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					     Donahoe PTA News
                                                           November/December 2010

Principal’s Message…                      Important Dates to remember…
A BIG THANK YOU to all the students,         Sat. Nov 6th (12-4pm) - Harvest
parents, and community members                Skate @ Roller Dome
who attended Donahoe Elementary
School’s Fall Festival on October            Wed. Nov 10th – Fruit Sale
16th!! Fun was had by all! I would            Orders Due
like to publicly thank Jenna Childress,
Donahoe’s assistant principal, who           Thur. Nov 11th – ½ day student
initiated and organized this great            holiday
                                             Tues. Nov 16th – PTA Meeting –
DOLPHIN DADS ARE COMING! Be on                Family Math night
the lookout for information regarding
a new program at Donahoe -- Dolphin          Wed. Nov 24 – ½ day student
Dads! We are busy organizing this             holiday
program for our dads, uncles,
                                             Nov. 25 & 26 – Thanksgiving
granddads, and other male role
models. Dolphin Dads will wear
special t-shirts and be visible within      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the school setting (lunchtime, recess,
hallways, reading to classrooms, and         Fri Dec 10th – tentative date for
other activities).                            fruit to be delivered

Donahoe Elementary School is                 Dec 11th – 18thSpirit Night (All Day)
interested in school uniforms for next        – Five and Below @ White Oak
year. More information will be coming
home this year to receive parent input       Dec 13th – 17th – Woodall Frosty
on this initiative.                           Wonderland (a children’s gift shop)
                                              will be held
As always, I would like to thank the
parents and guardians at Donahoe             Tues. Dec 14th – PTA Meeting –
Elementary School for their support,          Guest Speaker & 2Nd Grade
participation, and dedication to              performance
Donahoe Elementary School.
                                             Dec 20th – 31st – Winter Break

    Susan R. Thomas – Principal
            Fall Festival                    Have you joined the PTA yet? It is not too
                                                 late and only $5.00. Then find a
Donahoe's first annual fall festival was a              committee to join.
great success! There was a lot of family
fun entertainment.                                 Ways & Means
                                                   Yearbook
                                                   Field Day
Children enjoyed games with prizes,                Membership
bounce houses, face painting, pumpkin              Hospitality
painting, the cake walk, karaoke and               Communication
playing with their friends.                        Schoolyard Habitat
                                                   Room Parent
Adults had fun too! Many participated in           Hospitality
games and activities with their children           Volunteer Luncheon
and placed bids in our silent auction.             Frosty Wonderland
There were great baskets to bid on, like
a spa basket, emergency car kit, family      Or help out with a program (during or
fun night and much more.                     after school hours)

                                                   Help out with General PTA Meetings
We also had great food and specialty
                                                   Field Day
vendors. There were hot dogs, snow -               Read to a class
cones, popcorn, candy, and drinks.                 Copy, Laminating
Vendors sold jewelry, crafts, scented              Chaperoning
candles tamales, wreaths and make your             Teacher Appreciation (donate food
own tie - dye t-shirts.                             items for a teacher luncheon or
                                                    donate special items for the teachers
So in case you missed it, make sure you             boxes for Teacher Appreciation Week)
remember to stop by for next year!
                                             Please note all volunteer forms must be
                                             accompanied by a HCPS Volunteer Form before
The PTA would like to thank all the kids,    starting any volunteer work that involves working
parents, staff, vendors, and volunteers      with students.
to help make this years fall festival a
success!                                     If you have any questions or would like to join
                                             a committee, please contact us.

          Veronica Duran -
        PTA VP Ways & Means
                                                             PTA Email:
                                                            PTA Website:
                                 The Counselor’s Corner
We have been busy this school year!!! For the month of September all classes participated in a Respect
Character lesson. We discussed the importance of being kind to everyone and including others.
October’s character trait was Responsibility. All classes participated in a Responsibility lesson focusing
on different responsibilities we have at home, school and towards others and consequences when we are
not responsible.

In addition, to the Character education lessons, K-3rd grade students had a Tattling Classroom Guidance
lesson. We learned the difference between tattling (getting someone in trouble) and reporting (when
someone is hurt or in danger). 4th-5th grade students had a Conflict Resolution lesson. We discussed
strategies to resolve conflicts that are healthy and safe.

SCA elections took place and I would like to congratulate our officers:

Ariana Tieman, President                     Rion Jones, Secretary
Emily Montecalvo, Vice President,            Thaliah Ranson, Treasurer

The SCA officers have been conducting the morning announcements on our Circuit TV and have been
doing a wonderful job. SCA helped with the Maymount Fundraiser and donated $243 to help feed an
animal. SCA will assist with our NEW schoolwide recycling program. November 5th is “Backwards” day.
Students will dress backwards to help remind us to turn our clocks back on Sunday for daylight savings.

We had our Schoolwide Bully Prevention Kickoff Assembly. Each student signed a no bullying pledge.
4th and 5th grade students performed a “Stand Up Against Bullies” rap and skit explaining our 4 bullying

   1.   I will not bully others.
   2.   We will try to help students who are bullied.
   3.   We will try to include students who are left out.
   4.   If we know that someone is being bullied we will tell an adult.

In January we will be having our annual career fair. If you are interested in speaking to students
regarding your career please contact me!

Mrs. Lahrman
School Counselor
Donahoe Elementary


                                            Teaching Our Children to
 Parent Involvement                               Help Others
 Parent involvement is crucial to the         I am only one, but still I am one; I
 health and well-being of a child. As a     cannot do everything, but still I can do
  parent, you are the most important         something; I will not refuse to do the
  influence in your child's success in              something I can do.
   school and in life. In this role, you               ~ Helen Keller
 have a fresh opportunity every day to
      get involved with your child.          Children are never too young to learn
                                            the value and joy of helping others. As
   Parent involvement in children’s           children make their wish lists for the
   education allows kids to perform         holidays, it’s a good time to deliver the
  better in school, and navigate more         message that helping and giving to
   easily some of the challenges of             others is a great way to express
     growing up, such as bullying.            gratitude for all the gifts — material
                                              and otherwise — that we receive all
    PTA is committed to being the                           year long.
      leading resource for parent
         involvement. We offer                   As we know, children learn by
 comprehensive resources for helping         watching their parents. Take talking,
    parents get involved and stay             for instance. We talk to our children
 involved in the lives of their children.   from the time they’re babies and, after
                                               a while, they start talking back. We
                                                know that if they see us reading,
                                               chances are they will learn to love
                                                reading too. We can also model
                                            compassion and generosity. If children
                                            see us donating our time, money, and
                                              belongings, they will learn to do the

  Male Involvement                              

 Studies show students perform
better when mothers and fathers
     are both involved in the
   education of their children.

Men and women think differently
and bring different perspectives
 and skills to school and PTA

   School communities and
PTAs thrive when both men and
      women participate.

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