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					                        District Matriculation Advisory Committee
                                     Meeting Minutes
                                     February 8, 2011

Meeting convened at 10:22 a.m.

Attendance: Phyllis Braxton (Pierce), William Duxler (Pierce), Suzette Morales-Guerra
(ELAC), Bobbi Kimble (District Office), Raquel Sanchez (LAVC), Elizabeth Colocho (LAHC),
Kalynda Webber (LACC). Visitor: Carlos Gonzalez (Intern- District Office).


   1. Meeting minutes from December 14, 2010 M/S/A with amendments.
   2. District Liaison Report given by Bobbi Kimble. Ms. Kimble reviewed the two issues she
      requested for discussion on the agenda.
          a. A & R Committee suggestion- We need a board rule to govern how we will
              address the waiver policy for those students eligible. Which department (i.e.,
              Counseling, Admissions, department Chair, other) should handle the work? By
              general consensus the committee agreed that the district should institute a waiver
              policy that includes the development and use of a new waiver form and district
              notification to campus for direct correspondence to students to warn they are
              approaching the 30 unit limit or have exceeded it. This notification to the student
              would be handled by each campus in whatever manner they prefer but the
              specifics of this policy should be decided upon by the CSSOs. Phyllis Braxton
              will bring this issue back to our CSSO representative, Joy McCaslin to share with
              CSSO Council.
          b. By general consensus, the committee agrees to a district “W” policy that would
              stop a student from enrolling in the course after 3 “W”s have been acquired;
              however, with an appropriate intervention then the student would be allowed to
              attempt a fourth “W” but that would be the last allowable.
   3. CSSO Report not provided.
   4. Dr. Duxler provided an update of activities he is currently engaged in, which include an
      update to the LACC ESL placement process and work on ELAC’s move to computer-
      based testing. This has required a tremendous amount of effort and time from Dr. Duxler.
   On behalf of ELAC, Mrs. Morales-Guerra would like to thank Dr. Duxler for his above
   and beyond service. The work with both of these colleges has prompted Dr. Duxler to
   make some additional changes to APMS. ELAC and WLAC requested a daily log to
   correlate with SARS appointment data. Dr. Duxler developed this daily log and passed
   out a sample to the committee. The issue of multiple placements will also be addressed
   by APMS very soon. Dr. Duxler will revamp APMS placement so that it will test which
   test scores will count for placement if a student has multiple placement results. APMS
   will merge all groupings together (i.e., new, test, retest) to just “test.” This policy will be
   enforced across testing cycles. New policy may trigger unprocessed results, so APMS
   will address this by producing an unprocessed report that will have something to
   acknowledge why download wasn’t processed. Also, Dr. Duxler is working on a separate
   ATB report option so that the colleges are able to print separate ATB reports.
       a. Mr. Duxler provided a hard-copy of the 2009/2010 expenditure report to Suzette
           for review and will disseminate it via email to all others.
   A concern was raised by Phyllis Braxton. The concern is regarding what the district will
   do to address what is/will happen with APMS. With the new SIS, will the district adopt
   APMS and fully support it or will new SIS do the job of APMS? Mrs. Morales-Guerra
   and Ms. Webber both agreed that they do not believe any of the vendors currently being
   considered have products that can do what APMS can do. This is an issue that been
   raised by Dr. Duxler, Ms. Braxton and others but has not yet been addressed. Dr. Duxler
   stated he is more than happy to support the district in whatever efforts they decide upon.
5. MIS Report not provided.
6. Ms. Braxton provided a report for Region 7. One of the major issues affecting the budget
   picture for this year is the tax extension getting on the ballot and whether or not it passes.
   A program update from the CCC Chancellor’s Office will be disseminated for all student
   services sometime this month, which will provide a picture of what student services is
   doing and the direction it is going. The centralized assessment project that was a part of
   the State Bill sponsored by Assemblyman Marty Block was also discussed. Nine vendors
   will be participating in the feasibility study on February 28, 2011, which was a
   requirement of the State Bill. Wade Liu stated that funds for the feasibility study for CCC
   Assess (statewide assessment project) is coming from the Gates Foundation.
   The proposed Title V changes to institute content review of prerequisites for validation in
   lieu of the highest level of validation have many throughout the state concerned. Some
   fear a disproportionate impact on those underserved population. Public comments will be
   heard until February 17, 2011. All comments related to this issue should be forwarded to
   Steve Bruckman.
   Ms. Braxton shared that Debbie DiThomas is requesting input from matriculation
   colleagues. She is requesting equity reports and data about student performance,
   specifically after major changes like the prerequisite change we are now facing. She
   would like to show data on what happens to students and their rates of successful
   completion when we make major changes. Tougher relations may be ahead for California
   community colleges with regard to excessive withdrawals by students. Tara Cooper,
   Matriculation Student Personnel Assistant at American River College is the Matriculation
   representative on the CCC Chancellor’s Student Success Taskforce and matriculation
   professionals across the state are encouraged to get information back to her so that our
   voice is heard. Also, she will be reporting to matriculation units through their region
   representatives. Tara would like to have data on access, equity, best practices, measures
   to account for student equity, etc.
7. Degree Works report not provided. Follow up will be requested from P. Banday (at the
   next meeting) since WLAC is leading district in Degree Works use.
8. No SIS Taskforce update provided.
9. New Early Alert system is operational and use is increasing. Mr. Saryan provided a report
   with data about use of Alert system by campus. The first meeting of phase II of this
   project was held with the workgroup and the next meeting is scheduled for February 22nd
   at 10:30 a.m.
10. Old Business
       a. LAUSD/LACCD project- Rose Rocha unable to attend the meeting to provide an
           official update; however, she did report (via email) that she only received a
           purchase request from one campus. The other campuses need to submit a
           purchase request for the testing units necessary for use in this project.
11. New Business
          a. Math Summit- Scheduled for March 11, 2011 at LATTC. The registration link is
              now available. If interested in obtaining link, Suzette can provide.
          b. EAP pilot- Yasmin requested that the district Matriculation committee discuss
              potential participation. By general consensus, the committee agreed that this
              decision should be discussed by the district Academic Senate and/or district CIOs.
              Rationale: The academic units (i.e., English and Math departments) are the
              responsible parties for much of the work necessary in this project so they should
              decide whether the district is interested in involvement.
          c. EAP score acceptance- It was discussed that there may have been a LACCD
              Chancellor directive given approximately 5 years ago that provided guidance on
              this matter. The Chancellor directive may have been that all LACCD schools will
              accept EAP results for placement purposes. Elizabeth Colocho will research her
              files to see if she still has this directive and what it specified.
          d. EAP Readiness workshop- Will be held in Anaheim on March 16, 2011.
              Matriculation Coordinators are encouraged to attend to garner additional
              information about EAP.
          e. Matriculation position paper- Issue presented at last meeting. We will discuss
              again at next meeting and develop a taskforce for completion.
   12. Next meeting is at LA Trade Tech on March 8, 2011. D. Smith will send out a reminder
       email with parking information.

Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

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