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September 13, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

As part of my studies at the University of New South Wales in 2005, I am seeking an internship that will
allow me to more fully understand the legal and/or criminal justice systems of Australia. I am completing
an undergraduate degree at Michigan State University, with a dual major in Social Relations and
Religious Studies. I will be applying for admission to law school after graduation from MSU. While in
Australia I am very interested in deepening my understanding of how Australia compares with, and
differs from the United States. Given my interest in a career in law, I have a particular interest in how two
countries with legal systems rooted in Anglo-Saxon traditions have evolved and developed in very
different ways. I also seek practical experience, to move beyond textbooks and classroom learning, and
to test my ideas and interests in the world of practice.

Through my studies in James Madison College at Michigan State, I’ve developed a solid foundation in
American governance and law, with a particular focus on the impact of law on social groups. My second
major in Religious Studies has complemented this through exposing me to comparative religious
traditions. I’ve developed an appreciation for the origins of the different ideas that shape comtemporary
societies, and as a consequence have begun to look at the United States in a different way. I’ve also
developed solid writing and research skills, and am very proficient on a computer. My work as a Mentor
in MSU’s residence hall system has given me experience with a diverse body of students, and the realities
of negotiating cultural difference in a living environment. I’ve developed programming, conflict
resolution, listening and public speaking skills. My other work experiences have allowed me to polish
my office and customer service skills. Through my volunteer work I’ve developed a passion for social
justice issues, a commitment to the goal of social equity in a culturally diverse society, and experience
with the hard work of making those ideals a reality. My student government and Pre-Law Club activities
have refined my leadership skills.

While in Australia I’m most interested in working for a law firm with a human rights practice. This would
allow me to better understand how those issues are being addressed in Australian society, and give me
experience with legal practice. I would expect to be able to assist with the intricacies of court filings and
maintenance of case documents, and would hope to contribute to research on case histories and relevant
background information. I would also be interested in a placement in a legal aid office, or some other
venue for the provision of legal services to low-income clientele. My administrative skills, and my
background in both social justice and working with diverse populations, would be most directly relevant
here. If neither of those types of placement are possible, I would be interested in a placement in a court,
or other office related to judicial administration.

I look forward to an internship in Australia as a way of enhancing my understanding of Australian
society, and in return of making a meaningful contribution in relation to the issues about which I care
most. I also am excited by the opportunity to develop experience that will assist me in my anticipated
legal career in the United States, reinforced by an understanding of how American society reflects a very
particular version of practice around those issues. I am excited by the possibilities, and look forward to
your response.
Sincerely yours,

Joe J. Spartacus

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