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Graphic Organizers, Templates, and Printables:

Help your students children classify ideas and communicate more effectively. Use graphic
organizers to structure writing projects, to help in problem solving, decision making,
studying, planning research and brainstorming. Select a Graphic Organizer from the
following list of links.

Graphic Organizers:
Clock                 Cluster/Word Web 1 Cluster/Word Web 2
Cluster/Word Web 3 Describing Wheel       E-Chart
Fact and Opinion      Five W’s Chart      Flow Chart
Four-Column Chart Garden Gate             Goal-Reasons Web
Ice-Cream Cone        Idea Rake           Idea Wheel
Inverted Triangle     ISP Chart           KWL Chart
KWS Chart             Ladder              Observation Chart
Persuasion Map        Planning Chart      Problem-Solution Chart
Sandwich              Sense Chart         Sequence Chart
Spider Map            Step-by-Step Chart Story Map 1
Story Map 2           Story Map 3         T-Chart
Ticktacktoe           Time Line           Time-Order Chart
Tree Chart            Venn Diagram

Templates from Classtools:
Telescopic Topic    Arcade Game Generator Random Name Picker
Countdown Timer Dustbin Game               Post It
Diamond 9           Fishbone (Ishikawa)    Venn Diagram
Animated Book       Timeline               Lights Out
Target              Hamburger              Living Graph
Learning Cycle      Jigsaw Diagram         Priority Chart
Source Analyser
Printables from DLTK:
Awards          Bingo Cards               Bookmarks
Calendars       Chore Chart (Star Chart) Coupons
Dominos         Doorknob Hangers          Gift Tags
Greeting Cards Memory Cards               Money Cards
Treat Bags      Writing Paper

Interactive online games to assist students with learning or to reinforce concepts in
Business Economics, English, Foreign Language, History, Government, Math, Science,
Technology, and more!

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This site is to provide you with valuable resources to assist you in teaching in the 21st

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Content area wikis:

      o   Science:
      o   English:
      o   Social Studies:
      o   Math:

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Glog: Create your online poster!

Education glog:; you can create up to 100 student accounts.

     Create Glog for educational use, how to create Glogs.ppt

     Glogster Information.doc

How to use Glogster:
Google Doc Information:
More Google Products:
Video - Google Docs in Plain English:
Google Doc Instructions:
Beginning Tutorial from Atomic Learning:
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