'Health monitor' honors outstanding NPs by pengxiang


									                                                                                                                        FRIDAY EDITION | JUNE 22, 2007

                                                    ‘Health monitor’ honors outstanding NPs
                                                            uring Thursday’s Annual Mem-                                                         Eric Jensen, ‘Health monitor’ publisher and presi-

                                                    D       bership Meeting, Eric Jensen, pub-
                                                            lisher and president of the Health
                                                    monitor network, honored Debra Barber,
                                                                                                                                                 dent, presents Debra Barber, FNP-BC, with the publi-
                                                                                                                                                 cation’s Nurse Practitioner of the Year award. Barber
                                                                                                                                                 said, ‘It’s great to be recognized. Patient satisfaction
                                                                                                                                                 makes my job worthwhile, but this is a plus.’
                                                    FNP-BC, as the first Health monitor
                                                    Nurse Practitioner of the Year.
                                                        The bi-monthly publication Health                                                            They treat a large number of over-
                                                    monitor, an AANP member benefit, rec-                                                        weight people suffering from heart dis-
                                                    ognizes outstanding nurse practitioners                                                      ease, diabetes, or pre-diabetes — not
                                                    with its feature “Profiles in Caring.”                                                       unlike health facilities in much of the
                                                        “We’ve found that NPs have consis-                                                       U.S. Barber reported seeing a lot of cases
                                                    tently gone a step further than many other                                                   of depression. She said she tries to edu-
                                                    healthcare professionals in caring for their                                                 cate her patients and often advises them
2007 CONFERENCE                                     patients and wanting to make sure the                                                        to seek counseling.
                                                    patients are well-informed about their dis-                                                      Nominee Betty S. Peters, FNP, has
SCHEDULE                                            ease states or conditions,” Jensen said.
                                                        Health monitor solicits the stories for
                                                                                                                                                 been a nurse practitioner for more than12
                                                                                                                                                 years and an AANP member since 1999.
                                                    “Profiles in Caring” from its readers. The                                                   She works in a family medicine practice
7–9 a.m.                                            publishers decided it would be a great                                                       in Springfield, Mo.
Industry-Supported Programs — CE Breakfast          opportunity to feature an NP in every                                                            One of Peters’ patients wrote, “My
                                                    issue based upon the true, amazing stories                                                   nurse practitioner may not know how
8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
Foundation Store open
                                                    they were receiving.                                                                         much she means to me or her other
                                                        “NPs are a group of healthcare profes-                                                   patients, but she is a blessing. Betty lis-
9 a.m.–5 p.m.
AANP and Partner Pavilion Services                  sionals that go above and beyond what          years. The clinic in Washburn is staffed      tened to me and understood my frustra-
9:15–10:30 a.m.                                     many healthcare professional would do in       by NPs. Originally it operated only part-     tion. She knew that I didn't want to return
Concurrent Presentations                            terms of helping their patients,” Jensen       time, but Barber has expanded it to a full-   home without an explanation for my con-
9:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m.                                said. “We’re thrilled we can support and       time facility.                                dition.”
Workshops and Seminars                              honor that every year at the Conference.”         Barber said the work is time-consuming         Nominee Catherine Harris, NP, is a
11 a.m.–12:15 p.m.                                      Barber, this year’s recipient, practices   and emotionally draining, but also re-        nurse practitioner specializing in the care
Concurrent Presentations
                                                    at the Washburn Family Clinic in               warding. The most gratifying part of her      of older people. Harris partners with Dr.
11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.                                   Washburn, N.D., a town of 1,400 people.        job is being able to help a patient.          Samantha G. Storey, a geriatric specialist,
Exhibit Hall open
                                                    Debra has been a nurse practitioner for 11        “The simple ‘thank yous’ that we hear      to provide healthcare for the aging popu-
11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Posters (attended 4–5:30 p.m.)                      years and a member of AANP for 10              make it all worthwhile,” she said.                                            see Honors, page 5

12:30–2:30 p.m.
Industry-Supported Programs — CE Lunch
2:45–4 p.m.
                                                    Advanced nursing practice sparks worldwide interest
Interest Group Forums
                                                           Thursday panel discussion made par-     problems. Botswana has a high preva-          year certification program.
5:40–6:40 p.m.
NP Medicare Reimbursement Update
                                                    A      ticipants more aware of what’s going
                                                           on with advanced nursing practice
                                                    (ANP) in the rest of the world.
                                                                                                   lence of AIDS (about 17 percent of the
                                                                                                   population). Chronic diseases such as
                                                                                                   hypertension and diabetes are also becom-
                                                                                                                                                    The third speaker was Sue Cross,
                                                                                                                                                 national project manager for the U.K.’s
                                                                                                                                                 Working in Partnership Program and
Taking action                                           Madrean Schober, AANP’s internation-       ing prevalent. The majority of nurse prac-    General Practice Nursing Project. She
                                                    al liaison, moderated the session, which       titioners practice in out-patient depart-     said there was no consensus definition in
                                                    showcased the global emergence of ANP.         ments and clinics.                            the U.K. for the title of nurse practitioner,
                                                        Many factors contribute to the global          Prathana Langkapint, from the             and education varies from no formal edu-
                                                    ANP interest, Schober explained to the         McCormick Faculty of Nursing at Payap         cation to MSc.
                                                    audience. All over the world, there is         University in Chiang Mai, Thailand,              The first 15 nurse practitioners in the
                                                    increasing technology, increasing health-      shared with attendees health problems,        U.K. were qualified in 1991, and today
                                                    care costs, increasing needs for varied        national health system reform and APN         there are more than 100,000 in all health-
                                                    services and a desire for new models of        development in Thailand.                      care settings.
                                                    care delivery.                                     A professional nurse (RN) goes               “As advanced nursing practice evolves
                                                        The first panelist, Onalenna Seitio,       through 4 years, receives a BSc or BNS        worldwide, it is inevitable that associated
Attendees visit the PAC booth, located in the
Maryland Street lobby near registration. Drawings   RN/RM, BEd.MSN/CS, hails from                  and covers nursing and midwifery. A           changes will influence the profession’s
are conducted every day of the Conference           Botswana. She discussed the history of         technical nurse (TN) goes through 2 years     identity and values, the nature of health-
through Saturday for prizes from all 50 states.     the development of independent nursing,        in a diploma program in nursing, and a        care services and the political environ-
                                                    nursing education and common health            practical nurse (PN) goes through a 1-        ment,” Schober said. ■
Friday, June 22, 2007                                                                                                                    AANP Conference Call                                           3

NPs see changes on horizon                                                                         Interviews focus on message, not tactics
       lenty of change — that was the              issues, health parity, guaranteed employee

P      theme for Wednesday’s Opening
       General Session by Jan Towers,
PhD, NP-C, CRNP, FAANP, director of
                                                   sick leave, and authorizing NPs to order
                                                   home healthcare.
                                                       “We do find that when there is health-      W
                                                                                                              hen it comes to media inter-
                                                                                                              views, do not get wrapped up
                                                                                                              in tactical advice, such as how
                                                                                                                                                        statements of approximately seven sec-
                                                                                                                                                        onds of spoken word or 15 to 20 words
                                                                                                                                                        in writing.
health policy, AANP Office of Health               care legislation, it does provide us vehi-      to act in front of the camera. Instead,                  “Reporters like to be fresh and new in
Policy.                                            cles for things like our Medicare managed       focus on the message and sound bites                 their coverage,” Rowan said. “Sound bites
   “I think the majority of you know that          care legislation,” Towers said. “We are         you wish to convey to the reporter, and              give reporters something of interest.”
a lot has happened in recent months in             also supporting a pay-for-performance           ultimately the audience. That was the                    In preparing messages to promote a
activities related to nurse practitioners,”        standard in Medicare, which means we            key message delivered during Thursday’s              cause, Rowan recommended creating
Towers said. “Times are changing.”                 will be rewarded when we provide good           session “When a Reporter Calls: Turning              three themes that will endure with the
   Congress now has a new Democratic               patient care.”                                  an Interview into an Opportunity,” by                audience.
leadership and therefore more interest in              Towers additionally called on NPs to        Media Training Expert Colin Rowan of                     “This never happens by accident,”
domestic issues, including healthcare for          ask their legislators to serve as co-sponsors   Rowan Communications.                                Rowan said. “If you read through all the
the uninsured, Medicaid SCHIP authori-             for the Medicaid Advance Practice Nurse             “What are you trying to accomplish               stories about a particular subject, you
zation, Medicare pay-for-performance               and Physician Assistants Access Act of          with your press coverage?” Rowan                     won’t say, ‘I think I see three themes.’ It
                                                   2007 (HR2066 and S59), which would              asked. “What are the messages, themes                is impossible to accidentally nail a mar-
                                                   eliminate the prohibition against identify-     and sound bites you are going to use                 keting campaign at the end of a year.”
                                                   ing NPs as primary care providers in state      with your media outreach? These mes-                     The themes within messages must be
                                                   Medicaid programs.                              sages and sound bites are not just for the           ones to which the audience can relate.
                                                       The scope of practice issues are surfac-    interview tomorrow, but will last for your           He advised NPs not to use a message
                                                   ing as well. One proposed bill is the so-       ongoing communication campaign.”                     such as, “Visit our next health fair.”
                                                   called Healthcare Truth and Transparency            Before the media interview, the sin-             That attempts to educate the general
                                                   Act of 2007, which stipulates that only         gle most important step is to prepare                public, which doesn’t work. Instead,
                                                   those with an MD or DO degree may call          these messages and sound bites. Rowan                find a connection point with the audi-
                                                   themselves physicians. The bill also pro-       defined “message” as the theme, or                   ence — something they will want to do.
                                                   hibits anyone from claiming they can do         thread, that connects together every-                Common connection themes are fear
                                                   things that physicians do — or face feder-      thing the NP is trying to communicate.               and fairness, but the one Rowan said he
                                                   al indictment.                                  The message instills an opinion or                   likes is family responsibility.
                                                       “We do many of the same things that         belief that the audience should embrace                  “There are lots of themes and
                                                   physicians do, and so do many other             after exposure, and the message is more              avenues that you can select,” Rowan
                                                   healthcare professionals,” Towers said.         sustainable than one newspaper story or              said. “But remember those themes
Jan Towers, PhD, NP-C, CRNP, FAANP, addresses      “Many of our activities overlap now.”           television appearance. Sound bites                   aren’t about nurse practitioners. They
the audience during the Opening General Session        At the state level, many boards of med-     draw attention and provide context to                must be about people and what they
Wednesday. She called on members to get involved   icine are “volunteering” to specify the         the message. They are clever or pithy                care about.” ■
in legislation and to write letters to Congress.                         see Changes, page 10

AANP election results are in
       ANP is pleased to announce the offi-        State Representatives

A      cial results of the 2007 elections. The
       ballots have been qualified by Survey
& Ballot Systems in accordance with the
                                                   Alaska: Catherine Giessel
                                                   Arkansas: Linda Jones
                                                   Colorado: Lynn Wimett
election policies and procedures as                Idaho: Cathy Arvidson
approved by AANP.                                  Kentucky: Susan Matthews
                                                   Louisiana: Jacqueline Rhoads
Board of Directors Executive                       Montana: Deanna Babb
Committee                                          New Jersey: Kathleen Burkhart
President-Elect: Dee Swanson                       New Mexico: Anita Ralstin
Treasurer: Patricia Maybee                         North Carolina: Kathryn Jones
                                                   North Dakota: Gwen Witzel
Board of Directors Regional Directors              N. New York: Tammy Austin-Ketch
Region 1 Director: Laima Karosas                   S. New York: Nancy Balkon
Region 3 Director: Joyce Knestrick                 Oklahoma: Mary Petermann
Region 5 Director: Susan Lee                       Oregon: Roger Fogg
Region 7 Director: Kathy Morris                    South Carolina: Jeannine Jacobs
Region 9 Director: Angela Golden                   South Dakota: Kathleen Zambo
Region 11 Director: Cindy Cooke                    Tennessee: Judy Corfman
                                                   Texas: David McCaskill
Nominations Committee                              Utah: Lee Moss
Lynn Cloutier                                      Washington: Cindy Meinecke
Richard Ricciardi                                  Wyoming: Ann Enlow
Bruce Zitkus

                                                                                                    Let the exhibits begin
                                                                                                    Conference co-chairs Yvonne Moragne-Coon (left center) and Dixie Harms (right center) cut the
                         Take some time to indulge yourself at the Relaxation                       ceremonial ribbon to open the 2007 Annual Conference Exhibit Hall Thursday evening. The Exhibit
   Relax!                Station, located outside the Exhibit Hall, open from
                         10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today. Sponsored by Organon.
                                                                                                    Hall opened with much anticipation, as many attendees gathered in front of the doors prior to its
                                                                                                    opening. The Exhibit Hall is open today from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
4        AANP Conference Call                                                                                                                                        Friday, June 22, 2007

Store, fundraisers help support AANP Foundation
      he AANP Foundation continues to                                                                                                                   Supporter Pin and receive two entries into

T     offer great fundraising events at the
      Conference, making it easy and fun
for members to support the NP profession.
                                                                                                                                                        the AANP Foundation Sweepstakes.
                                                                                                                                                            Another area attendees won’t want to
                                                                                                                                                        miss is the AANP Foundation Relaxation
    “The AANP Annual Conference pro-                                                                                                                    Station, sponsored by Organon, which is
vides a wonderful avenue for NPs and                                                                                                                    located next to the Exhibit Hall entrance.
healthcare-related organizations to sup-                                                                                                                It offers soothing massages and a quiet
port NPs through the AANP Foundation,”                                                                                                                  escape from busy conference days. Visit
said Kimberly Dempster-Gonzalez,                                                                                                                        the Organon booth in the Exhibit Hall to
AANP Foundation director of develop-                                                                                                                    receive a coupon redeemable for a com-
ment. “Beginning operations in 1998, the                                                                                                                plimentary massage at the AANP Foun-
AANP Foundation is the first national                                                                                                                   dation Relaxation Station.
foundation supporting NPs of all special-                                                                                                                   Yet another way attendees can support
ties. Supporting the AANP Foundation is                                                                                                                 the AANP Foundation is with the Signature
an excellent way to give back to your pro-                                                                                                              Challenge, making its third appearance this
fession.”                                                                                                                                               year. Attendees who visit each of the co-
    The AANP Foundation Store, spon-           Attendees snatch up merchandise at the AANP Foundation Store, open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. today, and   sponsors booths to collect a sticker on their
sored by Lantus and Apidra, is located         from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. All proceeds support AANP Foundation endeavors.                          AANP Foundation Signature Challenge
directly outside the Exhibit Hall and sells                                                                                                             Cards and return their cards to the AANP
some terrific merchandise. New items and          Visit the AANP Foundation Store to                 Fundraising Drive, sponsored by Novo               Foundation Store by 5 p.m. Saturday will
designs are being introduced. Visit the        also pick up your sponsored give-away                 Nordisk Inc., helps the AANP Foun-                 be entered to win a WelchAllyn PanOptic,
AANP Foundation Store to purchase adult        bag while supplies last. This year’s bag              dation raise needed funds for the AANP             valued at $579. AANP Foundation
and kid’s T-shirts, polar fleece jackets and   contains a clip-on stopwatch and Post-It              Foundation Scholarship & Grant Pro-                Signature Challenge Cards can be found in
blankets, hooded jackets, button down          flag pen gift pack, sponsored by sanofi-              gram. The purchase of the tax-deductible           the Conference tote bags.
shirts, polo shirts, travel mugs, luggage      aventis; a prescription pad holder, spon-             2007 AANP Foundation Supporter Pin                     “Proceeds from all of these events sup-
tags, visors and hats, stickers, license       sored by the CFIDS Association of                     will help the AANP Foundation raise                port AANP Foundation endeavors, prima-
plate frames, neck lanyards, tote bags and     America; and a pedometer, sponsored by                $20,000.                                           rily the AANP Foundation Scholarship
backpacks, lunch coolers, and even socks.      Novo Nordisk.                                            The incredibly popular annual AANP              and Grant Program,” Dempster-Gonzalez
Special conference design T-shirts are            While at the AANP Foundation Store,                Foundation Sweepstakes offers a record-            said. “To date, we have awarded $355,650
also available. Shoppers are advised to get    be sure to purchase a 2007 AANP                       breaking 170-plus great prizes donated by          worth of scholarships and grants to AANP
there early, as merchandise sells out          Foundation Supporter Pin. The 2007                    conference exhibitors and supporting organi-       members. This amount is expected to
quickly.                                       AANP Foundation Supporter Pin                         zations. Purchase a 2007 AANP Foundation           reach $450,000 by the end of the year.” ■

Q&A:                       Have you ever been mentored, and how has that helped you?

“Even though I                                 “When I first started                                  “No, I didn’t have a                              “I had a physician
have had no for-                               working for the VA, I                                  mentor when I start-                              mentor when I
mal mentors, I have                            was paired with                                        ed out, and I wish I                              joined a practice in
had many informal                              another nurse prac-                                    had. I was the only                               Oregon, and it was
mentors. I believe                             titioner. Even                                         nurse practitioner                                useful in learning
mentors help new                               though she was in                                      at the practice site,                             procedures. The
nurse practitioners                            another building, it                                   and a mentor                                      mentor was also
in developing their                            was nice to know                                       would have been                                   supportive in my
roles and identi-         Cathy Arvidson,      there was someone                                      nice.”                                            becoming a part of
                                                                            Kathryn                                                Margaretha                                     Mary Guthrie-
ties.”                    Idaho Falls,
                                               I could call. She                                                                                        that community.”
                                                                            Nicholson, Gas                                         Jenness,                                       Jones, Cox
                                               helped me with VA
                                                                            City, Ind.                                             Magdelena, N.M.                                Creek, Ky.

“Everyone in the                               “Yes, it has helped                                    “I have not had a                                 “Yes, I have had a
military gets a men-                           me to grow in the                                      formal formal men-                                formal mentor
tor. As a nurse                                direction I wanted                                     tor, but I do believe                             when I started out
practitioner in the                            to go as a nurse                                       mentor relations are                              as a student, and
military, we work                              practitioner. I                                        important. It pro-                                the mentoring con-
with civilian regula-                          learned that being                                     motes professional-                               tinued on into
tions within a mili-                           a nurse practitioner                                   ism, which in turn                                practice. She
tary organization                              went beyond treat-                                     helps nurse practi-                               helped me find
under strict govern-                           ment of the disease                                    tioners reach their                               other people to
                                                                            Marilee D.                                             Barbara                                        Joann Barr,
ment guidelines, so       Jerry Haywald,       to treatment of the                                    goals.”                                           help as well, and
                                                                            Peters, Decatur,                                       Gilleylen,                                     Byron City,
it was important to       Chester, Va.         person.”                                                                                                 assisted me in
                                                                            Ill.                                                   Blytheville, S.C.                              Mich.
have mentors to                                                                                                                                         securing the job I
teach us.”                                                                                                                                              have now.”
Friday, June 22, 2007                                                                                                            AANP Conference Call                                5

NPs, advocates receive honors for excellence
       ANP honored recipients of the pres-    Florida                                      Minnesota                                     Oregon

A      tigious AANP State Awards for
       Excellence during the Annual
Membership Meeting Thursday.
                                              Nurse practitioner: Yurdagul O. Karycki
                                              Advocate: Barbara Lumpkin
                                                                                           Nurse practitioner: Jan Bennett
                                                                                           Advocate: Jenni Jones
                                                                                                                                         Nurse practitioner: Nina S. Ford
                                                                                                                                         Advocate: Robert B. Pamplin, Jr.

   The State Award for Nurse Practitioner     Georgia                                      Mississippi                                   Pennsylvania
Excellence, founded in 1991, recognizes       Nurse practitioner: Edna R. Watts            Nurse practitioner: Kathleen C. Arnold        Nurse practitioner: JoAnn Serota
an NP in a state who demonstrates excel-      Advocate: Michael McCann                                                                   Advocate: Theodore Ganley
lence in practice, research, NP education                                                  Missouri
or community affairs. In 1993, the State      Hawaii                                       Nurse practitioner: Lori Ann Schwalm          Rhode Island
Award for Nurse Practitioner Advocate         Nurse practitioner: Yvonne Geesey            Advocate: Kimberly Perry                      Nurse practitioner: Allison Jedson
was added to recognize the efforts of indi-   Advocate: Elizabeth Bush                                                                   Advocate: Peter Thaddeus Ginaitt
viduals, other than NPs, who have made a                                                   Montana
significant contribution toward increasing    Idaho                                        Nurse practitioner: Kim Powell                South Carolina
the awareness and acceptance of the nurse     Nurse practitioner: Roxanne Froerer          Advocate: Sharon Howard                       Nurse practitioners: Patricia Maybee
practitioner.                                 Advocate: Sandra Evans                                                                     Laura Dillon
Alabama                                       Illinois                                     Nurse practitioner: Brenda Bergman-Evans      South Dakota
Nurse practitioners: Susan D. Grindel,        Nurse practitioner: Julie Adkins             Advocate: Ronald Anderson                     Nurse practitioner: Brenda Andersen
  James L. Raper                              Advocate: Anne Marie Murphy
                                                                                           Nevada                                        Tennessee
Alaska                                        Indiana                                      Nurse practitioner: Bill Emmerling            Nurse practitioner: Kimberly Arnold
Nurse practitioner: Kitty Wellmann            Nurse practitioner: Jennie Hiam                                                            Karen Salvaggio
Advocate: Scott Wellmann                                                                   New Hampshire
                                              Iowa                                         Nurse practitioner: Evelyn Stacy              Texas
Arizona                                       Nurse practitioner: Kerri Lynn Rupe          Advocate: Daniel Caloras                      Nurse practitioner: James “LaVelle”
Nurse practitioner: Christine McGregor        Advocate: Don VanDyke                                                                        Dickens
Advocate: Carolyn S. Allen                                                                 New Jersey
                                              Kansas                                       Nurse practitioner: Linda Dayer-Berenson      Utah
Arkansas                                      Nurse practitioner: Bonnie Tandoc            Advocate: Lori A. Reaves                      Nurse practitioner: Sabrina Jarvis
Nurse practitioners: Lori Ellis, Carmen T.    Advocate: Valentin T. Tandoc, Jr.
  Paniagua-Ramirez                                                                         New Mexico                                    Vermont
                                              Kentucky                                     Nurse practitioner: Pat Gillett               Nurse practitioner: Deborah E. Van Dyke
California                                    Nurse practitioner: Cheryl Swayne                                                          Advocate: Kenneth Rothwell, Sr.
Nurse practitioner: Karen Ketner              Advocate: Bernard Buchanan                   New York
Advocate: Richard Haskell                                                                  Nurse practitioner: Michael Zychowicz         Virginia
                                              Louisiana                                    Advocate: Karen S. Roth                       Nurse practitioner: Mary L. Duggan
Colorado                                      Nurse practitioner: Joni Nickens
Nurse practitioner: Margaret L. MacHaffie     Advocate: Evalyn Ormond                      North Carolina                                Washington
Advocate: Kathryn A. Blair                                                                 Nurse practitioner: Mary Ellen Krydynski      Nurse practitioner: Lorna Schumann
                                              Maine                                        Advocate: Ian J. Welsby                       Advocate: Judy Rocquin
Connecticut                                   Nurse practitioner: Sandra Putnam
Nurse practitioners: Susan Denisco,                                                        North Dakota                                  West Virginia
  Lynn C. Price                               Maryland                                     Nurse practitioner: Daniel Rustvang           Nurse practitioner: Jill Cochran
Advocate: Bashi Chadda                        Nurse practitioner: Mona Bahouth             Advocate: Paul Olson                          Advocate: Alvita Nathaniel

Delaware                                      Massachusetts                                Ohio                                          Wisconsin
Nurse practitioner: Holly Wright              Nurse practitioners: Pamela Banas, Gail      Nurse practitioner: Oralea Pittman            Nurse practitioners: Tricia Seidler
Advocate: Morris Kerstein                       Spellman                                                                                 Donna Voigt
District of Columbia                          Michigan                                     Nurse practitioner: Antonia Pratt-Reid        Wyoming
Nurse practitioner: Erin Bagshaw              Nurse practitioner: Susan Rice               Advocate: Jane Nelson                         Nurse practitioner: Tracy Thompson Farris
                                              Advocate: Patricia Barszenski                                                              Advocate: Mona Mubarak ■

  Honors                                       Hospital, and assisted-living or skilled-   they are well informed about their loved     for more than 25 years, and an NP for
  continued from page 1                        nursing facilities. She does sick calls,    one’s condition and treatment.               nine years, she dons different hats when
                                               routine medical exams and follow-up             “Nicole is a very special person who     working with patients — acting as a
  lation. She said she believes that the       services.                                   makes a positive difference in so many       qualified diagnostician, provider of emo-
  combination of MD and NP is the per-            Nominee Nicole Dunn, APRN, is an         patients’ lives, as evidenced by the close   tional support and source of health infor-
  fect means to do so.                         acute care nurse practitioner at Hartford   relationship she formed with my wife.        mation.
      Last year, Storey and Harris estab-      Hospital in Hartford, Conn. She began       She clearly understands the importance          When she’s not in the exam room,
  lished Golden Geriatrics in Tarrytown,       working at the hospital 10 years ago as a   of family in any medical journey,” wrote     Donna is continuing her education and
  N.Y., which they describe as a mobile        nurse in the surgical unit, but she         one of her patients.                         attending seminars to gather information
  office.                                      became a nurse practitioner three years         Donna Kiser, APRN, is a nurse prac-      to share with her patients. Donna even
      Every week, Harris visits up to 30       ago.                                        titioner at Crossroads Family Medical        takes the time to mail health-related
  locations over 250 miles to see patients        She also spends a lot of time speak-     Center in Lancaster, Pa., and has been a     newspaper and magazine articles to
  in their homes, Phelps Memorial              ing with the families, making sure that     member of AANP since 1997. A nurse           patients with relevant conditions. ■
6        AANP Conference Call                                                                                                                              Friday, June 22, 2007

Mary Ellen Roberts reflects on her roles at AANP
       t the close of this year’s Conference,                                                   ballrooms two decades ago to a confer-        and our patients,” Roberts said.

                                                “These advances are an
       Mary Ellen Roberts, RN, APN-C,                                                           ence that now requires the space of con-          While the Roberts foresees a bright
       MSN, FAANP, will complete her            incredible feat for us. We                      vention centers.                              future for NPs and AANP, the organiza-
term as immediate past president, drawing       just keep advancing and                            When AANP launched the State               tion will always battle forces that simply
to a close 11 years of service on the                                                           Awards for Excellence in 1991 and the         do not understand or appreciate the vital
                                                advancing, able to do
AANP Board of Directors that has includ-                                                        State Awards for Nurse Practitioner           role of nurse practitioners.
ed terms as Region 2 director, secretary,       more and more. AANP itself                      Advocates in 1993, modest numbers of              “What we have now doesn’t mean it
president-elect, president, and immediate       is respected throughout the                     states claimed winners, but now all 50        will stay that way,” Roberts said. “We
past president.                                                                                 states can claim winners most years,          have to stay on top of things legislatively.
    During this time, she has participated
                                                country by many organiza-                       Roberts said. All public relations            People sneak things into bills all the time,
in the amazing transformation in the role       tions and other health pro-                     efforts were carried out on a volunteer       so we constantly have to be on guard with
of nurse practitioners and the stature of       fessions.”                                      basis until five years ago when AANP          our lobbying efforts.”
AANP.                                                                                           hired a public relations expert, which            As she wraps up her term of office,
                                                                        — Mary Ellen Roberts,
    “I am personally dedicated to the                               immediate past president,   increased the organization’s visibility       Roberts thanks the entire membership for
role of the nurse practitioner, to AANP,                              RN, APN-C, MSN, FAANP     exponentially.                                its confidence in electing her president.
what we stand for and to our mission,”                                                             Roberts is particularly pleased that       She also thanks current and former
Roberts said. “I believe AANP is the                                                            increased visibility has come with oppor-     AANP Board members, as well as
premier organization for nurse practi-          Medicare reimbursement for more NP              tunities for alliances and coalitions with    AANP executives and staff. Most of all,
tioners and that the AANP presence has          services.                                       more than three dozen health promotions       she thanks her family for their patience
helped us to practice the way we want              “These advances are an incredible feat       organizations, some of which include the      and support in her many travels on
to practice.”                                   for us,” she said. “We just keep advancing      American Cancer Society, the American         behalf of AANP.
    Not so long ago, only some states           and advancing, able to do more and more.        Heart Association, the National Diabetes          “It’s been a very rewarding experi-
allow prescriptive authority to nurse           AANP itself is respected throughout the         Education Program and the National            ence,” Roberts said. “It is also bittersweet
practitioners. Today, nurse practitioners       country by many organizations and other         Heartburn Alliance.                           because a part of me really does not want
have some form of prescriptive authority        health professions.”                               “We all have the same goal, so instead     to leave. I feel I have a lot more I would
in all 50 states. Roberts also noted that          As tangible evidence of growth and           of striking out on our own individually,      like to contribute. However, I respect that
the scope of practice for nurse practi-         stature, the AANP Annual Conference             we partner with these organizations to get    it is a cycle of events, and now it’s time
tioners continues to expand, as well as         has grown from small meetings in hotel          the word out to our nurse practitioners       for me to take my leave.” ■

Journal offers variety of learning formats
                                                                                                   NPs empower patients with Medical IDs
        aining continuing education can be      NPs takes a clinical approach. The leader-

G       a timely and costly endeavor, but,
        thanks to AANP’s partnership with
CE-Today for Nurse Practitioners, NPs
                                                ship of AANP is involved in each issue,
                                                suggesting faculty, reviewing goals and
                                                providing valuable perspectives to help           T
                                                                                                        hree years ago, AANP and
                                                                                                        American Medical ID forged a
                                                                                                        partnership to increase awareness
                                                                                                                                              provide information, share product
                                                                                                                                              samples and take orders.
                                                                                                                                                  American Medical ID doesn’t take a
can access unlimited free CE.                   their members in practice.                        about the importance of wearing a med-      one-size-fits-all approach to its product
   Launched more than five years ago, this          After completion, learners can access         ical ID. Thanks to this relationship,       line, instead offering attractive, fashion-
valuable member service has already deliv-      the Web site, www.ce-today.com, to print          AANP members can empower their              able, durable, affordable medical ID jew-
ered hundreds of AANP-accredited courses        an instant certificate of credit.                 patients with medical IDs.                  elry. Its broad selection of bracelets and
since the partnership with AANP was                 CE-Today for NPs also offers live, inter-         “We believe in organizations like       necklaces are available in gold, gold-
established. CE-Today for NPs, a combina-       active, case-based Web events, allowing NPs       AANP, and nurse practitioners are big       filled, sterling silver and stainless steel.
tion journal and interactive CD-ROM, pro-       to query faculty in real time. These events       proponents of this simple, but very         The company also features medical ID
vides AANP members with CE credits in a         are then available for replay on the Web.         powerful tool,” said Dirk Van Slyke,        watches in sport, casual and classic
variety of learning formats including print,        Thanks to grants underwritten by com-         vice president of sales and marketing at    styles. Starting at $21.95, each medical
audio and interactive multimedia.               mercial sponsors, CE-Today for NPs is             American Medical ID.                        ID is personalized with free engraving.
   Conference attendees can get a               offered free of charge and contains no                In addition to donating 20 percent of       Ordering is simple via the American
glimpse of CE-Today for NPs, produced           industry advertisements.                          all sales from patients treated by AANP     Medical ID Web site, www.american-
by the Medical Education Broadcast                  “Nurse practitioners provide outstanding      members to AANP, association mem-           medical-id.com. From selecting the
Network (MEBN), by visiting the                 healthcare services to millions of patients       bers and their families receive a 50 per-   metal, plate style, chain and clasp,
Partners Pavilion during the conference.        across the life continuum,” Lee said. “As         cent discount when they order an ID         users can customize their ID via the
Those stopping by the booth will have the       frontline providers, contemporary and time-       for themselves.                             Build Your Bracelet and Build Your
opportunity to review the latest editions of    ly education is key to providing better care.         For Van Slyke, wearing a medical        Necklace feature, which also are avail-
the publication and offer suggestions for       We’ve worked diligently to educate com-           ID is critically important.                 able in children’s sizes. Each ID is cus-
future issues and programs.                     mercial supporters about AANP and the                 “Those with diabetes, heart condi-      tom fitted and personalized with com-
   A former critical care nurse and nurs-       benefits of supporting the same education         tions, or food or drug allergies, for       plementary engraving.
ing instructor, MEBN President and CEO          they offer without hesitation to physicians.”     example, require a much higher level of         A new feature is American Medical
Sharyn S. Lee, RN, MS, is passionate                She encourages Conference attendees to        care,” he said. “NPs spend the most         ID’s Online Medical Registry.
about providing additional avenues for          voice their opinions about the publication.       time counseling and working with them       Participants can maintain a free online
continuing education to NPs.                        “When they’ve stopped by in the past,         on lifestyle changes. It’s critically       personal health database of their med-
   “As a leader within the industry,            they’ve told us that they really love the         important that a patient like that wears    ical conditions, emergency contact
MEBN is committed to innovation in              case studies and patient education tips,”         a medical ID in case he or she become       information, prescriptions, over-the-
designing education for the adult profes-       Lee said. “We appreciate requests for spe-        unconscious.”                               counter medications, and personal and
sional learner,” she said. “We are experts      cific content. We know our partnership                Representatives from the company        medical files, such as living wills,
in adult learning. Our content is practical     with AANP is one of the most valued               will highlight all that American            donor cards, EKGs and CTs. This data-
and readily applied to improve patient          aspects of our company, and we hope it            Medical ID has to offer in their booth      base can be accessed anytime through a
care and support best practices.”               will remain a valued member benefit to            at the Partners Pavilion, where staff       secure online connection or a 24-hour
   Beyond AANP’s own highly respected           the entire audience of NPs providing care         will be on hand to answer questions,        emergency phone line. ■
CE offerings in the JAANP, CE-Today for         to patients across the country.” ■
Friday, June 22, 2007                                                                                                                     AANP Conference Call                                  9

Session reveals how NPs can                                                                              Bank helps NPs consolidate loans
learn exactly what they’re worth                                                                              hanks to AANP’s partnership with          lender instead of several payments to

        o you want a better job? Do you               revenue potential and visibility.                 T     SunTrust Bank, AANP members
                                                                                                              can consolidate their federal stu-
                                                                                                                                                        multiple lenders
                                                                                                                                                      • Have more disposal income to put

D       want to keep the plum job you
        have? Do you want to know if you
are fairly compensated? If the answers are
                                                          “You have to be diligent with adminis-
                                                      trative things,” Mackey said. “Make sure
                                                      the business office is well-run.”
                                                                                                        dent loans at a fixed interest rate, saving
                                                                                                        them thousands of dollars over the life
                                                                                                        of their previous loans.
                                                                                                                                                        toward other monthly expenses
                                                                                                                                                      • Extend the loan term by up to 30
                                                                                                                                                        years and, thus, reduce the monthly
“yes,” then you will want to quantify your                A well-run business office will inves-           Those with balances greater than             payment
value. Telling NPs how was Thomas A.                  tigate denials or reduced charges, file           $10,000 can reduce their interest rate            SunTrust also offers a Web site
Mackey, PhD, APRN-C FAAN, FAANP,                      claims promptly, review accounts receiv-          by 1.5 percent, saving more than              resource center, which allows users to
of the University of Texas Health Science             able monthly, maintain collections                $4,700 in interest on a $20,000 loan —        research the cost of pursuing further
Center Houston, School of Nursing, during             efforts, develop a cost accounting sys-           the equivalent of 29 monthly loan pay-        educational avenues and scholarship
a Wednesday session.                                  tem and monitor the practice’s expenses.          ments.                                        opportunities. It further supports
    “You need to know what it is you want             NPs contribute to this diligence by mak-             When SunTrust approached AANP              AANP member families by offering a
and what you are worth, and negotiate                 ing sure they bill for all tests, office vis-     two years ago, it was looking to partner      monthly $1,000 scholarship sweep-
from a position of strength,” Mackey said.            its, home visits, telephone consults and          with a reputable association.                 stakes for graduating high-school
    To negotiate with strength, Mackey                procedures.                                          “Nurse practitioners just coming out       seniors.
recommended that nurse practitioners per-                 “Everything you do should be charged          of school need help consolidating their           The company, which provides the
form a specific calculation to determine              out,” Mackey said. “Not only does it              loans, and those looking to return to         service free to AANP and its mem-
their value within a practice. First, they            bring in revenue to the practice, but it also     school need help paying for their con-        bers, gives the association a yearly
must determine all charges they have gen-             demonstrates your value to the practice. If       tinuing education,” said Debra                payment based on loan volume. This
erated for the practice and take that figure          you don’t capture that, they can’t see it.        Campbell, executive partner channel           payment goes toward general operat-
times the practice’s collection rate. The             Also, you need to ask for income reports          manager at SunTrust Bank. “We want-           ing costs for AANP internal pro-
resulting calculation is the income they              for the practice to see what income you           ed to affiliate with AANP to help make        grams and projects that benefit its
have generated for the practice. Then,                are producing.”                                   AANP, its membership and us                   members.
they must subtract the practice’s over-                   Mackey also encouraged NPs to pres-           stronger.”                                        By stopping by the Partners
head, which is about 57 percent for a fam-            ent their value based on RVUs generated.             Conference participants can learn          Pavilion, visitors can pick up a fun
ily practice. For example, $162,000                   RVUs are based on three components: the           about SunTrust’s offerings by visiting        giveaway and register to win a $50
income times a 92 percent collection rate             practitioner’s work, the practice expense         their booth in the Partners Pavilion.         SunTrust VISA gift card. AANP mem-
equals $149,040, minus $79,040 in over-               and malpractice expense. The more                 Some of those benefits are:                   bers can learn more about SunTrust’s
head, equals $70,000.                                 advanced the patient care levels, the more        • Make a single monthly student loan          offerings by going to www.suntrust
    This exercise will quantify the nurse             RVUs the practitioner earns.                        payment with one interest rate and          education.com/aanp.
practitioner’s value to a clinical practice,              “The best way to actively increase
providing that individual with a real bar-            your income through a practice is to
gaining chip for a raise. Conversely, for             increase your RVUs, increase your RVUs,
NPs who are not up to speed, such a cal-              increase your RVUs,” Mackey empha-
culation could mean trouble. To keep up               sized. “Also, monitor your billings
to speed, Mackey recommended NPs                      process, market yourself and your servic-       NPs stay informed with SmartBrief
understand the business side of the prac-             es, and negotiate for more dollars based
tice where they work and to improve their             on your worth and value.” ■                            rom newspapers, magazines, televi-       tions, media and entertainment, retail and

                                                                                                      F      sion to the Internet, it can be over-
                                                                                                             whelming for NPs to get news and
                                                                                                      information about their profession. Getting
                                                                                                                                                      consumer products, business, insurance,
                                                                                                                                                      finance, education, distribution, health-
                                                                                                                                                      care, foodservice, and travel and hospital-
                                                                                                      the news they need would be easy if there       ity.
                                                                                                      was a shortcut. That’s where AANP                   The subscriber count for AANP
                                                                                                      SmartBrief comes in.                            SmartBrief is 21,300 and growing. On
                                                                                                          “It is kind of like a CliffsNotes for       average, 27 percent of AANP SmartBrief
                                                                                                      industry news,” said Merritt Colaizzi,          readers open it each day, which is extraor-
                                                                                                      director, Association Services, SmartBrief      dinary considering it is a daily publication
                                                                                                      Inc. “It helps people by saving them the        and nurse practitioners most certainly are
                                                                                                      time of having to search for news that is       not sitting at desk all day.
                                                                                                      relevant to their jobs. It keeps them smart         “AANP SmartBrief contains a lot of
                                                                                                      about what is going on in their industry or     information, but it’s useful and comes in
                                                                                                      their fields.”                                  bite-sized chunks so people can read
                                                                                                          SmartBrief publishes 62 co-branded,         through it quickly and see if there is any-
                                                                                                      customized e-mail newsletters in partner-       thing that they want to read, and then
                                                                                                      ship with leading trade associations, pro-      click through to read more,” she said.
                                                                                                      fessional societies and corporations. More          AANP SmartBrief launched four years
                                                                                                      than 1 million professionals in 18 indus-       ago. The growth on the publication has
                                                                                                      tries rely on SmartBrief every day to save      been exponential and is mainly due to
                                                                                                      them time and keep them informed with           word of mouth.
                                                                                                      essential industry news and more.                   “NPs love it,” Colaizzi said. “They’ve
                                                                                                          “People don’t have time to read tens or     been sharing it with each other. That’s
    Wall of Fame                                                                                      hundreds of periodicals a day,” Colaizzi        how we know we’re doing a good job.
    The AANP Wall of Fame exhibit honors winners of the 2007 State Awards for Excellence and the      said. “So we do that and cull the news peo-     People value the service, and they tell
    2007 AANP Fellow inductees. In addition, AANP honored recipients of the prestigious AANP State    ple really need to know to do their jobs.       their peers and colleagues about it.”
    Awards for Excellence during the Annual Membership Meeting Thursday. New Fellow inductees         We summarize the articles in a way that             All of SmartBrief’s newsletters are free
    were honored in a ceremony Wednesday evening. The Wall of Fame will be available for viewing
                                                                                                      makes the information easily accessible.”       and open to anyone. To sign up for AANP
    throughout the Conference and is located near Hall F.
                                                                                                          SmartBrief’s publications reach profes-     SmartBrief, visit www.aanp.org and click
                                                                                                      sionals in advertising, aviation and aero-      the link to AANP SmartBrief, or visit
                                                                                                      space, biotechnology, telecommunica-            www.smartbrief.com/aanp. ■
10       AANP Conference Call                                                                                                                                    Friday, June 22, 2007

                                                                                            Speakers give insight, advice
  NPs serve variety of                                                                      on retail healthcare business
  roles in war on terror                                                                       t was evident in a Wednesday session                 value for their money, they have height-

           urse practitioners attending        field artillery brigade. In this role, he    I  about retail healthcare just how far the
                                                                                               industry has come when Session Mod-
                                                                                                                                                    ened expectations, and there are many
                                                                                                                                                    marketplace choices. It’s also important to

  N        Wednesday’s “Meet the
           Generals” session wanted to
  learn the roles NPs play in the global
                                               was riding with the brigade commander
                                               in a Humvee, providing sick call for
                                               troops. The brigade served the mission
                                                                                            erator Catherine Wisner, PhD, CFNP, asked
                                                                                            how many in the room worked in retail
                                                                                            healthcare, and a number of hands shot up.
                                                                                                                                                    implement those guidelines.
                                                                                                                                                        “It’s one thing to have guidelines on
                                                                                                                                                    paper; it’s another thing to practice
  war on terrorism, and Lt. Col. Jack          of conveying support, security and              During the session, Trish Hughes,                    them,” Hughes said. “The implementa-
  Davis provided quite a view into a           demilitarization of Iraqi artillery.         EdD, MSN, CFNP, outlined the use of                     tion in the retail healthcare business is
  whole other world of practice on the             “My particular brigade had four bat-     clinical guidelines and quality measures,               the marriage of the clinical-quality stan-
  front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.         talions all over Iraq, and we would          Sandra Ryan, MSN, CPNP, discussed the                   dardization and business operations. In
      “Many NPs in Iraq are functioning in     drive among the different sites,” Davis      roles of NPs, and Juliet A. Santos, MSN,                other words, making the guidelines come
  non-traditional primary care roles,” Davis   said. “It was my job as an NP to be sure     CCRN, APRN, BC, brought to light chal-                  alive for practitioners.”
  said. “Their scope of practice has broad-    that each of those battalions got the        lenges and opportunities of owning and                      Ryan then dug into the role of NPs
  ened considerably in that specific role.”    right amount of care, and I supervised       managing retail clinics.                                from a leadership perspective, saying that
      NPs serve in various settings, from      PAs in the role.”                               Clinical guidelines and quality meas-                advocacy for the nurse practitioner pro-
  fixed installations in Baghdad provid-           A huge component of a NPs work           ures are important for several reasons.                 fession is key to this business.
  ing primary medical care to combat           may involve humanitarian service to          Consumers are going to seek the best                        “The NP profession is part of the solu-
  units out in the field.                      the local population.                                                                                tion, and it’s important for people to rec-
      “Occasionally when there is an               “We would drive in with a Humvee                                                                 ognize that,” Ryan said. “Initially, we
  explosion, we are expected to step up        and drop the tailgate, and I pulled out                                                              started this business with angel investors.
  to the plate and provide the care neces-     my bag, and the kids would line up for                                                               Years later, we raised $79 million from
  sary to sustain that person’s life,” Davis   healthcare,” Davis said. “Anybody with                                                               investors who said this was the smartest
  said.                                        any compassion whatsoever would                                                                      idea they’ve heard of in years.”
      If an NP serves as medical officer       want to take care of these children. We                                                                  Santos explained that she thought so too,
  for a combat unit, they take care of         are also very much believers in the                                                                  which is why she worked so hard to start
  anything remotely considered medical,        hearts and minds philosophy. If we                                                                   her own business, Early Solutions Clinic.
  from patient tracking to mortuary            could win Iraqi hearts, we will get shot                                                             She is president and CEO of the company.
  affairs, Davis said. Unit commanders         at a whole lot less.”                                                                                    “I didn’t have an MBA, but I had a
  expect NP medical officers to know               Despite the dangers, NPs in the                                                                  dream. I had a mission,” Santos said.
  answers to questions involving those         army want to be deployed where they                                                                      She recommended setting goals, writ-
  medical officer functions.                   will take care of soldiers.                                                                          ing everything down, networking, read-
      Much of a medical officer’s work             “They may be NPs, but they are also                                                              ing all contracts and keeping a positive
  involves serving with the ground units.      in the military, and they realize that is                                                            attitude.
  When Davis was in Iraq, he was               the role they will play if they wear the     Juliet Santos, MSN, CCRN, APRN, BC, shares some
                                                                                                                                                        “Everyday you will want to quit,”
  assigned as a brigade surgeon for a          uniform,” Davis said. ■                      of the challenges she went through when getting         Santos said. “But you have to keep thinking
                                                                                            her business, Early Solutions Clinic, off the ground.   over and over again what drives you.” ■

CareerLink connects NPs with potential employers                                                                                                      Changes
                                                                                                                                                      continued from page 3
       earching for a job can seem like a      listings geared toward nurse practitioners   targeted online résumé,” Austin said.

S      job in and of itself — from navigat-
       ing search engines on the Web, to
hiring a professional recruiter, to network-
                                               throughout the country, AANP members
                                               can post a résumé confidentially, send a
                                               cover letter with a résumé, receive e-mail
                                                                                               Job seekers can take their career
                                                                                            searches a step further by creating a per-
                                                                                            sonal Web site via CareerLink’s My Site.
                                                                                                                                                      scope of practice for non-physicians
                                                                                                                                                      (NPs, PAs, podiatrists, pharmacists,
                                                                                                                                                      etc.) In fact, the American Medical
ing on your own. Finding the right job that    notifications of new job postings, and       Password protected, this one-of-a-kind                    Association and the American
suits one’s capabilities and career goals      access personal assistance via a toll-free   Web site — thanks to a personalized URL                   Academy of Family Physicians said
requires a more focused approach. AANP’s       number five days a week.                     — allows users to become more visible to                  they want to specify the scope of
CareerLink does the job for nurse practi-          Users can take advantage of a special    employers. My Site is easy to use, but a                  practice for non-physician providers.
tioners.                                       feature that links would-be job candi-       customer care line is staffed to answer                       Towers asked NPs to monitor
   Free to AANP members, this easy-to-         dates with interested employers while at     questions five days a week.                               these trends carefully and write let-
navigate, interactive, electronic forum will   the Conference. Through Conference              Another powerful tool — My Work                        ters to Congress. Visit the Office of
be featured in the Partners Pavilion during    Connection™, those seeking NP posi-          Style — gives users the opportunity to                    Health Policy Booth near registration
the Annual Conference.                         tions can facilitate interviews with         know and understand the employment                        or the AANP Advocacy Center on
   “CareerLink is not only a job bank,         employers on site. They simply notify        environment for which they are best                       the AANP Web site, www.aanp.org,
but rather a career resource,” said            potential employers of their interest,       suited.                                                   to learn the latest about the major
Nicole Austin, partnership support coor-       availability and on-site attendance by          “This self-assessment tool is designed                 issues. Also through the Advocacy
dinator with HEALTHeCAREERS                    flagging their résumés. Job seekers can      to help registered members figure out the                 Center, AANP offers pre-written let-
Network. “We’ll be in the Pavilion to          also view which employers are present at     type of environment in which they’re                      ters for NPs to sign and send elec-
give demonstrations, answer questions,         the Annual Conference, since employers       most likely to thrive, what potential career              tronically to their legislators.
post résumés, assist with job searches         have the option of flagging their job        obstacles may exist and what sorts of skill                   “We shouldn’t be discouraged
and help users find their ideal work           postings.                                    sets they’d most likely enjoy using,”                     when we run into these walls,”
environment.”                                      For those wanting to develop their       Austin said.                                              Towers said. “It means we are we are
   At any one time, CareerLink —               résumé, CareerLink features a new               Austin also suggested that Conference                  good at what we do, and it’s scaring
www.AANPCareerLink.org — contains              résumé customization tool called Résumé      attendees go to the NP Student Interest                   people. We need to stay steady and
about 500 job openings for job candidates      Builder.                                     Group Forum, from 2:45 to 4 p.m. Friday                   professional, do well in our jobs, and
to connect with possible employers.                “NPs can tailor their résumé to their    in room 121, where staff will demonstrate                 be the best we can be.” ■
Beyond searching employer-posted job           own strengths and career directions for a    the benefits of CareerLink. ■

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