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					VOL. 56 - No. 6             THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH AT RED BANK                                JUNE 2004

       In This Issue
                                   On Sunday, June 6, 50-year members of our congregation will be honored during
                                   the 11:00 a.m. service. A luncheon for these honorees will follow in the Church
      Stewardship Corner           Parlor, hosted by the Membership and Communication Committee. At the request
            page two               of the committee, Wilma Henrie has graciously agreed to co-ordinate this special
                                     Those being honored for attaining the 50 year mark this year are:
                                                 honored                                          are:
         Up The River...                   Helen Close             Al Davidson             Jacqueline Fenton
            page three                     Eve Finley              Milton Finley, Jr.      Betty Jose
                                           Helen Klein             Mae Munch               Frank Shaw
                                           Hertha Shaw             Mary Lou Strandberg     Oscar Strandberg
                                           Harry Ticehurst
     Looking for Treasures                    50-Year Honorees and their years of membership
                                              50-Year Honorees
             page five                                           Bob Close - 76 years
                                                                 Bette Abel - 72 years
                                                               George Baine - 71 years
                                                        Gladys Burdge, Jane Lyman - 68 years
       Adult Mission Trip                                      Hubie Farrow - 67 years
             page six                       Barbara Bergen, Bill Wikoff, Jr., Virginia Worden- 63 years
                                              Grace Field, Robert Ticehurst, Alice Ticehurst - 62 years
                                                                Irene Coats - 60 years
                                                         Joyce Baker, Ann Farrow - 58 years
          Officer Slate                               George Norton, Olivia Dutcher - 57 years
            page eight                      Christa Wikoff, Louise Bailly, Marjorie Bramley - 56 years
                                                        Ed Swikart, Jr., John Nilson - 55 years
                                                              Roberta Braswell - 54 years
                                             Florence Altreuter, Bob Billings, Betty Billings - 53 years
          PNC Update                                           Rena Galassi - 52 years
          page thirteen             Betty Shirley, Willis Sisson, Trudy Gregg, Anne Smith, Newell Specht, Edna
                                   Aklus, Rosie Cottrell, Woody Francis, Anne Swikart, William Greenwood, Jean
                                                                Greenwood - 51 years

   Meet Our New Members                      These former 50-year and over members joined the
           page sixteen                              Church
                                                     Church Triumphant this past year:
                                                                 Virginia Corderman
                                                                   Frances Covert
                                                                   Olga Doremus
 What I Learned in Seminary                                        William Truex
          page eighteen                                            Norma Norman
ESL Program on
Summer Break

Our church’s mission to the Hispanic
community of Red Bank has completed
another year. We participate in the En-
glish as a Second Language (ESL) pro-
gram, as well as a food pantry, clothing              STEWARDSHIP CORNER
drives, and gift programs at Christmas.
                                                    April Showers Bring May Flowers and June …
The ESL program will break for the
summer, and will resume in September.               ...brings appeals. You know - the traditional June “push” of recent years
Now in its fourth year, the program is              to close the budget gap at Tower Hill. Like the old saying suggests,
based at St. Anthony of Padua Church                some things seem to happen every year no matter what. Every year, it
in Red Bank The students we serve                   seems, we find ourselves facing a shortfall in giving. And every year
range in age from teenagers to adult.               we cut spending, postpone repairs, and take money from reserves to
They are typically recent arrivals from             help. Seems like a broken record – the same story playing over and over
Mexico and Central America. While                   again.
most are young men, sometimes we have
mothers with small children. Our dedi-              So what’s different this year? We still face a deficit that looks to be
cated teachers, Eileen Hurlbut and                  about $50K (or roughly 2 weeks of average giving) at the time of this
Theresa Garaio, prepared and led                    writing. We still have been trimming expenses (activities have been cut
weekly lessons on topics such as the                $47K). But this year, the Stewardship committee and Session have em-
calendar, time, food, clothing, jobs,               phasized that members view their stewardship as a continuous, year-
health, community, and holidays. One                round commitment to God. This means that we believe our members
challenge is the wide range of the stu-             understand their commitments and responsibilities to Christ and his bride
dents – in their age, length of residence           – our church.
in the U.S., and degree of schooling in
their native countries.                             So if you are “caught up” on your commitments (as indicated by your
                                                    bricks and prayerful understanding of God’s will for you), many thanks.
After lessons of 30 minutes, volunteer              If you have been blessed beyond your expectations, please consider shar-
tutors practice English with small groups           ing this unexpected blessing with the church. If your commitment is
of students for an hour. Exercise mate-             unreachable, please do the best you can and try again next year. But if
rials are provided for each student.                your commitment is reachable and you haven’t followed through for
Attendance averages about 25 students,              whatever reasons, please pray hard that God leads you to fulfill this
but varies greatly: once we had 60! Our             goal as soon as possible.
volunteer tutors have found this to be
an extremely rewarding experience –                 Of course, we will continue to keep you informed through the bulletin,
these students really want to learn! If             The Open Door, and other communications so you can stay on top of
you have a heart to help as a tutor, please         our financial situation. But the ultimate outcome of this story is really
consider joining us in the fall – look for          up to each of us as members and our faith that God will bless our gifts
reminders. The program runs Mondays,                and do good with them.
Tuesdays, and Thursdays, 7:00 to 8:30
p.m.- we are responsible for Tuesdays.
Knowledge of Spanish is not required.
Or, if you are interested in helping to
teach the lessons, please contact us. For further
information or directions, please contact
Gerd Printz at

Up The River...
   by Roy Sharpe, Interim Senior Pastor

By the time you read this column I’ll be       At times like
off on my 19th annual Walleye hunt in          this it’s not
the primitive bush of northern Ontario.        hard to figure
                                               out what a
Can’t hardly think about it without            hungry bear
bringing to mind the fateful trip of 2002.     is thinking.
That was the year of the bear blunder.         “Why a stale
There are things you need to know if           muffin when there is so much to choose
you encounter a bear in the wild. First        from?” And, “Why chase the one that
and foremost, is he walking on all fours       got away when I have three others
and sniffing the ground, or is he stand-       trapped?” But, we were thinking too.                 Sunday Services
ing on his two hind legs and pawing the        There’s no way this bear can grab all                  June 6, 2004
air. Secondly, which way is the wind           three of us if we charge down the path            9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.
blowing? And, depending on the an-             toward the boats. But, remember, the                     Joe Cole
swers to the previous questions, are your      bear is in his standing up, swatting the
personal affairs in order? But, most           air, show your teeth mode so this could              Sunday Services
importantly…do you have anything ed-           be a risky strategy for at least one of us.           June 13, 2004
ible that you might share with the bear        Still, we were low on options. We ran         One Service/Congregational Mtg
as a gesture of goodwill?                      for it. All three of us passed within                    9:30 a.m.
                                               inches of that bear. And the bear was so          Barbara Booth-Jarmon
As it happened we had little food to           busy pounding his chest we squeaked
share. Our shore lunch of fresh fish,          by without encountering fang or claw.
                                                                                                    Sunday Services
potatoes, and baked beans which got the        Running down the path in what Patrick
                                                                                                     June 20, 2004
bear’s attention in the first place had also   McManus would call a “full-bore lin-
                                                                                                Summer Schedule Starts
gotten the attention of four hungry fish-      ear panic” I couldn’t help but wonder,
                                                                                                 8:00 a.m. & 9:30 a.m.
ermen and was now nothing but an               “Do bears like Perkins’ muffins”? But,
                                                                                              The Wonder of God’s Word
aroma wafting on the air. The bear an-         I didn’t look back to see. I guess that’s
                                                                                                     Mark 1:21-28
nounced his presence and intent in no          just one more thing I’ll never know.
                                                                                                      Roy Sharpe
uncertain terms and startled the last one
of us from much-needed naps.
                                                                                                     Sunday Services
Being the trained backwoodsmen that                                                                   June 27, 2004
we are, we immediately began the search                                                           8:00 a.m. & 9:30 a.m.
for food to distract the critter. Luckily                                                             Jan Pederson
one of the guys had in his bag a three-
day-old Perkins muffin. Later he would
claim that he had saved it for just such
an occasion. Well, we had the bear and
we had a muffin so all we needed was a
delivery system. The guy with the muf-
fin figured it out in a matter of seconds.
He threw the muffin down at the feet of
the bear and ran. Luckily for him, the
trail leading to our boats was open.
Unluckily for the rest of us, the bear was
between us and the only escape route.
                                           by Linda Goeddel, Director of Children’s Ministries

                                        Many thanks to the people who were
                                        able to take time to write notes to the
         June 2004                      members of the armed services on our
                                        prayer list. You wrote almost 70 notes,
Abigail - leaders Cathy Goldberg
                                        which we assembled into packets and
Tuesday, June 8, at 9:30 a.m.
                                        sent to five young men with love and
Church, Youth Room
Adelphia - leaders Esther Pavelka and
Dottie Warren                           You have also generously donated per-
Thursday, June 17, at 7:30 p.m.         sonal items to send to our service people.
Church, Room 220                        We’ve received candy, magazines,
                                        books, lip balm, insect repellant, sun block, powdered drink mix, soap, deodorant,
Elizabeth - leaders Betty Billings
                                        and other items to cheer our troops. The kids in Kirk Club sorted donations last
and Kay Salmon
                                        month and packed 10 boxes to send to the men on our prayer list. The donation
Thursday, June 3, at 12:00 p.m.
                                        box in Webster Hall is already full again, and we hope to send more boxes to Iraq
At the Nauvoo Grill
121 Fair Haven Rd., Fair Haven
Faith - leader Lori Faust               Please continue to hold these young men in prayer and to donate any of the follow-
Friday, June 18, at 9:15 a.m.           ing items to send to them:
Church Parlor
                                                Insect repellant                          Sunscreen
Lois - leader Elaine Lent                       Mosquito netting                          Powdered drink mixes
Tuesday, June 8, at 7:00 p.m.                   Baby wipes                                Hard Candies
At the home of Betty Abel                       Eye drops                                 Bandanas
Lydia - leader Sue Lawson                       Bar soap                                  Chapstick
Wednesday, June 16, for dinner.                 Deodorant                                 Current magazines or paperbacks
For details call Sue Lawson                     Disposable razors                         Anything funny!
                                                Food items (nothing that melts! no chocolate, caramel or gummy anything)
Martha - leaders Rebecca Harris
and Elinor Chevalier                    We would also be grateful for financial donations to cover the cost of postage;
Tuesday, June 8, at 10:00 a.m.          please direct any financial donations to Dianne Waters at the church.
Church Parlor
Mary - leader Marion Morse
Wednesday, June 2, at 10:00 a.m.
At the home of Muriel Hemschoot
Naomi - leader Susan Miller
Wednesday, June 9, at 7:15 p.m.
At the home of Claire Garland
Priscilla - leader Sue Davis
Tuesday, June 8, at 6:30 p.m.
At the home of Linda Rhyne

Looking for Treasures                                                                       Sunday School
   by Jan Pederson, Interim Associate Pastor
                                                                                            Mission Project Report
                                                                                               by Linda Goeddel, Director of Children’s
The treasure I would like to lift up this      Ushering is
month is our board of deacons. The work        one of those
very hard behind the scenes: preparing         parts of wor-                                A Sunday School art project proved to
the communion elements; delivering             ship that is                                 be a great mission fund-raiser!
meals to families struggling with a mem-       hardly noticed
ber hospitalized or recovering from a          when everything goes well. I once was        For four weeks in April and May, the
difficult illness; delivering flowers; col-    at a worship service where the deacons       children in Super Cool Sonday School
lecting food; hosting funeral receptions;      were new at ushering and several of          learned about the early church and the
and being available for many other             them missed the training. The first Sun-     Christian commitment to serving others.
needs. The recipients are deeply grate-        day they ushered, they came up to the        In the art workshop, the focus was on
ful for the help and care, and few others      front too soon and had to wait there.        mission. Workshop leader, Pam Thomp-
know what’s done through this quiet            When they finally began taking the of-       son, talked with the kids about how the
ministry. Many deacons drop other              fering, five of them went to the far right   early church took care of people in need,
things to care for the needs that come         side of the church leaving two to cover      and then she described three different
up or rearrange their schedules to help.       the rest of the large sanctuary. Of course   mission programs our church supports.
I am so humbled by their willingness to        everyone noticed that. For us at Tower       She told the children that they had the
serve God through the deacon ministry.         Hill I think that our ushers do an excel-    opportunity to raise money for one of
Our deacons also over-see the ushering         lent job, both the deacons and the many      the missions and asked them to vote for
every Sunday, enlisting others to assist       volunteers who help. You all are trea-       the mission they most wanted to sup-
them. They coach the volunteers so they        sures and I thank God for you. Let us        port. The children then used cement,
know what to do. They make sure all            build up each other, noticing the good       shells, sea glass, broken china, and col-
the extra services have ushers as well.        jobs.                                        orful marbles to create mosaic garden
                                                                                            stones, which we sold for $10 a piece in
                                                                                            Webster Hall between worship services.

     The Rummage Sale is BACK!!!                                                            The children’s artwork was beautiful –
                                                                                            and irresistible! We raised over $400
                                                                                            for the mission that received the most
     The date is Nov. 20, 2004. Anyone inter-                                               votes: Lar Boa Semente, a home for at-
                                                                                            risk children in Sao Paula, Brazil. Many
     ested in helping, call Diana Braddom.                                                  thanks to the children in 1st through 5th
     Details to follow in September. Mark the                                               grades for donating their creations, to
                                                                                            Jacque Vincent for suggesting the gar-
     date and please                                                                        den stone project, to Pam Thompson for
                                                                                            leading the workshop, and to everyone
     start going                                                                            who supported our project by purchas-
     through your                                                                           ing a stone.

     closets! Thank                                                                         May we continue to share Christ’s love
                                                                                            by caring for the needy with as much
     you!                                                                                   commitment as those early Christians

Adult Mission Trip                                                                          disruptive in class. No child with learn-
                                                                                            ing or behavior problems is sent home
                                                                                            from this little Christian school, but
Dominican Republic - 2004                                                                   teaching is an enormous challenge con-
    by Cindy Sagosz
                                                                                            sidering the children’s backgrounds.

“Our reading contest is going well. Sev-       never before had books to read aloud to      The teachers loved everything we
eral of the children have read 20 books        the children in the classrooms.              shared: training videos in Spanish, spe-
already. The library sign out book you                                                      cial achievement award certificates,
set up for us is almost full. The winner       As we covered, inventoried and orga-         learning games, behavior contracts,
of the contest will be invited to attend the   nized all the books for the library, older   plenty of tricks of the trade, and organi-
book fair in Santo Domingo next month.”        kids sat outside and began reading books     zational hints from our New Jersey
Chills ran down our spines as we read          to those who could not yet read. Ten-        teachers. Discussion and ideas flowed
this latest e-mail from the Eva Russell        year-olds who had never been to school       freely. The teachers, who are paid half
School in the Dominican Republic. It           before this year ran their fingers over      what their public school counterparts are
seemed our efforts were paying off. The        the book covers. The bright colors drew
little library that contributors from          them into the room. We could not be-
Tower Hill Church built and stocked this       gin to imagine what was going through
year with beautiful, colorful new books        their minds. We were thrilled to experi-
was bringing new life and enthusiasm           ence it first hand and hoped to be able
for reading at the school. Our fifth adult     to share the feeling with the generous
mission trip to the DR took a dramatic         donors back at Tower Hill. A new day
turn towards the future this year.             had dawned for the Eva Russell School.

                                               Susan Miller, a retired Middletown
                                               Spanish teacher, worked with the teach-
                                               ers at the school this year. With infor-
                                               mation gleaned from seven very experi-       paid, were thrilled with the opportunity
                                               enced and caring teachers from our           to learn. It was obvious we have just
                                               Tower Hill congregation, she delivered       scratched the surface of their needs as
                                               a two-day teacher training program in        teachers. They need one-on -one coach-
                                               Spanish. Our mission was to help teach-      ing, more training and our prayers as
                                                                                            they deal with very difficult behavior
                                                                                            problems. We brought pencil sharpen-
                                                                                            ers, bulletin boards, wall maps, educa-
                                                                                            tional and motivational posters, and lots
A handful of young “helpers” poured                                                         of other learning tools. (The school had
through the books as we unpacked them                                                       one pencil sharpener to service all 150
from our overstuffed suitcases in March:                                                    students before our arrival. The line was
a biography of Sammy Sosa, the famous                                                       down the hallway!) Our biggest gift of
Dominican baseball player; loads of col-                                                    all were textbooks for every child in the
orful Dr.Suess and Magic School Bus                                                         school. Prior to this, only the teachers
books; a Spanish version of the World                                                       had an old out-of-date textbook and the
Book Encyclopedia; beautifully illus-                                                       school copier rarely worked. The young
trated nature and science books; classic       ers maintain order in the classroom,         teachers were inspired and motivated by
children’s novels; Christian storybooks;       motivate children, and help those stu-       all the generosity from our church. The
Bibles for children of all ages. All were      dents who have a difficult time focus-       impact our gifts had on the little school
written in Spanish and were the newest         ing and learning. There are no special       was overwhelming. We were all elated
editions. The little school for the forgot-    ed teachers in the Dominican Republic.       to realize the impact we can have on the
ten street children in Monte Plata had         In public school, children are sent home     children by supporting the teachers.
never had new books before. Teachers           if they aren’t traditional learners or are
The Tower Hill Mission trip to the DR        food for 6 weeks. Thankfully we had put      years to come. It was thrilling to learn
was filled with victories this spring. We    aside some of your contributions for just    that Miguel Prensa, son of the school
had unprecedented support from teach-                                                     founders, is now in dental school and
ers, computer experts, local dentists,                                                    will be able to serve the needs of the
book wholesalers, travel specialists, and                                                 school in another 2 years.
of course, contributors from our church.
We carried the congregation’s enthusi-                                                    The wooden playground the Tower Hill
asm and spirit with us all the way to this                                                team built two years ago was in urgent
little Caribbean country. When dental                                                     need of repair due to the ever-present
equipment wasn’t working, when pa-                                                        tropical rain and humidity. Dick Hurlbut
tience wore thin, when a death in the
Prensa family threw work schedules up
in the air, the support and strength of
Tower Hill’s congregation kept us go-
ing. Although your passport may not          such an emergency. As we unloaded two
have the fancy, red Dominican stamp on       truckloads of food under the moonlight
its pages, you were with us in spirit.       that night, the Dominican women stock-
                                             ing the pantry shelves began to sing. If
On the surface, living conditions seemed     we accomplished nothing else, at least
to be the same as in past years. We soon     the children would be fed.
learned that out-of-control inflation
(100%) and widespread unemployment           Our Harley Davidson-driving dentist,
were creating crisis situations for many     Carol Sherrod-Jewel, and her hard work-
families in the area. The Eva Russell        ing master carpenter husband Jay this
School helps as much as it can, but is       year collected $15,000 worth of gently
faced with major budget problems when        used dental equipment from dentists
the prices for food and supplies go up       from the Red Bank area for the recently      took on the job of repairing and replac-
every day. When we arrived, the food         built clinic at the school. Carol and Jay    ing much of the wood in the intense 90-
pantry was empty. Normally it was full       installed the new equipment and once         degree heat everyday. With a little help
                                             again checked and maintained the             from the rest of the team, the playground
                                             children’s teeth. Dick Champion, a tal-      was in great condition by the time we
                                             ented electrician disguised as a tax at-     left, and Dick had a great suntan.
                                             torney in real life, was recruited to help
                                             install the equipment. The team worked       Dick also completely inventoried the
                                             day and night trying to overcome unfore-     donated personal computers, which the
                                             seen obstacles, such as lack of water        school had collected over the last couple
                                             pressure and lack of grounded electric       of years. Although it is still hoped that
                                             lines. As of this writing, the new x-ray     one day the school will have a network
                                             unit, suction system and sterilizer are up   of computers up and running, the age of
                                             and working. This year the Dominican         the computers and the unrelated, un-
                                             government was so impressed with the         matched software are proving to be
of big bags of rice, dried red beans,        “state-of-the-art-facility”, that they now   stumbling blocks. A new plan for the fu-
spices, fruit drinks and paper products.     pay for two dentists to stop by several      ture is in the works.
Breakfast and lunch had to be served to      times a month to handle the needs of the
150 children on Monday. For some chil-       children attending the school. Prior to      Saving children from the street, feeding
dren, these are the only meals they re-      this, the children’s families could not      them and giving them a sense of worth
ceive all day. We soon learned that the      afford to pay the minimal fees associ-       continues to be the most urgent goals at
ever-changing, high prices prevented the     ated with being treated at a public clinic   the little country school. God’s love
school from buying more than one day’s       for tooth aches much less cleanings.         shines in every teacher’s heart at the
food at a time. The Dominican peso was       With your financial support, the Jewells     school. If the children can be taught to
worth half its value in 2003. The next       have left behind a legacy, which will        read and write and to understand math,
day we filled the pantry with enough         hopefully operate on its own for many                             continued on page 19
Officer Slate for Class of 2007
                                            America 47 years ago. He is an engi-          1996, Kathy has served at Tower Hill as
The Church Nominating Committee
                                            neer and worked for Westinghouse EL.          a deacon, a member of the Nurture and
plans to present the following nomina-
                                            Corp. as a General Manager and later          Audit committees, treasurer of PW,
tions at the annual congregational meet-
                                            as Senior Director with Philips Light-        leader of Faith and Hannah Circles, and
ing on June 13th.
                                            ing Company before retirement. For sev-       is currently on the PNC. She lives in
                                            eral years he attended Tuesday night          Little Silver with her husband, Phil, and
                                            Bible study classes. Sivert was an elder      two sons. Kathy is employed part-time,
Nominees for Elder
                                            at Watchung Presbyterian Church in            assisting businesses with financial
Mal Buchner has been a member of
      Buchner…                              Bloomfield, NJ in the seventies. Astrid       analyses and solving general account-
First Presbyterian Church (FPC) for 40      and Sivert have two daughters, Elin and       ing problems.
enjoyable and enriching years. He is        Tina, and 4 grandchildren. His hobbies
                                                                                          Ethel Fairley Halbedl joined FPC in
presently a member of the Stewardship       are studying early Christianity, oil paint-
                                                                                          the mid seventies. She and her husband,
Committee, and has previously served        ing and taking part in the grandchildren’s
                                                                                          Tom, were married at FPC. She recog-
as an elder, a deacon, and a member of a    activities.
                                                                                          nizes that having the opportunity to
Pastor Nominating Committee of our
                                            Bill Faust and his wife, Jan, share
                                                 Faust…                                   serve on the Deacon Board and on the
church. He was with AT&T/Lucent for
                                            four adult children, three of whom are        membership committee, as well as to
many years, and now is involved in a
                                            married; their four grandchildren are a       sing in the Tower Hill Choir, where she
number of business activities with both
                                            particular joy. Bill, who joined Tower        currently serves as secretary, has been
start-up and larger companies. Mal loves
                                            Hill in 1979, has been a Campus Club          vital in the development of her faith.
gardening, running, skiing, and travel.
                                            Advisor, served on and chaired the            Ethel and her husband reside in
He and his wife, Penny, live in Little
                                            Youth Committee, and served on an             Eatontown. She is a retired Monmouth
Silver, enjoy their children and grand-
                                            APNC elected to call a Youth Director         Regional High School, Tinton Falls edu-
children, and continue to appreciate
                                            or Pastor. He has also served on and          cator. Currently, she is a sales associate
friendships developed here at Tower
                                            chaired the Personnel Committee,              with Weichert Realtors, Rumson. She
                                            chaired the Church Nominating Com-            is also active with the New Jersey Busi-
Catherine (Kate) Clark and her hus-
                    Clark…                  mittee, has served on the Mission Com-        ness and Technology Executive Board
band, John, and two girls, Meredith and     mittee, the 150th Anniversary Building        and the New Jersey Future Business
Isabel, have been members of our church     Committee, and is currently serving on        Leaders of America.
for 8 years. She worked for Intel Corp      the Stewardship Committee. Occasion-
                                                                                          Tom Kirwan joined FPC last year,
and Bell Labs prior to having children,     ally he also operates the Sound Board
                                                                                          after regularly attending Sunday service
and she has recently started her own        for Sunday Services. He is currently
                                                                                          for the prior year. He regularly attends
drapery business. Kate has been active      serving on the Monmouth Presbytery
                                                                                          Monday morning Bible study, and the
in the children’s ministry assisting in     Committee on Ministry. Bill consults
                                                                                          pastor’s Bible studies. Now retired, he
Vacation Bible School and teaching          part-time with AT&T. He likes to travel
                                                                                          spent his career in engineering, construc-
sunday school. She is part of a circle in   to see family and enjoy the warmer
                                                                                          tion, and engineered product sales serv-
the Presbyterian Women’s group and has      places during winter, and he has a pas-
                                                                                          ing the building trades. He served
been a circle leader and a board mem-       sion for golf.
                                                                                          for eight years on the NJ ASPE Engi-
ber. She also sang for the Alternative
                                            Paul Fegley has been a member of
                                                  Fegley…                                 neering Society board, and was the
Worship service. Kate feels that prayer
                                            FPC since 1992. Paul and his wife, Gail,      newsletter editor for five years. His hob-
is one of God’s greatest gifts to us and
                                            have served as Sunday school teachers,        bies include wine collecting, architectural
participates in the prayer vigil.
                                            worked in the nursery, and helped with        design, audio and lighting system de-
Sivert Drangeid has resided in Little
       Drangeid...                          ushering. Paul is a Group Manager, Web        sign, and bicycling. He lives in
Silver since 1980 and has been a mem-       Hosting Systems Engineering at AT&T.          Shrewsbury with Janet, his wife of 29
ber of Tower Hill church for about 18       Paul’s hobbies include biking, snow ski-      years, a FPC member since the early
years. Sivert and his wife, Astrid, are     ing and camping with his son, David.          90’s. Tom and Janet, a retired United
natives of Norway who immigrated to                                                       Airlines flight attendant, are active in
                                                  Gledhill… A member since
                                            Kathy Gledhill

Officer Slate Cont’d

several area charities. Tom wishes to         rently teaches at the NJ Workshop for         Teacher, Presbyterian Women’s Circle
contribute to the growth of FPC where         the Arts in Westfield.                        Leader and on the PW Board. She par-
he has been spiritually blessed since first   John Blackburn was baptized by
                                                     Blackburn…                             ticipated in the Tower Hill Choir, Bible
attending.                                    Charles Webster, went to Sunday School        Studies, Music and Worship Committee
Ted Newland joined FPC in 1979 as
      Newland…                                through his youth and became a Tower          and mentoring team for Love, INC. Cur-
a 7th grader. He attended Campus Club,        Hill member in 8th grade. He became a         rently she is a merit badge counselor for
toured with the bell choirs and was an        Christian while at Stetson University in      BSA troop 145 West Long Branch and
Eagle Scout. He is now married to Laura,      DeLand, FL in 1973. John married Cathy        a reading tutor at Mercy Academy in
has three girls and runs a family-owned       at Tower Hill in 1981. John Musgrave          Asbury Park. Special joys in life include
medical advertising agency. He has been       and John Kleinheksel provided                 Bible Studies, gardening, cooking, fam-
a deacon, a member of the CNC and is          strong comfort to the family when John’s      ily, friends, crafts, reading and her dog,
on the Tower Hill Flames softball team.       mother was dying over a long                  Pachelbel. Jane is grateful for the op-
Ted credits our church and his walk with      period. John’s MA in German Lan-              portunity to serve the Lord as a deacon
Jesus for bringing much peace and joy         guages and Literature and voracious           here at Tower Hill.
in his life.                                  appetite for reading have served him          Thomas S. Crow, Jr ... was baptized
                                                                                                          Crow Jr.
                                              well in teaching English as a Second          in The First Presbyterian Church at Red
        Simpson…has been a member
Nancy Simpson
                                              Language at the college level. John en-       Bank and attended the first class at
of FPC since 1994. She was a deacon
                                              joys traveling abroad, foreign languages      Tower Hill Nursery School. He is em-
for three years, serving as Secretary, and
                                              (speaks five), hymns by Isaac Watts and       ployed in the Retail Construction Indus-
subsequently as chair of the Manna
                                              Martin Luther, and reading the Bible in       try and enjoys participating in swim-
Committee. Nancy has been a member
                                              German and comparing it to the King           ming, biking and running. Tom is grate-
of PW, Hannah and Faith Circles, has
                                              James Version. He would like to help          ful for the opportunity to serve as a Dea-
worked in the Sunday nursery and for
                                              the older members of the church, i.e.         con and looks forward to serving the
many years has been a teacher in the
                                              those 80+ years old. Cathy and John are       Lord at Tower Hill Church.
summer Sunday School. She and her
                                              active with Love, INC and support the
husband, Peter, live in Fair Haven with                                                     Ruth Ann Hatton has grown up at
                                              mission in the Dominican Republic and
their two children, Matthew and                                                             Tower Hill. Her attendance dates from
                                              the Bell Ringers. John has worked with
Hannah. Nancy enjoys reading, walk-                                                         1956. She became a member in 1967
                                              the Campus Club.
ing and wild birds (watching and feed-                                                      and has had continuous involvement in
ing). Nancy is honored to have been           Sergie Ann Conklin joined Tower
                                                            Conklin…                        the music programs, including the Tower
nominated to serve as an elder.               Hill in 1962. In FPC, she has been an         Hill Choir and dramatic productions.
                                              active member of Tower Hill Choir for         Ruth Ann last served as a deacon in
                                              most of these years. She has also been        1998-2001.
Nominees for Deacon                           involved with Music Camp, Vacation
                                              Bible School, several Bible studies, and                 Hinton…and her husband,
                                                                                            Harriett Hinton
Tom Avakian joined FPC in 1991,
        vakian…                                                                             David, joined FPC in 1979 when they
                                              various other groups, and has served as
and has been active in the music, youth                                                     moved to Fair Haven from Pennsylva-
                                              a (Kirk) choir mom, and a bell parent.
and adult ministries. He has served as a                                                    nia. Shortly after joining the church, the
                                              She is employed as a social worker who
deacon; as a leader of Harbour Lights,                                                      Hintons became involved in Hathomar
                                              serves the developmentally disabled and
where he originated the monthly Parlor                                                      and began team teaching Sunday School.
                                              their families. Sergie and her husband,
Talks; and as Vice President of the                                                         Harriett joined the church staff in 1985
                                              Bob, reside in Ocean Township with
Tower Hill Choir, with whom he sings                                                        serving in several positions before she
                                              their daughter, Josy, who is a college stu-
weekly when not loudly praising the                                                         became Director of Children’s Ministry.
                                              dent. Sergie is looking forward to serv-
Lord on his trombone. Tom has spent                                                         She now serves as the Administrative
                                              ing the Lord as a deacon.
many years teaching both VBS and                                                            Assistant to the Director of Tower Hill
Summer Music Camp, and has the t-                    Corbin… joined Tower Hill
                                              Jane Corbin                                   School. Harriett attributes her spiritual
shirts to prove it. His priorities are God,   Church in 1985 with her family. Jane          growth to the amazing staff she was
family, and music, in that order; he cur-     has served as a deacon, Sunday School
                                                                                                                  continued on page 10

Officer Slate                               ing ESL (English as a Second Language)       twenty years, she was a secretary at Red
continued from page 9                       at St. Anthony’s in Red Bank. As for         Bank Regional High School. Since re-
privileged to work with at the church and   her other activities, she absolutely loves   tirement last October, she has the time
to some wonderful Bible Study groups        playing tennis, both recreationally and      to pursue many interests. She looks for-
offered at FPC. She also feels blessed      on the Middletown South team. She            ward to serving her church community.
to have served on an Associate Pastor       also belongs to many other clubs at her      She has been a member of Naomi Circle
Search Committee and on the CNC. She        school. Both of her parents and her sis-     for twenty plus years and served a term
and David are parents to two daughters      ter, Margaret, have served as either dea-    as leader.
and grandparents to three delightfully      cons or elders, and she is excited that it
                                                                                         Gregory Weber joined Tower Hill in
                                                                                            egory eber…
wonderful grandsons. In her spare time,     is now her time to serve her church. She
                                                                                         1989 right after his marriage to Heather.
she loves to knit, read, exercise and       knows God will help her to do her best
                                                                                         They were married by Tom Crenshaw
spend time with family and friends          in helping Tower Hill do His work.
                                                                                         in July 1989. When their children were
         Merton... and his wife,
Craig Merton                                Ron Strehl has been a member of
                                                  Strehl                                 younger, he and his wife volunteered in
Katherine, have been members of FPC         First Presbyterian Church at Red Bank        the church nursery. He has done several
since 1981. They were married in the        since 1986 and has served previously as      tours of duty during The Greening of the
church in 1993 and have three daugh-        a deacon. He is a member of Tower Hill       Church and Advent Wreath Making. He
ters. Craig has attended Sunday School      Choir and enjoyed participating in           has been active on the church softball
and Campus Club regularly at FPC. He        “Godspell” and “Light to the Cross”. He      team, The Flames, for about five years.
has participated as an usher (Boy Scouts    is looking forward to serving as a dea-      When John Musgrave had the early
Troop #67) and delivered flowers to the     con and serving the Lord.                    morning services on Tuesday and Thurs-
elderly. Both his parents and Kathy’s                                                    day he attended almost every one of
                                            Sally Strehl has been a member of
are members of the church. Their par-                                                    those. He has read the Bible and con-
                                            First Presbyterian Church at Red Bank
ents believed God should be an impor-                                                    siders himself to have a close and per-
                                            since 1986, and has been honored to
tant part of their lives growing up, as                                                  sonal relationship with Tower Hill, Roy
                                            serve on the Board of Deacons several
well as participation in the church. He                                                  and God, (not in that order.) He owns
                                            times. She retired from M.C.D.S.S. as
and Kathy would like their children to                                                   Garden State Press Clipping Bureau
                                            a social worker, and now works part-
have the same experiences as they did                                                    which is celebrating its 42nd year of op-
                                            time in a local nursing home. She en-
at FPC, and he looks forward to the op-                                                  eration, most of that time in Red Bank.
                                            joys gardening, sewing and traveling
portunity to serve as deacon and increas-                                                He and Heather have two daughters,
                                            with her husband, Ron. She finds
ing his involvement in the church. He                                                    Ashley and Brittany. Both children were
                                            strength in reading the Bible and daily
is a sales engineer for an automation                                                    baptized at Tower Hill and attend church
                                            prayer. She looks forward to serving the
company and his wife teaches 9th grade                                                   school.
                                            Lord again in this time and place.
English. He enjoys working in his                                                                  right… and her husband,
                                                                                         Sally W right
wood shop, skiing, and relaxing on the      Joan Thomas began attending Tower
                                                                                         Marshall, joined FPC in 1996. She has
beach. His greatest joy is spending time    Hill in 1956 along with her mother and
                                                                                         helped with ushering and is looking for-
with his family.                            brother (Ruth and Jim Pouso). At that
                                                                                         ward to becoming more active in serv-
                                            time she was a Sunday school teen-aide,
      O’Malley…no bio available
Kevin O’Malley                                                                           ing the church. She worked for AT&T
                                            and Sunday school was held in the old
                                                                                         as a Programmer/Systems Engineer for
Amy Senese has gone to FPC all of
      Senese…                               house. She was a Sunday school teacher
                                                                                         15 years and now works for
her life, starting in 1989 at her           on two different occasions. She mar-
                                                                                         DeckerWright Corporation with her hus-
baptism. Since then, she has attended       ried a military person and moved every
                                                                                         band. Sally has two sons (ages 14 and
Sunday school classes, choir from first     two to three years, but maintained Tower
                                                                                         10), and is active in the Shrewsbury
through eighth grade, youth group, been     Hill as her home church. Her family
                                                                                         Foundation for Education. She enjoys
a teenaider in the nursery, and was a       returned to Fair Haven in 1978 and she
                                                                                         cheering her kids on, snow skiing, bik-
member of the 2003 Confirmation             returned to Tower Hill. She went
                                                                                         ing, jogging and Tae Kwon Do.
Class. Currently in her sophomore year      through Stephen Ministry training with
at Middletown South High School, she        Bob Bell. Her hobbies include Primi-
attends Campus Club and the                 tive Rug hooking, quilting and knitting.
                                                                                         Nominees for CNC
high school Bible study descriptively       She enjoys gardening, being outdoors,
named “The Rock.” Like some other           and travel. Spain, her father’s home,        Polly Artherholt and her husband,
members of FPC, she volunteers teach-       holds a special place in her heart. For      Jim, have been members of FPC since

Officer Slate Cont’d                         served on the Personnel and Church           are happy to serve God by contributing
1981. She has taught Church School,          Nominating Committees. Roxanne has           in a small way to Tower Hill’s many im-
VBS, and at Tower Hill School. She has       been a Sunday School Teacher, VBS            portant ministries.
served as a Deacon, on a PNC, as co-         teacher and Music Camp instructor. She
                                                                                          Sue Ann Thompson has been a mem-
chair of the 150th Celebration Commit-       has participated in MOPs and, as her
                                                                                          ber of FPC since 1981. Sue Ann and her
tee, and as Director of Tower Hill School    three children all attended Tower Hill
                                                                                          husband, Al Thompson, live in
from 1988 to 2001. She is currently          School for preschool, was on various
                                                                                          Shrewsbury now, having lived in Fair
teaching Enrichment in the Tower Hill        committees and the THS board. Pres-
                                                                                          Haven for 38 years. At Tower Hill
Primary School. Along with teaching,         ently, her kids are active in the church
                                                                                          Church she attended several Bible study
she enjoys gardening, cooking, baking,       choirs, bell groups and youth groups.
                                                                                          classes, participates in Just Friends, is a
spending time with Jim and their two         Roxanne enjoys spending time partici-
                                                                                          substitute hospital visitor, and served on
sons and with friends. She is constantly     pating in Bible Studies, reading and do-
                                                                                          the Membership Committee. She enjoys
amazed by God’s presence in her life!        ing various types of needlework along
                                                                                          tennis, her grandchildren, music pro-
                                             with shuttling her kids to various sports,
Richard Carter has been a member
          Carter…                                                                         grams at the church, birding, and most
                                             music and other activities. She and her
of FPC Tower Hill since 1991. He has                                                      anything outdoors. She feels very proud
                                             husband, Mark, live in Fair Haven. She
served as a deacon, and on the CNC and                                                    to be a part of this church congregation
                                             is glad that the church is nearby as she
APNC. He and his wife, Donna, live in                                                     and its commitment to God and the com-
                                             spends so much time driving there.
Monmouth Beach with daughters                                                             munity.
Kristin (13) and Lauren (17). Lauren                 Kline…has been a member of
                                             Susan Kline
                                                                                                   amblyn…has been a member of
                                                                                          Peter Tamblyn
will begin her freshman year at              FPC for 30 years and a member of the
                                                                                          FPC since 1967. Pete “grew up” in the
Gettysburg College in the fall. He has       Tower Hill Choir for 28 years. She
                                                                                          church attending Sunday school, Cam-
worked for Amerada Hess Corporation          chaired the search committee that
                                                                                          pus Club, and participating in the youth
for the last 28 years. Family affairs,       brought Charles Harris to Tower Hill.
                                                                                          singing and bell choirs. He has served
school events, and the kids’ sports oc-      She has served as a member of the Wor-
                                                                                          as a deacon (the Flower Delivery Com-
cupy much of his time, but he manages        ship and Music Committee, the Church
                                                                                          mittee rules!) and as an elder (the
to find time to participate in a home        Nominating Committee, and the 150th
                                                                                          Children’s Ministries Committee
Bible study, bike, and fish.                 Anniversary Campaign Committee. Su-
                                                                                          rocks!). Pete, who works in New York
                                             san recently retired after 14 years with
           Gledhill… The son of a
Philip T. Gledhill                                                                        for a management consulting company,
                                             Visiting Nurse Association of Central
church organist and choir director, Phil                                                  lives with his wife, Cathy, and son, An-
                                             Jersey, where she was a senior manager
has been “hanging around” Presbyterian                                                    drew, in Little Silver. He enjoys play-
                                             in development and communications.
churches for most of his life. He has been                                                ing golf, tennis, camping, and “fixing”
                                             She now serves as a public relations
attending Tower Hill for over 10 years                                                    (ok, at least trying to fix) things around
                                             consultant to nonprofit organizations.
with his wife, Kathy, and has been a                                                      the house. To quote Roy, “God only asks
                                             For Susan, singing with the Tower Hill
member since 1996. He has served as a                                                     us to do our best” and Pete intends, if
                                             Choir to the glory of God is a privilege
deacon, both on the Communion and                                                         elected, to serve Him to the best of his
                                             and a great joy. She and her husband,
Ushering Committees, and has been the                                                     ability.
                                             Rob (an elder and a THC tenor), enjoy
Board of Deacon’s Treasurer for the past
                                             sailing, duplicate bridge, and travel.
year. He was actively involved in the
task force that developed and imple-               Senese…has been a member of
                                             Dan Senese                                   Nominees for Audit Committee
mented the Saturday evening Alterna-         FPC since 1983. He has taught Sunday
                                                                                          Alfred F. Kelly has been a member
                                                                                          Alfred F. Kelly…
tive Worship Service that was offered        School, served as an elder for two terms,
                                                                                          of Tower Hill for 45 years and has served
during 2001 and 2002. In addition to be-     served on the Youth Committee since
                                                                                          as an elder and deacon a number of
ing a member of the Sound Team that          1995 (chairing the committee for four
                                                                                          times. Al has participated in many of the
ensures that the Word can be heard each      years), and was a member of the Reduc-
                                                                                          church’s activities through the years and
Sunday, Phil participates in the Celebra-    ing the Risk of Child Abuse Task Force.
                                                                                          is currently serving on the Audit Com-
tion Band that supports the Tower Hill       He is also on the Monmouth Presbytery
                                                                                          mittee. He is retired and lives with his
music program during several services        Personnel Committee. Dan works as the
                                                                                          wife, Catherine, in the Oak Hill section
throughout the year.                         IEEE Executive Director and is inter-
                                                                                          of Middletown. They have ten grand
                                             ested in model railroading. He is mar-
Roxanne Karol has been a member
              ol…                                                                         children, six of whom are close by. Al
                                             ried to Joan and they have two wonder-
of FPC since 1987. She has previously
                                             ful daughters, Margaret and Amy. They                              continued on page 12

                                               Officer Slate                               and mother and, as a single parent, her
Summer Music Camp                              continued on page 11                        “hobbies” are now defined by her
                                                                                           daughter’s interests and activities, pri-
Goes to Mardi Gras                             enjoys gardening, the beach, golf and the   marily ballet.
          August 16 - 20                       pleasure of seeing his grandchildren
                                                                                           Don Warren has been a FPC mem-
     by Judith A. Werner, Associate Director   grow up.
                                                                                           ber since 1962. During this time, he has
          of Music
                                                      Printz…..and his wife, Karla,
                                               Gerd Printz                                 served as an elder, deacon, on CNCs and
                                               have been members of FPC since 1976.        has participated in Hathomar (Couple’s
Summer Music Camp is heading down              He has served two terms as deacon, and      Club) and Bible Studies. Don is a mem-
the Mississippi this year to ‘ole New          was on the Stewardship committee. Cur-      ber of the Tower Hill Choir and is its
Orleans, the Crescent City, land of            rently he coordinates and volunteers in     treasurer. He has worked in the insur-
Mardi Gras and the “city that care for-        the ESL program, and is a member of         ance industry for over 45 years and is
got”.                                          the Audit Committee. He’s retired from      associated with the Boynton and
                                               AT&T/Lucent, and enjoys sailing and         Boynton Agency in Fair Haven. Don and
Webster Hall will be turned into a vir-        following current events. Gerd and          his wife, Dorothy, live in Holmdel and
tual parade of Mardi Gras floats, with         Karla have two daughters: Erika, who        have two children, Jim and Cathy, who
decorative themes reminiscent of the           was a bell ringer for many years, and       have blessed them with six wonderful
various ‘krewes’ who organize the indi-        Stephanie, who is currently in college      grandchildren. Don enjoys the beach,
vidual parades and the festive atmo-           at Pratt Institute.                         sports and of course, spending time with
sphere of the city on Shrove Tuesday.                                                      his very special family.
                                               Noel Tonneman has been a member
This holiday, of course, is the last secu-
                                               of FPC since high school (circa 1970)       Heather L. Weber.....has been a mem-
lar observation before a very sacred
                                               and has served as a Church School           ber of FPC since 1987; she sang in the
time, as the next day marks the begin-
                                               teacher and, most recently, as an elder,    choir and participated in the bell choir
ning of Lent. Snack time will offer the
                                               chairing the Personnel Committee. She       for 6 years in junior and senior high
famous ‘begnets’, the flavorful, deli-
                                               has been a member of the Audit Com-         school. Heather and her husband,
cious donut served in the French Quar-
                                               mittee, the Interim Senior Pastor Search    Gregg, were married at FPC and both
ter for 200 years. Arts and crafts classes
                                               Committee, the Junior High Director         her daughters were baptized at our
will make papier mache masks, and
                                               Search Committee, and has enjoyed par-      church. She has participated in sunday
color themes throughout the classes will
                                               ticipating in numerous Oratorio Choir       school when her children were younger
be purple, gold and green, the traditional
                                               and July 4th Liberty concerts. Noel, who    and has helped with the children’s
colors of Mardi Gras.
                                               is an attorney/shareholder of Wilentz,      Christmas party. Heather is a CPA who
                                               Goldman & Spitzer, P.A., devotes her        worked for Ernst & Young for 10 years
There are over 40 elective classes of-
                                               practice to the area of family law. She     and is now the Director of Financial Ser-
fered and each child will sing in a choir
                                               lives in Fair Haven with her daughter       vices at Kimball Medical Center.
and participate in a recreation period.
We are lucky this year to have our own
newly-graduated Joe Cole head up the
recreation period, and that should be
great fun with this “cool” guy. Many of
the teachers have come back year after
                                                               “Tools For Hope” for Father ’s Day
                                                               “Tools               Father’
year and schedule their summer’s end                                            June 20, 2004
around the camp. Great teenaider-teen-
agers come back from various and sun-                 Donate $5.00 in honor or memory of a man who has
dry camp situations so they can partici-             made a difference in your life. With your donation,
pate in SMC.                                         tools can be purchased for those in underdeveloped
                                                     areas so they can grow food and build homes for their
Hopefully, your child will come to our               families. Send your check to First Presbyterian Church
27th year of Summer Music Camp. Reg-                 and on the memo line, write “tools”.
istrations are fast filling up, so please
stop by the music office and fill out a
form so that your children are here for
this neat, rocking event.
An Update From Your PNC
As your PNC continues to sift through            by pastors nationwide and some           the group evaluates on a scale of 1 – 4.
and study the information from candi-            submitted their PIF directly to us.      If a candidate scores high enough, the
dates for our Senior Pastor/Head of Staff                                                 entire committee rates the PIF. The
position, the members by necessity also          • We asked for recommendations           highest scoring candidates go to the next
discuss, hope and pray about the recep-          from seminaries and have received        step, which is to ask by phone for ser-
tion and acceptance of the new minister          suggestions from ministers who said      mon tapes or CDs.
who will be called to our congregation.          they would not be candidates. We
We have been bolstered by the continu-           contacted those recommended and          Q: From how many people have you
ing prayers of the congregation during           requested a PIF.                         received tapes?
this search process and urge you to keep                                                  A: We have requested sermons from 15
praying not only for our committee but       Q: What is in a PIF?                         people as of mid- May and received
also for our congregation and the candi-     A: All PIFs follow a similar format; this    them from 10.
dates.                                       helps us evaluate them more uniformly.
                                             First, there is basic information on pas-    Q: What happens then?
As we proceed there are a variety of         torates or other positions held, educa-      A: From the evaluation of the sermon
questions that are asked by friends in the   tion, date ordained, recent professional     tapes, we decide on who we want to in-
congregation.                                courses, community activities, and ref-      terview by phone. The phone interviews
                                             erences. This part is like a standard re-    are done by conference call with the
Q: How many resumes have you re-             sume. Another part is composed of nar-       entire committee and take about an hour
ceived from candidates?                      rative statements written by the candi-      and a half during one of our evening
 A: By the time you read this article we     date. The candidate describes the            meetings. We have a list of prepared
probably will have received close to 250     churches pastored and the accomplish-        questions that we ask, and then we give
resumes of ministers who might be can-       ments during the pastorates. Then there      the candidates as much time as they need
didates for our position. These resumes      is a section in which the candidate de-      to question us.
are officially known as Pastor Informa-      scribes personal viewpoints on matters
tion Forms (PIF).                            such as leadership style, personal be-       Q: Have you actually done any phone
                                             liefs, theological perspective, and ma-      interviews?
Q: Where do all these PIFs come from?        jor issues facing the church and the         A: Yes, we are in the midst of this stage
A: There are really four routes by which     world. It is here that we begin to see the   at the present time.
we get PIFs of candidates to consider:       unique individual rather than just a re-
                                             sume. There is also an opportunity for       Q: OK, so you are making progress.
    • The Church Leadership Connec-          each candidate to check his/her prefer-      When do you start visits or face-to-face
    tion at the PC(USA) headquarters         ences as to the type and size of church,     interviews?
    in Louisville, KY matches a profile      type of community preferred and the          A: We don’t have a specific timeline.
    of the type of pastor we are seek-       primary skills of the candidate such as      All the while we continue to receive new
    ing, based on the Church Informa-        preaching, evangelism, leadership of         PIFs, request sermons to hear and con-
    tion Form (CIF) we prepared after        staff and volunteers, etc. It is this list   duct phone interviews.
    the Mission Study and the profile        that the General Assembly office uses
    of the type of churches being sought     to match with the preferences we stated      Q: Isn’t there anything you can do to
    by ministers seeking a new position.     on our CIF.                                  speed up the process?
                                                                                          A: This is not a process that can be
    • Members of the congregation have       Q: How do you ever process all those         rushed, but we are pressing forward as
    suggested names of people; we con-       candidates?                                  quickly as possible. We believe that we
    tacted all of them and requested a       A: The entire committee read the first       are moving in the Lord’s good time and
    PIF. Most have not submitted one.        twenty PIFs. After that, we divided into     that His will inevitably will be done.
    Please keep your referrals coming.       two groups of five with balanced diver-      Please continue to hold us in your
                                             sity according to the way we evaluated       prayers, and pray as well for the strong
    • We advertised in two journals read     the first set of twenty. Each person in      affirmation by the congregation of the
                                                                                          person to whom the lord is leading us.
next event!!
ship and Communication Committee’s
gatherings. Stay tuned for the Member-                   432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
other ideas for some Tower Hill fellowship               432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                        9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
evening, church members came up with                     432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                    Saturday, July 3
no one got lost! While enjoying the                      432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                Dress rehearsal in the sanctuary:
                                                                Dress rehearsal        sanctuary
everyone was on time, and remarkably,
                                                                        7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
sive Dinner, everything was delicious,
ing such a great job. As for the Progres-                           Thursday,
                                                                    Thursday, July 1
agreeing to chair this event and for do-
                                                                        7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
a special thank you to the Braddoms for
                                                                    Sunday, June 27
enthusiasm and spirit of adventure! And
                                                                        7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
To all who attended - thank you for your
                                                                    Thursday, June 24
chanted evening!                                                Rehearsals in the Choir Room (007):
agreed - it was a most enjoyable, en-                    432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                              Come join the Liberty Choir!
and Randy Braddom for dessert. All                       432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
home of Sue and Larry Dennis or Diana                    432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
participants progressed either to the
or a dessert. From the dinner homes,
but contributed either an hors d’oeuvre
dining; and to those who did not host,       office for more information: 732-747-1329.         “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Other
their homes for an evening of delicious      your family and friends. Call the music            which closes with the singing of the
Pavelka, and the Braddoms who opened         free-will offering will be taken. Bring            with the Salute to the Armed Forces,
Mary Ann and David Oksen, Esther             There is no charge for this concert. A             well as those who have given their lives
Catherine Kelly, Ned and Jean Newland,                                                          will honor those in our armed forces as
Bob Billings, Bill and Pat Jaeger, Al and    freedoms.                                          the Declaration of Independence. We
seven hosts and hostesses: Betty and         nation and as we thank God for those               Clark Expedition prior to the reading of
yummy rolls! Thank you also to the           the freedoms we have been given as a               the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and
ing such a fabulous meal, salad, and         and join our community as we celebrate             Parade.” This year we will briefly honor
Thank you to Linda Rhyne for prepar-         will not want to miss! Bring your friends          of “76 Trombones” and “We Need a
where the main courses were served.          This is always a rousing concert that you          with a rousing, flag-waving procession
structions and directions to the homes                                                          Liberty Brass. The Liberty Choir enters
Braddom passed out envelopes with in-        Spangled Banner Finale.                            lude music begins at 7:15 p.m. by the
d’oeuvres. At 7:00 p.m., Randy               Flag during the singing of the Star-               decorated in red, white and blue. Pre-
home overlooking the river for hors          grand finale: the raising of the Grand             begins in the air-conditioned sanctuary,
gathered at Elinor and Sam Chevalier’s       thers”, “God Bless America”, and the               Then at 7:30 p.m. the Patriotic Concert
It was a beautiful evening as everyone       a Grand Ol’ Flag”, “God of Our Fa-
                                             include “God Bless the USA”, “You’re               of the Calvin and Chapel Ringers.
bers, Randy and Diana Braddom.               the Beautiful.” The program will also              The proceeds will go to the summer tour
and the event was chaired by new mem-        sing a moving arrangement of “America              and ice cream and a drink. What a deal!
idea was suggested by Rev. Jan Pederson      ist Sheldon Edmond. Sheldon will also              get you homemade strawberry shortcake
and Communications Committee. The            Never Failed Me Yet” with guest solo-              Dixieland jazz. A charge of $3.00 will
Dinner sponsored by the Membership           a-Praying” and the gospel song “He                 The Bourbon Street Band will play
ebrated the first of May at a Progressive    and Bess,” the spiritual “I Hear a Voice           tival from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. on the patio.
Sixty two members of our church cel-         music will include a medley from “Porgy            Festivities begin with a Strawberry Fes-
                   by Dorothy Warren
An Enchanted Evening!                           --- July 4
                                             Liberty Extravaganza is Coming
                                                                                         New Member’s Addresses
California, Here We Come!
   by Judith A. Werner, Associate Director of Music

On June 24 at a very early hour, the        have already received several responses
Calvin and Chapel Ringers will leave        of “we’ll be there!” My own son John
Newark Liberty Airport for Los Ange-        will drive down from Berkeley, and that
les for their annual bell                                      is neat for me!
tour. Five concerts
are scheduled in                                                 Dawn and George
this nine day tour,                                              Sumrall will again
three in the L.A.                                               accompany us as chap-
area, including a                                              erones. They have been
Saturday perfor-                                               part of our bell family
mance at Disneyland                                     f o r four years now, having
and three in the San Diego                  traveled with us to Switzerland, Colo-
area.                                       rado and Wyoming, and Norway with
                                            us. The Sumralls are moving to Florida
After touring Universal Studios, spend-     this fall and they will be such a loss to
ing a day at Disneyland (with a concert     this church. I will miss them dreadfully.
at The Magic Music Days Pavilion),
drooling over what we can’t afford in       I do hope you, the congregation, will
Beverly Hills, having another concert at    turn out on Sunday evening, June 13 for
St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church        our home concert. Twenty wonderful
By-the-Sea in San Clememte, we will         young people will be presenting their
travel by chartered bus down the Cali-      program at 7:00 p.m. followed by a won-
fornia coast to Palos Verdes where we       derful FREE ice cream social where you
will perform at The Neigh-
borhood Church of Christ on
June 27th.

Zipping yet further down the
coast, we will spend the
nights in the San Diego area,
with concerts in Coronado,
San Diego and Point Loma
(our own Joe Cole’s church).
Joe has given us great tips on
beaches, grub spots and some
cultural things to do while we
are there. Of course, no trip to San Di-    can make your own sundaes. Please
ego can happen without a visit to its fa-   come!
mous zoo and aquarium.
                                            If any of our congregation plans to be
One of the great things about such a tour   anywhere in southern California from
is seeing all the past members of our       June 24 - July 2, please call me and I’ll
church living in the area: friends and      let you know exactly where we are.
children of friends who show up at our      Please pray for our safety and the suc-
concerts in a super show of love and sup-   cess of this mission of music from our
port. Having e-mailed our itinery to        teenagers.
many friends in southen California, I
                             MEET OUR NEW MEMBERS!
                                             Joined with us on May 15, 2004
                                              (for address and telephone listing
                                                        see page 15)

Karenanne Steiner…is a single mom
Karenanne Steiner                                                                         Elizabeth and Randy OltmanOltman…are
living in Red Bank. She has three chil-                                                   Red Bank residents and the proud par-
dren—two in college and one in high                                                       ents of a 9-month-old daughter. Liz, an
school. She is expecting to be very busy                                                  engineer, is a stay-at-home mom who is
this summer since they will all be at                      Shaffer…lives in Spring
                                             Laura Ann Shaffer…
                                                                                          studying education at Monmouth Uni-
home. Karenanne has been a member            Lake and is also happily planning her
                                                                                          versity and doing recruiting for her so-
of Westminster Presbyterian Church in        October wedding to new member Tony
                                                                                          rority. Randy is an engineer for Spirent
Middletown where she served as a Dea-        Rausch. Laura, an occupational thera-
                                                                                          and, after having suffered a back injury
con. She enjoys our worship services         pist in the Colts Neck Township
                                                                                          from gardening, is a strong advocate for
and fellowship and is looking forward        Schools, grew up in Pennsylvania and
                                                                                          appreciating and taking care of your
to being part of the Tower Hill commu-       participated in the Cambridge Springs
                                                                                          good health. In her spare time, Liz en-
nity along with her mother, Louanne          Christian and Missionary Alliance
                                                                                          joys reading and cooking, while Randy
Christie.                                    Church. She enjoys hiking, skiing, arts
                                                                                          enjoys golf and gardening. They have
                                             and crafts, music, and tennis (Tony was
                                                                                          attended services at Tower Hill and want
                                             her instructor!). Laura and Tony sought
                                                                                          to bring formal religious celebration
                                             an area church where they could wor-
                                                                                          back into their lives.
                                             ship together, and they look forward to
                                             joining the Tower Hill fellowship as a
                                             Anthony Rausch… is an engineer and
                                             professional tennis instructor living in
                                             Neptune who works as a salesman for
                                             his family’s engineering firm. Tony
                                             grew up in Middletown and has many
                                             interests in addition to tennis, including
Allison Griffith… an expectant mom
                                             amateur sports car racing, soccer, com-
who became Mrs. Robert Griffith, Jr.,
                                             puters, photography, and running. He
and the daughter-in-law of members Pat
                                             is looking forward to joining our con-       Christy Rolak… a Tinton Falls resi-
and Bob Griffith, two years ago at Tower
                                             gregation and to marrying his sweet-         dent who teaches 12th grade English in
Hill. Allison, a teacher in Holmdel, lives
                                             heart, Laura Ann Shaffer, another new        Old Bridge. Christy will be marrying
with Rob in the West Allenhurst section
                                             member, in October.                          her fiancé, member Mark Russo, in our
of Ocean Township and enjoys exercis-
ing, reading, skiing, and the beach.                                                      sanctuary on August 14th. She enjoys
Allison and Rob are currently seeking a                                                   children, reading, and sailing. Christy
larger home to accommodate their ex-                                                      often attends Sunday worship services
panding family and are looking forward                                                    with Mark and feels comfortable with
to raising their children in the church.                                                  our congregation.
Kimberly and Larry Compton                  Trudy Joyce.. planning a wedding at
                                                                    Kar en (Yagiello) and Rober t
                                                                                        Karen (Yagiello)                Robert
in Fair Haven, having moved here re-        Tower Hill in August! She lives in          Lowe…live in a 102-year-old house in
cently from the Chicago area. Larry is      Oceanport with her family while she         Red Bank that Karen fell in love with
an executive with AIG American Gen-         studies to become an X-ray technician.      while driving by one day. Both Karen
eral in Neptune, and Kim is a stay-at-      Trudy is no stranger to our church, hav-    and Rob are in the mortgage business
home mom and keeps busy with their          ing been very active as a teen in the       and are hoping to become the parents of
three children, who are already partici-    choir, handbells, JC&Co, Campus Club,       a Chinese child (Karen says she has a
pating in Campus Club and JC & Co.          and the Dominican Republic mission          “paper” pregnancy). Karen loves cook-
Kim and Larry both enjoy tennis and         trip programs. She says she loves this      ing, decorating, walking, entertaining,
golf (he has a 8 handicap!); in addition,   church, the people, and the scripture-      praying and reading the Bible, working
Kim enjoys gardening and Bible study,       based teachings, and decided that it was    out, and the beach. Rob enjoys being a
while Larry enjoys fishing and travel-      about time she became a member!             husband, gardening, traveling, exercis-
ing. Having previously participated in                                                  ing, skiing, tennis, crabbing, and soft-
mission work, they were attracted to                                                    ball (he already plays on our church
Tower Hill’s mission programs as well                                                   team). Karen and Rob are looking for-
as the outstanding youth programs in-                                                   ward to becoming enthusiastic partici-
troduced to them by friendly neighbor-                                                  pants in the Lord’s work at Tower Hill.
hood members, Kim and Dave Smith.

                                                         Christie…has lived in
                                            Louanne Christie…
                                            Monmouth County for 46 years and now
                                            resides in Alderbrook in Little Silver. A
                                            recently widowed homemaker, Louanne
                                            has served on the session at the
                                            Westminster Presbyterian Church in          Jacqueline McLaughlin… expecting
            et…returned to New Jersey
Stacey Sevret…                              Middletown and currently serves on the      her first baby (a girl!) in July. She is a
two years ago from Washington, DC,          Board of the Visiting Nurse Association.    realtor and lives in Red Bank with her
and now lives in Red Bank. She is an        She is the mother of three—two sons         husband, John. Jacqueline enjoys read-
account manager who is happily plan-        who live in Florida and a daughter,         ing, exercising, music, and the movies.
ning her April wedding to member Frank      Karenanne Steiner, who is also joining      While growing up in the area, Jacqueline
Crow. Stacey enjoys sports, exercise        Tower Hill —and is blessed with five        would see Tower Hill all the time. She
(including a marathon), and reading.        wonderful grandchildren. Louanne en-        has been attending as a visitor and en-
Frank introduced her to Tower Hill, and     joys volunteering and reading. She          joys the worship and friendly atmo-
she enjoys attending Sunday worship         loves our Sunday worship service, mu-       sphere of our congregation. She looks
services. Stacey looks forward to be-       sic, and the warmth and friendliness        forward to becoming a part of our church
coming part of our church family.           extended to her.                            family.
What I learned in Seminary
     by Barbara Booth Jarmon

It’s hard to believe my three years at       greater depth, more about God’s power          struggles, which have been both from
Princeton Theological Seminary are           and sovereignty and, especially, love          outside the church and inside the
now in my memory instead of in my            for us.                                        church. Almost all of the struggles have
imagination. They seem to have at                                                           to do with theology. Most of the
times dragged, and I could not imagine       In my theology classes, I learned about        struggles are fought because of egos
getting through a week. But now, the         the importance of Scriptures to our            (we all know best) but God even uses
years seemed to have flown by and I          faith; it is through the Scriptures we         egos to spread the Word throughout the
pray I will remember some of what I          know God’s will for our lives. But the         world. I also learned to love the history
have learned. I would like to share the      Scriptures are more than verses to be          of the Presbyterian denomination. In
highlights of what I have learned with       taken literally, many times the transla-       our history, we have offered much balm
you.                                         tions cannot do that accurately anyway.        to the broken world. Despite our
                                             It is through the Word in its entirety that    internal conflicts, we have always
From the minute I stepped onto the           we can know God. I also learned that           looked to God for our help and the
campus, during the Discovery Week-           anything we think we can do to earn our        Scriptures for our path. I see no signs of
end in October 2000, I learned that          way into God’s favor is diminishing the        that technique changing now.
people called by God are the best            work Christ did for us on the Cross.
friends in this world. This includes all     Christ loved us so much that he did it all,    In my practical theology classes I
of you. That October weekend, I met          even when he knew who we are and               learned to “put the rubber to the road”,
two women with whom I remained               what we have done. Nothing, nothing            through preaching and worship classes,
friends throughout my time at semi-          can separate us from the love of God in        I’ve learned the importance of the
nary. I imagine we will be friends for       Jesus Christ. It is in gratitude that we are   Proclamation of the Word. Through
life even though we will be miles apart.     to respond. In other words, Jesus loves        practical theology I learned that God
I also met a dynamic and cool guy from       you. Period. Thank him.                        uses all of God’s willing people to ease
California who was there with his wife,                                                     the pain of the broken hurting world.
Jodi, and baby, Solomon. Joe and I have      In my church history classes I learned         Through education classes I learned that
been friends through the years and           that the church has always had                 we all are called to serve in one way or
many times he’s helped me when times
have been tough. He heard the call to                                                                           continued on page 20
our church and listened, and through
God’s providence, Tower Hill is
blessed to have one of the best in my
                                             Dr. Webster Celebrates His 90th Birthday
graduating class serve our youth. I have
                                                                                                     While vacationing in Florida
grown from the friendships with people
                                                                                                     this winter, Marilyn and Jim
from all over the world, standing on
                                                                                                     Duncan, MaryLou and Leo
faith as they answered God’s call in a
                                                                                                     Wagner, and Esther Pavelka
culture foreign to them.
                                                                                                     visited with Dr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                     Webster at their home in
In my Greek and Hebrew language
                                                                                                     Naples, at which time this
classes I learned that God’s goodness
                                                                                                     photo was taken. Dr. Webster
goes from forever in the past to forever
                                                                                                     celebrated his 90th birthday
in eternity. Learning to read the Bible in
                                                                                                     last September. They are both
its original languages was like turning a
                                                                                                     well and always happy to remi-
black and white page into Living color.
                                                                                                     nisce and see folks from Red
God’s grace and love abound in every
                                                                                                     Bank. They even have a pic-
chapter in such a way that we cannot
                                                                                                     ture of Tower Hill Church in a
imagine it. Each time I study, I learn in
                                                                                                     prominent place in their home.

Children, Summer, and Tower Hill
   by Linda Goeddel, Director of Children’s Ministries

As you get ready to relax on the beach         into 1st grade and above go to church         ister right away ($20 per child). Look
or get away from it all on a vacation,         with their families, and leave the ser-       on       the      church       website
remember that we have lots for kids to         vice for Sunday School after the              ( for a regis-
do here at church this summer. God             Children’s Talk. Classes are fun and laid-    tration form.
doesn’t take a vacation, and neither do        back – come join us!
we!                                                                                          Music Camp Goes to Mardi Gras       Gras.
                                               Lava, Lava Mountain: Where Jesus’             Our ever-popular Summer Music Camp
Summer Sunday School. June 20                  Love Flows! Vacation Bible School,            is scheduled for August 16 – 20, 9:00
through September 5. A full Sunday
through                                        July 12 – 16, 9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.          a.m. – 12:10 p.m. Children entering 1st
School program, from birth to 5th grade,       Children age 4 through those entering         through 8th grades are invited to partici-
is available during the 9:30 worship           6th grade are invited to join us for a week   pate in music and art workshops of all
hour. Children age 5 years old and             of fun and Bible study in the tropics!        kinds. Music Camp fills quickly, so reg-
younger go directly to their class rooms       Come for games, snacks, stories, songs        ister today! ($50 for first child; $40 for
before worship begins; children going          and surprises. Space is limited, so reg-      each additional child) Look on the
                                                                                             church website for a registration form.

continued from page 7
they have a very good chance of going          six of the children home with us. Four                    Trip
                                                                                                 Mission Trip Summary
on to high school and eventually sup-          more cottages are being finished up this       • A new library building with
port themselves with decent jobs. Al-          year in order to be able to provide homes      tables and organizational
most all the children are from single          for the most desperate situations. The         supplies
parent (or grandparent) homes where the        school finances are precarious, but
                                                                                              • 100 new library books
only money comes from unreliable day           Ramon Prensa has tremendous faith that
                                               their needs will be filled. His plans for
                                                                                              • 2 Encyclopedias
labor wages. On this trip we met Carlos,
a former shoeshine boy at the school,          expanding his rescue, nurture, and edu-             Children’s
                                                                                              • 75 Children’s Bibles
who now is a full-time bus driver. Three       cation mission are always growing be-          • School textbooks and
other former students told us they were        cause the need is so great.                    composition books for every
attending universities in Santo Domingo                                                       student
now. They were studying medicine, mar-         Susan Miller, Dick Hurlbut, Dick Cham-         • Teaching supplies for every
keting and classical languages. Their fu-      pion, Jay and Carol Jewell, Al Sagosz          classroom
tures are all very bright thanks to the        and I had the privilege of going to the        • 6 weeks supply of emergency
little Christian school and all who sup-       Dominican Republic this year. We sin-          food
port it.                                       cerely thank all those that donated funds,     • Completely restored play-
                                               equipment, their time and experience to
Success stories surrounded us. Six beau-       make us as effective as we were this year.
                                               You can be assured that your gifts have
                                                                                              • X-ray unit, compressor,
tiful children have been rescued from
alcoholic, physically abusive homes and        made a difference.                             suction unit and sterilizer
are living full time in a little cottage                                                      installed in the dental clinic
(Casa Monte Plata) on the school prop-                                                        • Slightly used overhead
erty with a loving, warm housemother.                                                         projector and supplies for the
Clean clothes, three meals a day, a de-                                                       classrooms
cent home and plenty of hugs are help-
ing the children thrive. It was like Christ-
mas in March when we arrived with new             Save the date: Next year’s Adult Mission Trip to the Dominican Re-
sneakers, underwear and yoyos for the             public is scheduled for February 26, 2005. We need doctors, nurses,
children. We were tempted to bring all            teachers and Spanish speaking helpers!

Inquiring Mind?                              What I Learned
                                             continued from page 18
     by Dotty Warren, Membership and Com
        munications Committee Vice Chair     another, and God, through the church,       to know) and grow that girl into a
                                             will equip us when we say “yes” to          woman who wants to spend to rest of
Inquiring minds, it is said, want to know!   God’s call.                                 her life telling everyone that Jesus loves
There have been many questions asked                                                     them. The lessons were hard sometimes
about the “smiling faces, purple balloon”    Through my Clinical Practical Experi-       but eventually became joy-filled. I
and most often - “What is in the basket?     ence at Toms River Hospital, I learned      know that I could not have walked this
May I have one?” The answer is yes,          that as we go to scary, hard places, God    path alone. While I knew God was with
but - only if you are a visitor!             will provide, especially when we ask,       me, I also knew and felt the prayers of
                                             and that when we get there, God is          all of you who supported me. Thank you
The Membership and Communications            already there. Through my Field             to the Session, the Deacons, and the
Committee has established a Welcome          Education experience this past year at      Mission Committee. Thanks also to my
Center in the Narthex, complete with a       Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in          family, especially to my husband Jack
basket filled with church information        Jackson, I learned that nothing is too      who constantly and fervently helped me
hand-outs that look like scrolls. The        great or too hard for God. Seeing God’s     in every possible way; Brandon and
hand-outs are for visitors who stop by       will through vision and learning to go      Kyle who learned to cook; and Lexey
the Welcome Center where we welcome          ahead with that vision is hard, but         who gave up her Senior year at the
them, answer questions, and record their     always works. Especially when that          church she has known since she was
names and addresses so that Committee        vision makes no logical sense. I also       three, in order to be with me and support
members can follow up their visiting our     learned that there are nice, committed      my ministry at Cornerstone this year.
worship service with a hand-written note     people who are willing to take risks, and   Thank you, my friends at Tower Hill
of welcome. The basket contains a cur-       give much in time and energy in order to    who held me with prayer and encour-
rent Open Door rolled up with pictoral       see God’s kingdom proclaimed in             agement through the fatigue, fear, and
brochures and tied with a purple ribbon.     Jackson. And, I learned God is good.        doubts through prayer and encourage-
An audio tape, a coupon for a free bagel     All the time.                               ment. Thank you for your continued
and coffee in Webster Hall, and a devo-                                                  prayers as I discern God’s call for my
tional pamphlet is handed out to those       But, the lesson I learned most is that      ministry. Thank you, my pastors, John,
who register.                                God can take even a stubborn four year      Roy and Jan, who, with smiles and
                                             old girl who screamed the words to          words, kept me aware that God was with
The Welcome Center is in operation af-       “Jesus Loves Me” in the sanctuary at        me, and God is good, all the time.
ter both worship services. The Commit-       Tower Hill (because I wanted everyone
tee welcomes volunteers to help us greet
first-timers - at either service. Please call
the church office if you are interested                           PW
                                                                  OMEN OF OWER ILL       T           H
or call Dorothy Warren if you have ques-
tions. It is a simple, pleasant way to
                                              All PW events are open to everyone, whether you are a church
serve. Try it, you’ll like it!                                      member or not.
                                                             Exercise Classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings in Webster
The Membership and Communications                            Hall at 9:15 a.m. $5 donation.Get in shape for spring and summer
Committee hope your “inquiring
minds” are satisfied.

                                             Evening Book Club- Some interest has been expressed in a daytime
                                             book club. If interested call Diana Braddom.

                                                            Scrapbooking and Rubber Stamping:               Next meet-
                                                            ing on June 15th in Room 220 A/B from 7:00 - 9:30 p.m.
                                                            Bring your stuff and enjoy fellowship of other women while work-
                                                            ing on your project. If you are planning to attend, e-mail Lori Faust
                                                            at (
                    Good News!
Our monthly newsletter, The Open             enjoy seeing the photographs in color;       If you would like to be notified via email
Door, has been available on the Tower        and you can help Tower Hill Church           when the newest edition of The Open
Hill web site since February of this year.   reduce mailing costs.                        Door is online, a brief form will be avail-
Have you found it? Just visit our web                                                     able on our web site soon. Please look
site at and
              .towerhillchur                                                    receiv-
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click on the blue “Open Door” button         ing a paper copy of The Open Door            day morning bulletin.
on the left-hand side of the screen. There   after this summer, the Membership and
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available.                                   you to complete and submit the tear-off      advantage of internet technology to pro-
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                                                             Young at Heart
    The Open Door                                              Luncheon
                                                Friday, June 11
                                                Friday,      11         noon-2:00 p.m.                      Webster Hall
            Editorial Advisor
            Linda Goeddel                                           Wagging Wonders!

                                          Wonder what a Wagging Wonder is? It is the local puppy-raising club of The
    Newsletter Design/Layout/             Seeing Eye Inc. based in Morristown, NJ. Gail Drawbaugh, Little Silver resident
                                          and a Tower Hill member, will be here to tell us how the pups are trained to
           Judy Foley
                                          become seeing eye dogs and ... how their foster families are instructed to help
                                          them accomplish this goal. Puppies and puppy raisers will be in attendance to
                Publisher                 demonstrate the pup’s developing social skills.
      First Presbyterian Church
             Red Bank, NJ                    Plan to enjoy a delicious lunch and to “wag and wonder” with our guests.

                                                     All Seniors, Singles, Couples and Groups are welcome!
   Communications Committee
      Ken Garrison, Chair                                         Luncheon $4.00 per person.
    Dotty Warren, Vice Chair
                                                   Make your reservation by 4 p.m. Tuesday, June 8 by phoning
                                                    Muriel Hemschoot or the Church Office (732-747-1348).
  Church Office: 732-747-1348
   Music Office: 732-747-1329
 Tower Hill School: 732-747-1393

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