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									LG Infinia 60PZ950 60-Inch 1080p 600Hz Active 3D THX Certified Plasma
HDTV with TruBlack Filter and Smart TV

First I would like to warn everyone on a delivery scam that Pilot trucking is pulling
on Amazon and its cutomers.My TV was shipped to their Atlanta hub and arrived
on April 4th...delivery estimate April 8th.I called Pilot on the 8th about 4pm to see
whats up.They said they did not have the TV anymore it was picked up by another
company J.P.Hall for final delivery.

OK called Hall about the TV....a little snicker and a no way today,was told they
would have a truck in my area next tuesday the 12th and next thursday the
14th..of course I picked Tuesday.On monday I received a call from Hall saying a
truck was in Athens Ga with my TV but the helper was sick and if I could help get it
off they would deliver it that day.I had to tell them because of my bad health there
was no way I could do this.They said they would bring it tommorow.Ok Tuesday
comes around no TV.I call Hall they say the Driver is waiting to pick up someone to
help him.

The Driver calls me about 5pm and tells me the guy didnt show up and asked
again if I could help him.I said no again and He promised me first off tommorow
Wed.OK wed. gets here no TV about 4pm I call Hall nope no help today no
delivery...Thursday....I told them I have been forced to be home for 4 days now
and need it by noon thursday because I had plans that afternoon.They said they
would make it Happen..Thursday 10am the truck shows up....No helper just a
driver.They put it off on Him because he was a large strong guy..but a 160lb TV
one man?To get the TV I helped Him get it off and unpacked and set up...Thru the
grace of God after riding around in 3 differnt Hall trucks for over a week it was still
intact...I felt sorry for the driver being put in this situation.
After talking to the Driver found out They dont have two people on any truck to do
white glove delivery that Amazon promises.they try to hook up with another driver
to get this done.Thats why they kept asking for my help.Shame on Pilot for letting
this happen.6 months earlier they delivered a 2 lb fishing rod in a big truck with 2
guys.lol The delivery bill I signed was a Pilot bill of shipping so Amazon would think
they deliverd it

I called Amazon about it and they were shocked and concerned their customers
were getting this kind of service.

they apologized and gave me a nice amount of cash for my inconvenance.and they
were glad I called them and would resolve the problem.I love Amazon service.
Now for the LG 60PZ950.I did great research ob LCD...Backlit LCD-LED and
Plasma TV's...After 4 years of suffering with a samsung DLP that just died DLP was
out.Finaly went with Plasma...three real brands to pick from..Samsung..Panasonic
and LG.Samsung is out because of poor service and bad design of the DLP and
stories of high pitch sounds...Panasonic was my frontrunner till I heard of color
problems on newer tv's and Panasonic not addressing the problem...read great
reviews on the LG...but what sold me was seeing the LG and Panasonic and
Samsung all at once...The LG won on all accounts to me.
Iam so glad I bought this TV...The best picture I have ever seen as good or better
than my friends Pioneer.

Out of the box the color was right on..I broke it in ,if it is really needed?,by running
24-7 for 5 days on the THX setting overnight on HBO HD movie channel...no
problems at all.Picture quality is great...3D was bought for my 11 year old and is
exceptional...PS3 has a firmware upgrade so you can watch 3D blueray disc and
play 3D games very cool.Netflix offers 3D disc sent to your home,not alot yet but
sure more will come..

hooked the TV up hardwired to my DSL...upgrade TV software(took about an Hour)
gave mr more apps...now have about 12 apps and lots of games...The browser
works fine but will probably use my computer much faster on my pc..Used the
optical out to hook up to my receiver optical input for 5.1 sound when we watch
movies...set up was easy tons of ways to hook up multiple things...the built
in speakers are fine for everday use...but a surround sound system makes it
killer..Ther is not anything about this TV I dislike...I bought the 4 year Square deal
warranty and thanks to the cash Amazon gave me it was almost free.Iam watching
it now as I write this and So glad I picked the LG60PZ950 and would recomend it to

UPDATE 04/22/2011...Ok tried to get my Netflix to load on my LG.Received
an activation number from the TV went to netflix and actavated the
number...successfully....but when I click on Netflix on the LG it comes up with a
software error...repeated the process like 10 times...same deal...called Netflix they
said it was the TV not them.If You wanted to know about LG's service here is what
happened...Called LG within 3 mins I was talking to a servis ReP...This was like
10pm Wed.She said she would have a certified LG tech at my house Friday between
12-5pm..he called at 12:30 and was here at1pm..check tv couldnt get netflix to
work...We both figured the software update to the LG I did might have an error
in it...wish I had tried Netflix before I did the update...He said He had to order a
new board that controls it and if it doesnt work or will take too long to get it that
they would replace my TV with a new one..The rest of the TV is still perfect just no
Netfix hook up...LG service gets 5stars from me...very fast and efficent nothing like
the Samsung wars I have been thru...PS has anyone else had this problem with
their TV and hooking up with netflix? any new owners might try activation before
you update the TV's software...Big John

Update 05/09/2011....Found out what was wrong with Netflix...Nothing to do with
the TV..Stupid ATT dropped my DSL speed to to about 26k so Netflix wouldnt
load..once I got it back to 1.5 everything worked great...after a month I realy like
having the Apps on my TV...especialy MLB baseball..a few clicks and Iam watching
the game I want..found out too that animated films in 3D are much better than
regular films...my son loves PS3 games that are 3D...The only bad is the majick
wand remote kills a new set of batteries in like 3-4 days just sitting.(might have
a bad unit)The bigger one that also comes with it works great no problems with
battery...Great Service...Great Tv..I think its one of the best TV's out there.Iam so
glad I bought this LG...Big John

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