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Press release
                                                                                                 21st March 2010

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       Nick Clegg joins campaign to save
       Broadfield House glass collection
Today (Sunday) Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has been in Stourbridge answering undecided vo-
ters’ questions on the BBC TV Politics Show. After the programme he met up with local Liberal Democrats
to discuss the threat to the Broadfield House glass collection:
     LibDem Parliamentary candidates Jon Bramall (Dudley South) and Chris Bramall (Stourbridge);
     Lynn Boleyn (LibDem councillor, Wall Heath & Kingswinford North ward);
     Jan Hendry, “Save Our Glass Heritage” campaigner (now also a LibDem campaigner in King-
        swinford South ward, where Broadfield House is); and
     June Collins (LibDem campaigner in Wollaston & Stourbridge Town ward).
Nick Clegg has given his full support to the “Save Our Glass Heritage” campaign. Talking to Jon Bramall,
Nick Clegg said: “I am deeply worried that the Conservative-run Dudley Council are planning on closing
Broadfield House glass museum. They appear to simply be waiting until after the election to do it so as not
to lose votes. The museum is of great importance locally, nationally and internationally.”
Jon Bramall said: “Independent experts from the Antiques Roadshow have said that Conservative-run
Dudley Council still appear to be planning on closing Broadfield House. It is clear they are only waiting until
after the election; the public must not let them get away with it.”
Chris Bramall said: “Stourbridge glass has a proud history and is renowned around the world. It is vital
that it is not packed into boxes and removed from public view.”
Councillor Lynn Boleyn added: “The news that the local Tories want to close Broadfield House Museum
was a shattering blow to local residents who care deeply about our local glass heritage going back hundreds
of years. This museum is second in the world only to the Corning Museum in New York where 75% of the
glass comes from Stourbridge. It would appear that the Tories have a history of cutting budgets, knowing
the cost of everything and the value of nothing. I am delighted that Nick Clegg is backing this important local

Jon Bramall, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate, Dudley South
Chris Bramall, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate, Stourbridge

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