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Present                            Guests

Mrs Seath, Headteacher             Alan Campbell, Traffic & Road Safety Officer, BEAR

Mrs Bowman                         Ian McArthur, Community Police Officer

Dougie Wood, Chairman              Willie Rennie MP

Hazel Ballantine                   Joyce Sinclair, Treasurer, Rosyth Community Council

Karen Sinclair


Jo Freeman, Kim Roberts, Tracey Davies, Kirsty King, Morag Crawford, Douglas Chapman,
Mike Shirkie (Chair of Rosyth Community Council).


Meeting started with Item 3 on tonight’s agenda as Mr Campbell had a meeting elsewhere to

Item 3- Admiralty Junction.

Karen Sinclair started discussion by introducing herself and the background to why she
raised a petition locally for a crossing at the Admiralty Road junction with Harley Street and
Fairykirk Road. Mr Campbell introduced himself and explained how a report was undertaken
by BEAR Scotland for Transport Scotland which included various statistics regarding usage
of the road incorporating factors such as speed, no. of accidents, demographic data of users
etc. Karen raised several concerns that she had about the report and the intended solution
of traffic calming measures. Mr Campbell stated that the level of vehicles and pedestrians
justify a school crossing patrol officer and the proposed solution would minimise crossing
times and removal of BT box would improve visibility for pedestrians. He also explained that
zebra crossings are not allowed on trunk roads but a review of the speed signs may be a
consideration as a question was raised over the distance between the roundabout and the
crossing place (approx 75m) and the braking distance (90m). He also said there is a radar
camera recording speeds on the road. Mrs Seath stated that the school catchment area
extends south of Admiralty Road and children from this area would certainly have problems
attending out of school clubs as the school day cannot be seen as being strictly 9am -3pm.
At the moment there is a club at 8am and after school some clubs finish at 6pm, also the
nursery will be extending hours later in the year. The design will be finalised 29.01.2010 and
works should commence March- April 2010, costing £40,000-£70,000. Mr Campbell said
that feedback could be passed to Transport Scotland and perhaps a commitment to review
the report and an update of speeds from the radar camera after a period of time could
benefit both parties by giving an insight on how successful the proposed works would be.

Mr Campbell and Mr Rennie apologised as they had to leave at this point.

Community Police Officer Ian McArthur suggested 3 possible strategies to consider, an
education of drivers, an appeal to parents/public of the problems being experienced in the
area possibly via media sources and a police presence at the junction at times may prove
helpful. Mrs Seath also proposed the community police officer could address parents about
the situation at the Admiralty Rd., junction and parking around the school area.

Swine Flu- Hygiene message priority as before.

HT and DHT Surgeries- Latest surgery was attended today and positive feedback given
that it is more convenient than making a formal appointment during the day.

School Information Site-At the moment, Mrs Clarke still has sole access however, Mrs
Seath is to attend course next week and the intention in the future is to have whole school
information and details from individual classes.

Outdoor Learning- Several visitors to area since last meeting. Community service have
been clearing area and planted willow whips and groups of parents have been planting
bulbs. The willow whips have been planted in such a way as to try and create a natural path
through the wooded area. Other visitors have been from Craigencalt Ecology centre-
seating and other suggestions and also Mrs McClure had a successful meeting with Forestry
Rangers at the site. Next steps are the applications for funds from Awards For All and
Forestry Commission.

North Queensferry Primary School-This school has now joined the cluster of schools in
the catchment area for Inverkeithing High School.

Curriculum For Excellence- Will be discussed at next meeting.

Plans For New Bridge- Will be discussed at next meeting.


Discussion of PTA and PC joining- General feeling at PTA meeting 26.01.2010 was that
the two groups have different agendas and different focuses and would rather keep separate
as there are enough numbers attending each. Also communication was said to be good
between the two groups and Mrs Seath has said that the meetings are open for all to attend
if they wish. At present, Dougie and Hazels thoughts were it could be a lot of agenda to fit
into one meeting, perhaps a loss of focus and there was a good level of communication
between the two groups. Nothing decided as there were only two people present by this
stage, so will carry forward to discuss at next meeting.

Budgets for PTA/PC- Email response from Sandra Martin regarding accounts. The Parent
Council funds are held within the school budget and should be used for paying a clerk,
administration, costs etc., and do not need to be audited. The PTA funds do need to be
audited externally.

Health & Wellbeing-Jo has emailed Evelyn Wilson in reference to subject of Health &
Wellbeing, information for parents.

Playground Safety- Mrs Seath received a letter from Willie Rennie MP stating a
constituent/parent had contacted him, concerned about the safety and security of the
children in the playground. At present there are no lockable gates or high fences. There is
free access over the walls to the children and free access to the playground and buildings.

Mrs Seath has said that there is a high visible presence of playground assistants/staff in the
playground including herself and Mrs Journeaux. All of whom will challenge any
unauthorised people entering the playground or loitering around the walls or perimeters.
Relatives/ family friends are discouraged from waiting around the walls and redirected to
office if needed to pass message/items on to children. All children are well informed as to
where they are allowed to play and Mrs Seath agrees that a high fence would be an ideal
deterrent. People have been challenged in the past crossing the playground and other
ongoing problems are parents/relatives bringing dogs into the playground and some
vandalism. Mrs Seath has had no reply from Willie Rennie as yet.


Dougie handed out latest edition of Back Chat.

Community Engagement Meeting 01.02.2010 7-8pm

The first community meeting to held by the Community Officers, Ian McArthur and Colin
Davidson. Anyone can go along and raise any issue from dog fouling to parking problems
etc. Issues raised go to a vote to create the top 3 priorities to be tackled. The first meeting
is being held 01.02.2010 and then 02.03.2010 and then every 2 months thereafter.

Next Parent Council Meeting 29.04.2010

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