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									Citizen Movement Project- Spring 2005
How have engaged citizens changed our world?
John Elfrank-Dana
Murry Bergtraum High School

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the
                 world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
                                 Margaret Mead

Citizen Movement Project: Due April 18th. Presentations April 18-20 Unit Test April 22. The
contents of the unit test will come from select student projects.

Topics to choose from and narrow:

1. Women's Movement
2. Civil Rights Movement
3. Consumer Movement
4. Anti-War Movement
5. Environmental Movement
6. Gay Rights Movement
7. Student Rights Movement
8. Labor Movement
9. Child Rights Movement

Your Task: A Presentation
1. To research about "how" the movement made progress. What strategies were used? What
worked, what didn't work? What work is left to be done for the movement?
2. To create web page and/or PowerPoint presentation illustrating how & why your movement
was successful and what work is left to be done. Your audience is your fellow students.

Project Process

1. Collaboration: you will work with no more then three other members (groups of 4
maximum)using SharePoint to share your work and discuss the project progress. I will be
snooping on SharePoint to monitor your progress.

You will collaborate on:
1. Refining the topic
2. Developing the questions for your topic
3. Design scheme for PowerPoint and/or Web Page.
4. Report to each other and share information
5. Edit your teammates' writing

2. Individually: You are responsible for:

1. Participation in the collaborative process
2. Writing your section of the project
3. Writing your reflection
4. Either presenting or producing the web page/ PPT.

Category       Full Credit                      Partial Credit                 Low to No Credit
Writing        Writing is clear, in student's   Writing is inconsistent,       Writing shows little or no x/35
               own words and                    between clear and              understanding of the
               demonstrates understanding       confused. Some                 topic. There is evidence
               of the topic. Quotes and         demonstration of               of copying and pasting.
               images are explained and         knowledge of the subject       Students often use words
               not over used.                   matter is evident.             they don't know the
               35-25 points                     24-15 points                   meaning of.
                                                                               14-0 points
Reflection     Well-developed thoughts on       Original thought is            Little or no reflection or   x/25
               the subject area that            somewhat present.              comprehension is
               demonstrate reflection,          Evidence of some effort in     evident.
               critical thinking and informed   conclusion and reflection      9-0 points
               opinions.                        sections.
               25-16 points                     15-10 points
Sources        At least THREE quality           At least five sources of       Few quality sources are      x/20
               sources of information per       information are used and       used and not properly
               group member are used and        cited in the correct format.   cited.
               cited in the correct format.     14-10 points                   9-0 points
               20-15 points
Presentation Project page follows a logical Project page is readable           Project page is confusing x/20
             format is easily read and      and is in the proper format.       and or difficult to read.
             adheres to design principles 14-10 points                         9-0 points
             agreed upon in class.
             20-15 points

Plagiarism will get you an automatic zero!

The format is as follows: introduction (150 - 300 words), body 500-800 words, conclusion (your
final thoughts on the topic) 150 - 200 words, reflection (50 - 100 words on your experience doing
this project.)

I. Intro.
II. Body
III. Conclusion
IV. Reflections
V. Sources

Informed opinion- an opinion that refers to other information when backing up its statements.

Critical thinking - asking questions of answers, holding all information suspect, considering
several different perspectives on an issue.

Proper citation: number the quote, image or information at the end, put the author or
organization's name, title of the article, book, etc., URL (web address), date of the information
and a one sentence annotation describing the source.
Example utilizing the Chicago Manual of Style:

1. John Elfrank-Dana in ISTE's Learning and Leading with Technology, Teacher Vision in the
New Media Classroom, par. 3, on the web @, Nov. 2001. Mr.
Elfrank-Dana explains how he was better able to achieve his educational vision in the classroom
with technology.

NOTE THE FORMAT: Author/Organization, in Periodical, Title of Page, paragraph number, on
the web @ http:// address, Date, Once sentence annotation (my requirement). You should use:
ibid, par. #, for referring to the same as the previous source. Use: author name, par. # for
referring to a source mentioned earlier.

Note that the author's last name and paragraph no. (Elfrank-Dana, par. 4) must also appear in the
project page at the location of the information derived from that article and hyperlinked to the
bookmark in the Sources List at the bottom of the page.

Suggested Work Flow: What you can't get done in class you will need to do for homework.

1. I.D. your topic
2. Do initial research
3. Narrow topic
4. Develop questions your presentation should answer. Due April 4th.
  a. Questions should focus on how the movement was successful, what strategies were used?
  b. Who was involved?
  c. Who was opposing?
  d. Who is involved now? What are they up to?
  e. What is left to be done? What can YOU do?

5. Research answers to those questions. Note answers you find and the URL in a SharePoint
post under your group's thread.
Example: Due April 8th

6. Write a draft of your individual portion of the project, using Word, based your research findings
and your thoughts about that information. Use spell and grammar check and upload to your
SharePoint thread. Due April 11.

7. Have another team member, using Insert Comments, edit your writing and upload the file to
SharePoint. Due April 14

8. Create your web page or Power Point presentation. Due April 20.

9. Present your work to the class. April 20 - 22.

Test on Projects: May 3.

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