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									                   PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

                  Many Happy Returns

                  In these tough economic times, we can’t thank you
                  enough for choosing the UICCU for your savings,       Return to
                  checking, investment, and borrowing needs.            the IMU
                  While many large banks are wavering, your UICCU       On January 20th
                  remains strong and well positioned for the future.    the UICCU reopened
                  Let’s start off 2009 with some great news.            its office in the Iowa
                                                                        Memorial Union. The
                  Return of Member (ROM)                                floods of 2008 destroyed this
                  The UICCU comes into the new year ranked #1           campus branch. We are pleased to be back in the
                  in the State of Iowa for Return of Member. ROM        IMU on the first floor with a full service location.
                  measures how effectively a credit union returns       Stop in and say hello when on campus.
                  its profits back to the membership in the form of
                  better rates on loans and deposits. Perhaps more      Once again, thank you for your membership in
                  impressive is where we stand nationally for ROM.      the UICCU. If I can offer one New Year’s resolution
                  Your UICCU is ranked 5th out of over 8,000 credit     to consider; I encourage you to maximize your
                  unions in the United States. This is the highest      membership this year. Take a fresh look at all the
                  ranking we have ever received.                        products and services that your credit union offers,
                                                                        including investments, deposits, high yielding
                  Return to our Birthplace                              checking, and all types of loans. You will likely
                  Did you know our credit union was formed in the       find that we could be saving you a lot of money.
                  basement of the State University of Iowa Hospitals
                  (now the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics)?
                  When we wrapped up our first year of business,
                  our total asset base was $472.31 and membership
                  was 27 people. Now over 70 years later, the UICCU
                  is roughly $775 million in assets and serves over
                  58,000 members. We are pleased to return to the       Jeff Disterhoft
                  UIHC with a new branch location in their north        President/CEO
                  lobby (Fountain Entrance). Look for us to open in     University of Iowa Community Credit Union

                           The Survey Says...
                            Special thanks to the nearly 1,000 members that responded
                            to our random sample member survey last year. The results
                            have recently been tabulated and we are pleased to report
                            a 96% approval rating. The UICCU was compared to 149
                            other credit unions that participated in the survey and came
                            out on top. We will continue to look over the report and
                            look for areas in which we can improve products and
                            services and deliver even more value to your membership.
                                                                                                           Invest in America
$350,000,000                                                                                               Program
                is set to lend
   The UICCU has set aside over $350 million to lend                                                       Our members have the unique opportunity to get a great
                                                                                                           discount on a new vehicle from GM or Chrysler. While the
   out this year. We are ready to help with your
                                                                                                           discounts vary depending on which vehicle you choose,
   financing needs.
                                                                                                           everyone will drive away with a great deal. Depending on
                                                                                                           your choice, you could save up to thousands of dollars.

                                                                                                           For more information on the new Invest in America Program,
          Used AUto LoAns As Low As                                                                        visit

              no pAyments for 60 dAys
               Up to 100% finAncing

                                                                                                           Avoiding ATM Fees

        fixed rAte eqUity Line As Low As

                                                                                                           Nobody wants to pay fees to access their money. Did you
                                                                                                           know there are three easy ways to avoid the ATM usage fee?

                                                                                                           Use UICCU owned machines: The UICCU owns dozens of
                   Up to 100% finAncing                                                                      ATMs, and you will not be charged a usage fee no matter
      Lower vAriAbLe rAtes AvAiLAbLe                                                                         how many times you use
                                                                                                             them. For a complete
                                                                                                             listing, visit or ask
                                                                                                             for a handy pocket-sized
                                                                                                             list at any office.

              pLAtinUm visA As Low As                                                                      Get Rewards Checking:
                                                                                                             Members that have
                                                                                        APR***               Rewards Checking and
                                                                                                             hit the monthly qualifiers
                                                                                                             do not pay this fee. They
                                                                                                             are even refunded the
                cAsh rewArds Up to 1%                                                                        surcharge fees that banks
                   no AnnUAL fees                                                                            charge.

                                                                                                           Use your debit card:
                                                                                                             When you sign the receipt
*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Fixed rate up to 66 month term. Subject to credit qualifications and         on a transaction using
 vehicle model year.                                                                                         your debit card, it does
**Home Equity Lines of Credit are fixed rate loans for fixed terms. Use up to 100% of your equity.
   $125 closing costs, unless full appraisal needed. Homeowners insurance required. Consult your tax         not count as an ATM
   advisor on tax deductibility. The minimum monthly payments will not be sufficient to repay the            transaction…so no fee.
   principal outstanding on your line of credit at the end of your loan term. At the end of your loan
   term, you will be required to pay the entire remaining balance in a single payment. No prepayment
   penalties. Rate based on credit score and LTV.
***APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Fixed rate subject to credit qualifications. Credit lines available up
    to $25,000. No annual fees. For complete disclosures, contact the UICCU.
                                                                      File Your Taxes Online
                                                                         Turbo Tax is back up at You can file your
                                                                         return fast, and even get help along the way. If you have
                                                                         used the system in the past, your information has even
                                                                         been stored to help with this year’s filing. Best of all,
                                                                         your return will be automatically deposited to your credit
                                                                         union account. Log on today.

                    Kirby’s Bucket Brigade

                        One of the biggest lessons you can learn at a
                        young age is the value of saving. Our Kirby Kids
                        Club new Bucket Brigade not only helps kids
                        save, it teaches the value of helping others in
                        our community. When enrolled in the Club, kids
                        can pick up a bucket at any UICCU office. Once
                        they have filled the bucket with coins, they
                        can bring it in and deposit it to their Kirby
                        Kids account. 10% of the deposit will be
                        matched by the UICCU for a contribution
                        to the Children’s Miracle Network and the
                        University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

Meet the MAC
                                                 Have you ever wanted to put a face with a name when calling the UICCU? Our Member
                                                 Assistance Center (MAC) has assisted thousands of members with their loan, deposit,
                                                 or general inquiry needs. And they are all right here in Johnson County. Next time you
                                                 call 339-1000 or 800-397-3790, you can put a friendly face with the name.

                          We are pleased to announce a new enhancement coming to
                    CU-Online: account to account transfers. This will allow members
                                                                                                            Deb         Carol       Phil
                       to transfer funds to and from other financial institutions while                   Campbell                Johnson
            Katie                               Allison                 Katie                                         Johnson
 Lisa     Carmody                     on.                     enhancement news via Angie
                              loggedChad Expect more on theCathy
                                                                                       a           Lori
                        Stacy        Chase                   Davis      Piper
Costolo                                                                               McCarty
                                                        CU-Online e-mail later this fall.         Bross
                                              Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.
                                                     Don’t let another year pass without

                                                                     The UICCU’s most popular product in 2008 was
                                                                      Rewards Checking. With over $2.5 million in

                                                                      dividends paid and over $50,000 in bank ATM
                                                                     surcharges refunded, it’s easy to see why. Turn
                                                                        regrets into rewards this year and join the
   eArn                                                   apy*      thousands that are earning more than most CDs.

                                                                   *APY is Annual Percentage Yield as of January 1, 2009. 4.25% APY paid on balances each month
                                                                 that the minimum monthly qualifiers are met and a valid e-mail address is maintained at the UICCU.
                                                                    In addition, all fees generated by ATMs will be refunded provided the qualifiers are met. The 12
                                                                 qualifying check card transactions excludes ATM or PIN-based transactions. If qualifiers are not met,
                                                                   0.10%APY will be paid on balances and ATM surcharge fees will not be refunded. If qualifiers are
           on balances up to $50,000                                  not met 4 months in a row, account converts to Free Checking. Limit one Rewards Checking
                                                                                                          Account per person.

A New Look for our Website

Our website has a new look as well as some new
functionality. Easier navigation, live assistance,
and robust financial calculators are just a few of
the enhancements. Soon you will be able to open
and fund new deposit accounts online as well. As
always, the entry to CU-Online can still be found
right on the homepage.

Look for the change on February 1.

 Has your life insurance policy kept
 up with the changes in your life?

  We all know nothing ever stays the same,                                                                  Reason #3 - If you purchased term insurance,
  yet when it comes to life insurance needs we                                                               you may be able to convert your term insurance
  rarely take the time to make sure our needs                                                                into a permanent policy for the same amount
  are in synch with our coverage. Consider these                                                             of coverage you currently hold. When you
  important reasons why you should review                                                                    convert your term policy into a permanent
  your life insurance coverage and needs on an                                                               policy, you do not to have to provide additional
  annual basis.                                                                                              evidence of insurability. This can be a great
                                                                                                             benefit if you purchased your term policy when
  Reason #1 - Changing life events in families                                                               you were younger. Also, permanent products
   such as retirement, changes in marital status,                                                            offer a guaranteed death benefit and level
   becoming a parent, as well as changes in                                                                  premiums for the life of the policy, as well as
   jobs or careers may cause you to need more                                                                build cash value for future needs.
   coverage than you currently have.
                                                                                                            Please contact the UICCU Investment Team at
  Reason #2 - If you have a policy that is more                                                             339-1000 or 800-397-3790 and together we can
   than 5 years old, you may be able to get more                                                            review your policy to ensure it is still meeting
   coverage for the same amount as your current                                                             your requirements. In the event that your policy
   premium, or explore options that would allow                                                             is not meeting your needs, we can review
   you to build equity for your retirement? Also, if                                                        alternatives, allowing you to make an informed
   your health has improved since you purchased                                                             decision based on current information.
   life insurance, you may qualify for a better rate.

UICCU Investment Services is located at the University of Iowa Community Credit Union office at 825 Mormon Trek Blvd in Iowa City. Securities and Insurance Products Offered Through LPL Financial.
                       Member FIRNA/SIPC. Not NCUA Insured. No Credit Union Guarantee. May Lose Value. Not a Deposit. Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

                                                                                                                                                                                           Eli        Mark
• Prime Club Checking                               • Prime Club Birthday Special                           •   FREE Checks
  You will receive added value if your total loan     During the month of their birthday Prime Club         •   FREE Basic Travelers Checks
  and/or deposit balances are $5,000 or more.         members receive a $10 coupon that can be used         •   FREE Visa Gold Check Card
  Prime Club Checking requires no minimum             at any Fresh Food Concept Restaurant in the           •   FREE Financial Planning
  balance and in addition, earns interest with a      Iowa City/Coralville area. Restaurants included       •   FREE Home Banking and Bill Payer
  $2,500 average daily balance.                       are Mondo’s Tomato Pie, Givannis, Mickey’s, The       •   FREE Notary Service
                                                      Saloon, The Bread Garden and Joseph’s Steak-
• Trust and Investment Services
                                                      house. Grinnell members will receive a birthday
  (includes one free consultation). Estate
                                                      coupon to Phoenix Café.
  Planning, Trusts, Retirement Planning, 401(k)
  Rollovers, Cash Management and Brokerage.

PRIME CLUB CALENDER                                                                                                   RSVP Carol at 358-5600
                                                                               wednesday, July 22 -

  wednesday, April 8 -
                                                                                 BARN QUILTS & TEA
                                                                                 We will wind our way through the country side while
    CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES @ CIRCA ‘21                                           enjoying a variety of Amish-patterned Barn Quilts, make a
    Like in any kitchen, problems will be solved; four church                    lunch stop at a Victorian tea room and take time to shop the
    women will handle a Lutefisk Dinner, a funeral, an Easter                    “Village” mini mall.
    Fund Raiser, a wedding, and a pastor in this hilarious                       $51/person (Includes transportation, tour with step on guide and lunch)
    $75/person (Includes transportation, lunch and show)                       friday, september 25 -
                                                                                 WARRENS CRANBERRY FEST
  friday, may 1 -
                                                                                 Cranberries, cream puffs and crafts – when Warrens,
    MAY DAY GETAWAY                                                              Wisconsin swells from a small town population to a larger
    Explore the Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, try                         than life festival with flea markets, farmers markets and
    your luck at the Diamond Jo Casino or browse the shops &                     booths galore. Warrens will have a Friday shuttle to the bog.
    boutiques of downtown Galena, it’s a passenger’s choice trip                 $55/person (Transportation only)
    to the Dubuque/Galena area.
    $35/person (Transportation only)                                           thursday, october 15 -
                                                                                 JORDAN CREEK MALL
                                                                                 The Jordan Creek Town Center is made up of the Shopping
                                                                                 District – a 2 level shopping center featuring upscale fashion,
   July ?                                                                        the Lake District – the lake area which includes pedestrian
   CUBS VS CARDS                                                                 walkways and waterfront dining and the Village - specialty
                                                                                 retailers in an open-air design.
   IN ST LOUIS                                                                   $37/person (Transportation only)
   Travel with us for an overnight
   stay in St. Louis. We take in a                                             thursday, december 3 -
   night game between the Cards
   & Cubs, with an overnight stay
                                                                                 CHICAGO SHOPPER/MUSEUMS
   at the Drury Inn. The next                                                    Enjoy premier shopping on the Magnificent Mile including
   morning we will take a tour of the                                            Watertower Mall, an eight-level atrium with more than 100
   Anheiser Busch Brewery before                                                 favorite stores and restaurants or visit the Field Museum or
   heading back to Iowa City.                                                    Art Institute.
                                                                                 $35/person (Transportation only)
UICCU has more ATMs in Johnson County
  then any other financial institution.

              LOAN SERVICES
    Home Loans • Home Equity Loans • Auto Loans
    Personal Loans • Tax Saver Loans • Credit Cards
            Boat/Recreational Vehicle Loans

        Checking Services • Saving Accounts
             Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
        Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
                                                           Our Volunteer Board of Directors
  Money Market Accounts • CU-Online Home Banking
       CU-Online Bill Payer • Touchtone Teller             Laura Reed, Chair                         Tom Lepic, Director                     Ken Moore, Director
     Visa Gold Check Card • Safe Deposit Boxes             Karin Franklin, Vice-Chair                Chuck McComas, Director                 Duane Thompson, Director
                                                           Jean Harney, Secretary                    Pat McGrath, Director
       COMMERCIAL SERVICES                                 Dean Borg, Director                       Fred Mims, Director
 Commercial Term Loans • Commercial Real Estate Loans
   Working Capital Lines of Credit • Checking Services
     Letters of Credit • Cash Management Services
                  Corporate Credit Cards

 Trust Services • Brokerage Services • 401(k) Accounts
          Estate Planning • Retirement Planning
                                                         Committed to Community
         Pension Rollovers • Asset Management

                                                             The UICCU Community Involvement Team is proud to report a few highlights of last year.

             Downtown Iowa City                          Month            EvEnt                                   REsults
         500 Iowa Avenue • Iowa City, IA 52240

              Eastside Iowa City
                                                         January          2008 United Way Campaign                $34,606 staff donation
      2525 Muscatine Avenue • Iowa City, IA 52240
                                                         February         Bowl for Kids Sake                      $14,374 raised by 87 staff members for
              Westside Iowa City                                                                                  Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Johnson County
      825 Mormon Trek Blvd • Iowa City, IA 52246

        U of I Hospitals and Clinics                     April            March of Dimes “March for Babies”       $1,161 funds raised by 10 walkers and corporate donation
  1000-G RCP • 200 Hawkins Drive • Iowa City, IA 52242
                                                         June             Fundraising for Flood Relief            $18,664 - funds raised at branch offices
            Iowa Memorial Union
     125 North Madison Street • Iowa City, IA 52242      November         Salvation Army Kettle Drive             $1,199 – funds raised at branch offices and corporate donation
         1151 2nd Street • Coralville, IA 52241

                  North Liberty
     585 West Penn Street • North Liberty, IA 52317

 705 6th Avenue • Grinnell, IA 50112 • (641) 236-8822

       (319) 339-1000

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