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House on Mango Street - Download as PowerPoint


									The House on Mango Street
The House on Mango Street Part I
1. Barrette: clip or clasp for holding hair in place
2. Anchor: source of support
3. Chandelier: lighting fixture that hangs from the
4. Inherited: occurring among members of a family
5. Raggedy: tattered, worn
6. Lopsided: not balanced
7. Cumulus: large white puffy cloud
8. Canteen: recreation room
9. Spartan: of or relating to Sparta or its people
10.Anemic: lack of vitality
The House on Mango Street Part II

1. Chanclas: shoes
2. Meringue: type of music or dance
3. Naphtha: flammable liquid
4. Abuelito: grandfather
5. Crumples: fall apart, collapse
6. Pillar: prominent supporter
7. Cumbias: style of Columbian dance and music
8. Rancheras: Mexican music
9. Brazer: migrant worker
10.Babushka: woman’s headscarf
The House on Mango Street Part III

1. Mamasota: big woman
2. Hollyhocks: flowery plants
3. Papaya: big yellow fruit
4. Comadres: friendship between
   parents and godparents
5. Twangy: plucking sound

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