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					                                   EcoBaby Hawaii LLC
                                   Terms and Conditions
Thank you for choosing to sign up for cloth diaper service with EcoBaby Hawaii LLC. Please
read the following customer agreement. This agreement outlines the terms of our service. If you
have any questions or need more information regarding this agreement, please contact us or visit
our website at www.ecobabyhawaii.com. Using our cloth diaper service constitutes agreement
to these terms and conditions.

Starting Service
To start service, fill out the Sign Up form on our website. After submitting your form, you will
receive a confirmation email with a link to submit payment. Service charges range from $14 to
$24 a week, depending on your desired weekly delivery. EcoBaby Hawaii LLC requires credit
card information to be provided for all accounts. After payment is received, we will schedule an
appointment for set up.

Set Up and Service
During set up, you will receive your first week’s supply of diapers and set up kit. The set up kit
contains two washable pail liners to be used for collection of dirty diapers and delivery of clean
diapers, a deodorant disk (replaced monthly), and a set of two Snappi fasteners. If you are
diapering more than one child, please note that the set up fee is per child. We do not provide
diaper bins for collection of dirty diapers. Please see our website for collection

During service, place used diapers into your chosen collection bin without rinsing or soaking.
Twice a week, an EcoBaby Hawaii LLC representative will come by your home to pick up your
used diapers and leave a fresh supply of clean ones in a liner to be used for the next set of used
diapers. You do not have to be home for pick up and delivery. We return the same number of
clean diapers that we picked up and laundered from the previous pick up.

If your child needs to switch to a different size diaper, all current diapers must be returned in
order to receive a full supply of the new size. You will assume the risk of loss for any missing or
damaged diapers regardless of the cause or reason and will be charged a fee of $2 per
missing/damaged diaper. To request a new size, fill out the Service Change form on our website.

EcoBaby Hawaii LLC launders cloth diapers and cloth pail liners only; customers are
responsible for washing diaper covers and all other accessories.

Pick Up and Delivery
Pick up and delivery days are Wednesday and Saturday. We request that diapers be left in a
designated area by 8:00 am on these days. You will determine your designated area during the
initial set up. You do not have to be home for pick up and delivery.

In the event of a missed pick up, you will be charged a $5 missed pick up fee and will receive a
reminder call from an EcoBaby Hawaii LLC representative. After you receive the call, please
place your dirty diapers in the designated pick up area. Our driver will do a special pick up
within 48 hours. When signing up, you can elect to receive a pick up reminder the day before
each scheduled pick up day. You can receive the reminder via email, text message, or telephone.
If you're already signed up and would like to start receiving regular reminders, please contact us.

EcoBaby Hawaii LLC will make every possible effort to pick up and deliver your diapers in a
timely manner each Wednesday and Saturday. However, in the event of inclement weather,
natural disasters, or any other unforeseeable circumstances, you will be contacted to reschedule.
Notice will be provided regarding schedule changes as soon as possible. Additionally, if a
scheduled pick up falls on a holiday, pick up will occur the next business day. You will be
notified of schedule changes due to holidays at the beginning of each month.

Diaper Misuse
Diapers are property of EcoBaby Hawaii LLC. Our diapers are intended for use on babies only.
Normal wear is to be expected and you will not be penalized damages that fall within this normal
range. However, please do not use our diapers for cleaning rags or other non-baby related uses.
To ensure the health of your baby and to uphold the integrity of our service, diapers found to be
damaged through misuse will need to be removed from service. You will be charged a
replacement fee of $2 per damaged diaper.

Diaper Accessories and Other Purchases
Diaper accessories (Snappi fasteners, diaper covers, etc.) and gift certificates can be purchased
from our online store. Payment is processed online through PayPal’s secure server. Online
purchases will be delivered with your next scheduled diaper delivery.

Payment Terms
Upon signing up for service, you must provide a credit card number that will be automatically
billed each month. The first payment will include the set up fee and first month of service,
subsequent payments will be for the monthly service charge. Payment is processed online
through PayPal's secure server. If full payment is not received for any reason, your service will
be suspended or terminated.

If we determine that a diaper must be removed from service because it contains stains from
misuse or abuse, or is otherwise damaged, you will be charged a $2 per diaper replacement fee.
The $2 fee also applies to diapers that are missing when service is terminated.

Vacations and Pauses in Service
When service is paused for any reason, all diapers need to be returned. Two weeks’ notice is
required for pauses. Notify us of the dates you'd like your service to be paused by filling out the
Service Change form on our website. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. On
the last pick up day before your service pauses, place all diapers - clean and dirty - out for our
driver. If any diapers are missing or damaged, you will be charged a fee of $2 per
missing/damaged diaper. When your service resumes, all of your diapers will be clean and
dropped off on the next regular delivery day. You will receive a refund for the amount of time
your service was paused using a prorated amount.
Termination of Service
Customers may cancel at any time. Two weeks’ notice is required for termination of services.
Notify us of your cancelation by filling out the Service Change form on our website. Upon
notice of termination, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for your last pick
up date.

You will be refunded for unused services upon the return of your diapers. Failure to return all
diapers in useable condition will result in a $2 replacement charge per missing/damaged diaper.
By signing up for service using our automatic payment system, you specifically authorize
EcoBaby Hawaii LLC to charge your credit card for the full amount of any missing and/or
damaged items. No refunds will be issued on services rendered. If canceling in the middle of a
prepaid month, you will be refunded based on a prorated amount.

EcoBaby Hawaii LLC reserves the right to determine refunds not explained in this agreement on
a case by case basis. We reserve the right to terminate any account not in good standing at any

Customer Satisfaction
EcoBaby Hawaii LLC strives to meet the satisfaction of all customers. We welcome all
comments and questions and will attempt to remedy any situations brought to our attention. You
can reach us at 808-203-8070 or diapers@ecobabyhawaii.com.

Limitation of Liability
All diapers are washed to ensure a clean and quality product for your child. EcoBaby Hawaii
LLC welcomes any inquires about our washing process. You agree that only this document
defines the terms of our relationship, and that each of the terms and conditions can stand alone,
so that if one is removed by a legal process, the others remain in force.

EcoBaby Hawaii LLC shall not be liable for any harm caused by use of any of our products or
any of the services provided under the terms of this agreement. This includes but is not limited
to adverse reactions, allergic reactions, or any other personal injury. EcoBaby Hawaii LLC shall
not be liable for any direct, consequential, or incidental damages. We reserve the right to
terminate any account not in good standing at any time or upon your breach or default under any
provision of this agreement.

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