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									Beat and steer clear of Cancer Naturally

The Anti-Cancer + Disease Protocol

How to beat and steer clear of cancer & other illnesses

It is the belief of numerous health experts, including oncologists, that cancer along with other diseases are
actually just as much immune disorders as illnesses. After all, our bodies were designed by nature to have
immune system that protects against disease, illness as well as infection. Unfortunately, lack of healthy diet,
exercise and lifestyle, combined with chemicals in the drinking water we drink, air all of us breathe and food
all of us eat, leave most of all of us with immune systems which are out of balance as well as far weaker
than they may be. As a result, disease and illness can gain a foothold.

Just about all modern drugs have negative effects. A great many also weaken our defense mechanisms and
cause side effects resulting in other physical problems. This is a big reason why natural treatments are often
so efficient: Besides fighting cancer along with other diseases, many natural meals, supplements and
vitamins also help create a strong immune system to assist fight off disease, is to do so without the negative
effects of modern drugs or even radiation.

One thing is for certain: If you want in order to beat cancer, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis-C or every other major
disease, you will have your very best chance if you deal with the problem with your entire mind and body.
The stronger you could make your immune system, the healthier it is possible to make your life, and the
more stress free it is possible to make your mind, the greater your chances will become. That is why I have
one of them article so much materials from my document Helpful tips to Living a Lengthy and Healthy
Life" which appears inside my book Cancers Natural Enemy so you have the best opportunity possible of
winning the actual battle to beat and steer clear of cancer and disease. For those who have cancer, HIV-
AIDS or an additional disease, here are what exactly I highly recommend which you do:

1. As soon as you possibly can, cleanse your body to eliminate built up toxins such as heavy metals and
insect sprays, as well as the actual undigested food, fecal matter and gall stones that build up in your body
by cleansing your intestinal tract and liver and through chelation to rid your body of heavy metals. This kind
of contaminations are breeding reasons for, and causes associated with, disease and illness. A toxic and
soiled body weakens the bodys immune system which should be your first line associated with defense.
Plus, once cleaned out, the body is a lot more receptive to the good measures you decide to try rebuild your
immune program and fight disease.

only two. Immediately eliminate bad habits and start building build good ones so you will ensure that you no
longer have routines that weaken your immune system and you will be able to build the body to fight and
overcome illness. Remember, a bad habit is similar to an invitation card with regard to illness and disease to
enter the body. A good balanced diet plan, pure water, fresh air flow, sunshine and exercise are a few of the
essentials. You will find that the good diet don't have to be a bad tasting diet definately not it! However, it
should be noted that a good and most healthy diet plan is one that is near to the diet our ancestors evolved to
make use of: lots of fresh as well as uncooked vegetables, fruits, nut products, roots and tumors, and fish and
meat uncontaminated by hgh, artificial fertilizers or pesticides and little if any grain or dairy items.
Likewise, regular exercise don't have to be grueling, but it is crucial. It is not the coincidence that studies
have demostrated up that those who exercise just a few hours each week have as much as 50% less chance
of developing many different types of cancer.

3. Rebuild and strengthen the bodys natural defense mechanisms. It is very likely that the weakened immune
system led to your illness to begin with. It is absolutely sure that a rebuilt and strengthened immune system
can help you beat your illness and keep it away. Again, good diet, nutrition and habits are important they lay
the building blocks for a strong and healthy defense mechanisms. However, they are insufficient by
themselves. You wish to build a good foundation after which make your body a proper fortress against
disease as well as illness. Quite simply, illness and illness hate healthful hosts. The stronger your defense
mechanisms is, the harder it really is for disease to endure and grow. And, to be the very strongest you could
be, you need extra measures by means of supplements. There are numerous very good ones.

three. Drink plenty of pure water and obtain plenty of fresh air flow and sunshine. Water is important for all
healthy living; however, regular tap water contains trace levels of hundreds to thousands associated with
pesticides, carcinogens and some other industrial pollutants. For which reason, the author recommends only
the purest moving water, such as reverse osmosis strained water. Dont overdo the sun's rays, but sunshine is
necessary to the production of supplement D, and, strange as it can sound, has been found to become
essential in warding away melanoma.

5. Exercise within moderation. Exercise stimulates the defense mechanisms, stimulates the production of
natural hgh several times more compared to best HGH supplements and stimulators (many which are
bogus), stimulates the production associated with hormones and pheromones which make us happier and
more healthy, and simply leads to some longer and happier living period.

6. The sixth element associated with beating your disease as well as keeping it at bay is to be on the attack.
As the matter of fact, all the elements of the anti-cancer as well as disease protocol are aspects of attack,
because they make your body strong and inhospitable in order to disease. But what What i'm saying is here
is more than simply making the body inhospitable to your disease What i'm saying is going on the strike and
wiping it away! In the case associated with cancer, there are numerous very potent anti-cancer dietary
supplements. Some of the greatest ones play a double role of both strengthening the defense mechanisms
and attacking cancer cellular material, and I have listed a lot of what I believe are a good ones here in this
particular section. Several other excellent ones are classified by my book Cancers Organic Enemy, my
document A Gude for Living a lengthy and Healthy Life and the next book by a similar name (How to
reside a Long and Healthful Life).

7. Avoid sugar towards the greatest extent possible. Sugar feeds cancer along with other illnesses and causes
an array of other health problems. Refined sugar is also the main single cause of health problems in the
whole world!

8. The final key in order to winning your battle is the mental attitude. Remove as much tension from your
life as possible and believe that you will win. Stress and be concerned accomplish nothing worse, they may
be actually allies of sickness and disease. You have surely heard the phrase stress, the silent fantastic? Its
true! So you have to do whatever it takes to get rid of stress from your living and make your psychological
attitude your ally. Meditate, get yoga, change jobs, move, go fishing, find a fantastic hobby do whatever you
have to to remove stress and also have a positive mental view. Just remember, anyone who introduces or
even keeps worry and stress in your lifetime is neither a buddy nor an ally in this fight. And make absolutely
no mistake, it is a battle - likely the biggest one in your life. But it is a fight you are able to and will win.
Believe it, believe it as well as live it!
The The best Supplements

Nerium Oleander Draw out

First and foremost within a suggested regimen to beat and steer clear of cancer and disease will be the
common oleander plant, nerium oleander. Called the desert rose within the Bible, the oleander plant
continues to be used as a folk fix for over 2000 years in the centre East. In 1960 a Turkish physician named
Huseyin Zima Ozel re-discovered the ability of this potent flower when he found countryside villagers in
Turkey who had been remarkable free of cancer along with other diseases. For the previous 40 years, Doctor
Ozel continues to be treating patients in Chicken with great success as well as in 1998 he had been granted a
patent to have an oleander extract that offers since passed FDA stage I trials. Oleander extract continues to
be proven in lab research at such prestigious establishments as MD Anderson and also the Cleveland Clinic
to eliminate cancer cells, stop malignancy tumors, build immune techniques, and increase the system's
natural cancer killing T-cells.

Another amazing quality associated with oleander extract is capability to stimulate the human defense
mechanisms our bodys natural first type of defense in beating and preventing disease and illness. Probably
the most active commercially available immune-stimulants tend to be Schizophylan, Krestin and Lentinan,
which are patented by the Japanese within the early 1980s. In assessments performed in Europe within
1985-86, Nerium Oleander Extract had an amazing SIX TIMES the activity of these other stimulants!

Over 500 trace compounds happen to be identified in an aqueous oleander draw out, and it appears that
several compounds act synergistically in manners that no single separate can. For this cause, an aqueous
(water) extract may be far more effective compared to an ethanol extract because most of the water soluble
compounds for example long-chain polysaccharides are lost throughout the ethanol extraction method.
Home-made and commercially ready water extractions of oleander happen to be used successfully in several
kinds of cancers along with hepatitis-c in patients around the world.

Another benefit of oleander extract is that it may be used very effectively like a complimentary treatment
alongside conventional chemo or radiation. Besides helping fight malignancy and boosting the defense
mechanisms along, it helps protect all of those other body and either eliminates or ameliorates each and
every side-effect of traditional chemo including baldness (with one exception, and that being that will not
eliminate hair loss once the chemo treatment includes Cisplatin).

The recipe for creating the oleander extract known as Oleander Soup at home are available in the authors
book, Cancers Natural Enemy or found free of charge on the Yahoo "oleandersoup" team he moderates.

Please notice: Raw oleander plant is very toxic. Do not handle or even ingest raw oleander or any type of
oleander that is not prepared according to the actual recipe for oleander soup within the book author's book..
Whilst raw oleander is poisonous, there have been absolutely no reports of serious side effects or side-
effects due in order to properly prepared oleander extract taken based on directions. The most typical side-
effects are loose bowels, slight temperature and possibly mild nausea, all which should dissipate quickly
since the body becomes acclimated towards the extract.
Agaricus Blazei Murrill Mushroom Draw out - The Mushroom from the Gods

A few years ago, researchers noticed that within the mountain region of Ideate close to Sao Paulo, Brazil, a
regular section of the local inhabitants diet was a mushroom referred to as "Cogmelo de Deus" or even
"Mushroom of God". The researches also noted that this local inhabitants were extremely healthy and had an
extremely low incidence of illness, which they attributed for this magical mushroom.

The scientific name from the mushroom is Agaricus Blazei Murrill, more commonly called the actual ABM
mushroom and sometimes known as Agaricus Brasiliennis. So potent are these claims mushroom that one
well-known jungle herbal manufacturer, uses it as the primary ingredients in herbal supplements which have
been credited with success towards cancer and other diseases all over the world. A link to the maker is
provided on the final page of this guide.

In a study carried out by Dr. Shoji Shibata, the professor at Tokyo College, several other well recognized
cancer-fighting and immune-boosting mushrooms were when compared to ABM, including Reishi as well
as Shitake. Dr. Shibata's results found that this other mushrooms were much less effective as the ABM
mushroom, and so the ABM was ranked towards the top of the list of potent mushrooms - an area befitting
the "Mushroom associated with God"! Other Japanese and British studies also have shown the ABM
mushroom to get the highest concentration of beta-glucan associated with any mushroom.

The ABM mushroom includes Beta-(1-3)-D-glucan, Beta-(1-4)-a -D-glucan + Beta - (1-6)-D-glucan.
Recognized collectively as Beta-glucans, these long-chain polysaccharides would be the most potent
immuno-potentiating (immune enhancing) ingredients yet found. They also provide very powerful anti-
tumor attributes. When human subjects get AMB in their diet plan, a 3000% increase associated with NK
cells, a kind of anti-tumor white blood cell referred to as Natural Killer cells, is observed in the blood inside
2-4 days.
In inclusion to beta glucans, agaricus additionally contains derivatives of ergosterol, the potent anti-tumor
agent; dual stranded RNA, an anti-viral real estate agent; proteoglucans and protein certain polysaccharides
of low molecular bodyweight, which are immune boosters; and, protein bound polysaccharides associated
with high molecular weight, nutritional vitamins B1 and B2, proteins by means of amino acids, niacin,
metal, and calcium. There are many verified reports from all over the world of this mushroom used
successfully in late stage cancers that were determined hopeless and a few clinics in Europe foundation their
entire treatment methods on agaricus blazei murrill mushroom extracts along with other complimentary
botanicals. In reality, in many published research, the rate of cure for many types of cancer has been around
the high ninety percentile variety, even for stage three lung cancer, where many complete remissions in
many cases are seen in just a couple weeks.
Cat's Claw Draw out

Cat's claw, or Uncaria surinamensis, continues to be used for centuries within folk medicine in South usa for
cancer, AIDS, cirrhosis, illness prevention, gonorrhea, herpes, defense disorders, tumors, and a number of
other aliments. Cat's claw has several categories of plant chemicals that take into account its effectiveness:
One such group is oxidole alkaloids which have been documented with immune-stimulant as well as anti-
leukemic properties. Another is several chemicals called quinovic acidity glycosides, which have recorded
anti-inflammatory and antiviral activities. Antioxidant chemicals (tannins, catechins and procyanidins) along
with plant sterols (beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol) take into account the plant's anti-
inflammatory attributes. A class of compounds referred to as carboxyl alkyl esters present in cat's claw has
already been documented with immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, as well as cell-
repairing properties. Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, M. C., has stated that Ua de gato (Cats Claw) is one of
powerful immune enhancing herb of all of the herbs native to the actual Peruvian Amazon.

Pau DArco Draw out

Pau DArco, or Tabebuia avellanedae, is really a huge canopy tree native towards the rain forest with a
lengthy and well-documented history of usage by the indigenous peoples from the rainforest. Its use might
even predate the Incas. Amongst it's many historical utilizes are for cancer, leukemia, lupus, diabetes, liver
organ disease, Hodgkin's disease, osteomyelitis, Parkinson's illness, and psoriasis. It also used like a natural
anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent and it is a popular natural fix for candida and yeast bacterial infections.
In the 1960s, plant extracts from the heartwood and bark confirmed marked anti-tumorous effects within
animals. In 1975, one study reported which compounds in Pau DArco increased lifespan of mice inoculated
along with leukemic cells by more than 80%. In a little, uncontrolled, 1980 study associated with nine
human patients along with various cancers (liver, kidney, breasts, prostate, and cervix), pure lapachol was
documented to shrink tumors and reduce pain brought on by them - and three from the patients realized
complete remissions.
Coco Plum Draw out

The Coco Plum, or even Chrysobalanus icaco, is referred to as "Abajeru" in Brazil and it has a history of use
there like a folk remedy for diabetes as well as rheumatism. A relative newcomer to today's world of herbal
remedies, it is often shown in studies in order to inhibit the cancer cellular growth mechanism of
angiogenesis (new bloodstream formation) by 44%, thus demonstrating potentially important utilization in
cancer and diabetic remedies. During laboratory tests in the University of Rio de Janeiro, it was found that
this substance destroyed cancer cells that were resistant to other remedies, including cells from breast- brain-
lung- bowel- larynx- as well as pancreas tumors. The scientists also reported leukemia cells which are
normally resistant to many medicines and strategies of treatment, were also wiped out.
Bitter Melon Extract

Sour Melon, or Momordica charantia, can be found in tropical areas of the actual Amazon, east Africa,
Asian countries, and the Caribbean, and it is cultivated throughout South America like a food and medicine.
It contains a multitude of biologically active plant chemical substances including triterpenes, proteins, as
well as steroids. One chemical has clinically demonstrated the opportunity to inhibit the enzyme that is for
this cause of psoriasis and essential for the growth of leukemia as well as cancer cells. In inclusion, a protein
found within bitter melon, momordin, offers clinically demonstrated anti-cancerous action against Hodgkin's
lymphoma within animals. Other proteins within the plant, alpha- and beta-momorcharin as well as
cucurbitacin B, have already been tested for possible anti-cancerous results. Among the reported attributes
of bitter melon tend to be: kills bacteria, kills infections, kills cancer cells, eliminates leukemia cells,
prevents growths, reduces inflammation, fights totally free radicals, enhances libido, cleanses bloodstream,
detoxifies, treats diabetes, expels viruses, reduces blood sugar, cash hormones, reduces blood stress,
enhances immunity, lowers body's temperature, mildly laxative and encourages milk flow. Several research
have demonstrated the anti-tumorous action of bitter melon. In a single study, a water draw out blocked the
growth associated with rat prostate carcinoma; another study reported that the hot water extract from the
entire plant inhibited the introduction of mammary tumors in rodents. Numerous in vitro studies also have
demonstrated the anti-cancerous as well as anti-leukemic activity of sour melon against numerous cellular
lines, including liver malignancy, human leukemia, melanoma, as well as solid sarcomas.

Like a number of its isolated plant chemical substances, bitter melon also continues to be documented with
in vitro antiviral action against numerous viruses, such as Epstein-Barr, herpes, and HIV infections. In one
in vivo research, a leaf extract improved resistance to viral bacterial infections and had an immuno-stimulant
impact in humans and creatures, increasing interferon production as well as natural killer cell action.

Mutamba, or Guazuma ulmifolia, is really a favorite natural remedy amongst Central and South American
health practitioners and also the indigenous peoples of the actual Amazon. Among the attributes documented
by research tend to be: lowers blood pressure, antibacterial, anti-cancerous, antifungal, antioxidant,
antispasmodic, anti-tumorous, antiviral, heart depressant, cardiotonic (tones, cash, strengthens the heart),
hypoglycemic, muscle mass relaxant, uterine stimulant. In addition, it has been affecting traditional use to
also be affective being an anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic (reduces bleeding), coughing suppressant,
anti-ulcerous, astringent, bloodstream cleanser, cough suppressant, decongestant, diaphoretic (promotes
sweating), digestive system stimulant, emollient, fever reducer, liver organ protector, and wound healer.
Colloidal Silver precious metal
Colloidal Silver is the clinically proven, powerful organic antibiotic. It is considered to kill over 650 various
disease-causing pathogens (bacteria, infections, fungus and yeast). Colloidal silver was used widely through
the time of Hippocrates till around 1938 when the usage of synthetic antibiotics became well-known. Silver
in both liquid and airborne-aerosol continues to be known since 1887 to become extremely toxic to Anthrax
spores. Although there is absolutely no clearly defined dosage, silver is recognized to be quite safe and so it
might be wise to err within the higher use side if you suspect you have been exposed to anthrax. An
excellent source of colloidal silver precious metal is Utopia Silver ().

Notice: Each of the above botanicals continues to be used effectively against cancer along with other
diseases, particularly oleander and also the agaricus blazei mushroom. Whenever combined together, it is
the writers belief that the result would be the most potent natural defense boosting and disease fighting
combination you could find. All of the above supplements are accessible at many health as well as herbal
outlets, with the actual exception of Coco Plum draw out (chrysobalanus icaco extract), that, as far as the
writer knows is only available in conjunction with some of the some other listed item in extracts offered at
Agaricus. net on the internet.

Other essential supplements as well as foods:



Garlic herb include both fresh minced or even sliced garlic AND garlic herb in capsule or pills

Alpha Lipoic Acid


Grape seeds extract

Omega 3 Natural oils: including fish oil, flaxseed essential oil and borage oil



Chlorella + Spirulina

Pomegranate juice
Spinach along with other dark green leafy veggies


Co-Enzyme Q-10

Dairy Thistle


Apple cider vinegar (organic non-distilled is undoubtedly the best)

Good bacteria - for example L. acidophilus and C. bifidium, found in low-fat grade A yogurt

Almonds and walnuts eat six or more each time

Cayenne Pepper

Just remember that the actual bad things you avoid could be as important, if not much more, than the good
things include. For example, nothing could be more important for staying away from and beating cancer
compared to eliminating sugar.

Required please note: The author is not really a qualified medical professional and the information in this
post has not been evaluated through the FDA. Nothing in this short article page is intended in order to
diagnose or treat any medical problem. Anyone who has a medical problem should first see illustrates the
fact doctor, preferably a qualified naturopathic doctor or one that has been trained within integrative

Live lengthy, live healthy, live pleased!

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