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									  Community College
Approaches to Renewable

        ANAHEIM, CA
       MARCH 29, 2011

 Welcome from Wyn Jennings, NSF
 Overview of Symposium, Theme and Format
 Description of Presenters
 Panel One
 Panel Two
          Why Community Colleges?

 Community colleges serve almost half of the
 undergraduate students in the United States,
 providing open access to postsecondary education,
 preparing students for transfer to 4-year institutions,
 providing workforce development and skills training

 Source: AACC
         Why Community Colleges?

 Community college students constitute the
 following percentages of undergraduates (fall
 All U.S. undergraduates: 44%
 First-time freshmen: 43%
 Native American: 55%
 Asian/Pacific Islander: 45%
 Black: 44%
 Hispanic: 52%
Source: AACC
                   Presenters: Panel One

       Kathleen Alfano, The benefits of partnership in
        developing renewable energy programs
       Dave Boden, Development and implementation of a
        curriculum for geothermal plant operators
       Michele Gilbert, Bio-Rad Biofuel Enzyme Kit: Teaching
        enzyme kinetics using cellulosic ethanol production

       Adam Green, The challenge and opportunity to
        integrate sustainability in the community college
                  Presenters: Panel Two

       Mel Cossette, Edmonds Community College –
        Materials Selection and ISO 14001
       David Lindy, Rio Hondo College – Solar Power
       Peter Crabtree, Laney College – Getting Started with
        Energy Efficiency
       Elmar Schmid, Mira Costa Community College –
        Biofuels production and analysis from Microalgae
               Kathleen Alfano, Ph.D.

 College of the Canyons
 Director, NSF ATE CREATE Renewable Energy
   Member, NAS Committee on Emerging Workforce
    Trends in the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries
   Ph.D. UCLA
   Chemist, prev., Dean of Professional Programs, prev.
    co-lead ATE, NSF Program Director
   15 year Director of the CREATE: California Regional
    Consortium for Engineering Advances in
    Technological Education
               David Boden, Ph.D.

 Truckee Meadows Community College
 Professor of Geosciences
 Department Chair – Physical Science
 PhD from Stanford
 15 Years Industry Experience
             Michele Gilbert, Ph.D.

 B.S. in Chemical Engineering– Rice University
 PhD in Bioengineering – University of Washington
 Post Doc – Lawrence Livermore National
 Lab Manager – UC Berkley
 Bio-Rad Laboratories
                Adam Green, Ph.D.

 Santa Barbara City College
 Assistant Professor – Biology
 B.S. in Wildlife Biology & B.S. in Chemistry –
  UC Davis
 Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology - University of Wisconsin
 Coordinator – Environmental Studies
 Founder & Director – Center for Sustainability
                   Mel Cossette

 20 Years Experience in Manufacturing Education
 M.S. Education, Curriculum and Instruction
 ABET Program Evaluator
 SME and ASM member
 Community, College and National Advisory
  Committee Member
 Executive Director & PI for MatEd
                    David Lindy

 Rio Hondo College
 Instructor of Electrical and Alternative Energy in the
  Advanced Transportation Technology Department
 Solar PV
                  Peter Crabtree

 Principal Investigator for NSF project – Educating
  Technicians for Building Automation and
 Dean of Instruction – Career Technical Education –
  Laney College
 Ph.D. Candidate – UC Riverside
 Lifetime Environmental Activist
              Elmar Schmid, Ph.D.

 VP & CSO, Sustainable Green Technologies Inc.
 Mira Costa College, Oceanside, CA
 Associate Professor – Biotechnology
 Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry – University of
 11 + years Higher Education Teaching Experience

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