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					                                   Seventh Grade Final Exam Study Guide
   FOLDER #1: Colonialism in the New World
1. What explorer started a naval research center and navigation school during the Age of Exploration?

2. What is an “empire?”
3. Why is Vasco de Gama remembered today?

4. Why do some people say that Christopher Columbus was “lost?”
5. What was the “Line of Demarcation?”
6. Who were the “conquistadors” and what four areas did they explore?
7. What is an “astrolabe?”
8. Why was a caravel an important ship during the Age of Exploration?

9. What are the three kinds of colonies?
10. Draw a triangle and label the segment that is the “Middle Passage.” Label the three continents that were
    part of this trade route.
11. On what slave ship did the only successful mutiny take place?

12. What religion did Japanese and Chinese rulers fear coming into their countries?
13. What was the “Columbian Exchange?”

14. What is “mercantilism?”
15. What is “capitalism?”

   FOLDER #2: Absolutism and the Enlightenment
16. Why kind of government did the Magna Carta establish?
17. What was unique about the Glorious Revolution?

18. What did rulers who believe in “Divine Right” say their power came from?
19. What is a “natural law?”

20. What was another name for the Enlightenment?
21. What three things did John Locke believe all humans have a right to?
22. What three branches did Montesquieu believe all governments should have?

23. Rousseau believed in a “social contract.” What is a social contract?
24. What is the difference between limited and unlimited government?

25. What Enlightenment thinker believed you needed a strong leader because you aren’t smart enough to
   lead your life?

26. What was the nickname of King Louis XIV of France?
   FOLDER #3: Revolutions
27. What did Copernicus believe about the universe?
28. How did Galileo support Copernicus’ belief?

29. Why is Francis Bacon remembered today?
30. Rene Descartes strongly believed in rationalism. What is rationalism? What quote is he known for
31. Name two of Isaac Newton’s contributions.
32. What were the three estates in France before the French Revolution?
33. What was unfair about the tax laws before the French Revolution?
34. Why was Robespierre’s “Reign of Terror” an appropriate name?
35. Napoleon took control of France after a “coup d’etat.” What is a “coup d’etat?”
36. What were three accomplishments of Napoleon?
37. Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?
38. What is “industrialism?”

39. What were machines first used to produce during the Industrial Revolution?
40. Why did urbanization occur during the Industrial Revolution?

41. Industrialism led to the “free enterprise system.” What is the “free enterprise system?”
42. Name two factors that made it very unpleasant for workers who worked during the Industrial Revolution.

43. Socialism grew during the Industrial Revolution. What do socialists believe?
44. Why was it important for new forms of transportation to be developed during the Industrial Revolution?
45. Why was James Watt remembered today?

46. Why is Thomas Edison remembered today?
47. What are the two concepts of “mass production?”

48. What two revolutions inspired nationalism?
49. What two factors led Germany to become the strongest nation in Europe after its unification in 1871?
   FOLDER 4: Imperialism

50. What was the “Monroe Doctrine?”
51. How did the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine lead to the Spanish-American War?

52. What is “yellow journalism?”
53. Where did the U.S. gain new territories after winning the Spanish-American War?
54. Answer the three parts to this question:
a. Who were the “Sepoys?”
b. Who did the Sepoys rebel against?

c. What was the outcome of the “Sepoy Rebellion?”
55. Answer the three parts to this question:

A. Who were the “Boxers?”
B. Who did the Boxers rebel against?
C. What was the outcome of the “Boxer Rebellion?”
       FOLDER 5: World War I
56. What were the M.A.I.N. causes of World War I?

57. How did alliances lead to many countries entering World War I?
58. What was the spark that started World War I?
59. Name these countries:
A. The five Allies during WWI –

B. The four Central Powers during WWI –
60. Name four powerful new weapons that were used during WWI.
61. Why did the sinking of the Lusitania make many Americans angry?

62. Why did the Zimmerman Telegram make many Americans angry?
63. What was the new type of warfare that was first used during World War I?

64. Who was the American president during World War I?
65. What is “propaganda?”
66. What was the deadliest key battle for the U.S. during World War I?

67. What were the years of World War I?
68. What famous treaty ended World War I?

69. What are “reparations?”
70. What were two weaknesses of the League of Nations?
71. What is the name of the movie we watched about World War I?
   FOLDER 6: World War II
72. What were the H.A.L.T. causes of World War II?

73. Name these countries:
a. The four Allied Powers during World War II –
b. The three Axis Powers during World War II –
74. What were the years of World War II?

75. On what two fronts was World War II fought?
76. How did Hitler violate the Treaty of Versailles in March 1936?

77. What policy did the British leaders use in an effort to avoid war?
78. What area of Czechoslovakia was given to Hitler in the Munich Pact?
79. Name these World War II leaders:
a. Germany –
b. Italy –

c. Japan –
d. Great Britain –
e. Soviet Union –
f. U.S. (two presidents) –

80. What was the spark that started World War II?
81. What was the name of Hitler’s book?
82. What was a new kind of warfare that the Germans used? (The German word)

83. What happened on December 7, 1941?
84. What happened on June 6, 1944?

85. What was the Manhattan Project?
86. What was the plan that was used by the U.S. military in the Pacific to recapture islands?
87. On what two Japanese cities were atomic bombs dropped?

   FOLDER 6: The Cold War and Modern Times
88. What is a “cold war?”

89. What three nations were involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis?
90. Why was the Berlin Wall constructed?
91. Name two hot wars that took place during the Cold War.
92. What are the powerful weapons that terrorists threaten civilians with? (write the words, not the initials)

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