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   First Name        Vladimir
    Nickname         Vlado / Bajdo
   Last Name         Baotić
      Address        17 Kelvin Court
    City/Place       Hamilton
  Postal Code        L8E 1J2
     Province        Ontario
State/Country        Canada
    Continent        North America

   Telephone         +++ 1-905-560-8110
     Telefax         +++ 1-905-560-8111
   Residence         +++ 1-905-560-1535

    Web Site

 Date of Birth       June 15. 1947
Place of Birth       Village of Donja Mahala
     Province        Bosanska Posavina
      Country        Bosnia/Croatia (Hrvatska)
    Continent        Europe
  Citizenship        Croatian, Canadian, Bosnian
Marital Status       Four (2 sons & 2 daughters)


Player’s   Licensed on July 5th 2001 by the Canadian Soccer Association as: Player’s
Agent      Agent or FIFA Player’s Agent

1999-Now   Passed all prerequisite Courses and Examination by the Canadian Soccer
           Association, which were adopted by FIFA and subsequently registered as:
           the First Player’s Agent in Canada, also known previously as: FIFA
           Player’s Agent. Allowed to conduct professional soccer players transfers in
           204 countries worldwide.

           Has Head Office in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Branch Office in
           Zagreb, Croatia, Europe.


Soccer     VLADIMIR International Soccer Agency Inc.
2001-Now   August 23. 2001 established own Soccer/Football Corporation in the
           Province of Ontario in Canada; to promote Worldwide Professional Players.
           This Agency in listed under FIFA Player’s Agents Directories.

Sports     PROMAX Promotion Inc.
1991-Now   Established own Sports Promotion Corporation as an International
           Company to help transfer and promote players in various sport fields,
           around the globe.

           This company organized many soccer games, particularly those for
           Humanitarian Purposes (1991 – 1996).


1987-1988   Stopped playing soccer permanently, due to left knee injury. Twisted left
            knee and broke excruciating interior ligament. Subsequently had 3
            arthroscopic surgeries, which precluded further playing. Finally, in
            November 1997, had reconstructive excruciating interior ligament surgery.
            Fully recovered, but too old to play competitive soccer!

1987-1989   Played 6 games and scored many goals on European Tour (in Hungary) for
            Hamilton Hungaria, Canadian Old-Timer’s 1987 Champion. Friendly
            games against: Vasas, Miskolc, Honved, MTK & Sombately. Also, hosted
            Vasas, 1988 in Canada.

1983-1989   Played 156 games for Hamilton Croatia Old-Timers. Held scoring record
            of 39 goals per 24 game season. Scored most spectacular goals in the
            League’s history.

1972-1985   For 12 years played 280 games for Hamilton Croatia in Ontario, Canada.
            This was second best professional soccer team in Canada in 70-is. While
            active as a player, held an executive positions in the club. Had very long,
            unparalleled and prosperous career.

1971-1972   Played 38 games for London Croatia in Ontario, Canada. This was the
            best team in Southern Ontario. Scored 42 goals in 6 months season.

1969-1970   Played 18 games for his Employer’s Alfred Teves company Team, in
            Frankfurt/Main in Germany, during 1970 season. Also, practiced with FSV
            Fussball Manschafft (German Second Division Soccer Team) in
            Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Many Croatian First Division soccer players
            played there.

1969-1970   Played for Bosnian Posavina Regional Soccer Select and was voted the best
            player for 1969 year. Was offered place in the squad of many National First
            Division Teams. Proposals were rejected, because in September 1969,
            escaped the country and political regime, and became a political emigrant in
            Germany, and later in Canada. Continued his Professional and Semi-
            Professionalin soccer career at: Mohawk College in Hamilton and Hamilton
            Croatia National Soccer Club Inc., until his retirement.

1967-1969   Served 1.5 years in National Army. Played 27 games for Army Soccer
            Select. Shared sports comradeship with many famous players from Senior
            National Team. Was the Player/Coach, and the true Leader.

1965-1967   Aside, from being a regular player of Dinamo Vinkovci, played regularly
            for Dinamo Donja Mahala, Bosnia. Since this club was from a different
            Province, it was legally allowed to play for them. From 1963-1967 played
            326 games. Known by the nickname Bajdo (after Croatian famous player --
            Bernard Vukas), for his very precise penalty kicks and top corner shots, as
            well as persistant top bar hitter. The name was synonymous with soccer in
            the region and in the country.


1965-1967   While playing for Junior Team Dinamo Vinkovci, was drafted as a
            prospect for Senior Squad, with whom played occasionally. Played and
            practiced daily 5-6 hours. Known for extra and incomparable dribbling
            skills. Coached by the teacher, Professor Tonko Vukušić -- Cico, a special
            and the most intelligent Croatian Soccer Coach.

1963-1965   Drafted to Junior Team Dinamo Vinkovci, Croatia. This was one of the
            best Junior Teams in the country. Played mostly in the forward line.
            Selected and played for Croatian National Junior Team Under - 18.
            Achieved tremendous success and top records. Was the best soccer
            Player/Coach of attending (SCMEGS) Secondary Mechanical-Electrical and
            Chemical Technical School.

1959-1963   In the Village of Cerna (near Vinkovci) Croatia, played soccer for Tomislav
            Junior Team as well as for Elementary School Squad. Immediately became
            a Leader in the team. For four years, was selected the best youngster athlete
            in most sports, particularly: soccer, small-soccer, cross-running (3000m),
            handball, shooting and table tennis.

1954-1959   In the Village of Donja Mahala, Bosnia/Croatia, have learned first soccer
            lessons, from older brothers, who established local soccer team Dinamo.
            Soccer was main sport in the area. Participated with Dinamo Junior Team,
            and showed a rare talent.

                                  SPORTS ORGANIZER

Founder and Instrumental in Organizing the following Clubs & Teams:
1959-1963      Organized School Team and local Juniors in Village Cerna, Croatia, Europe
1963-1967      Organized Secondary/High School Team and was Player/Coach in
               Vinkovci, Croatia, Europe
1966-1967      Organized Junior Team of Dinamo Donja Mahala, Bosnia/Croatia, Europe
1977-1983      Founder of Junior Soccer Teams of Hamilton Croatia, Ontario, Canada
               * First year 3 Teams, and in following 4 years, 15 more Teams with 460
                 registered players in Hamilton & District Junior Soccer League


Awards         In 35 years: Playing, Teaching and Coaching Soccer, Received:
               *   Over 75 trophies, plaques, medals, certificates, awards and recognitions
               *   Played 854 games and scored 756 goals. Some were spectacular.
               *   Top scorer in Ontario, Canada O.T. League with 42 goals in 28 games
1963-1965      *   Drafted as: Croatian & Bosnian National Junior Select prospect
1987-1988      *   Selected for Ontario Old-Timers All-Star Team
Coaching       During Sports Life, Coached and Tutored the following Teams:
1959-1953      *   Juniors of Tomislav, Cerna, Croatia
1963-1969      *   Juniors of Dinamo, Donja Mahala, Bosnia/Croatia
1977-1983      *   Juniors of Croatia, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
1977-1980      *   Seniors of Croatia Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
1983-1990      *   Old-Timers of Croatia Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Special        During Soccer Career was: Director, Chairman, Planner, Writer:

1974-1984      * The Secretary of Hamilton Croatia during 1974 and 1984
1977-1978      * The President of Croatia -- National Sports Club of Hamilton, Ontario
1980-1998      * Chairman of The Board of Hamilton Croatia
1977           * Executive of Croatian National Soccer Federation of USA & Canada
1986           * Executive Director of Hamilton & District Old-Tiimers Soccer League
1972-1989      * Seasonal Soccer Reporter for Croatian Emigrant Newspapers
1985           * Writer of Hamilton Croatia Club’s Rules which was Adapted 1985
1984           * Author of Reconstructing Plans (Private Shareholding Investment) for
                 Hamilton Croatia. The Plan was adapted, but never implemented.
1990           * Author of Shareholding Plan for Dinamo Zagreb, in Croatia. The Plan
                 submitted, but never adapted by the Club’s executives and supporters.


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