web Image Tool - allows users to create buttons and graphics.

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    •   Web2c - over a thousand free backgrounds, GIFs, JPGs, MIDIs, icons, and wallpapers.
    • - focuses on providing graphics, tips, and advice for web designers.
    •   Webular Wasteland - free web graphics including backgrounds, bullets, icons, bars, animated
        GIFs, etc.

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