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									                                                                               Newsletter Autumn 2009

Gastric Band Weight Loss with Hypnosis                                                                       Inside this issue:

An     overwh el mi n g                s e s s i o n s   o f                can lose weight with                                         Page
amount of interest has                 hypnotherapy (costing                hypnosis       with              Gastric Band Hypnosis           1
been shown recently                    less than a tenth of                 d i f f e r e n t
by     Hypnotherapists                 what she would have                  approaches—the task              PHPA Membership                 1
and members of the                     paid for the actual                  f o r        t h e               Hypnosis & Children             2
public seeking to lose                 treatment).                          Hypnotherapist is to
                                                                                                             Fear of Flying                  2
weight       by    this                During the hypnosis                  decide       which
revolutionary method                                                        approach is best for             Hypnosis & Surgery              2
                                       sessions she was able
of controlling the mind                to    visualize  being                                                Post Hypnotic Suggestions       3
to believe that one                                                          can also lose weight
                                       wheeled into theatre,                                                 Hypnosis in the News            3
has      undergone                     undergoi ng         the               using     traditional
surgery.                               surgery     and   even                hypnosis methods.               Morecambe & Wise                3
                                                                             Gastric       Band
                                       experiencing the smell                                                James Esdaile                   4
                                                                             Weight Loss with
A    news      article                 of the anaesthetic.                                                   How Not To Let a Client Mis-
                                                                             Hypnosis           is
published     by   the                                                                                       lead You                     4
                                                                             probably far more
Daily Mirror in May                    There is no doubt that                suited for clients
2009    outlined   the                 the mind is a very                    who are obese and
case of Marion Corns                   powerful tool; it is                  have       already
who claimed to have                    easy to understand                    considered      using
lost 4 stone with this                 how highly suggestible                this approach.
method.                                people can lose weight
                                       via this method.    At
Marion       underwent            5    the same time people

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Page 2                                                                    Newsletter Autumn 2009

                                         Hypnosis for Children
                                         Many Hypnotherapists are                in others the parent may try to                   see a resolution        to   their
                                         cautious about using hypnosis           take over the session by                          problem.
                                         with very young children,               answering all the questions that
                                         however, with their wonderfully         you ask the child. Should this
                                         rich imaginations they can be           happen then you could politely                    Very young children respond
                                         excellent subjects and hypnosis         inform the parent that you want                   well to ‘let’s pretend’ games or
                                         can help to build up their              to hear the responses from the                    stories about their pet, best
                                         confidence, overcome fears and          child’s point of view.                            friend or favou rite toy.
                                         many other issues.                                                                        Depending on the child’s
                                                                                                                                   maturity it is not always
                                                                                 We recommend working with                         necessary to use a traditional
                                         It is of course important to            the child’s level of understanding                induction and deepener
                                         safeguard yourself from any             and using activities or hobbies                   approach and please don’t be put
                                         possible allegations which is why       that the child is interested in                   off if the child fidgets or keeps
                                         it is essential to have a parent or     when using visual imagery. For                    their eyes open as this is
                                         guardian present or to record           example if a child is interested in               perfectly normal behavior for
                                         the session. In some instances          computer games then you could                     young children.
                                         the parent can unwittingly be the       weave a story around their
                                         cause of the child’s problem and        favourite character where they
 Children find it easy to become

                                         Case History—Fear of Flying Overcome
                                         Peter (name changed) used               journey on his holiday and fell                   some clients take the suggestions
                                         hypnotherapy 7 years ago to             asleep on the beach—ending in                     in hypnosis very literally so it is
                                         overcome a fear of flying. After        him becoming sun burnt and                        essential to emphatically remove
                                         just two sessions he was able to        subsequently was too relaxed to                   any unwanted ones.
                                         overcome a 30 year old fear and         return to work.
                                         enjoy the flight that was taking
                                         him on a well deserved holiday                                                            Peter returned recently for help
                                                                                 So, after several weeks of being                  with his weight problem and
                                                                                 on sick leave Peter had one                       reported that he had been flying
                                         However 2 months after his              further session to ‘lighten’ some                 regularly without any problems
                                         return to the UK Peter phoned           of the relaxation suggestions.                    since his last    hypnotherapy
                                         for another appointment—he                                                                session.
                                         said he had felt so relaxed that
                                         he slept throughout most of the         The lesson learned here was that

                                         Hypnosis and Surgical Procedures
A recent report by BBC News de-          Institute paper is just the latest to   She reported experiencing a                       These reports leads to an
scribes a study on 200 female breast     conclude hypnosis can help with         sensation of pulling during surgery,              interesting question—why isn’t
cancer patients led by Dr Guy Mont-      operations.                             but felt very little pain.                        hypnotherapy used more widely
gomery of the Mount Sinai School of                                                                                                within the medical profession?
Medicine whereby patients were                                                   The surgeon who carried out the
either given 15 minutes of hypno-                                                tonsillectomy, Dr Kishen Dayal,                   We assume because it is more
therapy or a chat with a psychologist.   In Johannesburg 35 year old Liesl       said there was so little bleeding                 time consuming, however the use
                                         van Dreau is reported to have had       that he used only half a swab to                  of hypnosis for operations could
The women who had received hyp-          her tonsils removed using only          dab the blood. After a procedure                  save the NHS a considerable
nosis needed less anaesthetic. re-       hypnosis to help her through the        that is normally very painful for                 amount of money.
ported less pain, nausea, fatigue and    operation.      Before the surgery,     most adults the patient was
emotional distress after the opera-      which took place at         Milpark     allowed home after just one hour
tion than did the ones who had           Hospital, Liesl had 2 sessions with     and was able to return to work 3                  We’d love to hear             our
talked to a psychologist.                Hypnotherapist Tom Budge to             days later.                                       Member’s views on             this
The Journal of the National Cancer       prepare her for the procedure.                 Adapted from a report by Susan Cilliers4   subject.
                                           Newsletter Autumn 2009                                                                                            Page 3

Post Hypnotic Suggestions
                                                                                           he runs his hands through his hair,   shoe and put it back on.
Some years ago a client of ours                    trance he would hear 3 taps of a
r e qu e ste d p ost -h ypn oti c-                 pencil and this would trigger an        shakes his head, gets up and walks
suggestions in order to prove to                   irresistible urge to remove his         around the room, muttering to
                                                                                           himself ‘I won’t, I won’t do it’.     This demonstrates clearly the
himself that he had indeed been                    right shoe.                                                                   power of suggestion and how
hypnotized. In general we believe
                                                                                                                                 this is heightened in hypnosis.
that challenges such as this should
                                                                                           Estabrooks emphasises the
be avoided as subjects are free to                 On bringing the subject out of
                                                                                           importance of not allowing the
accept or reject the suggestions                   hypnosis it was apparent that he                                              If we were to tell someone who
                                                                                           subject to leave the room until
and although proof was shown time                  had remembered everything said                                                was not hypnotized that they
                                                                                           the suggestion has been
after time it was never enough to                  during the session but                                                        would very soon experience an
                                                                                           removed (even though he hadn’t
convince him. (This case history                   nevertheless it was decided to                                                itch on their face they would
                                                                                           complied with the post hypnotic
c a n      b e    r e a d      a t :               tap the pencil; it was noted that                                             most likely laugh at you and then                                              suggestion).
                                                   the client was experiencing                                                   go into another room to scratch
oubting_thomas.asp                                 internal conflict.                                                            their face.
                                                   Quote:                                  The client was told that the
In his book, Hypnotism, G.H                                                                suggestion had failed but in
                                                   He wants to take off that shoe but
Estabrooks cites a similar scenario                                                        order to avoid any future issues
                                                   has made his mind up that he will
where a subject is told whilst in                                                          would he voluntarily remove the
                                                   not. Like one possessed of a devil
hypnosis that on coming out of

Hypnosis in the News
                                                Strictly Star uses Hypnosis?

Jo Wood, 54, (ex-wife of ageing                  Hypnotherapy is often sought to           is enable them to draw upon the
rock star, Ronnie Wood) has                      i n c r ea s e c o n f i de n c e a n d   unconscious material stored              It's not who you
hinted on her Twitter site that                  overcome nerves and responsive            away in their brain.                    are that holds you
she is having hypnotherapy to                    subjects can benefit from using
overcome her nerves whilst                       hypnosis as it can help them to                                                   back, it's who you
dancing with partner Brendan                     overcome inhibitions and feel             Whether or not Jo was                   think you're not.
Cole on Strictly Come Dancing.                   more comfortable at expressing            successful she has to be admired
                                                 themselves.                               for recognizing that she has the
                                                                                           power within herself to increase
                                                                                                                                       Author Unknown
A source claims that Brendan                                                               her confidence, overcome
wants more aggression in the                     Whilst hypnosis treatment alone           nerves and improve her
dance routine but it is reported                 can’t aid people to perform in a          techniques.
that Jo finds it difficult to be                 way that they h ave no
feisty.                                          knowledge about it should be
                                                 remembered that what it can do

Morecambe and Wise Revisited
I’m sure most people - (apart                    Eric Morecambe was allegedly              show.
from the very young) will                        also very insecure and severely
remember or have heard of Eric                   lacking in confidence, despite his
Morecambe and Ernie Wise.                        talent and he refused to perform          Had hypnotherapy been as
                                                 without his partner Ernie Wise.           widely available in those days
                                                                                           these stars could           have
Sir Eric was undoubtedly one of                                                            overcome any insecurities or
the most talented, funniest and                  Another great star of the 60’s,           inhibitions and entertained us so
wittiest entertainers of the 20th                Tommy Cooper (the one with                much more—just as Jo Wood             Confidence CDs available from
century and will go down in                      the fez who all our mothers               might if she follows her program
history as a legend.                             loved) was equally lacking in             through.
                                                 confidence and allegedly sought
                                                 approval before and after each
    Are you Using the Most Up to Date                                         ESDAILE
   Tools for your job as a Hypnotherapist?

                                                                              One of the first men to really rediscover and put to extensive good
   The GSR Meter is a professional biofeedback                                use, the power of hypnosis, was an English surgeon named
   monitor designed for hypnotherapy and                                      James Esdaile. His interest in mesmerism began before the word
   psychotherapy. It measures the Galvanic Skin                               hypnosis was known.
   Response, giving the therapist near-instant
   feedback of the client’s general state of
   relaxation and immediate emotional reactions.                              In 1845 he went to India and had phenomenal success with
                                                                              mesmerism, copying Mesmer’s techniques and applying them
                                                                              diligently. In those days the mortality rate in surgery was around fifty
                                                                              percent. Esdaile reduced this figure to eight percent by the use of his
                                                                              techniques, and his patients recovered more quickly and easily than
                                                                              the average surgical cases of his day. Since then there has been a
                                                                              revival in the interest of hypnosis with more scientific studies being

                                                                              The deaths of Braid and Esdaile curbed the interest in hypnotism.
        HypnoEFT - Galvanic Skin Response
              Biofeedback Monitor
                                                                              Experimentation was revived into the 1880s, mainly in continental
                                                                              Europe where new translations of Braid's work were circulated.
     As used in the CSI: New York episode "Point of no
     return" shown on the 9th May 2009 on Channel 5. (They
     bought the last of our Orange coloured monitors).

       Available from

How Not to Let a Client Mislead You
James’ wife telephoned to make                 It was obvious that treatment for      he was staying out of town in
a hypnosis appointment for her                 insomnia wasn’t the answer to          order to gamble.
husband whom she claimed was                   his problem and that we needed
suffering from insomnia.                       to get to the bottom of his
                                               gambling addiction.                    It also meant that Julie
                                                                                      questioned herself abou t
Wh en James arrived the                                                               whether she could trust James in
following week we were fully                   James had kept his gambling a          the future and this was a turning
prepared with an Insomnia CD                   secret for several years and           point in their marriage.
ready for him to take home after               asked that his wife would not get
the session.                                   to know about it. Obviously
                                               cli ent con fid enti ali t y is        Julie decided that she also
                                               paramount in any therapy,              needed help to put this
James confirmed that he was                    however, interestingly enough,         revelation into perspective in
indeed having problems sleeping,               James went home that night after       order to save her marriage.               it is to give a thorough pre-
however careful questioning and                the session and told his wife                                                    induction talk and explore and
noting his responses revealed                  everything.                                                                      listen to what is behind your
the cause behind his insomnia.                                                        Had James simply been treated             client’s problem. In James’ case
James was a compulsive gambler                                                        for insomnia his gambling                 the insomnia was a secondary
and was frittering away every                  For Julie, his wife, this explained    addiction may never have come             issue, caused by his gambling
spare penny the family had. He                 a lot—such as the time that he         to light and their relationship           and it was this problem that
couldn’t seem to stop himself                  told her that £500 had dropped         would have undoubtedly suffered           needed sorting out.
and this led to stress, worry and              out of a hole in his pocket and        further.
sleepless nights.                              the suspicions that she had that
                                                                                      This just goes to show how vital
                                               he might be having an affair when

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