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                         Haystack Stables Publishing Services Agreement


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Haystack Stables Publishing and more
All Manuscripts must be Print ready to Printer Specifications
Quarter Horse Package $799.00
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Owner and Publisher: Elizabeth McNett 928-451-6261

   1. Services: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement HS Publishing and more
       agrees to provide: Quarter Horse Package; Our all purpose package offers authors a greater
       flexibility to the outlet necessary in achieving their goals of becoming a successful author. This
       package includes an ISBN number, free library of congress number, free web page, custom cover
       design, or let one of our professional designers create the book cover, mentoring and coaching
       services through email. Free Amazon and Novels by Steel Dust Online Bookstore Listing.

Package Details

                   a. Ten finished books included.
                   b. Proof book purchases are not included in Quarter Horse package.
                   c. Five uploads of cover, and back cover design corrections are included
                      with Quarter Horse package. Additional uploads will include a 25% fee of
                      the package price.
                   d. Five interior uploads for layout and design are included in Quarter Horse
                      package. Additional uploads will include a 25% fee of the package price.

Editing Services

                   a. Quarter Horse package includes one editing pass from HS Publishing and
                      more to the author. Additional charges will include $35.00 per hour, per
                      book. Editing corrections are made by the client.

   2. Book Purchases: 15% added to wholesale book price

   3. Payment and Terms: Client will pay to HS Publishing and more the sum of $ 799.00 for
      manuscript publishing, a nonrefundable payment due at the time of contract signing.
      Aditional charges are due upon service completion. Final manuscriptures will not be
      retured to client until all fees are paid.

       Client Signature:____________________________________date:________________

       Estimated start date for manuscript publishing:____________________

Release and Agreement

The manuscript or other documents that you provide to HS Publishing at this or any future time
     are accepted by HS Publishing only on your acceptance of the following conditions.

   1.    Applicant represents and warrants that he/she is the author of the works, and if not the author,
        has all necessary legal and equitable rights to the works.
   2.   Applicant has created at least one copy of the work submitted to HS Publishing, we will not be
        responsible for any loss or destruction of the materials submitted. Applicant understands that
        he/she sole responsibility to protect the work, in order to submit for publishing. Work must be
        registered with Writers Guild, or Copy rights office. Any work not registered prior to submission
        maybe returned at any time by HS Publishing, until such precautions are made.
   3.   Applicant who attests that he/she is at least 18 years of age.
   4.   Applicant represents and warrants to HS Publishing and its subscribers that the work to be
        submitted hereunder is original and that the work will not contain defamatory or unlawful matter
        and will in no way infringe upon the copyright or violate the proprietary rights of any person
        whomsoever. The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold HS Publishing and its subscribers
        harmless from any suit, demand, or claim made against HS Publishing and or its subscribers by
        reason of any defamatory right, and the applicant further agrees to pay judgment or reasonable
        settlement offer resulting from any such suit, demand, or claim, and pay any reasonable
        attorney’s fees incurred by HS Publishing and or its subscribers in defending against any such
        suit, claim or demand.
   5.   Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, applicant releases HS Publishing from any and
        all claims, demands, and liabilities that may arise in relation to the work, or by reason of any
        claim now or hereafter made by applicant that HS Publishing or its subscriber has used or
        appropriated the work. In no event shall HS Publishing or its subscribers be responsible or liable
        to applicant for indirect special, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages or lost profits or
        revenues of applicant even if HS Publishing or its subscribers have been advised of the possibility
        of such damage.
   6.   All terms and conditions of HS Publishing disclaimer web page are hereby incorporated into this
        submission release agreement as if recited herein in full.
   7.   HS Publishing reserves the right to refuse and work submitted, with or without cause, with or
        without notice. If without cause the applicants fees shall be prorated accordingly.
   8.    Release agreement, notices, and payments under this agreement are to be in writing and
        delivered to HS Publishing at its email address posted above, and hard copies of release forms will
        be mailed to applicants postal address posted below, or such other address remitted by applicant.
   9.   Payments and release agreements must be signed and returned to HS Publishing prior to services
               I Understand and Agree to the above Terms and Conditions

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