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Rockford Begining To Grasp “Visitability” Concept



The Voice For Real Estate™ in the Greater Rockford Area

Rockford Begining To Grasp


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                                                                    ng ur
“Visitability” Concept

                         President’s Message
                               by Lee Nalewanski, 2005 President

                      Welcome to       new Broker requirement take           Further updates from the meet-
                      the month of     effect and weed out some of the       ings can be seen on IAR’s web-
                      May! The         existing brokers first.               site, www.,
                      summer                                                 such as the Board of Directors
                      season is just   The limited services topic is still   unanimous approval of adding a
                      around the       a mark for great discussion, and      $10 assessment fee for the Legal
corner. I pray business is treating    again the belief of the working       Action Fund which is allowed by
you kindly at this juncture in         group was to see how all of this      the Bylaws of IAR when the fund
your year. I want you to know          plays out in the year ahead.          falls below $150,000. As a result
that your Illinois and Rockford        Limited services are not without      of the assessment being passed
Associations are working hard on       some unresolved issues.               the Board also voted to do away
all of our behalves. Most recently                                           with a cap on the Legal Fund.
your volunteer members were            Finally, the topic of overwhelm-
busy at the Spring IAR business        ing support by the working            Finally, a motion passed to rec-
meetings in Springfield.               group, that of written Buyer          ommend to local associations to
                                       agreements with buyers, being         include Pathways to
The Business Issues/License Law        non-exclusive or exclusive. You       Professionalism in its orientation
Working Group, which I am hon-         can only imagine the points of        programs, which, RAAR is cur-
ored to serve along with our           discussion in favor of such agree-    rently already doing. Yes mem-
member and past IAR president          ments. I believe that we as REAL-     bers, times are changing, so stay
Jean Crosby had a full plate of        TORS® do a great job on our           informed. Go to IAR & NAR’s
issues to deal with. The subjects      listing presentations, but just how   websites and see what is happen-
that created vibrant discussion        well of a job do we do for our        ing around the industry of Real
were; 1) Should people be              buyer presentations? The issue        Estate. You’ll be glad you did.
allowed to obtain a Broker             remains on the table, are we giv-     Until next time... I bid you good
License without being a REAL-          ing good equal service to buyers      health and fortune in your life.
TOR® first? 2) Limited services        as we do sellers, or vice versa.
brokerage. 3) Should we push for       We require our seller clients to      Lee Nalewanski,
change and require that all            sign written agreements to list       2005 RAAR President
REALTORS® and Buyers have a            their house, then should we not
written agreement to establish         give equal expectations to our
relationships and legal obliga-        buyer clients? Surely the issue of
tions; i.e. Non-Exclusive and          buyer written agreements will be
Exclusive buyer agency agree-          a hot topic for discussion on all
ments?                                 levels. For your information,
                                       other states do require buyer
Regarding the Broker License           written agreements.
issue, the general consensus was
that just having knowledge to          Other points of interest from the
obtain a Broker’s license does         Business Issues/License Law
not ensure that that person will       Working Group were unlicensed
do good brokerage work. In             practice issues with regards to
addition to the competency issue       websites, NAR’s policy on
of being a broker, was the issue       Brokers sponsoring both a refer-
of the additional six credit hour      ral company and an active bro-
requirement in broker manage-          kerage company, as it conflicts
ment. The issue of changing any-       with license law and
thing with Broker license was’s new policy of
silenced by the idea of letting the    selling leads back to the agents!

                       Counselor’s Corner                                            …thru
                                                                                      the GRAPEVINE
The Rockford Area Association of          in 2005, the five percent (5%) added       A ROCKFORD AREA
                                                                                     ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®
REALTORS® Board of Directors has          to prior year’s bills for proration pur-
approved revised Earnest Money Note       poses may prove to be inadequate.
and Showing Agreement forms. These        Effective in 2004, however, the multi-     6776 East State Street
forms are now available on the RAAR       pliers on single-family homes may be       Rockford, IL 61108
web site. The Board also authorized       offset somewhat by the increase in the     (815) 395-6776 • FAX (815) 395-6770
me to prepare a one-time Showing          Owner-Occupancy Exemption from   
Agreement for commercial leasing          $3500 to $5000 and the Homestead
with assistance from Tracy Eastman        Exemption from $2000 to $3000.             2004-2005 OFFICERS
and Tom Ewing.                                                                       President:
                                          Another issue being addressed by           Lee Nalewanski
I understand a committee of RAAR is       both Associations relates to non-con-      President-elect:
looking at suggested revisions to our     forming multi-family properties.           Jim Barbagallo
standard contract forms. Our office       Rockford has a large number of such        Secretary/Treasurer:
has been contacted by the                 properties and the restrictions on
                                                                                     Ginger Sreenan
Winnebago County Bar Association          re-building upon destruction is caus-
President advising that he is consider-   ing increasing concern with investors,
                                                                                     2004-2005 DIRECTORS
ing appointing a committee to do the      lenders and insurance companies.
                                                                                     Tracy Eastman
same. A current concern involves          The plan is to seek modification of
                                                                                     Tom Ewing
our present tax proration formula.        the provisions of the Rockford Zoning
Because of multipliers added by the       Code in this regard.                       Vickie Krueger
state in 2004 and anticipated again                                                  Paul Gambino
                                                                                     Karl Gasbarra
                                                                                     Linda Matthews-Elliott
                                                                                     Diane Meltmar
                                                                                     Joyce Niehaus
                                                                                     Jackie Combs
                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer:
                                                                                     Terrie Hall

                                                                                     Managing Editor:
        New RAAR members were inducted at the
                                                                                     Jacqueline Cozzi, Director
     February and April General Membership Meetings
                                                                                     2004-2005 Grapevine Committee:
                                                                                     Peggy Werner
                                                                                     Kay Galloway
                                                                                     Lynn Hansel
                                                                                     Barb Key
                                                                                     Janine Neuschwander
                                                                                     Kathy Roos
                                                                                     Audrey Thompson
                                                                                     Pat Young

                                                                                     Opinions expressed in any signed articles of this
                                                                                     publication are those of the author and do not
                                                                                     necessarily represent the opinions of the
                                                                                     Rockford Area Association of REALTORS .

                                            By Peggy Werner, Gambino-GMAC Real Estate
There is nothing “small” about small           people feel comfortable. But you           Debra talked about her own personal
talk. In fact, it is the key to opening        need to be prepared to play the con-       battles as a once overweight person,
the door to deeper and more mean-              versation game,” she warns. One            working with difficult people, and the
ingful conversation. As a REALTOR®,            question will lead to another — and        plight of being divorced and trying to
it’s vital you learn the art of conversa-      lead the way to shared experiences —       work her way back into the singles
tion to draw in your customers and             and before you know it, you are talk-      and dating world. In all these scenar-
build rapport. You want to get to              ing to someone you didn’t know.            ios and other circumstances in life,
know people better, develop a con-                                                        the power of words reigns. The key is
nection with them and build trust, in          Debra has a long list of what she calls    how to use them and make yourself
hopes of one day being able to call            “icebreakers.” They are open-ended         interesting while first showing interest
them clients.                                  questions that don’t allow people to       in other people. She warns, too,
                                               opt out of conversation with just a        about being careful with people you
Debra Fine, a former engineer, and             “yes” or a “no.” Some of her recom-        haven’t seen in a long time. Their life
author of the book, The Fine Art of            mended icebreakers include asking          may have changed dramatically since
Small Talk, is also a nationally recog-        people to describe the best job they       you last saw them, so don’t ask about
nized trainer and speaker on the sub-          ever had, the best place they ever         particular people, jobs, or other
ject of “The Fine Art of Small Talk.”          lived, their favorite family traditions,   specifics in their life. Instead, ask to
She was the keynote speaker at the             the best book they ever read or            be brought up-to-date or inquire
April General Membership meeting of            favorite movie seen, or why they like      about what has happened in the past
the Rockford Area Association of               a certain holiday. Whatever way you        year. “You don’t want to put people
REALTORS® held at Giovanni’s                   choose, the key is to show interest in     on the spot. You may not want to hear
Restaurant. Approximately 200 people           the other person – and mean it. The        the answer.”
attended and interacted with Debra as          world has no shortage of people, so if
she demonstrated techniques and                you have bad feelings about someone        I will close with a poem that Debra
coached people on some of the ways             or really don’t want to know them          closed her presentation with. The next
they can fine-tune their social skills.        better – don’t fake it. Find someone       time you are in a business networking
“Every conversation is an opportuni-           who looks lonely or interesting and        environment, serving on a committee
ty,” Debra said, implying that REAL-           get started.                               or at an Association function you may
TORS® should capitalize on this skill                                                     want to keep these thoughts in mind.
professionally and personally. She             A good conversation always is a mat-
describes conversation as “slowly              ter of give and take. Listening is just
peeling an onion – just one layer at a         as important as talking. Debra said
time.” And she is always surprised at          there are verbal and non-verbal cues          Thoughts from a Member
how interesting, meaningful and fun it         to show you are an interested listener.
is to take the time to talk with a             Part of a good conversation is know-                 I see you at the meetings,
stranger.                                      ing when to quit. Debra gives tips,                   But you never say hello.
                                               too, on the graceful way to exit a con-       You’re busy all the time you’re there
But conversation is an art – and               versation such as stating you need to              With those you really know.
Debra has the tools to get you started.        get somewhere or talk to someone                     I sit among the members,
To begin with, you have to take the            else. What you do want to avoid are                      Yet I’m a lonely gal.
risk. Secondly, you have to assume             conversation “killers.” In her book,           The new ones feel as strange as I,
the burden of conversation. It’s up to         Debra lists eight sure-fire ways to
you to take the lead, open the door,                                                                 The old ones pass us by.
                                               destroy a conversation. Don’t expect
introduce yourself and others, and to                                                         Darn it, you folks urged us to join
                                               a conversation to go well if you con-
come to the rescue when everyone at                                                                  And talked of fellowship,
                                               stantly fire questions at someone,
your table is feeling the pain of              brag about yourself, continually look       You could just cross the room, you know,
silence. If you can come to the rescue         to top someone’s story, monopolize a              But you never make the trip.
by starting a conversation and keep-           conversation, constantly interrupt           Can’t you just nod your head and smile
ing it alive, you will be a hero, she          someone, be a know-it-all, tell people              Or stop and shake a hand,
said. People will like you because you         what to do, or be a poor sport by not           Then go sit among your friends?
rescued them from having to take that          playing by the conversation rules.                    Now that I’d understand.
responsibility. “If you assume the bur-        Good conversation makes people feel                I’ll be at your next meeting,
den, you can connect with anyone.              good. When you make people feel
The more interest you show in some-                                                              And hope that you will spend
                                               good, they will like you and want to             The time to introduce yourself,
one, the more interesting you
                                               do business with you – or be your                    I joined to be your friend.
become,” Debra stated to her REAL-
TOR® audience. “Our job is to make

                                          Mr. Barbagallo has participated in the    Carl contributes the success of his cam-
 2005 REALTOR OF                          NAR Conventions and served on the         paign to the mix of supporters, both
                                          IAR Political Fundraising Working         Democrat and Republican.
 THE YEAR AWARD                           Group.                                    He is also proud to say that a lot of
                                                                                    hard work paid off and his one-on-one
                                          He sets an unreachable level of           contact with his ward’s constituents was
                                          enthusiasm and passion for philan-        a plus.
                                          thropic involvement. While he was
                                          busy serving his Association, he also     Aldermen meet every Monday night
                                          brought prominence to our                 and may be appointed by the Mayor to
                                          Association through his community         serve on a committee. Carl looks for-
                                          involvement by serving in various vol-    ward to working with Mayor Larry
                                          unteer positions including serving as a   Morrissey. He anticipates addressing
                                          Board of Director for Patriot’s           public policy issues, crime, storm water
                                          Gateway, Public Policy Steering           issues and more.
                                          Committee for the Rockford Chamber
                                          of Commerce, and Silent Auction           Carl has served as Board of Directors,
                                          Chairman for the Northern Illinois        President, President-Elect, Secretary-
                                          Diabetes Coalition. He has also con-      Treasurer, Chair of Education and
                                          tributed silent auction items to over     Governmental Affairs for the Rockford
                                          60 not-for-profit organizations for       Area Association of REALTORS®. He
                                          fundraising purposes.                     was selected as the 2004 REALTOR® of
                                                                                    the Year.
On Friday, April 8, 2005, at              Congratulations Jim! You are truly
Giovanni’s Restaurant, Jim Barbagallo,    deserving of this very prestigious        He has served on the Equal Opportunity
Gambino, GMAC, was recognized as          award.                                    and Education Committee for the
the 2005 REALTOR® of the Year.                                                      Illinois Association of REALTORS®. He
                                                                                    currently serves on the Governmental
The objective of the REALTOR® of the                                                Forum and Public Policy Committee for
Year Award is to recognize a REAL-
TOR® member of the Rockford Area
                                               RAAR MEMBER                          IAR.

Association of REALTORS® who has                WINS LOCAL                          Mr. Wasco has been serving as chair-
made a significant contribution to the                                              man for the Rockford Housing
Association and the community at                 ELECTION                           Authority. Carl resigned from that posi-
large. To be recognized by their peers                                              tion immediately following the election
for their extraordinary leadership,                                                 so that he could focus on
their exemplified principles of sound                                               his new responsibilities.
real estate practices, and their pro-
found ability to promote cooperation                                                The fourth ward incorporates everything
among their fellow REALTORS® is                                                     from Riverside on the north, I90 on the
truly an honor.                                                                     east, Forest Hills on the west and
                                                                                    Springbrook on the south.
Jim has been in the real estate indus-
try since 1985 and through his tireless
involvement in our community and
Association, he has become an out-
standing ambassador of our profes-
sion, a fine representation of all that
the name REALTOR® stands for, and
a credit to the Rockford Area
Association of REALTORS®. Jim has
been in multiple leadership positions
for the local Association including
Board of Director, Secretary/Treasurer,   Carl Wasco, C-21 Country North, won
President-elect, and Chairperson of       the seat for Alderman of the 4th ward
the RPAC committee. He has also           in the April 2005 elections. Mr. Wasco
been very active with the Rockford        ran against incumbent David Johnson
Chapter of the Women’s Council of         who has held the seat since 1983. The
REALTORS®.                                position has a four year term.

                                     MOVING TIPS FOR SELLERS
1. Give your forwarding address to            about restrictions on using the ele-        open a bank account.
   the post office, usually two to four       vator or particular exits.               7. Empty your safety deposit box.
   weeks ahead of the move.                10. Have a “first open” box with the        8. Put plants in boxes with holes for
2. Notify your credit card companies,         things you’ll need most – toilet            air circulation if you’re moving in
   magazine subscriptions, and bank           paper, soap, trash bags, scissors,          cold weather.
   of the change of address.                  hammer, screwdriver, pencils and
3. Develop a list of friends, relatives,      paper, cups and plates, water,           Six Items to Have on Hand for
   and business colleagues who need           snacks, and toothpaste.                  the New Owners
   to be notified of the move.
4. Arrange to have utilities discon-       If you are moving out of town:              1. Owner’s manuals for items left in
   nected at your old home and con-
                                                                                          the house.
   nected at your new one.                 1. Get copies of medical and dental         2. Warranties for any items left in the
5. Cancel the newspaper.                      records and prescriptions for your          house.
6. Check insurance coverage for               family and your pets.                    3. A list of local service providers– the
   moved items. Usually movers only        2. Get copies of children’s school             best dry cleaner, yard service, etc.
   cover what they pack.                      records for transfer.                    4. Garage door opener.
7. Clean out appliances and prepare        3. Ask friends for introductions to         5. Extra sets of house keys.
   them for moving, if applicable.            anyone they know in your neigh-          6. Code to burglar alarm and phone
8. Note the weight of the goods you’ll        borhood.                                    number of monitoring service if not
   have moved, since long-distance         4. Consider special car needs for pets         discontinued.
   moves are usually billed accord-           when traveling.
   ingly to weight. Watch for movers       5. Let a friend or relative know your
   that use excessive padding to add          route.                                   Reprinted from National Association
   weight.                                 6. Carry traveler’s checks or an ATM        of REALTORS as reprinted from REAL-
9. Check with your condo or co-op             card for ready cash until you can        TOR Magazine Online

  Cross Cultural

                                           On Monday, April 4, 2005, the Equal       Demographics, stereotypes, successful
                                           Opportunity Committee hosted and          communication strategies, buying
                                           subsidized a seminar with Dr. Tanuja      habits, and cultural differences were
                                           Singh, Associate Professor,               all discussed in this very comprehen-
                                           Department of Marketing at Northern       sive program that was attended by
                                           Illinois University. Following the pro-   over 75 participants.
                                           gram was a complimentary ethnic
                                           luncheon provided by the volunteer

                          Keeping Rockford “Clean and Beautiful”
                                           Information accumulated by Grapevine Staff

It is the time of year that we all clean     Loves Park                                  public property, the police depart-
out our garages, attics and basements        Garage Sale- limited to three days          ment will tow immediately. Vehicles
and find ourselves with an abundance         and only two times per year. Permits        on private property must be licensed,
of items that need to be discarded.          must be obtained at the Loves Park          have current city sticker, parked on
Below is some information that might         City Clerk’s Office located at 100          paved drive, must be in running con-
assist you and/or your sellers get rid       Heart Boulevard. No Fees. Signage-          dition and no broken windows or flat
of some of that clutter.                     private property only and removed           tires and all parts intact. If a vehicle
                                             when sale is complete.                      sits for a year or more, unmoved, a
     Metals Recycling Drive                                                              letter will be sent requiring it to be
                                             Property Maintenance- Vehicle               moved. If vehicle is in violation,
      Machesney Park Mall                                                                Inspector will take photos and a letter
                                             Violations- the Code Enforcement
       Saturday, May 7th                     Department and Property                     will be sent giving a seven day notice.
      9:00 am – 3:00 pm                      Maintenance Inspector does Drive            If the situation is not corrected the
                                             Inspections and receives approximate-       vehicle will be towed. A code hearing
                                             ly seven complaints per week. This          will be sent to assess fines which
          Clothing Drive                                                                 could be from $1,000 up to $15,000.
                                             department follows the International
        All area Hilanders                   Property Maintenance Code Book in           If not paid, it will be sent for collec-
        Saturday, May 14th                   that no inoperable or unlicensed vehi-      tion.
        9:00 am – 2:00 pm                    cle can be parked or kept unassem-
                                             bled. No painting of vehicles is            Sanitation Ordinances- No curbside
                                             allowed except in paint tent. The           refuse can remain which are safety
     Crayon Recycling                        Inspector does look at each instance        hazards. If in violation, a seven day
   Waste Management Site                     individually and works with the vehi-       “notice to remove” letter will be sent.
 13125 N. 2nd Street, Roscoe                 cle owners to alleviate the situation. If   If no action is taken, the city sends
                                             an agreement cannot be obtained, a          out bids for contractors to remove. If
       June 1st- 18th                                                                    the bill is not paid, a lien is set
                                             letter is sent, the vehicle is tagged and
                                             the owners have three days to call. If      against the property and amount is
Below is information regarding
                                             no response, the vehicle will be            applied to the tax bill. The lien must
municipal ordinances for inoperable
                                             towed in seven days. Towing cost            be paid otherwise, the taxes will
vehicles, environmental waste, and
                                             $65, storage costs $15-$25 per day.         show as not paid.
garage sales.
                                             The last step would be to turn it over
                                             to the city attorney at a cost of $750      Neighborhood Standards Department
Machesney Park                                                                           will also assist with providing dump-
Garage Sale- limited to three days           per day.
                                                                                         sters for neighborhood cleanups.
and only three times per year. Sign
ordinance- must be off right of way          Large items- Rock River Disposal can
and removed when sale is completed.          be contacted directly at 282-0200.
No fees.                                     They pick up large items all year. The          March Violations
                                             Property Maintenance Inspector does
Property Maintenance- Vehicle                regulate large items also.
                                                                                         Price increase violations:            20
Violations- complaints are accepted
                                             Environmental Waste- Contact Rock           Misc. Violation:                      2
from citizens or drive inspections by
the Zoning Department of Machesney           River Water Reclamation at 387-7400         “Class” Violations:                   1
Park. After complaint, the vehicle is        for paint and old batteries, etc.           Pertinent Facts Violation:            8
tagged by the Winnebago County                                                           Wrong Grids:                          12
Police/Machesney Division (877-                                                          Unauthorized use:                     1
5519). After 10 days it will be ticket-      Rockford
                                             Garage Sale- Limited to two times per        (Warning issued for first offense)
ed. It is illegal to have inoperable
vehicles in sight- must be in garage.        year for three days each. No permits
                                             needed or fees apply. Signage- private      Fines Assessed:
Large items (mattresses, appliances,         property or signs will be removed.           Fine Pending                         1
etc.) handled (very limited) by Onyx
Waste Systems. Also falls under Drive        Neighborhood Standards
                                                                                         All other violators remedied their indi-
Inspections by the Zoning                    Vehicles- Complaints go to 987-5566.
                                                                                         vidual violations within the specified
Department. If in violation, a letter is     There are four Neighborhood
                                             Enforcement Inspectors that when            time frame or received a first time
sent giving 14 days to respond, if no
                                             time allows, will drive the city look-      offense warning.
response it goes to attorney on staff.
                                             ing for violators. If a vehicle is on

          Based on the recommen-       that one in five individuals have         work group has been established
          dation of the Equal          disabilities and this number may          in Rockford to bring awareness to
          Opportunity Committee,       increase as we see the majority of        this concept in new construction.
the Rockford Area Association of       our population aging.
REALTORS® approved the support                                                   Several local builders will be
of the Visitability Program being      To prove what a beneficial con-           showing their support by featuring
promoted by RAMP (Regional             cept this is, the State of Illinois has   homes in the 2005 Parade of
Access & Mobilization Project).        created a fund that pays home             Homes that have “Visitability.”
                                                                                 Gary Oehlberg will be building
Visitability is a concept in new                                                 one in Kelly Meadows, John Slack
home design and construction that                                                will be building a duplex in the
allows basic access to people with                                               Village of Boulder Creek and Tom
mobility limitations. A “visitable”                                              Howlett Builders will be doing the
home has the following features:                                                 2005 ARC home with these fea-
• At least one no-step entrance on                                               tures.
an accessible route
• 32” clear door openings on the                                                 “The overall response to this idea
main floor and 42” wide hallways                                                 has been extremely positive and
• A main floor bathroom that a                                                   we hope to see this as the norm in
person who uses a wheelchair can                                                 new home construction in the
enter, close the door and back out                                               near future” says Kim
of, with blocking in the walls for                                               Montgomery, Education and
the future addition of grab bars,                                                Advocacy Coordinator for RAMP.
should that ever become a need.                                                  Kim also serves on the Equal
• Reachable controls, raised out-                                                Opportunity Committee for RAAR.
lets, lowered switches and thermo-                                               Kim has a son who had an unex-
stat                                                                             pected accident three years ago
                                                                                 that left him with disabilities. She
The addition of these basic fea-                                                 now understands the shortage of
tures increases construction cost                                                homes that can accommodate
an average of $200 per home, vs.                                                 those with disabilities. She feels
thousands of dollars in cost to                                                  that taking small steps in their
modify existing homes in this way.                                               efforts to spread awareness about
By building homes in this way, it                                                the importance of improving
is felt that it is not only creating                                             inclusion in our communities for
access for people with mobility        builders $5,000 per spec home             people with mobility limitations
limitations to visit other people in   built with these features through         and the aging community is the
their homes, but also creating         the Illinois Housing Development          most realistic approach.
homes that people with these limi-     Authority. Several presentations
tations could rent or purchase and     have been made throughout the
more easily modify to meet their       community which included vari-
own needs. It might also be noted      ous legislators. An advocacy net-

                                                                                     happily. I am very thankful to have a
       “What a Home Means To Me”                                                     beautiful home with a family who
                                                                                     loves me. Some people don’t have a
              Essay Contest                                                          home or a family. I think it is our job
                                                                                     to help the people who don’t have all
 The Rockford Area Association of         sleep at night. I knew that a home         the luck I have.
REALTORS®’ Affordable Housing             was not what a home looked like, but       My family is very blessed. We have a
Committee sponsored an essay              the people who live inside.                large brick house in a nice neighbor-
contest for all the children in 4th       We were evicted from that house and        hood with about forty families in it. I
and 5th grades in Winnebago and           moved into a different house. It was       have a seven-year-old sister. She can
Ogle County grade schools. Over           an okay house but I didn’t have my         be fairly annoying at times, but we
200 essays were reviewed for orig-        swing set. The yard was dirt instead of    still love each other. I also have a
inality, content and neatness. The        grass. The paint on the walls was          mom, dad and an eight-week-old
winners were recognized at the            chipped and the carpeting was dirty.       puppy named Vern. He is a Jack
General Membership meeting held           We had a warm place to sleep at            Russell, Welsh Corgi Mix. My family
on Friday, April 8th at Giovanni’s        night and a place to relax at the end      is only one out of millions of billions
restaurant. Featured are the first        of the day. It was a place to socialize    of families in the world, but I think
place winner essays. In addition to       and to enjoy each other’s company.         we are one of the luckiest.
the individual prizes that were           Sometimes we fought and did not get
awarded, the class of all first place                                                People like me should be thankful
                                          along and even said we hated each          that we have homes. I like to think of
winners will be hosted to a pizza         other, but it always turns out right in
party.                                                                               us as having a roof of love over our
                                          the end. A home is also a place            heads. “Home is where the heart is,”
                                          where people accept you for how you        Angela Carter once said and I think
What a Home Means To Me                   are.                                       she is very right.
By Carolyn Donahue, Stiles School-        I am thankful for my home because
5th Grade                                 there are a lot of people without a
                                          home. One of them is my father. I am       What a Home Means To Me
In this essay you will read about my      thankful that I am not homeless and        By Bayley Kirchner, Monroe Center -
personal opinion of what a home           that I have a warm place to sleep at       4th Grade
means to me. I will share with you        night. To this day I still know that it
about my family, some of my old liv-                                                 What is a home? To me, a home is a
                                          does not matter what a home looks
ing conditions, and some experiences                                                 place to be yourself, a place to spend
                                          like on the inside, it is about the peo-
I encountered while living in my past                                                time with your family, a place to cele-
                                          ple who live inside. A home is a place
homes. I have worked hard on this                                                    brate and a place where you feel
                                          where people accept you for who you
essay so I hope you enjoy it.                                                        loved.
                                          are. This is what a home means to
When I was young I had a beautiful        me.                                        A home is a place to be yourself. You
home. It had a big garden with beau-                                                 don’t have to act like someone that
tiful flowers. We had a blue swing set    What a Home Means To Me                    you are not to impress your family.
and I used to play on it for hours at a                                              Your family will love you no matter
                                          Libby Stephens, Etnyre School- 5th         what you do.
time. I had everything I ever wanted      Grade
in a home. Then my parents got a                                                     A home is a place to spend time with
divorce. My father moved out. Then        A home is a very special place. A
                                                                                     your family. You can watch T.V., play
my mom and my family started to slip      place where I am not judged on who
                                                                                     board games or just talk together. It’s
money wise. We could not buy as           I am. A place where I have a family, a
                                                                                     to try new things and go new places.
many things as we used to. We could       whole bunch of people who love me.
                                                                                     They’ll enjoy it and you will too.
not eat out a lot like we used to. We     Angela Carter once said, “Home is
were lucky if we could go out to eat      where the heart is.” I also believe this   A home is a place to celebrate. You
at all. We were evicted after a year or   because without a family to love me,       can celebrate Easter, birthdays,
so. We moved to Rockford, IL.             no matter how large my house is, I’d       Christmas, Halloween, and any tradi-
                                          be lonely without my family.               tions your family has. You can get to
We moved into a small house with                                                     know one another better by talking at
two bedrooms. My oldest sister,           There are many different types of
                                                                                     these celebrations.
Kathleen got her own room and my          homes. Some are shacks, some are
mom made another bedroom in the           mansions, some are just people in the      A home is a place where you feel
basement. My other sister and I had       streets, but they’re all the same. They    loved. You know you’re always wel-
to share a bedroom. I never com-          all have a family inside of them. I        come at your home. At your home
plained because even though I knew        have a nice home and I’m lucky             you are given love, respect, fairness,
that it was not nice, it was a place to   because my parents have good jobs          and forgiveness. In return you provide
                                          so they can keep our family living         this for your family.

  What a Home Means To Me
           (Cont.)                                                  Member Meanderings
In conclusion a home is a place to be      AGENTS                                    Luke Veitch, Gambino GMAC
yourself, a place to spend time with                                                 Laura Wauchope, Gambino GMAC
your family, a place to celebrate and
a place to be loved. Remember, a           Lisa Anger, Gambino, GMAC
home is more than just a house. It’s a     Lewis Bogaard, Gambino, GMAC              Dropped
place to share important events in
                                           Valerie Chambers, Prudential Crosby       Virgil Richardson, C-21 Country North
your life.
                                           Realtors                                  Margaret Turcato, Gambino GMAC
                                           Ron Clewer, William Charles RE
What a Home Means To Me                                                              Connie Francis, Whitehead Inc
                                           Ron Colvin, Prudential Crosby Realtors
By Lorenzo Jimenez, Barbour
Language Academy- 4th Grade                Richard Delacy Dickerson & Nieman         Transfer
Home is where you are with people          Frank Dluzen, CB Premier                  Robert Ciccone, Pioneer R.E.
you love and who love you. Home is         Stan Emery, Prudential Crosby Realtors
where happiness flows around. Home                                                   Carol Pease, RE/Max Area Experts
is where you have fun with friends         Kristine Geddes, Dickerson & Nieman       Tina Eisler, RE/Max Area Experts
and family. Home is where you are          Patricia Hauser, Best Realty              Douglas Page, RE/Max Property Source
safe. Home is where you feel wel-
come and free. Home is where you           Tony Hawthorne, C-21 Country North        Karen Dickerson, RE/Max Property Source
can talk and trust people. Home isn’t      Kathy Hinerichsen, CB Premier             Wanda Brown, Prudential Crosby Realtors
always where you live. Sometimes it
                                           Michelle Hunt, Whitehead Inc              Christine Vyborny, C-21 Country North,
is where you feel happy and cared
about. I love my home because of my        Shari Jackson, Dickerson & Nieman         Roscoe
family that loves me. I have many          Kathy Jarvis, Doyle Woodhouse & Moore     Jane Gallagly, Gambino, GMAC - Roscoe
memories in my house. It would be
                                           Susan Karavish, Gambino GMAC              Richard Pettit, Ogle-Lee Realty
hard to leave them all behind. I love
my home because I always have              John Keller, Prudential Crosby Realtors   Betty Griffin, RE/Max Professional
something to do. My house is full of                                                 Advantage
                                           Daniel Keegan, Johnson Maurer & Starck
warmth and comfort. It’s full of happi-
ness and love. I get taken care of and     Sidney Kraus, CB Premier
I feel welcome. Not everybody has a                                                  OFFICE
                                           Alice Leander, Banc One Realty Advisors
mansion or a lot of money. I don’t but                                               New
my family and I are still very fortunate   Ian McGregor, Whitehead Inc
                                                                                     RE/Max Area Experts
to have each other and a place we          Seth Medina, C-21 Country North
call home.                                                                           7830 N. 2nd Street
                                           Melissa Miller, RE/Max Property Source
                                                                                     Machesney Park, IL 61115
                                           Melissa Morphey, Dickerson & Nieman
                                                                                     282-8789 Fax 986-1911
                                           Marcus Nalewanski, Johnson Maurer &
                                           Eileen Paul, Eileen Paul, Realtor         RE/Max Professional Advantage

                                           Ryan Petry, Tom McKiski                   5213 Elevator Rd

                                           Kimberly Rabey, Gambino GMAC              Roscoe, IL 61073

                                           Jayne Ragan, Gambino GMAC                 623-8899 Fax 623-8897

                                           Charlie Rawhoof, Prudential Crosby
                                           Realtors                                  Address Change
                                           Victoria Segovia, Valley Realtors         Commerical Property Team
                                           Glen Swangren, Boone Realty               418 Financial Street
                                           Jennifer Tate, Poe Realtors               Rockford, IL 61108
                                           Becky Thalhofer, Gambino GAMC
                                           Teneille Thomas, Horizon RE
                                           Victoria Tuschen, Prudential Crosby

The Rockford Area Association of REALTORS®’ Commercial and Industrial Committee hosted a booth at
the Chicago Industrial Properties Tradeshow on Thursday, March 24th. Mike Lunde, Gambino, GMAC,
Tom Ewing, Doyle Woodhouse & Moore, and Al Brillman, Doyle Woodhouse & Moore are pictured.

                                  ABR Recipients Recognized
                                                                                 agent has taken steps
                                                                                 to continue their edu-
                                                                                 cation in the field of
                                                                                 buyer representation,
                                                                                 and has the proven
                                                                                 experience and train-
                                                                                 ing to deliver ethical
                                                                                 and professional serv-
                                                                                 ice to real estate buy-

                                                                                   The Rockford
Barbara Carstens, Meltmar Inc.,     Today’s real estate brokers and     Association is proud to
and Alisha Raudonis, RE/Max         agents want to provide a full       announce that it has two mem-
Professional Advantage, were        menu of services for their          bers who have ambitiously ful-
recognized on Friday, April 8,      clients, whether they are buyers    filled the comprehensive
2005 for receiving their ABR        or sellers. The ABR designation,    requirements and joined
(Accredited Buyer                   the benchmark of excellence in      30,000 real estate professionals
Representation) designation.        real estate buyer representation,   in North America who have
                                    demonstrates to clients that the    earned the ABR designation.

Mark Your Calendars!
Meetings are held at Association offices unless otherwise noted.

2-   Computer Training- 2- 4 p.m.
5-   American Bandstand-RPAC Style:Dancing Through the
     Forest Hills Lodge
     5:30 Cocktails- 6:00 Buffet Dinner- 6:30-9:30 Fun, Fun, Fun
5-   Affordable Housing Committee 9:00 am
6-   Contract & Forms 10:00 am
12- Education Committee 2:00 pm
13- Grapevine Committee 12:00pm
9-14 NAR Legislative Meetings
16- Computer Training 2:00- 4:00pm                                                                      Sandra McTernan, Dickerson &
17- Equal Opportunity Committee 1:00pm                                                                  Nieman Realtors, was recognized
19- WCR Luncheon - Hearth Rock Cafe - Bensons                                                           on Friday, April 8th at Giovanni’s
     Board of Directors- 4:00pm                                                                         for completing the requirements for
                                                                                                        the GRI (Graduate REALTOR
                                                                                                        Institute) Designation.
7-9     Indoctrination                                                                                  This extremely beneficial accom-
16-17   Foundations for Success                                                                         plishment is the first step to a more
23-24   Foundations for Success                                                                         productive and lucrative real estate
23-     Cubs vs Milwaukee- Milwaukee                                                                    career. The Institute provides over
                                                                                                        60 hours of training in marketing,
        Board of Directors- 4:00 pm                                                                     license law, tax updates, financing,
                                                                                                        technology, negotiating and a
July                                                                                                    wealth of other topics that enhance
18- Annual Play Day- Forest Hills Country Club                                                          the knowledge of the real estate
8-   General Membership Meeting- Giovanni’s                                                             Congratulations Sandra!
     Mayor Larry Morrissey
14- Chicago Cubs Outing- Wrigley Field
23- Annual Installation Banquet- Cliffbreakers

Note: Making note of events on one’s calendar does not replace the registration process.
Registration forms for all events will be mailed at a later time and must be submitted
with payment to reserve a seat.

     Rockford Area Association of REALTORS® March Comparative Sales
                        HOUSES AND CONDOS                                                               ALL CLASSES
                  2005        2004        2005 YTD       2004 YTD                         2005           2004          2005 YTD       2004 YTD
 Sales            532         544         1249           1291            Sales            600            631           1415           1486
 Volume           $72,412,088 $65,582,255 $168,276,257   $150,427,122    Volume           $79,527,433    $71,177,098   $188,575,466   $167,568,373
 New Listings 928             908         2241           2354            New Listings 1081               1094          2668           2842
 Average Sale     $136,113    $120,556    134,729        116,520         Average Sale     $132,546       $112,800      133,269        112,765
 Current Listings 2123        1966                                       Current Listings 2865           2698


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