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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow May


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									                                               The Legend
                                              Sleepy Hollow
  Volume 56, Number 4                                                       May 2011

  President: Steve Tillman                           Editor:        J. Chris Martin
                                                     Circulation:   Jeanine Manley

              The Newsletter of the Sleepy Hollow Citizens’ Association

                     Gather everyone and plan to attend the
        Annual SHCA’s Family Spring/Summer Picnic!
            Plan to share a bit to eat and drink with your neighbors!

                          When: Sunday, June 5
                        (Rain Date – Sunday, June 12)
                             Location: Twin Oak Place
                              Time:    4:00pm-6:00ish
                             What Do I Bring to Share?
                                 A-G The Legend
                                 H-N Salad
                                 O-Z Dessert of
As always, the Association will provide hot dogs, beverages, paper products,
                                     Sleepy Hollow
        condiments and all utensils. Hope to see all of you there!

                         Our 8th Annual Plant Exchange
                          will be held during the picnic.
                          Please see page 9 for details.
                 SHCA Community Clean-up – Saturday, June 18
  We will hold our next community clean-up on June 18, from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. (rain or
  shine). Participants should meet at the corner of South Street and Sylvan Drive. Please
  bring gloves and wear sturdy shoes; safety vests and trash bags will be provided. Invest an
  hour of your time to help keep Sleepy Hollow beautiful!

  Thanks to all who have participated in past clean-ups, and to those whose vigilance on an
  ongoing basis helps litter to a minimum. We appreciate your efforts!
  Between cleanups, please do your part to maintain the Hollow’s community
  appearance and “curb appeal” to potential new residents. Here are some tips:

     • Call 703-802-3322 to schedule Special Pickups of bulk or brush items. Our tax
       dollars pay for this service, up to four per home per year at no charge. Let’s use it!
     • Pick up litter and brush along your property’s street front. Team up with your
       neighbors to consolidate items requiring Special Pickup. Rotate addresses for
       Special Pickup if any one address has exceeded its allotted four Special Pickups.
     • Remove trash and recycling containers from your neighbors’ views between
       regularly scheduled Thursday pickups. If your travel schedule or health condition
       interferes, ask a neighbor for help. This is good practice for home security, too.
     • Pick up litter in the community regularly as you stroll or exercise, especially
       along our boundary streets. And please, pick up unread newspapers from your
       property to help keep Sleepy Hollow looking tidy.

  Your neighbors thank you for helping to maintain the Hollow’s “curb appeal”!

  If you haven’t used your 5 free brush or bulk pickups this fiscal year (July - June)
  please call today! See page 10 for more details on how to call and what’s eligible.

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We welcome local businesses
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All paid ads will run in each
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paid. Placement may vary from
issue to issue depending on
available space. Ads will rotate
to the half-page space on the
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For more information and rates,
contact the Editor or Treasurer.

                                  President’s Letter
As I begin my term as president of SHCA, I look forward to working with the Executive
Committee and each and every one of you to ensure Sleepy Hollow continues to
maintain the safe, tranquil, small community quality of life that we’ve come to enjoy.

My wife Kim and I, along with our two daughters, moved to Sleepy Hollow four years
ago knowing very little about the community. Our expectations were quickly exceeded
due to the friendly community, the warm welcome from neighbors, quick invitations to
get involved and the many other wonderful things Sleepy Hollow offers. We really enjoy
our evening walks in the picture perfect spring and fall colors, the cooling effects of the
trees’ summer canopies and yes, even the beauty of being snowed in during the winter.

Another asset of Sleepy Hollow is our talented and experienced Executive Committee
and dedicated volunteers. Previous presidents Cindi Fox and Curtis Anderson have set
a very high bar, and I only hope I can match their many contributions. They both
deserve a big thank you for all they’ve done. We also benefit from others who volunteer
including the Social committee, our Block representatives and our many Neighborhood
watch drivers just to mention a few. It’s a proven fact that these types of volunteers
have a significant positive impact on communities. Jeanine Manley, our Second Vice
President, recently attended a seminar designed to help neighborhoods build effective
community environments. It was quickly evident that Sleepy Hollow already employs
many of the tools necessary to meet the goals.

We’ve also been very fortunate to develop and maintain good relationships with Mason
District and Supervisor Penny Gross, the Fairfax Federation and several other
surrounding homeowner and civic associations. I look forward to continuing those
relationships and growing them into a stronger, more effective residential voice from the
Seven Corners area.

Lastly we’re benefiting from commercial investment in the area including the recent
redevelopment of the Willston Plaza and the proposed redevelopment of the Westlawn
Center by Bill Page Honda. Our Executive Committee volunteers remain active in
ensuring our voice is heard in these redevelopment activities.

Our next community event is the Spring Picnic at 4pm on June 5th. Social committee
chair Sarah Shannon is riding the wave of our best Wine and Cheese event to date, so
come and join us, visit with your neighbors and enjoy the fun of Sleepy Hollow.

Steve Tillman
SHCA President 2011-2012


       “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
                              - Abraham Lincoln

                      Spring Wine and Cheese Festivities

This year’s Wine and Cheese was, as always, great fun! On Saturday March 26th, we
held our festivities at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Annandale. This annual event
allows our neighborhood to gather, catch up and meet new people while sampling a
wide array of wines as well as munching on great appetizers. For those that have yet to
attend, let me tell you, this is not your ordinary Wine and Cheese. This year we offered
a wide variety of interesting dishes, some of those items were: Mini Crab Cakes, Clams
Casino, Southwest Egg Rolls, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip and some unusually delicious
cheeses. My favorite was the Stilton with Candied Lemons.

As always, great neighbors help me make this fun event possible and I would like to
thank all those that helped set up as well as clean up. Special thanks go out to Lisa and
Howard Brown, Syd and Peg Boyne, Jan Keyes, Cindi Fox, Penny Mahin, and Gayle
Reid. Let me not forget Curtis Anderson for not only donating his time, but also bringing
the fabulous Chocolate Fountain for all of us to enjoy. Of course, we can’t forget our
wonderful bartenders for the evening; Paul Byrtus and George Quadrino.

As part of the festivities, we also held our annual elections and elected our new Officers
for 2011-2012. Congratulations those who were elected or appointed:

President:                                             Steve Tillman
1st Vice-President:                                    Jan Keyes
2nd Vice-President:                                    Jeanine Manley
Secretary:                                             Howard Brown
Treasurer:                                             George Quadrino

Presidential Appointments
Mason District Council:                                Grant Mydland & George Lamb
Fairfax County Federation of Citizens’ Associations:   Daniela Cockayne

Standing Committees
Publications:                                          Chris Martin
Social Events:                                         Sarah Shannon
Safety & Security:                                     Curtis Anderson
Dominion Hospital Community Advisory:                  Anne Pendleton
Zoning & Land Use                                      Paul Byrtus

Once the eating and voting in of our new officers, committee chairs and other
representatives was taken care of, the real fun began. Each year, the highlight of the
evening is when we present/raffle off the “Door Prizes”. Please remember to patronize
and recommend these fine establishments for being so generous to us. Also remember
to mention that you live in the “Hollow” and appreciate their support to our community.

Please support these local establishments whenever you can, and thank them for their
generous donation of door prizes for out annual Wine & Cheese Social.

Anthony’s Restaurant                           Argia’s Restaurant
309 West Broad Street                          124 N. Washington Street
Falls Church, VA 22046                         Falls Church, VA 22046
703-532-0100                                   703-534-1033

Boulevard Haircuts                             Dogfish Head Alehouse
6651 Arlington Blvd.                           6363 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22046                         Falls Church, VA 22044
703-533-2900                                   703-534-3342

Domino’s Pizza Team Washington                 Economy Party Supplies
7600 Leesburg Pike                             1049 W. Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 22043                         Falls Church, VA 22046
703-734-7080                                   703-237-2789

Elevation Burger                               Entenmanns Bakery Outlet
442 S. Washington Street                       6649 Arlington Boulevard
Falls Church, VA 22046                         Falls Church, VA 22042
703-237-4343                                   703-533-5643

Fairfax Animal Hospital                        Frameworks
5914 Seminary Road                             6122-A Arlington Boulevard
Bailey’s Crossroads, VA 22041                  Falls Church, VA 22042
703-820-2557                                   703-536-3402

Japanese Auto                                  Maxx Fitness (nee Athens Gym)
3039 Annandale Road                            7060 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA 22003                         Annandale, VA 22003
703-534-3939                                   703-914-9080

Public House No. 7                             Red Robin
6315 Leesburg Pike                             6331 Seven Corners Center
Falls Church, VA 22044                         Falls Church, VA 22044
703-942-6383                                   703-531-1390

Red, White & Blue                              Seven Corners Pharmacy
127 S. Washington Street                       2946 Sleepy Hollow Road
Falls Church, VA 22046                         Falls Church, VA 22044
703-533-9463                                   703-532-8989

 SHCA Executive Committee – Summary Minutes of Recent Meetings
Executive Committee Meeting - May 10, 2011

Secretary (Howard Brown) Executive Committee minutes of March 1, 2011 sent via
email approved unanimously by committee.

Treasurer’s Report (George Quadrino) George was not present for the meeting, but
the treasurer’s report was provided and approved unanimously. The association
expenses for the year continue to run below target while membership dues paid to date
are slightly up from last year.

First Vice President Report (Jan Keyes ) Jan reported the community yard sale is
on schedule for May 21 rain or shine. To date 14 residents have signed up. It’s
planned to have maps to distribute at each sale location directing shoppers to the other
neighborhood sale sites. Organization expenses associated with the sale are being
picked up by the association. The sale will be advertised on the neighborhood Yahoo
site, the greater Sleepy Hollow site which is distributed to other local associations, and
local food store bulletin boards.

Jan also has been working to match email addresses on the Yahoo site with resident’s
names. Not always an easy task considering the creativity used in some email

Second Vice President Report (Jeanine Manley ) Jeanine reported the results of
the membership drive this year with association membership slightly ahead of target.
Jeanine attributed much of the drive’s success to the assistance of co-chair Margie

Jeanine also reported on the Mason District Council’s recent community building
workshop. She said the effort is valuable to those communities working to rebuild or
strengthen their cores, but with SHCA’s history and organization there was little that
SHCA could take away and put to use that wasn’t already in place. During board
discussion it was agreed the SHCA block chairs were the key to the Sleepy Hollow
neighborhood participation in community activities.
Recently the adopt-a-highway permit was renewed with Virginia DOT for the main
community thoroughfares.

Mason District Council (Grant Mydland) Grant reported that Mollie Loeffler had
been named Mason District Citizen of the Year and board members aware of Mollie’s
activities in revitalizing the Mason District Council civic organization expressed how
deserving she was of the award. The council site is Masondistrictcouncil.org

Neighborhood Watch (Curtis Anderson) Recently several cars have been
vandalized and cars burgled in the Crane Drive area, but it’s believed the cars broken
into were unlocked. Curtis also said neighbors should be on the lookout for solicitors

and be careful of entering into agreements without checking for to be sure the
companies they represent are bonded and licensed.

The neighborhood watch continues to be 15 drivers short each quarter and while there
are several households who have double shifts Curtis prefers to add new volunteers
rather than asking others to double up.

It was also pointed out those on the neighborhood watch should be aware of a vacant
house on Crane Drive that recently went into foreclosure.

Social Chair (Sarah Shannon) Attendance was up at the March Wine & Cheese and it
the number of new residents attending was noted. Sarah suggested changing the
name to something more general since the event is more than a short wine and cheese,
but the community’s key annual social event. The board will consider renaming the
event before March 2012.

The spring picnic is scheduled for Twin Oak Place on June 5th with a June 12th rain date
and will include a plant exchange.

Land Use (Paul Byrtus) Paul reported on proposed changes to the site development
centered on the rebuilding of the Bill Page Honda dealership and the Woodlawn
Shopping Center. The changes the dealership is seeking in the approved plan moves
the proposed drugstore (possibly Walgreen’s) from an Annandale Road frontage at the
back of the property to a location near the corner of Arlington Boulevard and Annandale
Road. The proposed bank planned for a site near the McDonalds would be moved to
Annandale Road. Retail space in the shopping center would be reduced from 35,000 to
20,000 square feet. Parking would be more in the area in the front of the present
shopping center where in the original plan there was parking to the rear of the
dealership. There is no certainty the post office would continue to be located there, but
if so it would only be a retail location and not a distribution center due to parking
limitations. There are less environmental controls in the new plan, but still much better
than exist now. Paul said the dealership is hoping for approval by September with
construction to begin in 2012.

Board discussion centered on traffic issues associated with the Arlington
Boulevard/Annandale Road/South Street intersections and ways to better control it. A
phased light at the South Street/Annandale Road will make turns easier, but does
nothing to alleviate backups on Annandale waiting to move through or onto Arlington
Boulevard. South Street is expected to continue to be a vent for Annandale Road
traffic. It was suggested a proffer be included in the plan that a dedicated right turn lane
be included from Annandale Road onto Arlington Boulevard.

A potential development of townhomes in the Peace Valley Lane area was also
discussed. Peace Valley homeowners oppose the development which would not only
increase the population density, but open Peace Valley to traffic that could impact JEB
Stuart High School and cause parking and traffic issues for residents when the nearby
mosque is busy.

Communications - Legend and Website (Chris Martin) No report (absent)

New Business Selection of an alternate to the Fairfax County Federation was
discussed and was tabled so SHCA President Steve Tillman could review those
interested in the position.

Howard Brown, Secretary

                                   Easter Egg Hunt
On Sunday, April 10 the kids took over Twin Oak Place for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Thank you to the residents of Twin Oak for letting us run through your lawns and
gardens and for your help with set up. The kids found over 500 eggs, worked on some
lovely Easter crafts and snacked on cookies & muffins. There was also a special
appearance from Easter Bunny (thank you Eileen for being so brave!). Thanks to all of
those who helped fill the eggs for the big day. It was a beautiful day and every bunny
had lots of fun.

                             Reflections on the Hollow
By late April, Holmes Run Road is a fairyland with shimmering dogwoods and multi-
colored bursts of azaleas. Other streets in the Hollow are equally magical. It is easy to
think what it might have looked like before people settled the area. The early residents
must have felt like pioneers. They carved a neighborhood out of farmland and forest
that Eakin Properties, Inc., sold in lots in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. This was land
where George Washington and Lord Fairfax had hunted, where Confederate and Union
soldiers had advanced and retreated. By the end of 1941, there were almost forty new
homes in Sleepy Hollow, so named because from the top of Sleepy Hollow Road, the
area resembles a hollow.

The residents of Sleepy Hollow formed a civic association in July 1941 because they
wanted some organization for the number of committees people had formed, such as
Civil Defense, Red Cross Auxiliary, PTA, Victory Garden Club, and Volunteer Fire
Department. They also wanted to be a collective voice heard by the fledgling Fairfax
County government. They began a tradition of social events including a spring social,
picnics, and the Halloween parade to encourage neighbors to come together. The
Sleepy Hollow neighborhood has always been known for its friendly, welcoming spirit
and its civic involvement.

Recently I spoke with a friend who talked about trying to resurrect and revitalize her
neighborhood association. There has never been any question about resurrecting
SHCA; seventy years later, it is still proactive on behalf of its now three hundred
homeowners. Still we should appreciate how fortunate we are to be a part of Sleepy
Hollow’s evolving history. It would be interesting to interview long-time residents to gain
their perspectives and insight into what has made this neighborhood special.

          Sleepy Hollow Plant Exchange 2011 – Sunday, June 14

Now in its eighth year, SHCA’s annual Plant Exchange is a free and fun way to share
surplus plantings from our homes’ mature landscapes with neighbors who are looking
for the very same for their gardens. The Plant Exchange will run concurrently with the
SHCA Spring Picnic.

How does it work? Simply bring your spare plantings to the Plant Exchange table at the
Picnic. Label with the plant name if you know it. Blank labels will be available. All types
of plants are welcome, from flowers and vegetables, to shrubs and small trees.

                       SHCA Community Events Schedule

                Here’s the schedule for upcoming events through June 2012
Sun    Jun 5       4:00 PM Spring Picnic (Rain date June 12)/ General Meeting
Sat    Jun 18      8:00 AM Community Clean Up (Rain or Shine)
Tues   Jul 12      7:00 PM Executive Committee Meeting
Tues   Sept 13     7:00 PM SHCA Executive Board Meeting
Sun    Sept 25     4:00 PM Fall Picnic (Rain date Oct 2) / General Meeting
Sun    Oct 30       Noon   Halloween Parade
Mon    Nov 14      7:00 PM Executive Committee Meeting
Sat    Mar 24      7:00 PM Wine & Cheese/General Meeting -Election
Sun    Mar 25      1:00 PM Easter Egg Hunt (Rain or Shine); New Location: Twin Oak Place
Sun    Jun 10      4:00 PM Spring Picnic (Rain date June 17)/ General Meeting

                             Welcome, New Block Chairs!
Welcome to new Block Chairs Jennifer Upchurch for 3116-3148 Holmes Run Road, and
Phyllis Harwell for Ichabod Place. Thank you for stepping up, Jennifer and Phyllis, and
thanks to predecessors Abbey Ayanian and Carla Harrell for your service!

                 Farmer’s Market Returns to Mason District Park
The Farmer's Market returns every Thursday morning, beginning May 5, from 8 a.m.
until 12 noon at Mason District Park, 6621 Columbia Pike in Annandale. The Farmer's
Market offers locally grown, vine-ripe produce, fresh baked goods, herb plants, and
much more for your spring and summer time enjoyment. For a complete schedule of
Farmer's Markets hosted by the Fairfax County Park Authority, and other activities, call
703-324-5390, or visit their Web Site at www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/farm-mkt.htm.

             Reminder on Special Collections of Bulk or Brush

Our basic Trash & Recycling service fee, which is included as a line item on our annual
real estate tax bills, covers once-a-week collection of trash and recyclables. It also
includes up to five (5) special collections annually by fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).

Now that we are nearing the end of the fiscal year, this is a friendly reminder to make
use of this service if you have brush or other bulk items ready for disposal.

We rely on individual neighbors to do their part to call and arrange for these special
pickups. Note that the county does not automatically pick up brush piles on a regular
schedule, although they will occasionally do so after large storms.

It only takes a few minutes to make the telephone call. Here’s how it works:

   • Call 703-802-3322 for the automated scheduling service, which guides you
     through the simple process of scheduling a pickup
   • Enter your daytime telephone number
   • Listen to the description of the service (see highlights below)
   • Enter the type of pickup (brush or bulk)
   • Enter your street address (house number and first 5 letters of street name)
   • The system will give you the date of the pickup, which is often within one week

It’s that easy! The requirements for items to be picked up are listed below.

   • Items may be brush (branches, small tree limbs, shrub trimmings, etc.) or bulk
     (furniture, appliances, old lumber, etc. but no hazardous waste)
   • Piles are limited to 12 cubic yards of material (about 5' x 6' x 10')
   • Piles of heavy/dense materials are limited to 6 cubic yards
   • Larger piles and multiple piles may be scheduled using the same telephone
     number for fee-based pickup through the MegaBulk program
   • Metal items, appliances, furniture must be separated from piles of brush
   • Materials may not be commingled (e.g., do not mix lumber with brush)
   • Items must be placed away from parked vehicles, overhanging tree limbs or
     wires (minimum 20 feet of clearance is required)

Especially now that the real estate market seems to be showing signs of life, your
neighbors will thank you for keeping up the Hollow's community appearance and safety.

                                Comings & Goings
Born October 12 to Vivian Lausevic and Jeffrey Crater of Beechwood Lane, twins
Christopher Paul Crater, aka "Topher" and Simone Francesca Crater, aka "Cheka."

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