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                                 123 Fake Street, Toronto, ON, M4N 4N4
   (416) 123-4567                                                          

     Over 8 years of specialized expertise in consulting and facilitation
     B.A. Psychology and Train the Trainer Certification
     Highly developed counselling and empathic listening skills
     Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills
     Experience in advocacy and public speaking
     Committed to community education and service
     Work well in teams and in independent, unsupervised settings
     Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office suite

     Designed, procured and facilitated training programs to enhance interpersonal skills for frontline
      and supervisory staff at Australia’s largest supplier of telecommunication services
     Coordinated and facilitated support groups providing counselling to individuals with eating
     Introduced reusable resources by designing and incorporating module-based training material;
      this resulted in overall time and cost savings to the HR training department
     Produced training manuals and user guides for both trainer and trainee and conducted program
     Facilitated adult education courses in Assertive Communication skills
     Architect and project manager of a centralized multi-media Training & Resource Library utilized
      by 36 regional offices (4000 employees). Mandate included: impact analysis, budgeting, materials
      procurement, negotiation and implementation

     Conducted presentations to college and university students regarding mental health issues
     Provided advocacy and conducted information presentations to educate community audiences in
      mental health related issues
     Liaised between facilitators and mental health organizations' committee members
     Supervised and managed eight support group leaders
     Initiated and co-ordinated hiring of staff psychologist to provide in-house support for support
      group facilitators
     Established referral procedures for callers and walk-ins regarding community mental health
     Counselled student based clientele in personal, social, emotional and career development issues
     Provided mediation and conflict resolution in the area of management/staff relations

       Provided coaching and consulting to hiring managers and employment candidates on all aspects
        of hiring, ranging from guidance on hiring needs through to interview preparation and
        debriefing process
       Provided behavioral interview assessment and selection services for over 50 managers across a
        variety of platforms within the Corporate and Information Technology (I.T.) departments at a
        major bank.
       Established contacts & channels with the Australian High Commission, expediting visas and
        immigration approvals and coordinated relocation for successful candidates from abroad.
       Conducted extensive research and evaluation via needs analysis, field and phone interviews
       Utilized innovative and cost effective ways in recruiting via internet posting, search and
        advertising, Campus Recruitment, Career Fairs and Interactive Voice Response technology

    Employment Consultant, CMF Consulting Services, Toronto                                 1999-present
    Recruitment Consultant, Etobicoke Employment Resource Centre, Toronto                      1997-1999
    Temporary Contractor, Toronto                                                              1996-1997
    Admissions Counsellor, York University, Toronto                                            1995-1996
    International Recruitment Consultant, Tristar Recruitment, Toronto                         1992-1995
    Staff Development and Training Consultant, Telecom, Mississauga                            1991-1992

    Counsellor/Advocate, Children’s Aid Society, Toronto                                       1999-present
    Trainer/Teaching Assistant, ABACUS College of Adult Education, Toronto                      1990-1998

    B.A. Psychology, York University                                                                1986
    Scholarship, Coach University; candidate for Professional Coach Certification              2000-2003
    (Commissioned to produce a series of training modules for Group Coaching teleclasses)


   Professional Coach Certification      1999-2003      Groupwork Counselling              1992
   Microsoft Office Suite                     2000      Developing Counselling Skills      1992
   Instructional Design                       1993      Neuro-Linguistic Programming       1993
   Train the Trainer                          1993      Basic Counselling Skills           1989
                                                    150 Fakeroad Way
                                                  Southdown, ON M6B 6B6

OBJECTIVE: Training or Management Development (OPTIONAL if you have it on the SUMMARY)
  Over seven years experience in training, education and counseling
  Strong skills in: strategic planning, groups facilitation and presentations                            R
  Master’s Degree in communications-related subjects                                                     O
  Produced effective training materials to meet diverse clients needs in varied settings
  Relates well to people from a wide variety of culture and socioeconomic background                     N
Health Educator                                                                   1991-present            O
WEST PATTERSON HEALTH CENTRE, Patterson, ON                                                               G
  Authored and designed workshops to teach clients of varying levels of ability, and a wide range
     of cultural backgrounds                                                                              I
  Identified and interviewed client groups regarding their knowledge of tobacco and its health effects   C
  Analyzed problems and recommended approaches to different groups
  Conducted tobacco educational workshops to groups of up to 30 twice-daily
Trainer/ Team Leader/ Account Coordinator                                          1987-1990
  Co-facilitated a conversion to Japanese-style team management                                          R
  Initiated “pilot teams” to smooth communications and help set the tone                                 E
  Established cross-functional training without interrupting daily operations
  Produced training materials for each position for a staff of 25 at the Oakland Division
  Wrote modules and developed visual aids for participants                                               U
  Conducted hands-on testing of staff, most of whom scored over 95 percent                               M
Anchor / Reporter / Writer / Producer                                               1985-1987             E
  Determined the focus or "hook" of the story that will capture the audience's interest
  Reported on community activities and other matters of interest to their audience
  Developed stories that captured viewer’s interest and evoked positive responses

EDUCATION AND TRAINING (years are optional)
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts, University of Toronto, 1976
Master of Arts, Applied Linguistics, University of Toronto, 1978
Graduate Studies in Clinical Psychology, York University
                                       2400 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

OBJECTIVE (OPTIONAL if you have it on the SUMMARY)

SUMMARY                                                                                                                     F
  Over 10 years professional experience in Human Resources                                                                 U
  Confident and skilled at organizing the start-up phase of new projects
  Talent for effectively balancing the needs of staff and program
  Maximize team’s effectiveness by monitoring workflow and communications                                                  T
  Minimize problems through careful analysis of program design                                                             I
  Master’s Degree in Human Relations
EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                  N
Staff Development and Supervision
  Directed four to thirty employees, positions included: counselor, support staff, security and clerical in a variety of   L
     environments included: school, counseling centre, community treatment centre and business
  Trained, supervised, and evaluated staff, enabling them to meet work goals
Program Coordination                                                                                                        E
  Coordinated the logistics of opening two residential treatment centers, which included hiring and training staff,
    supervising the set-up of the physical plant, and developing programs
  Designed a successful and innovative parent-child relations program                                                      U
  Analyzed parents’ needs, staffing and housing resources available                                                        M
  Developed guidelines for responsibilities of staff, parents and guardians
  Evaluated the results of a trial run of treatment centre before full implementation                                      E
  Counseled individuals to identify their personal goals and develop strategies to attain them
  Mediated to identify and resolve conflicts between staff members, clarifying work relationships and
  easing communication problems
  Counseled youths and adults in group and individual sessions

Coordinator of Volunteers          Golden Gate Park Assoc., San Francisco                      1985-Present
Superintendent                     Community Treatment Centers, Oklahoma City                  1976-1984
Counselor                          Group Processes, Oklahoma City,                             1974-1975

University of Oklahoma, Norman OK, M.A. Human Relations
                                     222 Cabbage Town Street, Toronto, ON M5A 5A5

OBJECTIVE       A position as a CEO for the National Pharmaceutical Company (OPTIONAL)
 Over 15 years experience in Hospital Administration and Finance                                                         O
 Hold a MBA with emphasis on Marketing from the University of Toronto                                                    M
 Strong combination of cross-functional experience in diverse industries and markets
 Able to solve major business problems an mange large to complex projects
                                       RELEVANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS
FINANCE/ACCOUNTING                                                                                                        T
  Captured $10 million “in lost” revenue for hospitals nationwide; advised on rate structures, revenue maximization,
    Medicare/Medical reimbursement issues and capitation negotiations
   Key player in increasing stockholder returns from $100,000 to $450,000 in just one year                               N
   Introduced financial system that was major factor in earning public honors as one of the “Top 5 Businesses in the Area”
 Built Start-up Company to experience phenomenal revenue growth – in excess of 150% each year                            S
   Envisioned and led successful strategic marketing initiative for national launch of managed care
    software product                                                                                                      M
   Gained access to key players in managed care (Blue Cross, Toronto), landing contracts which
    collectively managed in excess of 5 million lives

 Strong leader with ability to initiate change, obtain buy-in from divergent interests, and implement reengineering/quality
   improvement processes while maintaining positive environment

   Experienced with start-up, turnaround, aggressive growth environments, mergers and acquisitions
    bond financing, and major construction projects
Name                                                 416.123.4567                                     PAGE 2

EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATOR                    CBMC, TORONTO, ON                                 1999-PRESENT                     O
  Provide hands-on leadership to 400 member nonprofit organization
  Working with mayor and business leaders, was instrumental in pitching area as site for “Promise Keepers” conference M
    (first non metropolitan city to secure group; attendance was largest convention in city’s history)                        B
  Introduce business-driven orientation to nonprofit group that improved organization’s financial stability, focus and vision
CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER            NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION, INC., NORTHERN CA                  1990-1999                        N
  Executive team member and Board Member accountable for strategic planning, marketing strategy, financial
    management and information technology for national logistics, warehousing and Transportation Company operating in
    five western states                                                                                                       T
  Surpassed all records for profitability (350% increase) in company’s history                                               I
  Led initiative to implement world-class accounting and warehouse management systems to drive
    strategic plan                                                                                                            O
  Escaped several hundred thousand dollars in potential tax liability by bringing ESOP plan and IRS compliance               N
   Introduced emerging technologies (Electronic Data Interchange and Radio Frequency communications)

PRESIDENT/CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER       CONSULTING NETWORK, SACRAMENTO, CA               1985-1989                      R
  Planned and managed marketing, sales, publicity, client education and account management functions                   E
  Conducted feasibility analyses, sold and coordinated installation of managed care software and systems for hospitals
  Pioneered development of managed care/ICD-9CM interface for hospital medical records and finance departments;
    technology continues to be model for industry standard                                                              U
  Cemented business relationship with managed care executive and hospital administrators. Garnered support from key
    industry associations (CHIA, HIMS, AHIMA)
  Directed implementation of Transition Systems Inc., world-renowned decision support system, UC Davis Medical         E


MBA / Marketing Emphasis – University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration – University of California, Berkeley
CPA – State of California
                                                    John Smith
                                                   322 Beverly Place
                                                  Toronto ON M3K 3K3
                                                     (416) 222-2222
OBJECTIVE: Position as a Conference Presenter, for workshops in career development                                        O
SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                                 B
               Masters in Career Counseling and Development                                                              I
               Outstanding teacher, specializing in creativity in business                                               N
               Extensive background in counseling, instructing, and program development                                  A
               Highly creative and intuitive problem solver
               Special talent for drawing people out and clarifying their problems and needs                             T
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                                                   O
CONSULTANT Mary Smith & Associates,              Toronto ON            1995 - 2005                                        N
 Counseled and motivated individuals to recognize and understand personal needs, problems, alternatives and goals
 Recommended a combination of practical problem solving skills and transpersonal approach to counseling
 Clients reported that the combination of Eastern philosophy and Western psychological systems allows them to move toE
   new levels of understanding with consistent and practical results                                                  S
 Designed and presented seminars on conflict resolution for business and government agencies, increasing the number M
   of employees utilizing EAP Counseling services                                                                    E
 Prepared and presented lectures for the "Creativity in Business" course for the MBA Program at the University of
 Developed and implemented courses and workshops for York Region Adult Education classes: Effective Listening;
     Managing Anger; Making Good Decisions; resulting in increased class enrollment

 Co-facilitated and collaborated on Creativity in Business seminars for:
 Toronto Adult Education Centre;
 Peel Social Services
 Created and led ongoing "Getting Clear" group for women, focused on improving their interpersonal relationship skills
John Smith                                      (416) 222-2222                              Page 2

Owner/Director Aerobic Exercise Studio, Mississauga ON                 1990 - 1995
Business Management
 Founded, developed and managed a million dollar aerobic exercise studio.                                         C
 Trained and supervised 8 aerobic instructors, serving more than 300 clients annually                             O
Program Development                                                                                                M
 Designed and presented workshops on stress management; which evolved into a private practice, Michelle Olson &   B
EDUCATION                                                                                                          N
Degree in Career Counseling McMaster University, Hamilton ON
Facilitating Adult Learning, Peel District School Board                                                            T
True Colors Level 1 Certificate                                                                                    N
Myers Briggs Level 1 Certificate
Life Skills Certificate
St. John Ambulance First Aid and CPR Certificate                                                                   R
References available upon request
Financial Management Resume
68 Fake Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M9W 9W9


-     Ten plus year experience in the Financial Industry in various financial fields
-     Excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills
-     Ready and willing to assume responsibility at a moment’s notice
-     Proven ability in handling challenging tasks in a busy office environment
-     Fast learner with a wide range of practical skills in various computer systems used in the Financial Industry
-     Outstanding ability in inspiring the confidence and trust of clients

      Core Competencies
     Corporate Actions and Dividends                              Reconciliation
     Canadian Depository for Securities                           Trade Settlements with Third parties
     Mutual Fund Experience (C.I., AGF, Spectrum)                 Bank Experience (BMO, BNS, Guardian Trust Co.,
     Computer skills: (Bloomber, DTC, CDSX ADP),                   CIBC Mellon Trust Co.)
      WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3              Brokerage Experience (Nesbit Thompson)
                                                                    committed to professionalism

      Professional Experience

      Static Data Management: Scotia Bank, Toronto                                                            2002-Present
-     Facilitated executed trades submitted by US brokers via the Front Office order-entry system through to the back Office
      trade management system
-     Liaised between Harris Bank in Chicago and Settlement Operations in Toronto
-     Ensured information is entered accurately and timely on line, while maintaining a positive relationship between the Traders
      and Back Offices resolving customer complaints
-     Monitored and repaired trades that fall into the repair queue, which are prepared for resubmission and executing on line
-     Aided Traders on company procedures and policies in documentation and in entering trades on line
-     Assisted Settlement Officers with clearing delivery instructions on the DTC
-     Functioned as the “go-to” person for Traders

    Control Analyst, Td Canada Trust, Toronto                                                                         2001 - 2004
-     Authorized payments to participants of $300 million
-     Reconciled account receivable and account payable in Excel spreadsheet
-     Ensured receipts of Canadian and US funds are deposited by wire, via a direct line to the bank accounts
-     Informed Finance Department and Banking Department of all Bank of Canada, and cheque entries, in advance of
-     Assisted in balancing all payments are balanced, suspense accounts and interest claims are identified, and the appropriate
      entries are processed
-     Monitored US payments and to ensure the deposit is made to obtain good value and only release on same
      [Professional Experience Continued]

-   Ensured all Payments process through the CDSX system
-   Worked with the administrator and the client to ensure distribution of payment were completed within prescribe deadlines
    and that the client expectations are met
-   Reported directly to Senior Management that all controls are in place and to ensure our exposure to risk, liability and losses
    is effectively controlled and monitor at all times
-   Liaised between Participants, Paying Agent, Trust Company, Issuing Corporation, Bank, DTC and International Paying
-   Compiled and presented statistics for each file processed

         Account Officer, CIBC, Toronto                                                                   2000 - 2001
-   Submitted corporate name changes, stock splits, to Trust Companies
-   Corresponded with transfer agents regarding location and distribution on corporate actions
-   Processed payment and balance client’s accounts
-   Researched defunct companies

         Manager, Rachelle Boutique, Toronto                                                             1995 - 1999
-   Purchased single location retail clothing business with a one employee which was expanded to 3 locations and 5 employees
-   Purchased and monitored inventory
-   Handled all aspects of employee administration
-   Processed and recorded all accounting transactions
-   Filed PST/GST payments
-   Scouted, acquired and negotiated location leases

    Previous Experience

The R-M Trust Company, Toronto                    Account Officer                                                1994
Spectrum Mutual Funds, Toronto             Administrator                                                1993
Guardian Trust Company, Toronto                   Customer Service Representative                                1992
The Bank of Montreal, Toronto                     International Clearing Assistant                      1989
Nesbit Thompson, Toronto                          Senior Re-Organization Associate                               1988
Foreign Entitlements, Toronto                     CDS Team Leader                                                1981

     Professional Development
Financial Accounting Diploma, Humber College, Toronto                                                            2000
WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Word-Microsoft Excel, CDI College, Toronto                                   1998
Computerized Accounting, George Brown College, Toronto                                                           1997
                                                I.T. RESUME
                               45 Made Up Street  Toronto  Ontario  M6S 6S6
    (416) 123-4567                                                            

                                          PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
PROCESS ANALYST  DATABASE ANALYST  SUPPORT ANALYST with extensive experience, skills and qualifications in
database collection, analysis, and reporting within a team-based environment.

                                      SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS
   Twelve years experience in database analysis working in a wide range of roles including: administration,
    implementation, dissemination and quality assurance
   Extensive experience as an information systems analyst, support analyst, database analyst, developer,
    tester, programmer, auditor
   Proven record of success in analysis, developing test plans and test cases, system planning and
    generation, installing systems, servicing and developing system guidelines
   Strong analytical, problem solving, decision-making and interpersonal skills with a focus on completing
    projects within specified time restrictions and high quality standards

                                           TECHNICAL OVERVIEW
   Experienced in PC environments using MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP
   Advanced computer skills utilizing a variety of software including Microsoft Office: MS Word, MS Excel,
    MS Access, MS PowerPoint and MS Project
   Experienced with Ad-Hoc Query/Reporting using MS Access and Oracle Discoverer; working knowledge of
    Seagate Crystal Reports
   Advanced skills include implementation, development and maintenance of computer tracking systems
    utilizing a variety of database and spreadsheet-tracking systems
   Proven training skills and abilities in technical support for systems users

   Responsible for management of client database, ensured data integrity, wrote queries against database,
    generated and formulated reports, performed data analysis, maintained statistics
   Performed penetration testing (based on Canadian Independent Test Program) on customers and IBM’s
    systems to ensure security compliance; helped to bring Audit Readiness Review to a successful
    conclusion, on schedule and on budget
   Worked on correcting the non-compliant Y2K issues in order to achieve two main stages for Ontario Power
    Generation – Nuclear: Operational Sustainability and Operation Ready
   Contributed toward ensuring the “millennium bug” will not pose a threat to company and its customers
   Maintained/improved digital asset inventory database and supported ITS contingency
   Worked extensively on the Supply Management System, which provides America/Far East with an order
    entry, scheduling, tracking, and inventory management system, operating over a large international
   Worked on the System Offering which simplified the installation and operation of a complete mainframe
    system in the interactive market areas, such as Engineering/Science, Business Professional and Graphic
   Monitored project progress; responsible for the project quality plan
   Received performance award
                                         OFFICE ADMINISTRATION
   Professional office acumen skills include: general office administration and support, answering phone calls,
    overseeing internal and external requests, inquires, booking appointments, maintaining records of clients
   Developed database structure for internal and external reporting
   Prepared data summaries, various reports, chart illustrations, graphs; compiled statistical reports
   Trained office personnel in use of MS Excel, MS Access and data entry programs
   Reorganized existing filing systems, updated and maintained documentation
   Liaised with program staff, head office, external partners, clients, and government bodies to ensure
    database reports and program information was administered effectively

                                          EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

                      Centre for Education and Training ~ Toronto

                      Ontario Power Generation – Nuclear ~ Toronto

1997 – 1998           MAINFRAME AUDITOR
                      IBM Canada Ltd. – Information Security Services in the Office of the CIO ~ Markham

                             EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

   Master of Science in Mathematics
    University of Wroclaw, Poland

   On-going training and professional development in Computer Science and Technology

   Over one thousand hours of computer software training, as well as on-going professional development
    programs, conferences and seminars

   Personal interest and on-going research and study in healthcare matters
Name                                                          (905) 444-1111
55 Fake Street, Toronto, ON M9B 9B9             

                                        CAREER OBJECTIVE
                              Merchandiser / Planner / Marketing Assistant


      Extensive experience and knowledge in buying and merchandising involved in strategic
       planning, resource allocation, trend forecasting, and coordination of people and resources
      Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services
      Knowledge of the cruise market, passenger profiles, and the class of each cruise line
      Knowledge of media production, and communication techniques via written, oral and visual
      Self motivated, team player and analytical with creative and critical thinking to meet
       operational budgets and deadlines
      Computer literate: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and E-mail

                              RELEVANT EXPEREINCE AND SKILLS

Purchasing and Merchandising

      Purchase wardrobe and accessories to create an image and represent products being sold
      Buy the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price and in correct amounts
      Prepare purchase orders, and review requisitions for goods and services
      Negotiate, or renegotiate, and administer contracts with suppliers, vendors, and other
      Confer with staff, users, and vendors to discuss defective or unacceptable goods or services
       and determine corrective action
      Research and evaluate suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service, support,
       availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, and the supplier's reputation
       and history
      Monitor shipments to ensure that goods come in on time, and in the event of problems trace
       shipments and follow up undelivered goods
      Evaluate and monitor contract performance to ensure compliance with contractual
       obligations and to determine need for changes
      Analyze sales trends and current trend forecast to update stock to increase revenue
Public Relations

   Participate in special events and promotions by planning, organizing, supervising and promoting
    the company and new products
   Promote products visually, inform customers about special promotion and selling products
   Assessing and evaluating customers needs and satisfaction, while meeting quality standards for
   Giving full attention to what other people are saying, understanding the points being made and
    asking appropriate questions
   Handling complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances and conflicts
   Communicate with supervisors, peers and outside the organization, representing the organization
    to suppliers, customers by telephone, written form, e-mail and in person
   Analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution and solve problems

Accounting and Office Administration

   Prepare, calculate and process invoices to ensure validity and accuracy
   Maintain and review computerized or manual records of items purchased, costs, delivery,
    product performance, and inventories
   Processing in coming and out going mail
   Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations
   Collect payments and follow up on past due accounts
   Create and maintain filing systems to have an easy access to information
   Perform payroll and handled bank deposits

                                      WORK EXPERIENCE

Assistant Costume Designer and Wardrobe Stylist             2001 – Present
Various Movies and Commercial Productions – Toronto, ON
Davanti Custom Tailor                                       2005
Celebrity Cruise Line, GTS - Infinity Toronto, ON
Assistant Manager                                           2000 – 2005
Liberty Wardrobe Rental House - Toronto, ON
Merchandiser and Senior Key Holder                          1997 – 2000
Fairweather - Newmarket, ON


                     Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology-Toronto, ON
                        Travel Agency Operations Certificate - Online Web
                                      Fashion Arts Diploma

                                Fairweather Loss Prevention Seminar
                                 Management Techniques Seminar
                                                Profile Resume
                          123 ABC Street  Toronto  Ontario  M6R 6R6  (416) 000-0000

     Articulate Business Development Specialist with strong project management / training expertise and a solid track
      record of success in strategic planning and development. Proven ability to translate customer and consumer
      demands into successful business lines. Extensive experience and knowledge of financial, insurance, and
      information technology industry sectors.

    Product Manager                                               ABC INC./SHL Systemhouse
    Business Development Manager                                  SHL INC./SHL Systemhouse
    Business Development Representative                           Rarebit Digital Systems
    Senior Account Manager                                        Systemetric Corporation
    Senior Account Manager                                        EPS Software Consultants
    Account Representative                                        Disus

    Master of Arts, Education                                      University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
    Honors Bachelor of Arts Psychology                             York University
    Bachelor of Arts Psychology                                    Wilfrid Laurier University
    Certificate, Social Services                                   Ryerson Polytechnical University
    Certificate, Microcomputer Programming                         Sheridan College of Applied Arts &
    Analytical, Strategic Thinker, Strong Business Acumen         Quicker Learner, Creative
    Self motivated, Inquisitive and Action Oriented               Entrepreneurial Flair
    Articulate Communicator, One-to-One, Presentations            Decisive/ People Oriented Manager
    Strong Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills                      Prioritized Planner & Organizer
    Effective Reports and Proposal writing skills                 Achievement and Goal Oriented


     Designed, implemented and developed marketing and channel business plan for vendor entry into
     Mutual Fund Market
     Developed and implemented comprehensive consulting and IT services plan for Big Five Accounting firm
     Instructed internal call center and mutual fund sales processes to multi-functional team
     Demonstrated and facilitated instruction of complex software design principles to senior executive users
     Planned and implemented new sales model to change vendor's programming and consulting focus
     Created and led sales strategy for establishing new line of business for Fortune 500 company
     Project managed multi-functional team to develop and implement Customer Relationship Management software
      (Ifund) for the Mutual Industry.
     Provided lead support and project management for functional development of Ifund software.
     Oversaw training and facilitation to entire team on mutual fund concepts and processes to ensure proper design and
      functionality of software.
     Developed sales and marketing strategy defining Canadian insurance industry issues and necessary business model
      to increase IT revenue streams. Plan was firmly endorsed by KPMG Senior partners. Merger was cancelled. KPMG
      and KVSI changed management and business strategy. KVSI was sold to private interests by KPMG.
     Sold $1.3 Million of custom software development services to distribution and manufacturing sectors. Company was
      sold to American organization and Canadian sales operations were closed.
                                   John Smith
                     333 Anywhere Avenue, Oakville, ON L6K 6K6
                               Cell: (905) 555-5555

                                       AZ Driver


   Extensive knowledge of principles and methods for moving goods and hands-on
    experience with vehicle maintenance
   Strong ability to work well independently or as a team member with a positive
   Valid AZ Driver license and trained in occupational health and safety procedures
   Reliable, trustworthy and ability to meet operational goals
   Familiar with GTA directions and locations
   Ability to operate radio and telephone contact with base to receive instructions or be
    dispatched to new location
   Computer literate: MS Word. Internet for researching and Email


   Drives truck with capacity of more than 3 tons to transport and deliver cargo,
    materials, or damaged vehicle
   Perform pre-trip inspection and oversee all aspects of vehicles such as condition of
    equipment, and loading and unloading of cargo
   Record cargo information, distance traveled, fuel consumption and other information
    in log book or on on-board computer
   Communicate with dispatcher and other drivers using radio, cellular telephone and
    on-board computer
   Maintains truck log according to state and federal regulations
   Keeps record of materials and products transported
   Position blocks and ties rope around items to secure cargo for transport
   Cleans, inspects and services vehicle and work area
   Operates equipment on vehicle to load, unload, or disperse cargo or materials
   Assists in loading and unloading truck manually
   Follow appropriate safety procedures when transporting dangerous goods
                                      John Smith

                            EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE

General Labourer                                               2004
Top Clean – Oakville, ON

General Labourer                                               2003-2004
New Services Ltd. – Toronto, ON

General Labourer                                               2002
Laboratory Place– Orangeville, ON

General Labourer                                               2001
General Protection – Oakville, ON

General Labourer                                               1999-2000
Fixit Ltd. – Rexdale, ON


                        Humber Transportation Training Centre
                   Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

                           Professional Audio Installer Certificate
                             MECP Certification– Oakville, ON


                              Golf, video game design, ecology


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