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					Call Center Quality Assurance Manager Job Description

Call Center Quality Assurance Manager Job Profile and Description

The quality assurance manager has the responsibility to measure and gauge all the
activities of the call center executives. A quality assurance manager supposed to perform
a variety of duties which helps the call center executives operate at an optimal efficiency.
The responsibility includes monitoring the phone calls and emails to verify that the CCE
(call center executives) are working in accordance with the company rules and

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled by a call center assurance
manager are as follows:

      He or she has to take actively part in designing the call monitoring formats and
       suitable quality standards.

      He or she has to work with the site management team to perform call monitoring
       and provide trend data.

      He or she has the responsibility to work as a team for using quality monitoring
       data management system for compiling and tracking performances.

      He or she needs to monitor the emails of customer contacts and as well as clients.

      It will be needed to determine the needs of the customers by understanding them
       in the listening programs.

      He or she has the responsibility to provide actionable data to the various internal
       support groups as and when needed perfectly.

      He or she needs to coordinate and facilitate call calibration sessions for the
       organization staffs.

      It will be the duty to provide feedbacks to the team leaders and managers about
       the work.

      He or she needs to prepare the reports and analyze internal and external quality
       reports and managing the staff reviews.

Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications required in a person desiring to do the job of a call
center quality assurance manager are as follows:
      The person needs to be an excellent communicator so should have excellent oral,
       written and interpersonal communication skills.

      The person should have the ability to analyze the things perfectly so should have
       exceptional listening and analytical skills.

      He or she needs to have required intermediate knowledge/expertise with PC
       hardware and software (Word and Excel).

      He or she should have the multi tasking abilities and should be well versed in
       intermediate to advanced knowledge levels with Internet technology.

      The person needs to be very familiar with cable modem technology and other
       technical things.

      He or she should necessarily have strong knowledge of customer care processes
       and techniques and the related sector as well.

      He or she should also have demonstrated ability to work well in a team

      He or she should be self motivated and should be dedicated to provide
       exceptional service to the company.

Education and Qualifications

      The person desiring to do the job of a call centre quality assurance manager is
       required to hold an MBA degree in a related subject necessarily.

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