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Admiralty TotalTide


									Admiralty TotalTide

All prices are in pounds sterling, exclusive of VAT and other local taxes. An annual subscription to the Admiralty Total
Tide is £49.00 per area and £343.00 for world coverage. Prices include a second user licence for backup purposes.

Volume Discounts

Admiralty Total Tide is part of the Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) portfolio, which also includes Admiralty Digital
Radio Signals – Volume 6 and Admiralty Digital List of Lights. A single licence is required for each individual ADP
product, regardless of how many areas are purchased.

Discounts are available for customers who purchase multiple licences for any combination of products from the
Admiralty Digital Publications portfolio. The discounts are applied incrementally, and are calculated as follows:

      ADP Licences              Discount

      10-19 licences               5%

      20-49 licences              10%

      50-100 licences             15%

       100> licences              25%

Area data sets
Area 1 to 4 - Europe, Northern waters and Mediterranean
Area 5 - Red Sea, the Gulf & Indian Ocean (northern part)
Area 6 - Singapore to Japan & Philippines
Area 7 - Australia & Borneo
Area 8 - Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, N&S America (W coast)
Area 9 - North America (east coast) & Caribbean
Area 10 - South Atlantic & Indian Ocean (southern part)

Purchasing Additional areas

Additional areas can be purchased during the licence period and will automatically expire on the same date as the
original licence. Depending upon the point in the licence period at which the new purchase occurs, the following
discounted prices apply:

   Elapsed time

    0-3 months             £49.00 per area = 100%

    4-6 months             £36.75 per area = 75%

    7-9 months             £24.50 per area = 50%

   10-12 months
                           £12.25 per area = 25%

Further information

Admiralty Digital List of Lights is available from those distributors who are marked as dealing in digital products in the
worldwide listing of Admiralty distributors like MORBAI Charts/Maps & Maritime Supplies when in the Philippines,
Vietnam, Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Tel: (632) 5273227

Fax: (632) 5273233


Check our list of Admiralty distributors worldwide to find a digital products distributor near you.

or contact the UKHO helpdesk:
Tel: +44 (0)1823 723366
Fax: +44 (0)1823 251816
These tables show the flag states that have approved, or are likely to approve, Admiralty Digital Publications as meeting
SOLAS carriage requirements for their paper counterparts. Where available, there are also references / links to relevant
IMO circulars or flag state documentation. For more information and guidance on the safe and effective use of digital
nautical publications, please click here.

                                      Flag State Approval for Admiralty Total Tide

 Flag State                 Approval                       IMO         Flag Documentation           Comments
               Approved Approved              Not
                 for all        for         approved
                vessels     individual      but flag
                           vessels on         state
                           application thought
                                              to be

 Antigua and                                            SLS.14/Circ.
   Barbuda                                                  239




   Belgium                                                               BMI 20 Feb 2009

  Bermuda                                                                   SG11/84



                                                             Conditions Doc

 Denmark       SLS.14/Circ.


                                                         Ship Safety Ordinance
 Germany                                                 Amendment - Article 4

 Gibraltar                          CWB/02/30

  Greece       SLS.14/Circ.

Hong Kong                       Hong Kong Circular 7
                                     Jan 2009

  Ireland                        Marine Notice 9/05

Isle of Man                       Approval Letter

  Liberia                       Marine Ops Note 1/05

   Malta       SLS.14/Circ.


  Norway      SLS.14/Circ.213

Singapore        SLS.14/
                 Circ. 320

 Sweden        SLS.14/Circ.

    UK                            MNA 53/10/288

   USA                           Federal Regulation      TT may be used in US
                                 USCG-2002-13057          waters with ship's FS
                                                       approval. Permission for US
                                                         flagged vessels awaits
Frequently asked questions about Admiralty TotalTide

TotalTide SDK
Why is there a TotalTide SDK and what does it consist of?
At an early stage ECS/ECDIS OEMs recognised the potential for using TotalTide within their existing ECDIS and other
navigation-related applications. The ability to integrate tidal height and stream outputs of TotalTide directly within their
applications to support and enhance existing and new features such as route planning in ECDIS rather than just being
graphically displayed in a standalone application is an obvious benefit. UKHO also recognises the benefit of having
TotalTide enabled applications on the market.

TotalTide is COM enabled. The main application supports an Automation Interface. In addition there is a low level
interface to the calculation engine and a graph control. These services are designed to facilitate integration of TotalTide
prediction capabilities into OEM systems. These elements are downloadable from a dedicated TotalTide SDK website.

The website contains additional information (explanatory text, code examples, data files etc) to assist developers in
using the SDK and producing a TotalTide enabled application.

The SDK can be used on Windows operating systems Win98, ME, 2000, XP and NT4 SP6a. It requires IE 4.01 or later.

TotalTide SDK Overview

The TotalTide Software Development Kit (SDK) allows Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs) to integrate TotalTide
functionality with other software products. SDK based systems use exactly the same harmonic data, calculation engine
and security system as the standard TotalTide product.

TotalTide supports two OEM interfaces:

        TotalTide Object Model (TOM) is based on an automation interface supported by the TotalTide executable. It
         has been designed to provide simple, concise and logically consistent access to the prediction capabilities of

        Low level, direct access to the calculation engine. This requires support code to read the S-57 area data files
         and to associate non-harmonic stations with their reference. It does not contain any search or data formatting
TotalTide needs to be installed and licensed on every end-user system.

How can I use TotalTide SDK and what constraints are there?
Authorised Developers may use the TotalTide SDK to integrate the Standard Admiralty TotalTide product with their own
software applications.
Each OEM product must have the capability to install and run the full TotalTide application, as if in standalone mode,
when requested to by the user; however at other times the application or Back-End Server (BES) may be run in the

OEMs are encouraged to use the graph control functionality provided in the SDK to generate prediction windows.
However, where this facility is insufficient, OEMs may create their own GUI; in this case there should be no Admiralty
branding on any windows or graphs produced. Where the application or graph routine provided in the SDK is used then
the branding as used in the standard product is to be maintained.

The Developer's application must allow End Users, without the developer's intervention, to load standard TotalTide CD's
in order to update TotalTide area datasets and /or revised application.

The TotalTide enabled application must employ the Admiralty TotalTide licensing and security system. This requires the
application to provide the end user with access to the TotalTide Licence key wizard and enable them to import and
export start up, update and activation keys in a simple manner.

TotalTide enabled products must restrict the prediction window and all copying, printing and data export to a maximum
of any consecutive period of 7 days as in TotalTide. Routines to generate longer periods of prediction are not permitted.

For full details of the terms and conditions related to the use of the TotalTide SDK please see the next tab entitled
'License Agreement'.

How to apply
OEMs wishing to integrate TotalTide within their software should email giving current, complete and
accurate information about your requirements. Applicants must agree to the full terms and conditions before submitting
their application. If you have any questions or concerns with regard to the terms and conditions then you must notify us
either by email or by contacting the UKHO Help Desk on +44 (0)1823 723366.


There is no charge for developers wishing to follow the development model outlined above. If you believe that it would
be beneficial both to your company and to the UKHO to develop an application using a different model then please
contact us.

Use of the TotalTide SDK Website

OEMs granted authorised developer status will be provided with a user name and password to allow access to the
TotalTide SDK website. The Developer is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of this information and will notify the
UKHO immediately of any unauthorised access to the TotalTide SDK facility.

The TotalTide SDK Web Site is owned and operated by Chersoft Ltd on behalf of the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO).
The material on the Site (the 'Content') is protected by Crown Copyright unless otherwise indicated. However, UKHO
licences the User to retrieve and display content from the Site and store such pages in electronic form.

The Website homepage contains the most recent information on TotalTide SDK developments and links to all other
areas. For those visiting the website for the first time it is suggested that initially you go to the 'About' page; this gives
an overview of TotalTide SDK and provides links to other useful starter information.


Developers using TotalTide SDK will be provided with an email-only support service. Support is provided free of charge.
UKHO will use best endeavours to respond quickly to queries; however no guarantees of response times can be given.
No other support options are offered.
TotalTide SDK License Agreement
An Agreement Between

             (1) The UKHO
                                   The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, for and on behalf of the UK Secretary of
                                      State for Defence, of Admiralty Way, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2DN, United
           (2) The Licensee
                                                     (together the Parties)

  1                                                 DEFINITIONS
                       Agreement means this agreement and the licence granted persuant to it.
                        Effective Date has the meaning given at clause 5.9 of this Agreement.
             Licensee means a person accessing the SDK in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
             SDK means the Admiralty TotalTide Software Development Kit, a facility available to the Licensee.
   2                                                   GRANT
        The UKHO grants to the Licensee, and the Licensee agrees to accept, a non-transferable and non-exclusive
        licence to access and use the SDK for the sole purpose of developing products and services that the Licensee
        will supply to end users of the Admiralty TotalTide product, subject to the limitations set out in this Clause 2.
         For the avoidance of doubt this means that the SDK is not to be used in order to develop products for any
          market other than end users of the Admiralty TotalTide product who use that product for the purpose of
          aiding marine navigation. The SDK is not to be used to develop any web-based tidal prediction service or
                                                 other web-based application.
         The Licensee agrees to ensure that any products and services it develops using the SDK and offers to end
                                       users of the Admiralty TotalTide product do not:
                      include any facility to enable end users to develop their own web-based tidal prediction service
                                                      or other web-based application;
                        enable any end user to use any such value added service without also using the Admiralty
                                                           TotalTide product itself;
                      compete with any product produced by the UKHO or with any product produced by the UKHO's
                      licensees who are undertakings in which the UK Secretary of State for Defence, acting through
                      the UKHO or Admiralty Holdings Limited, owns shares or otherwise has a proprietary interest;
                        require in any way the Licensee's intervention in or facilitation of updating of the Admiralty
                                                       TotalTide product by end users;
                      use the SDK or any information provided in the SDK web site to develop products that prevent
                                                  or inhibit the use of Admiralty TotalTide;
                       prevent or inhibit the use of TotalTide by the end user independently of any of the Licensee's
                                                           products and services;
                         permit display of data generated by the Admiralty TotalTide product at any resolution or
                               accuracy greater than that generated by independent use of that product; or
                      circumvent or replace or permit end users to circumvent the Admiralty TotalTide licensing and
                                                          security system.
      The Licensee agrees to ensure that any products and services it develops using the SDK and offers to end
                                     users of the Admiralty TotalTide product do:
                    where OEM systems are sold with Admiralty TotalTide pre-installed be subject to end user
                  licences that identify the end user as the licensee in order that the UKHO can identify, via the
                   Licensee if necessary, end users to whom Admiralty TotalTide data corrections and software
                                                       patches can be issued;
                      restrict to a maximum of seven days the Admiralty TotalTide prediction window and all
                                            analogue output and digital data exported;
                       ensure that the heights and rates generated by the product or service are subject to
                   appropriate mathematical rounding prior to display and are the same as those that would be
                             generated by the Admiralty TotalTide product for the same input data.;
                   if they enable end users to display values in units other than the SI values employed by the
                              Admiralty TotalTide product ensure that conversion factors are correct;
                  where they use any vertical or horizontal datums other then those employed by the Admiralty
                 TotalTide product ensure that any datum adjustment is brought to the attention of the end user
                                             along with an appropriate warning notice;
                  where displaying times of time zones other than the standard UTC employed by the Admiralty
                               TotalTide product ensure that conversions of such times are correct
                 ensure access to the Admiralty TotalTide licence key wizard and the ability to export and import
                                                     keys in a simple manner;
                 at application startup and thereafter at no less a frequency than every fifteen minutes check for
                     warning messages relating to the correct operation of Admiralty TotalTide (but excluding
                  warnings relating to licence expiry) and ensure that any such warning messages are displayed
                                                  clearly and unambiguously; and
                  display licence expiry and grace period messages that mirror those employed by the Admiralty
                   TotalTide product and ensure that end users can at any time access details of the end user
                   licence and details of its expiry date and procedures for its renewal or extension as the case
                                                           may be.
3                                                  PAYMENT
        3.1                    Access to the SDK is not subject to any payment by the Licensee.
                  The Licensee warrants its understanding that all intellectual property rights in the SDK and the
                   website at which it is accessible are the valuable property of the UKHO or its licensors. The
                 Licensee further warrants its understanding that it shall acquire no intellectual property rights in
                                        the SDK or anything else contained on the website.
                 The Licensee shall not without the express written permission of the UKHO incorporate any part
                   of the SDK into any product or service developed by the Licensee under this Agreement, nor
                  shall the Licensee make any copy of the SDK or any part of it otherwise than as necessary to
                                     exercise rights granted at Clause 2 above.
            The Licensee undertakes that all material belonging to or under the control of the UKHO to
          which the Licensee gains access or receives directly or indirectly as a result of the operation of
           this Agreement shall not be used by the Licensee or accessed by any of its employees or any
          other person acting on its behalf for any purpose other than strictly as necessary to exercise its
          rights or perform its obligations under this Agreement, nor shall any such material be disclosed
                           by the Licensee to any party not referred to in this clause 4.3.
           The Licensee shall give prompt notice to the UKHO if the Licensee its employees or any other
          person acting on its behalf becomes aware of any unauthorised use or exploitation of the whole
                                      or any part of the SDK by any third party.
          The Licensee shall ensure that any products or services it develops using the SDK and offers to
            end users of the Admiralty TotalTide product do not incorporate any feature that may cause
              third parties to believe that such services are provided or approved of by the UKHO. In
          particular, but without prejudice to any other rights of the UKHO, the Licensee shall not in any
            circumstances be entitled to use any trademark, service mark, brand, logotype or any other
          identifying feature of the UKHO or its Admiralty brand save either as otherwise provided in this
                                    Agreement or agreed in writing by the UKHO.
          The Licensee shall ensure that any product or service developed by it using the SDK and offered
          to end users shall be marketed or advertised as being 'compatible with Admiralty TotalTide' or
                         'created using the Admiralty TotalTide Software Development Kit'.
5                            TERM, TERMINATION AND AMENDMENT
             This Agreement shall come into force when the Licensee first accesses the SDK and shall
           continue in force for one year or until terminated in accordance with this clause 5. Thereafter
                             this Agreement shall continue in force until so terminated.
             5.2 The Parties may terminate this Agreement at any time by mutual written agreement.
           The Licensee may terminate this agreement at any time by giving the UKHO written notice of
             its intention to terminate and termination shall be effective from the date of such notice.
          The UKHO may terminate this Agreement forthwith at any time if the Licensee shall commit any
          material breach of this Agreement. Otherwise the UKHO shall not terminate this agreement be
           entitled to terminate this agreement during the first year but thereafter may do so by giving
                       the Licensee three months' written notice of its intention to terminate.
           Upon termination or expiry of this Agreement the Licensee shall destroy or procure others to
          destroy all copies, including partial copies, of the SDK made by it in accordance with Clause 4.2
           The UKHO reserves the right to amend the provisions of this Agreement. Details of any such
           amendments, and the date from which they will become effective (the Effective Date), shall
           be notified in writing by the UKHO to the Licensee not less than 90 (ninety) days prior to the
          Effective Date. The Licensee shall signify in writing its acceptance of such amendments not less
             than 30 (thirty) days before the Effective Date. Any failure of the Licensee to so signify its
               acceptance shall be deemed the Licensee's intention to terminate this Agreement with effect
               from the Effective Date and the UKHO shall be entitled to treat this Agreement as being at an
                                          end with effect from the Effective Date.
6                                       WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER
               The UKHO warrants that it has the right or is authorised to make the grant at clause 2 of this
                                 Agreement in respect of the intellectual property in the SDK.
               The UKHO is not liable for loss or damage arising out of or in connection with use, non-use or
                 misuse of the SDK by the Licensee (except in case of death or personal injury solely and
                directly attributable to any negligent action of the UKHO, unless this can be excluded under
               local law), in contract, tort, under statute or otherwise and whether or not arising out of any
              negligence on the part of the UKHO in respect of any inadequacy of any kind whatsoever in the
7                                            SELF CERTIFICATION
              The Licensee shall before offering to end users any product or service developed by it using the
                       SDK prepare in relation to each such product or service a certificate, which shall:

               7.1.1         specify the test or tests that it have been applied to it during its development;

                                                7.1.2 set out the results of any such tests;
                          state that the Licensee is satisfied that the product or service to which the certificate
                                          relates is safe for use as an aid to marine navigation;
                         set out any reservations the Licensee may have as to the extent to which the product
                              or service to which the certificate relates is safe for use as an aid to marine
                                                              navigation; and
                           be supplied to the UKHO promptly upon the Licensee being requested in writing by
                                                        the UKHO to supply it.
8                                                  INDEMNITY
              The Licensee shall without limitation indemnify and keep the UKHO indemnified during the term
               of this Agreement and for twelve years thereafter from and against all claims, actions, suits,
                damages, liabilities, losses, charges and proceedings that the UKHO may incur or be put to
              arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or in connection with any product or service
                                       developed by the Licensee by its use of the SDK.
9     THE
                 The website at which the SDK is accessible is owned and operated by Chersoft Limited on
                behalf of the UKHO. Material on the site is protected by Crown copyright unless otherwise
               In relation to the content of the website the Licensee may make such copies of it as may be
              necessary to enable it to exercise its rights under this Agreement but in relation to such copies
                                                            may not:
                                                            redistribute them;
                                   remove from them any of it any copyright or trademark notices; or
                                create from them of it any database in electronic or analogue form.
            The Licensee warrants its understanding that from time to time technical difficulties may cause
             the SDK to be inaccessible. In such circumstances, and where it is possible for it to do so, the
              UKHO will use reasonable endeavours to re-establish access as soon as possible. The UKHO
             accepts no liability for any damage, loss or inconvenience caused by any inaccessibility of the
                     SDK, whether or not accessibility is capable of re-establishment by the UKHO.
             Any arrangements made by the Licensee with any third party named on the website shall be
                               the sole responsibility and at the sole risk of the Licensee.
            The website contains links to other websites either directly or through frames and the Licensee
            understands that such other websites are not the responsibility of the UKHO and that the UKHO
                      is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the Licensee's access to them.
10                                                 GENERAL
     10.1    Assignment and Sub-Licensing: Save as otherwise provided in this Agreement the Licensee is
            not entitled to assign or sub-license to any third party any of its rights or obligations under this
             Agreement without the UKHO's prior written consent. The UKHO shall be entitled to assign or
            contract-out its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any person, but the UKHO shall
                                 give notice of such assignment in writing to the Licensee.
     10.2   Severability: If any part, term or provision of this Agreement not being of a fundamental nature
               shall be held illegal or unenforceable the validity or enforceability of the remainder of this
                                              Agreement shall not be affected.
     10.3    Rights of third parties: No right is granted to any person who is not a party to this Agreement
             in their own right and the Parties declare that they have no intention to grant any such right.
     10.4       Entire Agreement: This Agreement supersedes and cancels all previous agreements and
                working arrangements whether oral or written, express or implied between the Parties in
                        respect of or in connection with the matters referred to in this Agreement.
     10.5    Change of Details: The Licensee shall inform the UKHO of any change to the Licensee details
                   submitted in making application to use the SDK within one month of such change.
     10.6   No Waiver: No waiver of any term or condition of this Agreement shall be effective unless made
               in writing and signed by the Party against which enforcement of the waiver is sought. The
            waiver of any breach of any term or any condition of this Agreement shall not be construed as a
                waiver of any subsequent breach of a term or condition of the same or different nature.
     10.7        Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in
              accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English

                        To access the TotalTide SDK WebSite click here.

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