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					                         The Spotlight
                     The Spotlight is a monthly publication of
  Bridgewater Presbyterian Church, 110 E. College St., Bridgewater, VA 22812
                           Rev. M. Kerry Foster, Pastor
            Sally Smith, Editor – 828-2442;
                    Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-Noon

                                TWO MINUTE WARNING!
                                  Time Is Running Out!
The Youth are going to Kings Dominion Saturday, Sept. 13th, and everyone is invited to join
them. We need a firm number by Sept. 4th. Contact Elizabeth Engleking and Everyone wear you
BPC t-shirt!

                              Are you ready for some…. Sunday School?
Since Kerry is such a big football fan, we are using football terminology throughout this issue.
And since Sunday School is designed to give our young people a head start for a life of faith, and
adults fuel for the faith journey, it can be referred to as:

                                   MAN IN MOTION:
                            Giving a Player a Running Start
                      Journeyland Begins September 7

Younger Youth Class – led by Alison McElroy for the month of September will
explore a few “classic” Bible stories (Creation, Noah’s Ark, etc) with load of hands-on
activities. BYOB – Bring Your Own Bible. Meet in the Market downstairs.
Older Youth Class – led by Paige Walker is using “Claim the Life: Promise,” a
study of the promises of faith. Activity journals and videos enhance the “real world
application” of the lessons. Gather in the Youth Room downstairs
Adult Class – led by Tom Mizell begins a study on the many aspects of
“community.” Come one, come all! Join the discussion in the partitioned room of the
Fellowship Hall.
College Outreach                                                          WIDEOUT:
► BC ACITIVITES FAIR: On Thursday, September 4th,                       a player who
Bridgewater College is hosting an “Activities Fair” from              lines up at the
4:30-7:30 on the campus mall. This is a great opportunity for       edge of the field
us to meet BC students and tell them about our wonderful            to catch passes
church. College Outreach would love to have several
persons to help. Call Joe Crockett or Jyl Gamble if you can participate. AND we want to
have cookies or small candy treats to share with the students that evening. If you can
donate those, have them in the church kitchen by 1:00 pm that afternoon.
   In addition, the community is invited to a picnic dinner on the mall from 4:45–7:00
p.m. at a cost of $7.00 (no reservations required). You may park in the lot on East
College Street just north of the baseball/softball fields and just west of the Old Gym.
► LPCM DINNER: Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 8th. We will again
be preparing and serving a meal for the Lutheran/Presbyterian Campus Ministry at the
Haas House. Details about ways you can help this special event will come later in the
month. Youth, we want you there! We sure enjoyed Ragan and Jacob's help last time!

 UPRIGHTS:            TLC List for September
 the vertical            The Member Care Committee has again selected “unsung
 posts above          laborers” to receive Tender Loving Care from the congregation.
 the crossbar         Please take time to express a thank you to these persons for all
 on the goal          they give to our church and community:
 posts.               ►Sept. 7 – Jean Allen
                      ►Sept. 14 – Ben Beydler
                      ►Sept. 21 – Bev Carver
                      ►Sept. 28 – Joe Crockett

                                             KEY: a specific player or formation
Choir Resumes                              that is a clue as to the play being run.
   Choir practice will be held on
Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. We plan to sing every Sunday starting Sept. 7. Everyone is
invited to join the choir at any time – no previous music experience required! In
addition, special music (solo, duet, instrument, small group) is always appreciated. If you
would like to contribute to our worship in this way, contact Director Lacey Harold.
Youth Lock-In & Yard Sale
   The LOCK-IN begins at 6:30 on Friday, Sept. 26th.
Bring a side or a dessert to go with hotdogs for supper.           HUDDLE:
Bring snacks, games and movies to share through the                when the
night. Friends welcome, but check with Elizabeth to                players form
get the necessary parent permission forms. We will be              a group to
arranging and pricing yard sale stuff and talking about            discuss the
future activities.                                                 upcoming
   The YARD SALE begins around 7 AM on                             play.
Saturday, Sept. 27th, and we need donations so start
cleaning those closets! Shoppers are needed that
morning – so spread the word around town. You can begin bringing items to the church
on Monday, Sept. 222nd, and we are willing to pick up large items if you give us a few
days to work out logistics!

Scouts Return
The Girl Scout Troop led by Nicole Reedy will again use our Fellowship Hall for
meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

                        A Question from Kerry:
                        For the “un-Sunday Schooled Adults”
                            I would very much like to be a part of learning experience
                         with my fellow adults of Bridgewater Presbyterian. I am asking
                         for your input on a class for us, meeting during the Sunday
                         School hour on a regular schedule, or a particular evening during
the week. I am proposing a format of meeting for a specific number of days/evenings,
and using topics that matter to us. For example, I have a resource called Just Eating?
Practicing Our Faith at the Table which runs for six weeks and explores “the relationship
between our Christian heritage and our food.” Other topics, such as the book I used for
the last three sermons, could be used. Let me know how we can connect and where and
when, and I am looking forward to our time together. Thanks, Kerry

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about
achieving it and staying with that plan.” – Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboys
 ZONE: each player              Session News
 is responsible for a            At the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, August 24,
 certain area of the          the following persons were elected as Elders and will serve
 field                        on the Session as the class of 2011:
                               Ed Sonifrank, Betsy Glendye and David McQuilkin.
                              They join the class of 2010:
                               Mary Jo Pribble, Elizabeth Engleking, Harry Deavers;
                              and the class of 2009:
                               Jane Crockett, JC Enterline, and Jean Chevaux Shull.
A date for the Service of Ordination and Installation will soon be announced.
~Mission – Monday, Sept. 1 at 6:00 p.m.                THANK YOU, retiring Elders
~Spiritual Life – Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 6:00 p.m.                 Jeff Walker &
~Member Care – Sunday, Sept. 7 after worship                 Charlette McQuilkin
~Christian Education – next meeting TBA                  for your faithful service and
~Resource – next meeting TBA                                  diligent leadership.
~Session – Sunday, September 21 at 4:00 p.m.

                 TIME OUT:             a break in the action
   Opportunities for Fellowship, Fun, Food and Faith-Building
► The Lunch Bunch gathers Wednesday, September 17th at 10:30 to begin “Jubilee!
Luke’s Gospel for the Poor,” a study of the many ways that Christ's jubilee message
turned the world upside down, exalting the poor and including outsiders, bringing the
love of God to all. Pick up a book in the Fellowship Hall and sign up if you want to be
part of the group. Call Sally (828-2442) the Tuesday before to order your lunch
(generally soup/sandwich from Codi’s Cookies & More for under $6.)
► The Book Club is reading “The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCulloch. They will
discuss it on Tuesday, September 16 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Janet Sonifrank.
► Massanetta Springs invites you to participate in three “time-out” retreats. Details are on
line at or contact Laura Holbrook.
1) Wellspring Spirituality Retreat, Faith Journeys: “Where is God Leading You?”; Sept. 22-24.
2) The annual Family Conference: “A Space for Grace”; October 10-12.
3) The annual Church Professionals Respite for educators, musicians, youth workers, secretaries -
all who work so diligently in the life of our churches; October 20-24. (free – take advantage!)
Activities and Efforts to Promote Peace                                UNSPORTSMAN-
                                                                       LIKE CONDUCT:
    INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE, September 21                           a foul, in the
There is a local, ecumenical movement to honor that day with a         judgment of the
time of prayer, and perhaps a walk, beginning at 8:oo p.m. at          officials, and a
the Bridgewater United Methodist Church. Kerry has met with            penalty of 15
two gentlemen from a small group here in Bridgewater called            yards.
“Another Voice.” They are long-time Brethren, and both have
relocated to this area from other places, and both have a desire
to consider peace and peace-making efforts in an ecumenical
setting. They are open to having visitors to their small
gathering, so if you are interested, Kerry can help you contact
them. For details of the international event log onto the
Church of the Brethren website:
[Note: While searching for the above info, Kerry came across this YouTube bit. If you
are computer/internet savvy, go to . There
you will find a MGM cartoon from 1939 titled “Peace on Earth.” Kerry says it is “an
interesting, 8-minute blast from the past!”]

        2008 PEACEMAKING OFFERING: Break the Bread of New Creation
The Gospel of Luke tells of the risen Christ meeting two of his followers on the road to Emmaus.
They did not recognize him until he broke the bread and blessed it. He then disappeared, but the
joy and peace he gave them did not. When he appeared again later, Christ offered the blessing:
“Peace be with you.”
   On October 5th, the Presbyterian Church (USA) celebrates World Communion Sunday
(breaking of the bread) by receiving the annual Peacemaking Offering (sharing our blessings).
The Mission Committee will choose a local peacemaking effort to benefit from 25% of
your donations. The other 75% is used by the synods, presbyteries, and the General
Assembly. Please take time to read the brochures and bulletin inserts you will receive on
Sunday mornings. Extras can be found in the narthex.

 COIN                            2¢-a-Meal
 TOSS:                           Thank you to everyone who brought items for the
 heads or                        Bridgewater Food Pantry and coins for the 2¢-a Meal.
 tails?                          We collected 17 jars of peanut butter, 34 boxes of pasta,
                                 15 boxes of cereal and $188. The next Pour-In is
                                 November 9th.
 HOME FIELD             Bridgewater Home Auxiliary Events
 ADVANTAGE:             ► FALL FESTIVAL: Again this year, we are creating two
 considered a           themed baskets- a Baker’s Basket & a Coffee & Tea Basket -
 benefit                to be auctioned at the Fall Festival. They are on display in the
 because of             Fellowship Hall. The Mission Committee is asking you to donate
 enhanced fan           items and have them at the church by Sept. 7. If you have
 support,               questions, call the church office or Suzanne Mizell.
 familiarity with           You can attend the Fall Festival Preview and Artists/Quilter
 the field, and         Reception at the Houff Center on Sunday, Sept. 14 from 1:00
 little travel          until 3:00. All the theme baskets, quilts, artwork and other items
 time.                  to be auctioned will be on display.
                            The Fall Festival itself takes place at the Rockingham
                        County Fairgrounds on Saturday, September 20 from 7:30 a.m.
                        to 1:30 p.m. The Benefit Auction of art, quilts and other top
                        quality items begins at 9:30. The Silent Auction, featuring many
                        gift baskets, begins at 7:30. The Specialty Shops will feature
                        baked goods, handcrafts, plants and garden items along with
                        goodies from the ReRun Shoppe and Cottage Gifts. Breakfast is
                        served from 7:30 to 10:00 and lunch begins at 10:00.

► LUNCHEON: Don’t miss the next Auxiliary Luncheon at the Bridgewater Church
of the Brethren, Wednesday, Sept. 3 from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. $5 buys a bowl of
vegetable soup, pimiento cheese or peanut butter sandwich, fruit salad and cookies. This
month’s lunch is hosted by the Sangerville CoB and benefits the Home Auxiliary Aviary
& Pet Programs.
► RERUN SHOPPE YARD SALE: During the Town Yard Sale the Bridgewater
Home ReRun Shoppe will have an indoor Yard Sale in the Houff Center. Shop Friday,
Sept. 26 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and again Saturday, Sept. 27 from 8:00 - 1:00.

Congratulations!                                                          SPIKE: a
James Christian Enterline II was presented to the congregation on         celebration
August 10th. James was born in May, to J.C. & Carla. His                  after a
grandparents are Jim & Ellie Enterline and Buster & Linda Landes.         touchdown.

“I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in
practice, not in a game.” – Paul “Bear” Bryant, Univ. of Alabama
Baja 2008 – A Letter from Phil and Kathleen
    The first thing to say is Thank You. Thank you, Bridgewater            STRONG
friends, for your unwavering support of our participation in the 2008      SAFETY:
Baja Mission Trip.                                                         a fast,
    You know the Mission – build a new dwelling for family living in versatile
dirt poor poverty. This we did in a colonia (neighborhood) in San          player able
Quintin, twelve miles south of the Mission Base. Our Build Team            to cover
numbered 13, and included members of Augusta Stone, Covenant,              both running
Opequon, Third Church Staunton and us.                                     and passing
    Our family consisted of father and mother (about 45 years old)         plays.
and four sons, ages 6 to 18 years. We knew the oldest son had
returned to Oaxaca to live. What we didn’t know is that the family
also included a 15 year-old daughter who was sleeping in the
family’s old car. She was doing so for “safety reasons,” as their
dwelling was one room with two mattresses and a two-burner
cooking stove. The family had a homemade outhouse, small garden
plot, two dogs with 16 puppies, plus chickens and ducklings they
sold. The only worker was the daughter. Mother worked on
Saturdays when she was able. The family had electricity “borrowed” from a neighbor by
extension cord.
    We built a four bedroom house with small sitting room; bought clothes, food, a new
stove and added windows, lights and ceiling fan to the house. You helped us supply
bedding, furniture, pillows, curtains and personal hygiene items. We also paid for
electrical hookup including a roadside pole, an outhouse and a shower.
    Also, while building, we heard the baby next door crying. With $50 we got medical
treatment and medicine. On the last day, the neighbors on the other side asked us to come
and pray with their elderly grandmother.
    At the house dedication late Thursday afternoon, everyone crowded into this small,
new dwelling. All week long, the father had asked questions about who we were, and
why were we doing all of this. At the end, he declared his belief/faith in Jesus Christ and
declared to his family that this was to be, henceforth, a home that follows Jesus.
    There wasn’t a dry eye in this new home.

                              Your Servants in Christ,

                              Kathleen & Phil Sommer
OUR GRADUATE STUDENTS                               SUCCEEDING SPOT:
Meg Oldman is pursuing her Master’s Degree          where the next play begins
  in English Literature at Marshall University

Julia DeVier-Scott continues at Elon College
   pursing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy                     Back
Lacey Harold continues her studies
  in the JMU School of Music

                                OUR UNDERGRADS

Andrew Armstrong – Ohio State U.                 Ben Leigh - Lynchburg College

Aubrie DeVier-Scott – U. of Virginia             Hannah Leigh – William & Mary

Robert Ferguson – Bridgewater                    Iain Oldman - Virginia
                                                 Commonwealth University.
Kaci Foster – King College
                                                 Hillary Rees – Bridgewater
Jennifer Gamble –
   Christopher Newport Univ.                     Lance Rees - Virginia Tech
Recent Graduates & Relocations - Where Are They Now?
► Nathaniel Armstrong, son of Martha Bocock, is serving our
                                                                              HAND OFF:
country as an Aviation Electricians Mate Airman Apprentice and
                                                                              giving the ball
is stationed at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.
                                                                              to another
► John Hunter Raines is living in Virginia Beach and is working               player.
as a Project Manager for a commercial & industrial contractor.

► Corinne Heatwole is now living in Arlington

► Matthew Heatwole has moved to Vienna

                           A Few Extra Points…
 a touchdown, the
                                The Fair Trade Express Coffee Cabinet is open every Sunday
 scoring team is                 and is stocked with a variety of coffees, teas, chocolates and
 allowed to add                  snacks; fairly traded and fairly priced!
 another point by               “These Days,” a FREE daily devotional is available in the
 kicking the football            narthex in both regular and large print.
 through the uprights
 of the goalpost.               “Presbyterians Today” is a most informative publication.
                                 There are two copies for you to Take, Read, and Return.
                                                           
A Note From Kerry
    “Geep” Whitely passed away August 17. Most of you don’t know him, and I have only
known for a few years. He was a retired pastor, though he was still active in the church and in the
presbytery business. And he was a good man, one who had served in WW II, worked through the
Civil Rights Movement era, served congregations, raised his family, and was a person of
conviction. About three years ago, in a meeting we both were attending, a fellow pastor told of
attending a public event in his community. At this event, a guest pastor was speaking and, from
what our colleague said, had used some rather inflammatory language and espoused some cold,
old and harsh concepts.
    Our colleague wondered if he should have spoken out, lifting up his convictions, or stay and
show a visible annoyance, or just leave? He chose to leave rather than make a scene or possibly
project an image of agreement. We applauded his action. It was then that Geep mentioned that
we as Presbyterians had seemed to be doing little in the area of PeaceMaking these days. I sat
there for a moment, and then, despite showing my lack of knowledge, asked Geep what did he
mean by that?
    Both Geep and I had found ourselves in an awkward place, one that in a sense, many of us
will find ourselves in from time to time. Geep had gone through the Civil Rights movement, had
participated in programs of the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and 90’s, sponsored and championed by
the Presbyterian church, that sought to lift up peaceful means of bridging the gap between races,
between economic levels, between genders and many other important things like that. He had
been a part of the planned response of the church to hatred, to divisiveness, to ignorance, and had
now seen that perhaps we weren’t doing that now. In his day, the mere mention of PeaceMaking
meant something to him and to his colleagues.
    Now for me, I had not been a part of those days. In many ways, though, I am a benefactor of
their efforts, for there have been great things accomplished here in our nation concerning
“equality for all.” But I didn’t know the words he knew, I didn’t know the struggles or the
triumphs, because that was “before my time.” So I had to be taught, if you will, but so too did
Geep. This is the lesson we both needed to learn, again. From one generation to another, from
one person to another, we have to talk to each other. And we have to hold onto the notion that
nothing is ever completed. Just because I enjoy the fruits of the past Peacemakers doesn’t mean
that I am no longer responsible to continue the efforts to build bridges. And just because
someone has labored for many years in that area doesn’t mean they can just assume every one
knows what their catch phrases and slogans and rally cries mean.
    After I had asked Geep what he meant by saying, “We don’t do much in the area of
PeaceMaking these days,” a new bridge was built. We both affirmed the fact that there are not
“dumb questions” and that our world constantly needs to be ministered to. I will miss Geep in the
future, but I will honor his words and works, not for him, but for me, as often as I can.
    May we bring honor to those who have labored before us, and to those we labor with, and for
those whom shall labor after our time has passed.
                                                     HEAD COACH: Person in charge of
        Your pastor,                                 overseeing all aspects of the team.
        Kerry                                
Report from the 139 Meeting of the Shenandoah Presbytery
    Elizabeth Engleking and Kerry Foster attended the Presbytery
meeting at Falling Waters Presbyterian Church in Hedgesville,                 TAILBACK/
West Virginia, on Saturday, August 23. This quick report is from              HALFBACK:
your pastor. I figure if I had to be there, I might as well let you all       player
know what I saw and heard.                                                    whose
    The worship service was very typical, with over 200                       primary role
Presbyterians singing the hymns and reading the prayers. As I                 is to carry
have come to expect, the worship hour is always meaningful and                the ball.
moving. In this worship, we were blessed with three sermons, all
from candidates seeking to answer calls to serve in the presbytery.
All told, on this day, four of our sister churches (Augusta Stone,
Bethesda, Warm Springs, and the Monterey field) officially began their new ministries
with these candidates. A true joy for all.
    A lot of what followed comprised mostly reports and a few votes. Summer meetings
tend to be that way, a little less formal, and as a way to introduce upcoming decisions that
may take some time to work through. We were given some “heads-up” about things
such as the 2009 Presbytery Budget, a debate about investment strategies for people of
faith, and couple of other items that will come up in future meetings.
    One other item to note: Homer Cornish, the chair of the World Wide Ministries,
spoke, lifting up the desire to have every church in the presbytery directly involved with
some form of mission or missionary. I can’t speak to Bridgewater’s connection at the
moment, but I will pass this on to you. Over the last 20 years or so, the PCUSA’s
number of in-the-field missionaries had shrunk from around 200 to about 40 or so. This
year, for the first time, enough money has been set aside to send as many as 20 or more
new missionaries out into the world! That is something to take notice of. Homer said
that if each member of the PCUSA could send in $2.00 each, that would fund the entire
mission budget for one year. Let us think about that one too!
    Needless to say, Elizabeth and myself made the trip without incident, and hopefully I
proved to be a safe and pleasant driver. Thank you, Elizabeth for going, and a thank you
to all elders who have gone in the past, and to all of you elders who will be going in the

“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company
work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers
         OPEN UP HOLES: Pushing the opposition aside to make
         room in their defense for a ball carrier to run with the ball.

                         Magnetic Church Conference
    The slogan reads “The Magnetic Church: If you build it, they will come. If you live it,
they will stay.” On Friday evening, Nov. 14 and Saturday Nov. 15, the Presbytery of the
Shenandoah will sponsor a conference by Andrew D. Weeks. The conference sub-title is
“Equipping your church to help attract, welcome and retain new members.”
    The topics include ways to make the property more welcoming; ways to encourage
2 -and 3rd –time visitors; how “reserved people do evangelism;” and “managing
growth.” Several elders are considering going, and there is room for more. This is an
exciting, educational opportunity for us here at Bridgewater, so pray for those who
attend, pray to see if you are one who should attend, and pray that we will be ready to
make Bridgewater magnetic!

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