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									                                   Tarleton State University
                               Student Government Association
                               House of Representative Minutes
                                      November 3, 2010

       a. The House of Representatives of Tarleton State University Student Government
           Association was called to order by Speaker of the House, John Latham, at 5:17 p.m. in
           room 102 of the Science building.
       b. Sydney Landers representing Delta Zeta moved to approve the minutes with no
       c. The funding balance was $8,630.80.
       d. The following organizations were absent: Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow,
           Alumni Ambassadors, Graduate Student Organization, TAT, TEAM, Tri-Beta, PANKUS,
           ROTC Sorority, Student Nurses Association, TAFCS At Tarleton State, Purple Poo
       e. The following organizations are no longer eligible for funding: Ag Communicators of
           Tomorrow, AITP, Alumni Ambassadors, Grad Student Organization, P.A.N.K.U.S,
           Purple Poo, RL&L, ROTC Sorority, Student Nurses Association, TAFCS @ Tarleton State,
           TAT, T.E.A.M., and Tri-Beta.
           Dr. Jeff Justice addressed the House on the upcoming summer I study abroad
                 i. The study-abroad experience covers contemporary Scottish history, politics, and
                     society through field study in Edinburgh.
                ii. Topics covered include the Scottish/British crown, the political and judicial
                     system, Scotland and the United Kingdom, Scotland and the European Union,
                     local governance, education, Gaelic language and culture, and Scottish
               iii. Venues will include Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Scottish
                     Parliament, the Saltire Society, City of Edinburgh Council, the Royal Museum of
                     Scotland, the National Museum of Scotland, various government ministries, and
                     Stirling Castle/Monument.
               iv. The dates are June 5th-26th
                v. The college is looking into making this a permanent program.
               vi. Students have until March 21, 2010 to pay.
              vii. For the informational flyer and contact information please visit:

        a. President:
           i. Joke of the Day: Why did the math book go to the therapist? He had too many
     ii. March 3rd Fill the field. Bring can goods, this will benefit the food banks in
          Stephenville. There are many A&M schools planning to participate.
     iii. There was a budget review meeting. Receipts were reviewed and plans to save were
          discussed. There will be a once a month review to ensure accuracy.
     iv. It has come to the attention of the executive council there is a diversity problem at
          Tarleton State University. It should be understand that bullying is not tolerated at
          Tarleton. Programs are now being discussed to ensure the bullying stops and those
          bullied have counsel. The SGA office will be a safe-zone for the students bullied. If
          you have any suggestions please pass them onto the SGA.
b. Vice-President:
     i. The presidential dinner went great! The issue of traditions was discussed, to ensure
          there is no more confusion. Bullying at Tarleton was also another big topic. More
          resources are being developed for those bullied.
    ii. More and more discussions over bullying are to follow. Suggestions should be
          communicated with the SGA.
   iii. There will be a large campaign promoting diversity to come. SGA encourages all
          students to stand up against bullying.
c. Administrative Assistant:
     i. No Report
d. Academic Affairs
     i. The results for the midterm survey were discussed at the Academic Council
    ii. Textbook prices were researched. The textbook prices are not controlled by the
          bookstore, instead they are determined by the publishers. Textbooks cannot be
          ordered until the professors submit a list to the bookstore. Students are encouraged
          to discuss the prices of books assigned with the professor.
e. External Relations
     i. Dodgeball tournament is coming up November 8th at 8 PM! The deadline has been
          extended until November 5th. It is $40 a team and a team shall consist of eight
          people. All of the proceeds will be going to the Zach Shaver Scholarship Fund.
f. Activities, Spirit, and Traditions
   i.     A new project is being installed; random facts you might not know about Tarleton
          will be posted around campus. Ex: John Tarleton died on September 11th. He lived in
          four different states before he walked to Texas, where he resided in Waco. The
          Trogdon House was built in 1923.
  ii.     “I Am Tarleton..” is also another new project to start. Students will be able to finish
          the prompt and these answers will be posted on campus. Ex: “I am
          Tarleton…..because I am a plowboy and helped build the bonfire. To submit yours
          send it via email to SGA@go.tarleton.edu.
g. University Operations
   i.     James Reed read the report.
        ii.      If you would like to submit your input on the areas smokers should be allowed to
                 smoke please send Clint Billingsley an email.
        iii.     Tarleton is recycling! Please note the recycling bins in most classrooms and use
        iv.      Concerns involving bicycle racks have been voiced. If you would like to share your
                 opinion please leave your ideas at the SGA office.
      h. Unity
          i.     Breaking the Barrier poster is completed. Guest speakers are being locked in. The
                 activity permit has been submitted.
         ii.     A list of items needed to complete the wall for Breaking the Barrier is being
        iii.     A mass email is being written for students and campus organizations.
      i. Freshman Representative Council
            i. FRC have been lending a hand to help with the current projects.
           ii. A photo album for Honeywell Ranch is being complied.
          iii. FRC will have a booth at Texan Tour.
          iv. FRC will be working TAT this week!
      a. None
      a. President: The 82nd Legislative Session for the A&M System is coming up in the spring. A
            bill concerning handguns is expected to be presented. Student’s opinions are being
            requested. The floor was then opened for questions and concerns. The resulting
            decision was to discuss a survey online, and for each representative to return to their
            respected organization to collect opinion data.
      b. Administrative Assistant: Clarification on the current budget:
                 Left in the account for the remaining Fall Semester: $ 2,980.80
                 Spring Semester balance:                               $ 5,350.00
                 Accounting fee per semester:                           $ 150.00
                 Final balance for the year:                            $ 8,630.80
            There has only been four organizations helped this semester.
      c. Kinesiology and Fitness Club presented a request for funding.
          i.      Asking for $ 500.00 to help members attend a convention in Galveston.
         ii.     Convention will be taking place at Moody Gardens.
        iii.     Will benefit the upcoming generations for the program also.
        iv.      Fundraising has included picking up trash on Friday nights after football games.
         v.      It was moved that the Kinesiology and Fitness Club be awarded $ 500.00 to help
                 members attend convention in Galveston. The motion was seconded. The motion
      a. Vice President: Please come to the dodgeball tournament! It will be a $2 admission.
       b. Phi Mu- Men of TSU calendar is being produced. Current prices are $10.00 once
          calendars are produced the price will be $15.00.
       c. Baptist Student Ministries- Free lunch Wednesday. No-shave November is underway.
          Fifteen guys have signed up to not shave for the month of November. Donate money to
          your favorite guy. How much money is raised will determine how many guys will spin
          the “facial hair wheel of doom”!
       d. Catholic Student Ministries- Thank you for all of your support! Kappa Kappa Psi won the
          change for change contest.
       e. Annual BBQ dinner- proceeds benefit the marching band, $8 per plate
       f. TSU Percussion- Tuesday 9-1 bake sale
       g. Texans Promoting Tolerance- November 17 TSU prom “Come As You Are” theme
       h. Kinesiology and Fitness Club- Operation Christmas Child, please bring items a child
          needs: toothbrushes, toothpaste, toys, candy, and notes
       a. The House of Representatives of Tarleton State University was adjourned following the
          singing off the school color song at 5:50 p.m. by Speaker of the House John Latham. This
          motion was made by Sydney Landers representing Delta Zeta and seconded.

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