Preparing for a Career in Business

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					                                           Preparing for a Career in Business
  Undergraduate Areas of Study                    Top business leaders are driven, analytic, and         Majors Offered
                                                  innovative. They make decisions that are more
                                                  complex than ever before. And they understand          BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, B.A.
  Majors                                          the full scope of an enterprise and its potential in   The Paul Merage School of Business
 * Business Administration, B.A. (offered         a global economy. The keys to leading a firm or
     through The Paul Merage School of            organization to success hinge on your develop-         The Business Administration major offers a tra-
     Business)                                    ing proficiency in several essential areas: analysis   ditional curriculum similar to those at other top
** Business Information Management, B.S.          and decision making, information technology,           business schools. The program provides a broad
     (offered jointly by the Donald Bren School   effective communication, understanding eco-            learning experience in a multidisciplinary and
     of Information and Computer Sciences and     nomic trends and public policy, and knowledge          global context, and focuses on the development
     The Paul Merage School of Business)          of behavioral processes in organizations. Eventual     of essential managerial skills, especially critical
   Business Economics, B.A.                       mastery of these concepts can open doors to            thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis,
     (offered through the School of Social        exciting career opportunities in business, such as     and effective communication. Drawing on the
     Sciences)                                    managing a multinational corporation, consult-         social sciences, students study organizations, indi-
                                                  ing, marketing pharmaceutical products, starting       vidual and group behavior, leadership, strategy,
  Minors                                          your own business, offering profitable investment      financial and accounting issues, ethics, marketing,
     Management                                   and financial guidance, or running a nonprofit         information technology, and a variety of other
     Accounting                                   organization.                                          topics from a macro perspective. Students select
                                                                                                         a minimum of one of three specializations in
  The 3-2 Program                                 Academic Preparation at UC                             accounting, general management, or marketing.
                                                                                                         While preparing students for a career in man-
  * New major open to transfers 2010
                                                  Six avenues of academic preparation in business        agement, the Merage School, through academic
  ** New major open to transfers
                                                  are available at UC Irvine with major and/or minor     advising, will help students fashion an undergrad-
                                                  courses of study in: business administration, busi-    uate program tailored to their own unique career
                                                  ness economics, business information manage-           objectives. Examples of programs of study that
                                                  ment, accounting, management, and the 3-2              enable business administration majors to blend
                                                  Program. These degree and minor programs are           management education with specific industry
                                                  offered by The Paul Merage School of Business,         areas include (but are not limited to) bioscience
                                                  Donald Bren School of Information and Computer         business, business economics, international com-
                                                  Sciences, and the School of Social Sciences.           merce, information management and technology,
                                                                                                         and many other combinations. Because much
                                                  In addition to academic preparation, the faculty       business is conducted on a global scale, students
                                                  encourages students to distinguish their under-        are required to either participate in the univer-
                                                  graduate business study by creating an edu-            sity’s Education Abroad Program or to take one of
                                                  cational program composed of courses within            a number of designated courses that stresses the
     Note: Major advising provided by The Paul
                                                  and outside of each school, and participating in       international dimension of a business area.
     Merage School of Business Undergraduate
                                                  internships, research opportunities, study abroad
     Counseling Office
                                                  opportunities, and special courses.
Preparing for a Career in Business
Business administration majors can pursue              such as those involved in politics, crime, families,   Business information management majors can
careers in the for-profit and not-for-profit sec-      and cultural traditions. In learning to think          pursue careers in the for-profit and not-for profit
tors. Graduates can pursue law degrees, master’s       in terms of incentives and tradeoffs, econom-          sectors or can proceed to graduate school in sev-
degrees in a variety of areas, including business      ics majors develop analytical skills, quantitative     eral disciplines, including information systems,
or economics, or doctoral programs in manage-          tools, and clarity of thought that are useful for      computing, economics, business, and law.
ment or related disciplines.                           just about any occupation.
ADMISSION                                              The UC Irvine business economics degree pro-           Space is limited in the business information
The business administration major is currently         vides excellent preparation for graduate study in      management major. If interest from qualified
open to freshman applicants only, and space is         law, business administration, public policy, and       applicants exceeds the number of slots available,
limited.                                               social sciences.                                       applicants will be subject to screening beyond
                                                                                                              the University of California admissions require-
Your path to success can be achieved via a             ADMISSION                                              ments. Specific information is available at www.
variety of academic disciplines valued by busi-        UC Irvine graduates majoring in business eco-
ness and industry. UC Irvine undergraduates            nomics, economics, and quantitative economics
have extensive opportunities to pursue excellent       have been very successful in finding jobs in busi-     Minors Offered
major and minor combinations to tailor their           ness as well as gaining admission to top M.B.A.
course of study for the expanding field of busi-       and other graduate programs.                           MANAGEMENT
ness — such as the business economics major                                                                   The Paul Merage School of Business
and the minor in management — or other spe-            Specific information for admission to the vari-
cialty concentrations.                                 ous economics majors at UC Irvine is available at      Customize your own road to success, and learn
                                                       www.socsci.uciedu.                                     from a graduate school faculty which is recog-
Specific information regarding the business                                                                   nized — along with Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and
administration major is available at www.mer-          BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, B.S.                  UCLA — to be one of the best in the nation. Our                                           An interdisciplinary program of study offered joint-   world-class faculty understands the academic
                                                       ly by the Donald Bren School of Information and        and professional requirements of ambitious stu-
BUSINESS ECONOMICS, B.A.                               Computer Sciences and The Paul Merage School           dents, and how the management minor can
School of Social Sciences                              of Business                                            benefit their preparation. Who should consider
                                                                                                              a management minor? (1) students who wish to
A major in business economics is offered by the        As the business environment becomes increas-           learn about the management of organizations
Department of Economics in the School of Social        ingly information-centric, the need also increases     as a way of preparing for a career in business, (2)
Sciences. Economics is about making decisions. It      for graduates who understand and can use tech-         students preparing for careers in other fields that
studies how individuals, businesses, and govern-       nology that gathers and provides information,          require some knowledge of management, and
ments choose to allocate scarce resources to sat-      are able to distill and recognize patterns in that     (3) students who expect to go on to graduate
isfy alternative goals. As a social science, it also   information, and can apply those analyses to           work in management who desire early guidance
analyzes the interactions among these decision-        achieve business objectives.                           and undergraduate work appropriate to this
makers through various institutions such as mar-                                                              career objective.
kets or corporations. Economists consider how          The program seeks to educate students to under-
outcomes of these interactions meet people’s           stand and then apply the theories and concepts         ADMISSION
collective interests, and ask how public policy        of a broad, integrated curriculum covering com-        Admission to the minor is on a competitive basis;
might improve upon these outcomes.                     puting, business fundamentals, and analytical          students must submit an application, transcripts,
                                                       decision-making. The curriculum is presented           and a statement of purpose. Applications are
The business economics major is for students           across three general academic areas: computing         accepted on a quarterly basis.
seeking a business orientation in their study          (computer science, and informatics), business
of economics as a social science. It offers a          fundamentals (accounting, finance, marketing,          Specific application and prerequisite information
tightly focused curriculum that is guided by the       operations, and strategy), and analytical meth-        is available on the Web at
logic and integrative perspective of economics.        ods (economics, decision analysis, management
The business economics major allows students           science).                                              Note: Students may not receive both the minor
to delve into areas of particular relevance to                                                                in management and the minor in accounting.
business, including such topics as forecasting,        The information and computer science funda-            Open to non-Merage School majors only.
portfolio selection, industrial organization (the      mentals, covering the functional areas in the
study of markets and competition) and corporate        Bren School, include the rudiments of software         ACCOUNTING
finance.                                               design and construction with an emphasis on            The Paul Merage School of Business
                                                       data management, and the foundation for under-
The School of Social Sciences economics faculty        standing, describing, and evaluating the technol-      A minor in accounting can augment your aca-
  Note: Major advising provided by Paul
delivers a highly structured, rigorous program         ogy through which most business information is         demic preparation for the workplace no matter
  Merage School of Business Undergradu-
that covers traditional topics related to market       gathered and presented.                                what field you plan to enter. In establishing the
  ate Couseling Office
interactions, such as monopolies and antitrust,                                                               curriculum for the minor in accounting at UC
labor markets, economic growth, and the busi-          The business fundamentals, provide a back-             Irvine, the faculty anticipated students drawn to
ness cycle. It also covers non-market interactions,    ground and context in which information and its        courses in accounting who are primarily inter-
                                                       analysis will be applied.
ested in: (1) meeting the accounting coursework       have as much full-time work experience as other      ment seminar and by field trips to administrative
eligibility requirements to sit for the uniform CPA   M.B.A. candidates, significant summer or part-       conferences such as meetings of The Regents of
examination, (2) preparing for careers in private     time jobs and internships are strongly preferred.    the University of California.
accounting or in other fields that require some       Students who are admitted generally have an
knowledge of accounting, and (3) pursuing a           average GPA of 3.6 and score above the incom-        UC Irvine students interested in business and
graduate degree in accounting, and desiring           ing class average on the GMAT.                       management are strongly encouraged to
early guidance and undergraduate coursework                                                                become involved with the clubs that comprise
appropriate to this career objective.                 Please visit the Merage School Web site for addi-    the new Alliance of Business Students. The
                                                      tional information at            Alliance consists of the following student orga-
ADMISSION                                                                                                  nizations: Accounting Association, Alpha Kappa
Admission is on a competitive basis; students         Advanced Degrees in                                  Psi; American Advertising Federation; American
must submit an application, transcripts, and a        Management                                           Marketing Association; Economics Club, Latino
statement of purpose.                                                                                      Business Students Association, Filipino Americans
                                                      M.B.A. – Ph.D.                                       in Social Studies, and the Undergraduate Business
Application deadline dates and additional infor-      For students planning a career in management,        Association. These high-profile student organiza-
mation are available on the Web at www.merage.        The Paul Merage School of Business offers pro-       tions promote interaction between students and                                              fessional education leading to the Master of         the surrounding business community through
                                                      Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree. In          their Corporate Speaker Series, social activities,
Note: Students may not receive both the minor         addition, the Merage School offers a doctoral        and student/employer relationships. Students
in management, and the minor in accounting.           program leading to the Ph.D. degree in manage-       with an entrepreneurial interest are invited to
The minor in accounting is not available for          ment for students who wish to pursue a career in     participate in the annual business plan competi-
business administration majors as they already        scholarly research.                                  tion.
have an accounting specialization option in their
major program.                                        Additional Opportunities                             Additional Information
Accelerated 3-2 Program                               Courses, Internships, Organizations                  The Paul Merage School of Business
                                                      Management 6 - Introduction to Business - is         Undergraduate Counseling Office
Dual Degree Program for Undergraduates                a course designed to appeal to all students          MPAA 226
A very small number of exceptionally qualified        interested in business. The course provides an       University of California
UC Irvine undergraduates are accepted each            introduction to the modern business enterprise,      Irvine, CA 92697-3130
year for an accelerated program leading to a          and includes broad exposure to areas of study,       Telephone: (949) 824-9426
bachelor’s degree and an M.B.A. in five years of      vocabulary, and careers. The active participation    E-mail:
study. Acceptance into the 3-2 Program consti-        of faculty and business leaders from the areas
tutes advanced admission to the graduate pro-         of marketing, information systems, economics,
gram. Students complete their undergraduate           accounting, finance, and operations and decision     Donald Bren School of Information and
major requirements by the end of their junior         technologies is an integral part of the course.      Computer Sciences
year. During their senior year, they take graduate                                                         Student Affairs Office
courses in the full-time M.B.A. program. These        Work experience is an important way to learn         University of California
courses satisfy their undergraduate unit require-     about business and management. UC Irvine’s           Irvine, CA 92697-3430
ments and at the same time apply toward the           Internship Program, sponsored by the Career          Telephone: (949) 824-5156
graduate degree. Successful completion of the         Center, can help you find opportunities to work
requirements in the program normally leads            in either voluntary or paid positions in business,
to the bachelor’s degree in the undergraduate         nonprofit, or industrial settings. If you plan to    School of Social Sciences
major after the fourth year and an M.B.A. after       enter business or apply to a graduate school of      Undergraduate Counseling Office
the fifth year.                                       business or management in the future, you will       University of California
                                                      find it necessary to supplement your academic        Irvine, CA 92697-5100
Although all undergraduate majors are eligible,       work with a variety of practical experiences.        Telephone: (949) 824-6803
it is difficult for students in some disciplines —                                               
such as engineering — to complete their major         Another opportunity is UC Irvine’s Undergraduate
requirements within three years.                      Administrative Intern Program, which offers          Admissions and Relations with Schools
                                                      selected students the opportunity to assume          204 Aldrich Hall
ADMISSION                                             one-year positions under the guidance of uni-        University of California
Admission to this program is highly selective         versity administrators. You can choose from a        Irvine, CA 92697-1075
and requires exceptional academic performance         range of offices in which you will be asked to       Telephone: (949) 824-6703
at UC Irvine. Because of the importance of team       undertake special projects specifically related to
projects in the M.B.A. program, personal matu-        the management and administration of UCI, and
rity is a significant factor for admission to the     higher education in general. These internships
program. Work experience is another important         are supplemented by a two-quarter manage-
factor. While undergraduates are not expected to
Preparing for a Career in Business

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