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					                              PURCHASING OFFICE

                           POLICIES & GUIDELINES

Augusta State University Purchasing Office Mission Statement:

The mission of the Purchasing Office is to provide the most responsible, efficient
purchasing function, purchasing card administration, risk management oversight, and
telecommunication service that supports achievement of the university’s goals by providing
timely, cost effective service to staff and faculty in support of successful students.

State of Georgia Purchasing Policies:

Augusta State University follows the administrative rules issued by the Georgia
Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), through its State Purchasing Division.
These administrative rules govern the purchasing activities of all state government entities
subject to DOAS’ authority. DOAS has been given the legal authority to regulate
purchasing activities, and the laws concerning this authority may be found in the Official
Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) Title 50, Chapter 5, Article 3.

All purchases made by ASU must adhere to the provisions of the Georgia Procurement
Manual (GPM) unless exempted under Chapter 2, Section 3 of the manual. Please refer
to the GPM for specific purchasing policies and guidelines:

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia Policies:

As a unit of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and a State
Agency, Augusta State University is expected to strictly adhere to policy.

The following is the “General Policy 707.01” of the Board of Regents of the University
System of Georgia:
“The University System shall utilize the sources of the central purchasing agency for the
State of Georgia rather than establish a separate control purchasing office. In doing so,
the Board directs that each of its operating units comply with the various statutes, rules
and regulations governing purchases with state appropriated funds. In addition, the same
regulations shall apply to purchases from funds to which the University System has title.”

“All purchasing by units of the University System of Georgia will be centralized under the
direct management and control of the chief business officer of the institution concerned.”

“Funds held by the institutions of the University System in an agency capacity are not
subject to the rules and regulations of the central purchasing agency of the State, although
the services of that agency may be used for purchasing from agency funds at the election
of the chief business officer.”

“When purchases are made by an institution of the System, as opposed to being
made by the central purchasing agency of the State, professional practices for
purchasing in the public environment are to be employed at all times.”

The purchasing guidelines established by the Board of Regents are contained within the
Business Procedures Manual, Section 3:

Augusta State University:

General Purchasing:

As noted above, ASU follows the purchasing policies established by the Department of
Administrative Services and the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.
Please refer to the linked manuals for information on these policies. Additional information
may be found on the ASU Purchasing website or you may contact the Purchasing Office
for information relating to specific purchases.

ASU P-Card:

Augusta State University has established a separate manual for our Purchasing Card
Program. This manual follows both DOAS and BOR guidelines and includes areas in
which ASU has further refined those policies to better meet the needs of our university. All
participants in the ASU card program should be familiar with the information contained in
the manual. Additional information and procedures for the program is available on the P-
Card website.


P-Card Manual:

ASU Purchasing Contacts:

Purchasing Manager: 706-737-1766
Telecommunications: 706-737-1417
P-Card Coordinator: 706-737-1765

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