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Library Instruction Lesson Database Template


									Library Instruction Lesson
LEARN Biography Research - Making Personal
Resource Title           LEARN Biography Research – Making Personal
File Name                LEARN Biography Research – Making Personal
Resource Description     This lesson asks students who are involved in
(This is information     biography research to make text-to-self connections
about the resource.)     with their famous person. It is part of a larger,
                         collaborative 4th grade unit on “Famous Americans.”

Standard                 AASL                         FCPS
Strand                   AASL                         FCPS
Indicator                AASL                         FCPS
Benchmark                AASL                         FCPS
SOL                      Eng 4.5; VS.5; VS.6;VS.9
Materials                SMARTBoard file: LEARN Biography Research and
(Books, files, links,    Making Personal Connections.notebook
graphic organizers,      Blank copies of slides 3 and 4 (set for each student)
databases, etc.)

Lesson Length            30 minutes

Keywords or key          Biography;graphic organizer; Venn Diagram; T Chart;
phrases                  SMARTBoard; text-to-self connections
Year Created?            2008

Teacher Editable?        XYes

Audience                   Librarian
(Resources may have
more than 1 audience.)
Purpose                     Lesson Plan
(Resources may have
more than 1 purpose.)
Create By                Created by Pat Gualtieri
(written by or adapted
Grade Level   Pre-K       7th Grade
              K           8th Grade
              1st Grade   9th Grade
              2nd Grade   10th Grade
              3rd Grade   11th Grade
              4th Grade   12th Grade
              5th Grade
              6th Grade   Adult
LEARN Lesson Plan
Biography Research - Making Personal
           We have begun working on our biography unit,
Link       researching the lives and contributions of
           influential Virginians and other famous
           Americans. We have learned to use various
           resources to locate information and have taken
           notes. Today we will use a graphic organizer to
           record text-to-self connections to our famous

           Project slide 1 of Notebook file: LEARN Biography
Engage     Research and Making Personal Connections.notebook.
and        Explain that the first step in making connections
Educate    is to brainstorm how you are the same or
           different than your famous person. Model using
           the T chart to list information about Harriet
           Tubman and a fictitious student. Discuss how
           some of the items listed are similarities and
           others are differences. Explain that once the list
           is complete, they will use the Venn Diagram to
           organize the information. Project slide 2. Model
           filling in the Venn Diagram by deciding what is
           the same or different between the famous
           person and the student.

           Assessment: Student Response

                 Distribute copies of Slides 3 and 4 to each
Active            student
Learning         Remind the students that they will be
                  using their notes to identify important
                  characteristics of their famous person.
                  Have them think about gender, living or
                  dead, family, marital status, where
                  born/lived, etc.
                 Have them brainstorm personal similarities
                  and differences to complete the T Chart
                 Once the T Chart is completed, have them
                 organize the information on the Venn
                Once complete, have the students save
                 and print their documents.

          Assessment: Completed documents

          Ask the students to discuss how using a T Chart
Reflect   and Venn Diagram helped them organize their
          information. Ask several student volunteers to
          share their findings, especially the text-to-self
          connections they discovered about themselves
          and their famous person. Ask if they felt this
          activity made their research project more
          Explain that they will continue to be asked to
Now       make connections, either between texts,
and       themselves or the world. Encourage them to
Then      think about these connections as they read and/
          or research topics of interest to them.

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