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Bermuda's Place In History


									Bermuda's Place In History
Old Devonshire Church is built on a previous parish church site.

Bermuda, as with the rest of the British Empire, changes from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. The day
after 2nd
September becomes the 14th September.

14 Aug: 100 barrels of gunpowder are stolen from the Powder Magazine in St.George's and are shipped to
General George
Washington in America for the American War of Independence. The culprits, believed to be prominent
Bermudians, were
never found.

Jun: A Skiff from an American brig lands at Wreck Hill, Sandys Parish. They chase the British sailors
guarding the small
fort there, spike the guns and hoist the U.S. Flag. A Revolutionary vessel later arrives in support. The
British vessel HMS
Nautilus stayed in St.George's the entire time. Six days later both vessels sailed. Research has shown that
the raid had
been led by Bermudians, the Morgans of Southampton Parish.

First permanent British Army garrison is established. This was a direct result of the Bermudian, pro-
sympathies evidenced in 1777, as well as the need to maintain a strategic point for the British Empire in the
North Atlantic
with the apprehension over the new upstart nation of America.

Bermuda's first 'postal service' begins when Joseph Stockdale places a letterbox outside his office on
Printer's Alley,
17 Jan: Bermuda's first newspaper is published, The Bermuda Gazette, edited and printed by Joseph
1 Mar: The Bermuda Gazette reports that snow fell in Bermuda the night before.

The British Admiralty sends two naval Lieutenants, Hurd and Evans, to survey the waters of Bermuda to
find a suitable
site for a base for the British Navy.

7 May: The Legislature passes an Act that empowers Government to buy lands on the north side of Crow
Lane, planned
site of the new capital. It is accepted that it will be called Hamilton after Governor Henry Hamilton who
had been
instrumental in the moving of the capital. The land that had been set aside earlier by past Governor, Daniel
Tucker's Town, was sold to a group of Bermuda businessmen.
First uniform electoral system used. Every voter and candidate for the House of Assembly has to be a
registered property

The town of Hamilton is incorporated.
Bermuda's own currency, the Ship pennies, come into circulation. The obverse had the effigy of King
George III and the
reverse had a ship under sail. British currency is also in circulation at this time.
Hundreds of French refugees from the slave revolts of Santo Domingo (Haiti) arrive in Bermuda on 'prize'

Under orders from Admiral Sir George Murray and guided by the charts made by Hurd and Evans in 1789,
the frigate
HMS Cleopatra passes through a channel, called the Narrows, to an area of deep water off St.Catherine's
Point, still
refered to today as Murray's Anchorage.
Admiral Murray recommends the establishment of a Royal Naval base on Ireland Island.

1 Apr: Official incorporation of the Town of St.George. Andrew Durnford becomes the first Mayor.
7 Apr: Bermudian John Graisberry is captured by Spaniards in the Caribbean while sailing a Bermuda boat.
He is taken to
Cuba and imprisoned for 47 years.

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