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Broadfield WebList


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									Broadfield WebList

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you’re interested in improving the results you receive from your web site investment please take a few
minutes to fill in the Broadfield WebList.

The purpose of the Broadfield WebList is to help you identify key areas worthy of consideration before
you have your new or redesigned site go live.

By addressing each item on the Broadfield WebList you’ll dramatically increase the effectiveness of your
web site and make it a valued and valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.

Key points to consider

• You need clear objectives for your web site

• Your site must directly address the concerns of your target market

• Your content must be compelling and ask for action

• Your design mustn’t detract from or overwhelm your content

• Your site must perform a valid marketing function for your company

• You must commit to testing and improving every step of your conversion process

Good web design will make your site attractive – but it isn’t enough. Successful web sites are a combina-
tion of elements far beyond solely good design. The one common element in all successful web sites is
they have been created with a strong marketing function.

Once you shift the focus of your web site from your company to directly addressing the needs of your
target markets you’ll really get your marketing moving.

I wish you success in all of your marketing ventures.


Andrew Shedden

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Broadfield WebList

       I am sure my company should have a web site

       I have formed a group and brain-stormed about what interests our clients

       I have clear corporate and marketing objectives for my web site

       I know what I like and dislike about my competitors’ sites

       I have committed a realistic budget for professional web design

       I have clearly delineated project roles and responsibilities

       I have a realistic timetable for this project


marketing excellence by design                                              Broadfield Communications   2
Broadfield WebList

       I have come up with three possible web site addresses (URL’s) for my business

       I have chosen correct keywords, descriptions, and page titles

       I have registered all of my domains

       I have chosen a reliable and trustworthy company to host my site

       I have chosen effective web analytics software to track visitor behaviour

       Where applicable I have chosen an appropriate ecommerce solution

       I have considered automating responses for information requests, answers, or courses


marketing excellence by design                                                     Broadfield Communications   3
Broadfield WebList

       My copy addresses the questions and concerns of my target market

       My site has a clearly articulated Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

       I know what kind of tone I want in my copy

       I am stressing benefits in all my copywriting

       My copywriting is action-oriented and not written in a passive voice

       My copywriting takes a clear stance on the issues concerning my target market

       My copy is written to generate a primary and back up response

       There is a clear incentive for taking action

       My site has been proof read and is grammatically correct

       My site has an archive of articles, White Papers, and other information

       My site has testimonials, awards, and references

       My site has industry-related links


marketing excellence by design                                                   Broadfield Communications   4
Broadfield WebList

       I have determined the "mood" of my site e.g. classy, fun, serious

       I have an attractive and complimentary colour scheme

       My design isn’t overpowering my products and services

       I have decided what pages I’d like to include

       I have made it easy for visitors to contact me including my snail mail address

       I have considered what forms are necessary to obtain visitor information

       I have logical categories and subcategories

       I have an intuitive navigation scheme

       I can return to the home page with one click from any page

       My pages are fast loading

       I am not using a Flash introduction to my site

       I have selected top quality photography

       I have limited photographs on my site and only use those absolutely necessary

       Important information is above the fold


marketing excellence by design                                                 Broadfield Communications   5
Broadfield WebList

       I know my audience

       I have decided whether my site will be a lead generation site or an e-commerce site

       I know my most wanted response and backup response

       My site is customer-centred

       My site reflects and enhances my company image

       My site is content and information rich

       My site differentiates me from my competitors

       I have made plans to change my content to keep my site fresh

       I am committed to analyzing my key web site metrics

       I am committed to tweaking my site, as information becomes available


marketing excellence by design                                                Broadfield Communications   6
Broadfield WebList

       I have devised a pay per click strategy for Google, Overture, and other PPC’s

       I have registered with Google, MSN, and Yahoo

       I have contacted non-competing companies to exchange links

       I have considered affiliate programs

       I have considered advertising in targeted ezines

       I am willing to contribute problem-solving information to targeted ezines

       I have put together an online follow up system

       I have an effective email address capturing system

       I have considered monthly specials

       I have considered an online company newsletter to nurture visitors

       I have offline promotional activities in place


marketing excellence by design                                                Broadfield Communications   7
Broadfield WebList

My web site design company:

       Is willing to take the time to understand my company before starting the project

       Has strong copywriting skills

       Understands the importance of marketing

       Understands how marketing and good design can be effectively combined

       Understands the importance of clear concise copywriting

       Employs designers who can be easily contacted

       Employs designers who are cooperative and helpful

       Is willing to complete the project with minimal supervision

       Offers a full money back guarantee


marketing excellence by design                                               Broadfield Communications   8
Broadfield WebList

What’s Next?
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your business.

Your consultation is completely confidential and you are under no obligation to commit to any of our rec-
ommendations. Nor will we pressure you in any way. You may choose to continue the relationship
and if you choose not to that’s okay too.

Book your free Marketing 101 telephone consultation today by calling us toll free in Ontario
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