Can you play the guitar 7A Unit 10 Section A

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					Can you play the guitar?
7A Unit 10 Section A (Zeng Yuanfen)
P59: New words

                                     sing        play chess
 dance             swim

                          play the guitar    join the art club


 can’t = can not
       = cannot           speak English     join the music club
Match the words and the pictures
  dance                                  swim

                                        play chess

                                    play the guitar

  speak English

                                   join the art club
  join the music club
P59 Conversation
1 ---Can you swim?
  ---Yes, I can./ No, I can’t. (*I don’t like swimming.)
(dancing, playing chess, painting, singing, speaking English,
playing the guitar.)
There is only one thing that I can do. Guess what it is.

                    play chess              paint

    sing          speak English            swim            play the guitar
P60 Conversation
2 ---What club do you want to join?
  ---I want to join the chess club.
  ---Can you play chess?
  ---Yes, I can.

the chess club     the art club        the music club    the basketball club

                                           Guess what club I want to join.
                                           ---Do you want to join …?
                                           ---Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.
the English club     the sports club
P61 Conversation
June: Can you play the guitar?
Joe: Yes, I can.
June: Can you play it well?
Joe: No, I can’t.
Maria: Joe can play the guitar,            dance
      but he can’t play it very well.

                        play chess               paint         play the guitar
                                        GAME Guess:
                     speak English      ---Can you dance well?
                                        ---Yes, I can./No, I can’t.
P61 New words & ad
                                  our(我们的) (所有格)
                                  we(我们) (主格-作主语)
     kid                 kids     …our club, our class, our room …
               kid                We can sing. We can dance.
ad         Help Wanted            Do you want to join our sports club?
                                  Can you help us with swimming?
Are you good with kids?           Please bring us some oranges.

We need help for our Beidaihe     Job interview (in groups of 4)
School Trip. Can you help with:   ---Can you help kids with swimming?
• sports                          ---Yes, I can.
• music                           Survey :
• computer                        ___ can help kids with sports.
                                  ___ can help kids with music.
Come and join us!                 ___ can help kids with computer.
Exercises      句型转换:
1 I can swim.(一般疑问句, 并作否定回答)
  Can you                No       I
  _____ _____ swim? _____,_____ _____ .can’t
2 I want to join the music club.
  ______ club do you
 What ______ ______ ______ want to join?
3 She can sing.
  _____ _____ she _____ ?
  What can            do
4 They can play the guitar.
  _____ _____ they _____ ?
  What can            do
5 Joe can play chess.
  What can            play
  _____ _____ Joe _____ ?
6 Tom can paint. (一般疑问句, 并作肯定回答)
  _____ Tom _____ ? _____, _____ _____ .
  Can           paint Yes he can
7 Maria wants to join the sports club.
  _____ _____ _____ Maria _____ to join?
  What club does               want
8 My sister can dance.
  What can your                 do
  _____ _____ _____ sister _____ ?
9 John wants to join the chess club.
  What does           want       do
  _____ _____ John _____ to _____ ?
10 John wants to join the chess club.
    _____ club does
   What _____ _____ John _____ to _____ ?
                               want join

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