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					                                   JOINT VENTURE FARM
                                  10671 N SR 53, Madison, FL 32340
                                    850-929-4991 or 229-403-6755

                        STALLION SERVICE CONTRACT

I,                                 hereby confirm my reservation to the stallion Apache*Pb*
for the 2011 season to breed the mare named                                          . Stud fee for
breeding above named mare to this stallion is $  n/a ATA Stallion Service Auction    .

The stud fee for breeding must be paid to the American Trakehner Association, Inc. in full for the mare
being bred via Transported Semen or Live Cover before first shipment or cover is made. Fees for
collection, shipping, and the container deposit are payable to Joint Venture Farm (see below). In the
event of the inability to produce viable fresh semen from the stallion contracted for this service, Joint
Venture Farm will substitute frozen semen.

A uterine culture is required if you have: A maiden mare, an older mare that was bred before, a mare
that had a difficult birth/retained placenta, aborted last pregnancy or if you have any other reasons to be
suspicious of her uterine health. I expect you to follow your veterinarian’s recommendation. This
current negative tract culture must be provided to Joint Venture Farm before any shipment of semen.

The mare owner agrees that a licensed veterinarian shall inseminate the mare with the semen, no more
than 12 hours after its arrival at the destination, and in the event this is not done, Joint Venture Farm
shall deem to have fulfilled their contract obligations under this contract and all guarantees shall be null
and void.

I understand that my mare must be examined by a licensed veterinarian between 40 and 50 days after
the last day bred and Joint Venture Farm notified of her pregnancy status at the time or all live foal
guarantees are null and void. The mare must be vaccinated at 5, 7, and 9 months with an anti-abortion
rhino vaccine, or all guarantees are null and void. Joint Venture Farm has the right to require that a
licensed veterinarian attests in writing to the times and circumstances of insemination and /or to the
lack of viability of the foal as a condition to honoring the return breeding privileges. A breeding
certificate will be issued after the conclusion of this breeding season.

This contract only guarantees return privileges, if necessary, for the same mare during the
course of Joint Venture breeding season in 2011(and 2012, if necessary). A second mare may
be substituted with permission of stallion owner. This contract is not transferable without
written permission of stallion owner. Should the mare not produce a live foal that stands and
sucks in 2011, the mare owner shall be entitled to above mentioned return privileges. This
guarantee shall only apply if the stallion owner is notified within one week of the foal’s death.
A statement of details by a licensed veterinarian must follow within 10 days or the guarantee
becomes null and void. This clause is also binding in case of abortion. If a mare reabsorbs
her pregnancy, Joint Venture needs written verification of this fact from a veterinarian.

I understand that the mare owner shall assume all responsibility for the condition of the mare
and bear all risk of loss or damage to the mare whether by death, disease, injury, infection or
otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, and therefore agrees to hold the stallion owner,
keeper or agent harmless for any and all damages associated therewith. Any disputes of a
legal matter must be settled in Madison, Madison County, Florida.

Fees, collection and shipping procedures:
Collection fee: $450
FedEx/UPS: $100
Container Deposit Required: $250

Joint Venture Farm will choose the veterinarian to do the stallion service collection.

Mare owner understands that requests for semen must be made 24 hours via telephone the
day preceding the requested semen shipment. Shipments requested the same day will be
accommodated if possible but sometimes the semen has already been shipped for the day.
Please inform your vet of this time deadline so he/she can schedule examinations
accordingly. You must Contact Ruthanne Gardner (850)-929-4991 House or (229)-403-
6755 Cell.

I the undersigned, do hereby certify that I am the mare owner named herein, or a duly
authorized agent thereof, and as such have the authority to enter into this contract, as
witnessed by my signature, I also certify that I have read and understand this contract and fee

This contract is binding upon both parties when signed.

Signature mare owner/agent                              Signature stallion owner/agent


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Mare Name:
     Reg #:

Please provide a copy of your mares registration papers so we can process your breeding
certificate. Which registry do you expect the foal to be registered with?

Name/Address where semen is to be shipped if different than above:

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