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                             501 Crescent Way
                            Anaheim, CA 92803

                             February 5, 2007


I.     Welcome/Introductions

       The meeting was called to order at 5:40 p.m.

       Committee members and guests introduced themselves.

II.    Roll Call


       Committee Members: Tom Giedlin, Michelle Hohmann, Patricia Rich, Irv
                  Trinkle, James Vanderbilt, and Linda Whiteman.

       Staff: Tim Holcomb

       Guests:      Mrs. Denise Mansfield-Reinking, Assistant Clerk, AUHSD Board
                    of Trustees
                    Dr. Jodie Wales, principal of Lexington Jr. High School
                    Mr. Walt Eden, Construction Controls Group
                    Mrs. Mary Giedlin, parent

       Absent:      Carla Santibanez, committee member

III.   Adoption of Agenda

       On a motion by Mrs. Rich and duly seconded by Mr. Trinkle, the
       committee adopted the agenda as submitted with a 6-0 vote of members

IV.    Tour of Lexington Jr. High School to view construction completed with
       Measure Z funds.

       Committee members were escorted by Dr. Wales and Mr. Holcomb on a
       tour of the Lexington Jr. High School Campus.

       The meeting reconvened at 6:45 pm. Dr. Wales and Mrs. Giedlin left the

V.     Public Comments

       Mrs. Denise Mansfield-Reinking, Assistant Clerk to the Anaheim Union
       High School District Board of Trustees thanked the members for
       volunteering to serve on the committee. She expressed that she is very
       confident that everyone will do a fantastic job. As a Board member for the
       district it humbles her to see that the committee has undertaken such a
       difficult task with enthusiasm.

       Mrs. Mansfield-Reinking also reported that she had attended a round table
       discussion at the California School Boards Association (CSBA) in San
       Francisco about what an oversight committee is. She will provide a copy of
       the document from this meeting for the committee.

       Dr. Wales, her staff and parents were recognized and thanked by Mrs.
       Mansfield-Reinking for their strength and patience during the construction
       process at Lexington Jr. High School.

       Mrs. Mansfield-Reinking then added that Mr. Holcomb has been a god-
       send to the district and thanked him for his efforts in helping to straighten
       out modernization and construction issues that the district has faced.

       Mr. Vanderbilt thanked Mrs. Mansfield-Reinking for her comments and
       asked for help from the Board of Trustees with filling the vacancies on the
       committee. Mrs. Mansfield-Reinking then stated that she has people in
       mind that will be submitting applications to the district for the vacant

VI.    Approval of Minutes of November 27, 2006 (Exhibit A)

       On a motion made by Mr. Trinkle and duly seconded by Mrs. Hohmann,
       the committee approved the minutes as submitted with a 6-0 vote of
       members present.

VII.   Member Reports

       Mr. Vanderbilt reported that he along with committee members, Patricia
       Rich, Irv Trinkle and Carla Santibanez attended the AUHSD Board of
       Trustees meeting on December 20, 2006. They addressed the Board to
       let them know that the committee had organized and put into place the
       strategy to undertake the task of “oversight” that include site visits. He
       also reported that the Board had asked about the qualifications of the
       committee members and Mr. Vanderbilt felt he had sufficiently explained
       everyone’s areas of expertise and interests to the Board’s satisfaction.

       Mr. Vanderbilt then thanked members who were present at the Board
       meeting for their attendance.

       Mrs. Rich reported that she and Michelle Hohmann had worked together to
       fine tune a letter to the school principals (Exhibit B) as a way of trying to
       let the principals know about the committee. The letter’ will then be
       distributed to the media to notify the public of the committee’s existence
       and mission.

       The committee recognized Mrs. Mansfield-Reinking from the audience ad
       agreed to hear her comments. She mentioned that Mrs. Pat Karlak, the
       Public Information Officer for the district would be able to assist the
committee with information regarding names or email addresses for media

Mr. Trinkle found that the past audits all fell into alignment and the
accountant’s report reflected that there were no findings and no
questions, but commented that Mrs. Whiteman has not had a chance to
review the audits. He also noted that findings in the 2005 audit reflected
unit price awards that were not in compliance. Mr. Holcomb stated that
this practice had been ceased prior to the completion of the audit and
brought the attention of the audits by the Construction Controls Group
(CCG) report. Mr. Trinkle would like a follow up in the 2006 audit to
acknowledge that this practice is no longer in place.

Mr. Holcomb commented that the 2005/2006 audits were for the district’s
regular books and not the Measure Z books. Dianne Poore, Assistant
Superintendent of Business and he have been meeting to find a method
for employing an audit firm to complete the 2005/2006 financial and
performance audits. A request for proposal (RFP) to find a new auditor for
all books, district and Measure Z is in the works.

A discussion regarding continuing with VTD for the 2006 audit due to time
constraints or initiating an RFP for an audit firm followed. The topic areas

   •   Continuing with VTD as the audit firm or initiating a “Request for
       Proposal” (RFP) for another auditing firm.
   •   Cost comparison for the AUHSD versus other districts
   •   The scope of work that is included in an audit
   •   Deadline for RFP

Miss Whiteman asked for a copy of scope of work to review. Mr. Holcomb
suggested that subcommittee meet with district controller and Assistant
Superintendent of Business to allow the committee to have some input as
to scope of work for auditors. He also mentioned that the Board of
Trustees is responsible for approving the hiring of the auditing firm.

The committee recognized Mrs. Mansfield-Reinking from the audience and
agreed to hear her comments. She stated that she is very interested in
the ideas and opinions of the committee as to what is done with the audit
as it is the most significant part of the Oversight Committee’s

Mr. Giedlin volunteered to take Mr. Kinnahan’s position on the audit
subcommittee which was approved by consensus of the committee. Mr.
Trinkle, Mr. Giedlin and Miss Whiteman would comprise the subcommittee
that will meet with the Board of Trustees regarding the audit. Mrs.
Mansfield-Reinking asked Mr. Holcomb to place the meeting as an item on
the next Board of Trustees agenda. Mr. Holcomb informed the committee
that the next Board of Trustees meeting will be held on February 22, 2007
at Anaheim High School in Cook Auditorium.

The arrangements to attend a finance meeting will be made through Ms.
Nakayama and Mr. Holcomb to review the scope of work issues with
        regards to past and future audits. Mr. Trinkle made a motion which was
        duly seconded by Mrs. Rich to have Miss Whiteman function as the
        chairperson for the financial committee. The motion passed by a vote of
        5-0 with Miss Whiteman abstaining.

        Mrs. Rich made a motion which was duly seconded by Miss Whiteman to
        accept Mr. Trinkle’s recommendation on behalf of the committee relative
        to the use of the current auditor for the 2005/2006 audit with the
        opportunity to review the scope of that work. The motion carried with a
        vote of 6-0.

        Member of the committee had a discussion regarding rephrasing a
        statement in the letter to the principals as to whether the committee is
        reviewing past and current spending or audit reports. The outcome of the
        discussion was that the phrase should be changed to read “reviewing past
        and current audit reports.”

        Mr. Vanderbilt then asked for a clarification of the meeting schedule for
        the principal’s letter. In the past, the committee had discussed holding
        quarterly meetings that would coincide with site visits. This item was
        moved to item XI on the agenda.

VIII.   Staff Update on Measure Z Program Update

        Mr. Holcomb updated the committee on the status of various construction
        and modernization projects.
            • Loara High School’s Grand Re-Opening ceremony will be conducted
               in the Fall, 2007
            • Kennedy High School’s Performing Arts Center’s Grand Opening will
               take place on April 21, 2007
            • Anaheim and Katella High Schools modernization projects are set
               to be advertised within the next week.
            • Lexington math wing needs carpeting will be done by the beginning
               of March, 2007 and the new building will be turned over to the
               school after spring break.
        Mrs. Whiteman asked Mr. Holcomb to explain the bidding process. Mr.
        Holcomb briefly explained the bidding procedures but the matter was
        tabled until the April 2, 2007 meeting.

        Mr. Trinkle asked Mr. Holcomb to brief the committee about the status of
        the new junior high. Mr. Holcomb stated that the new junior high has not
        been on the construction agenda for over a year due to lack of funds.

IX.     Discussion/Information Items

        The committee continued discussion on AB1234 from the November 27,
        2006 meeting. It was stated by Mr. Vanderbilt that their investigation of
        the statutes was that AB1234 was not mandatory. Therefore, it was the
        decision of the committee to ignore AB1234 unless the AUHSD Board of
        Trustees includes the language from AB1234 in their bylaws.
       The discussion from the November 27, 2006 meeting also continued
       regarding changing the committee’s name. On a motion made my Mrs.
       Rich and duly seconded by Mrs. Hohmann, it was the decision of the
       committee to retain the same committee name and just include 2006-
       2008 in its title to read, “Citizens’ Oversight Committee 2006-2008.” The
       motion carried by a vote of 6-0.

       Mr. Holcomb was asked to explain the bidding process. He explained that
       good contract administration is the focus of the District. The discussion for
       this procedure will be continued at a later meeting.

X.     Action Items

       The district will advertise the two replacement positions for members on
       the current Oversight Committee in view of Mr. Lee not accepting his
       appointment and Mr. Kinnahan’s passing. Mr. Vanderbilt had a sympathy
       card for everyone to sign for the Kinnahan family.

       The applications will be made available in the district office and through
       the district website. The deadline for applications will be March 30, 2007.

XI.    Review Future Meeting Dates

       The committee continued the discussion of holding the meetings at the
       district office again and taking one day to visit campuses. Mr. Holcomb
       suggested that transportation could be arranged for the site visits but
       reminded the committee that campus tours can take between two and
       four hours each. This would only allow the committee to tour two or three
       campuses in a day.

       In view of the Kennedy High School Grand Opening on April 21, 2007, the
       members would like to tour the campus on April 2, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. and
       begin the Oversight Committee meeting at 6:30 p.m. The members then
       discussed the final meeting date for the 2006/07 school year where the
       public would also be invited to address the committee.

       On Mr. Vanderbilt’s suggestion, a motion was passed confirming the next
       two meeting dates as April 2, 2007 at Kennedy High School and June 2,
       2007 at the district office.

XII.   Items for Upcoming meetings

          •   Contract bidding process
          •   District procurement procedures for Measure Z funds
          •   Changes made to correct construction errors with respect to items
              being left out of the scope of work
          •   Address the recovery of funds spent to correct construction errors
          •   Anaheim High School new construction and Katella High School
              modernization projects
          •   Construction Controls Group audit report – six month update
          •   Financial report of sub-committees
                  o Finance committee
                  o Public relations committee
XIII.   Adjournment

        On a motion made by Mrs. Rich and duly seconded by Mr. Giedlin, the
        meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

                               Respectfully Submitted by:
                               Lynn Nakayama, Executive Assistant

                               APPROVED: ___________________
                                          James Vanderbilt, Chairman

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