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                                                                                                                                                  Michael J. Pollack for The Scotch Plains-FanwoodTimes
DISSATISFACTION...Right, Scotch Plains Mayor Nancy Malool displays a map of Shackamaxon Golf Course. Left, residents and officials discuss plans for the site.

                                                                                           Nancy Lubarsky Named                                                                                                           Cranford Flooding
      Residents, Shackamaxon                                                                                                                                                                                                               CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                          a private hauler to remove the debris,              Catherine Alexander of 56 Crane
                               CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

feet of conference area would be            you’re doing something the law doesn’t
                                                                                          New CSA For Mountainside                                                                                        with the help of Union County, Union
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Township and the state Department
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Parkway, behind Hillside Avenue
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           School, said her home was outside
swapped out for 60 age-restricted con-      support.”                                            By DOMINIC A. LAGANO                                  budget shortages in Mountainside, in               of Transportation.                               the 100-year and 500-year storm. “We
                                                                                          Specially Written for The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times
dos. Also, an access road leading out          The mayor shot back that if the town-                                                                   addition to some staffing cutbacks.                   On Friday, the hauler began to re-            were inundated with sewerage. It was
to Lamberts Mill Road would be built        ship did nothing, Mr. Rogoff, who has           MOUNTAINSIDE                –      The                        In an interview with The Times, Ms.             move the garbage from the Cranford               bubbling up and filling my basement,”
so residents of the condos would not        fought development on Cooper Road            Mountainside Board of Education                               Lubarsky addressed those concerns.                 conservation center until the trash              she said. “The river was flowing past
flood the smaller Arrowwood Drive           and near Union Catholic High School,         (BOE) held an impromptu meeting last                          “The budget crisis started in many towns           can be moved to a landfill in Pennsyl-           my garage door at approximately 5
and Dogwood Drive with extra traffic.       “would be here arguing against over-         Thursday night in order to introduce its                      two years ago with taking away (of                 vania. “We are concerned about the               miles per hour, well over three feet
   The township, as a result of the         development.”                                new chief school administrator, Nancy                         funds) for districts that are affluent.            health impact of remaining debris,”              deep.”
                                                                                         Lubarsky, a resident of Cranford, who                         There’s just less state aid and not as             Mayor Aschenbach told The Times.                    And on the north side on Lehigh
settlement, would receive $375,000             Resident Jim Colligan asked the                                                                         many entitlement programs. It will be a
for its affordable-housing contribu-        mayor why the township “sold out”            was offered and accepted the position                                                                               The mayor said there would be                 Avenue, a tree fell into a roof during
                                                                                         last week. Ms. Lubarsky will replace                          challenge to find other resources. I plan          more than one cleanup, but “there                the storm, Mayor Aschenbach said.
tion and $100,000 to assist the down-       and “gave in” to the developer.              the departing Jeanette Baubles after her                      to listen a lot, and work with the board
town; the town can ask for these               The mayor responded, “This was                                                                          and help them prioritize.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                          will be a time limit sometime placed             “Twelve [homes] were severely dam-
                                                                                         unexpected resignation in July. Ms.                                                                              on it because it is a very, very expen-          aged with basement cave-ins or trees;
funds because the golf course and the       not an easy negotiation process. They        Lubarsky will also occupy the position                           Ms. Lubarsky stated she was eager to
downtown are “linked” in phase 3.           were not willing to disturb any holes.       of principal of the Beechwood School.                         begin working with the students and                sive ordeal we’re in the middle of.”             whether they were condemned, I don’t
   “It’s important to get something         It was either ‘we go out to Lamberts            Most recently superintendent of                            parents in the district. “I really look            The township has also agreed to waive            know,” he said.
for the taxpayers and the downtown,”        Mill, or we walk.’And if they walked,        Bethlehem Township School District in                         forward to meeting them, working with              permit fees for the victims to rebuild              The worst hit residential area was
the mayor said. “We tried to get what       that meant 97 single-family homes,           Hunterdon County, Ms. Lubarsky spoke                          them and getting their input as we move            what they lost in the flood.                     Balmiere Parkway, Doering Way, Riv-
we were legally allowed to get.”            with school-aged children.” She said         briefly to the public at the meeting to                       the district forward.”                                Many residents came to the micro-             erside Drive, and the adjoining streets,
   The most heated exchange came            the issue of access to the develop-          address questions about her training as                          The BOE also briefly addressed the              phone to tell their tales of never-              all surrounding Nomahegan Park, the
towards the latter stages of the nearly     ment was “the most contentious part          an educator. “My bachelor’s degree is                         recent slew of resignations from both              before-seen flooding at their homes,             mayor told The Times. “But I would
three-hour forum. Resident Marc             of the conversation…This represents          in English education. I have a master’s                       the school administration and the BOE              some water levels filling basements              say, also, many had significant dam-
Rogoff said the council “had to be          the best we could get.”                      degree as a reading specialist and an-                        itself.                                            and breaching the first floor of homes,          age and none had flood insurance.
kidding itself” if it thought that the         “As to your alluding to us selling        other master’s degree in administration.                         Board members Mary Beth                         where some said in the past had barely           They were not in the flood zone and
developer was going to build the            out or caving in, that is the furthest       My doctorate is also in English educa-                        Schaumberg and Caroline Williams both              reached their lawns. Pictures of people          may have significant out-of-pocket
access road. The road’s location,           thing from the truth,” she said.             tion,” she said.                                              resigned from the board this summer. In            rowing canoes down river water-filled            expense,” he said.
which still remains unclear, would                                                          Ms. Lubarsky attended Rutgers Uni-                         addition to Ms. Baubles, the district’s            streets, and water gushing through                  The Kilkenny House on South Av-
come near “the last house on Lam-                                                        versity for her bachelor’s degree and                         supervisor of curriculum and instruc-              neighborhoods, were shown on the                 enue across from the train station was
                                                                                                                                                       tion, Thomas Conroy, resigned his posi-
berts Mill Road before the golf
course,” according to the mayor.               SP Council                                her doctorate, Montclair State Univer-
                                                                                         sity for her master’s as a reading spe-
                                                                                         cialist and Fairleigh Dickinson Univer-
                                                                                                                                                       tion in June.
                                                                                                                                                          Ms. Schaumberg sent a scathing let-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          presentation screen.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             One resident chose not to evacuate,
                                                                                                                                                                                                          with the security in knowing his house
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           one property without flood insurance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           that had flooding through the base-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ment up to the whole restaurant and
   “In my opinion, it’s not going to                   CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1
happen,” Mr. Rogoff said. “We all                                                        sity for her master’s in administration.                      ter to The Times regarding her resigna-            had never flooded given its slight el-           bar area. The owner of the business,
                                            stricted nature of the development              She has over 25 years’ experience in                       tion, in part stating that she was “truly          evation. “Our entire basement flooded            the mayor said, is gutting the place
know it’s a weak case (that Scotch          meant it will fall under rules of the                                                                      saddened and frightened by what the
Plains had against the developer).”                                                      the education field in various districts                                                                         out almost to the first floor,” he said. “I      and plans to reopen next month.
                                            state’s Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PI-        in New Jersey. “I’ve been a high-school                       future holds for the Mountainside chil-            got water from both sides.”                         The status of the Cranford Canoe
   Mr. Rogoff and others scoffed at         LOT) program that allows local gov-          teacher for about 15 years, then I was                        dren.”
the notion that six months – the time                                                                                                                                                                        While the north side of Cranford is           Club, a 100-year-old restored build-
                                            ernments to retain most tax revenue          a middle-school teacher and supervi-                             The five remaining members of the               thought of as the flood-prone area,              ing that had water up to the roof, is
during which the owner must “ac-            from age-restricted housing devel-           sor, then I was an elementary princi-                         board each sent responses to The Times,
tively market” the property before a                                                                                                                   which can be viewed at goleader.com.               the mayor said the south side also               unsure. The township lost its health
                                            opments.                                     pal, combined with my current job…as                                                                             was impacted. A home’s foundation                department, municipal court system,
more intense use can be permitted –            Reacting to accusations from coun-        superintendent.”                                                 Describing the relationships among
was enough to seek new ownership.                                                           She has also worked in the Roselle,                        the current board as “absolutely phe-              caved in on Bluff Street, a small street         television station and communica-
                                            cil Democrats that the Republicans                                                                                                                            off of Walnut and Lincoln Avenues.               tions equipment.
“It’s no time,” he said. The mayor          had rushed into an agreement, the            Scotch Plains-Fanwood and Holmdel                             nomenal,” Mr. Ruban responded to the
countered that Shackamaxon sold in          mayor pointed out that the township          school districts.                                             recent turnover in staff and board mem-
half that time.                             faced some deadlines, particularly              The BOE offered some specifics for                         bers. “Choices that people make for
   At this point, their exchange in-        from Valley National Bank, the holder        the new hire. Board President James                           personal decisions we have no control
tensified.                                  of Shackamaxon’s mortgage, that,             Ruban said the contract would be for                          of. We wish them all well.”
   “This whole thing really stinks,”        she said, was anxious to have a deal         three years. Ms. Lubarsky’s salary was                           Mr. Ruban continued, “As far as this
Mr. Rogoff said. “It’s a reflection of      finalized, with either New Jersey Golf       not disclosed, as the contract has not                        board, this administration, this teaching
our weak position. The fact is that         or, if those talks failed, with a devel-     been “inked” yet; however, according                          staff, I see nothing but positive and
                                                                                         to Mr. Ruban, the salary figure would be                      wonderful for the future. I think it’s fair
                                            oper. She also told Mr. Marcus that                                                                        to say there’s been a lot of turmoil for a
                                            his claim that the age-restricted na-        “within the cap, not at the cap,” saving
    Health Off.                             ture of the development could be
                                            lifted at any time was incorrect, say-
                                                                                         the financially-strapped district some
                                                                                            Governor Chris Christie instituted a
                                                                                                                                                       number of reasons…I think there was a
                                                                                                                                                       lot that has gone on in the past several
                                                                                                                                                       years that has led this district to be in its
                                            ing that the settlement agreement in-        salary cap for superintendents (known                         current state.
   The Ledger reported that Rahway          cluded a provision stating just the          as chief school administrators in smaller                        “And I think that this current
conducted a civil service exam for the      opposite.                                    districts such as Mountainside) early                         complement of board members, while
position and that Denise Proctor, Mayor        Mayor Malool also noted that, even        this year in an effort to curtail rising                      we’re all not like opinioned, we are
Proctor’s wife, also took the exam and      if Shackamaxon at some point ceased          expenditures for school districts in New                      like-minded…I have no doubt and I
tied at the top of the list of candidates   operating as a golf course and another       Jersey.                                                       have full faith that this board will
with Mr. Heyl.                              piece of the property was developed –           In addition, the state dramatically cut                    continue to function…toward that goal
   Scotch Plains has had a contract with    be it commercial or retail business or       the monies it provides to school dis-                         and that end and that is to have pro-
Rahway for health services for 20 years,    the relocation of municipal properties       tricts, forcing them to address their bud-                    ductive work to cure the ills of the past
Mr. Marion told The Times. Berkeley         – the settlement agreement and devel-        get shortfalls more directly.                                 and yet to continue the good parts of
Heights, Hillside and Winfield also have    opment plan calls for 50 percent of the         As covered in previous editions of The                     the past.”
contracts with Rahway.                      145 acres to remain as open space.           Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times, a sub-                              The next BOE meeting open to the
                                                                                         scription bus service and a “pay to play”                     public is scheduled for Tuesday, Sep-                                                            Christina Hinke for The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times
                                                                                         option for sports and other extra-curricu-                    tember 27, at 7:30 p.m. at the Deerfield           GOOD NEIGHBORS...Cranford Superintendent Gayle Carrick thanks the
          Support                                                                        lar activities were introduced to address                     School’s Media Center.                             Garwood BOE Tuesday for lending Washington School to Cranford. Brookside
         ‘Wounded                                                                                                                                                                                         School in Cranford was flooded by Hurricane Irene and is uninhabitable.

TERRIFIC CAUSE...Keith Gibbons, left, and Keith Hertell read The Westfield
Leader at the outing on September 13 at Cranbury Golf Club, sponsored by the
“Shamrock Enforcers” – a New Jersey State Police softball team. The event
benefits “Wounded Warrior” USMC Lance Corporal Colin Pascik, who lost both
legs to a roadside bomb, during his service in Afghanistan. To help, send                                                                    Dominic A. Lagano for The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Times                                                                              Courtesy of Glenn Mortimer
donations to Colin Pascik Road to Recovery Fund, 120 Monmouth Road, c/o                  NEW HIRE…Mountainside’s new Chief School Administrator, Nancy Lubarsky,                                          TOWN HALL MEETING...New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses the
Central VFW Post 262, Monroe Township, N.J. 08831.                                       addresses residents at the board of education meeting held last week.                                            crowd in Union Township Monday to elicit support for his reform agenda.

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