; How To Overcome Skimping On Fruits And Vegetables
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How To Overcome Skimping On Fruits And Vegetables


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How To Overcome Skimping On Fruits And Vegetables
                                     smoothies or fruit salads , you       bowl from Wendy’s. And you
                                     are likely to be inspired to eat      can order side-salads from almost           Spinach Egg Omelet
                                     fruits and veggies.                   any fast food restaurant. Just                   Canola cooking spray
                                     Excuse #2 I don’t like fruits         order it with low fat dressing and               1 cup loose frozen chopped spinach
                                                                           maybe only use half the packet                   ½ cup egg whites or egg beaters
                                     and vegetables.                                                                        Fresh ground pepper
                                                                           to keep the calories down. If you
                                         Some people say they don’t                                                         Pinch of oregano flakes
                                                                           are ordering a wrap or grilled
                                     eat the fruits and vegetables                                                          1 ounce thin sliced low fat shredded cheese of your choice
                                                                           chicken sandwich, ask for extra
                                     because they simply aren’t inter-                                                      ½ whole tomato, thin sliced or chopped
                                                                           lettuce and tomatoes. Every little
                                     ested. It’s more fun to eat French                                                   Start heating a 9-inch non-stick fry pan or omelet pan over
                                                                           bit helps.
                                     fries and nachos. My clients                                                      med-high heat. Coat the inside of the pan with canola cooking
                                                                               Choose restaurants that offer
                                     often anticipate that vegetables                                                  spray. Spread the spinach out evenly in the bottom of the pan
                                                                           appetizing options. If you find
                                     will be bland in taste.                                                           and let it heat up for 1 minute. Stir and continue cooking for 1
                                                                           a restaurant that has delicious
                                     How to overcome the excuse:           grilled vegetables, flavorful fruit         minute more.
                                         Get out of a fruit and vegeta-    salads, or interesting entrees                 Spread spinach out evenly in the bottom of the pan, then
                                     ble rut and try new options. No       loaded with fruits and veggies,             our a half a cup of egg whites or egg beaters over the spinach
                                     one likes the same veggies day in     visit that place more often.                to form an omelet. Sprinkle pepper and oregano over the top.
Written By: Nancy Adler,             and day out.                              Stop at a smoothie shop.                When the bottom is nicely brown. Flip omelet over and cook on
C.F.T., S.S.N., S.S.C.                   Add fruits and vegetables to      Smoothies offer an opportunity              the other side.
Specializing in Nutrition &          the foods you do like. Add fruit      to get a couple of servings of                 Lay cheese over the top of half the omelet. When bottom is
Weight Control                       to yogurt, oatmeal, and pan-          fruit into your day. Choose the             cooked and cheese melted, fold one half of omelet over the half
                                     cakes, as well as to, French toast    flavors with lots of fruits added.          topped with cheese. Garnish and top with fresh tomato.
   What’s your excuse?               and cottage cheese. Add veg-          Be sure there is no “added” sug-            You may find more healthy recipes in “Nancy’s Recipes for Life”
   We all know that fruits           etables to chili, stew, casseroles,   ars or sweeteners.                          cookbook. Available at Nancy’s office in December.
                                     pasta, pasta salads, omelets and
   and vegetables can
   improve our health in a
                                     pizza. You can also dip raw veg-      Excuse #4 Fresh fruit
   positive way. But we seem
                                     gies in your lite salad dressing.
                                         Serve a green salad with din-
                                                                           spoils before I eat it.              Nancy Adler C.F.T., S.S.N., S.S.C.
                                                                           How many times have                   Specializing In Nutrition & Weight Control
   to keep coming up with            ner. This is a standard practice      you thrown out blackened
   reasons why we can’t eat          in many cultures. Why not do it       bananas, broccoli that
                                     a few times a week? Make it fun                                                                                              Be Please be good to yourself and enjoy our
                                                                                                                                                                     Good to yourself andSpecial our
   more of them.                                                           turned yellow and wilted or                                                                   January and February
                                     by changing the embellishments        shriveled up oranges? “ Use                                                            November/december 2010 special
   So why can’t we eat
                                                                                                                                                                           Save $ 25.00
                                     (say, from mandarin oranges and                                                                                                    Initial consultation and start up fee
                                                                           it or lose it” is the situation                                                                          Save $ 25.00
   more of them?                     pecans to cucumber and avoca-         here. In my experience (with                                                                 oN your iNitial coNsultatioN.
                                     do). Also change up the types of      the exception of apples kept                                                                 Its Time to be a New Healthier You
Excuse #1 It’s not convenient        dressings you use. It will give the   in the crisper) you are more
                                                                                                                                                                                   this New Year!
to eat fruits and vegetables.        salads a whole new flavor.            likely to use fresh produce
‘Out of sight out of mind’ is the        Buy or make fruit salad often.    within two to three days.
key here. If fruits and vegetables   No one can resist a beautiful         After that you either forget            Understanding how to read food labels
                                                                                                             • Understanding how to read food labels
                                                                                                                   Learn how plan weekly food menus for your family
                                                                                                             • Learn how to to plan weeklyfood menus for your family
aren’t in front of us while we are   fresh fruit salad. There is some-     it or it goes bad.                • Poor Digestion Problems
                                                                                                              •    Poor Digestion Problems
eating, or choosing what to eat,     thing really appetizing about the                                       • Slow Metabolism
                                                                                                              •    Slow Metabolism
we are less likely to have them.                                           How to overcome the excuse:       • Acne Control
                                     assortment of fruit in different                                         •    Acne Control
                                                                           Dried fruit is ready when         • Fatigue and low energy concerns
                                                                                                              •    Fatigue and low energy concerns
How to overcome the excuse:          shapes, sizes and colors all tossed                                                           • Understanding Vitamins and
                                                                           you are. It doesn’t go bad         •    Understanding Vitamins and supplements
Keep fruit ready to eat where you    together.                                                                •    Child Nutrition
                                                                           and dried fruit isn’t all about                         • Child Nutrition
can see it. Keep whole fruit on      Excuse #3 I eat out a lot.
                                                                                                              •                    nutrition for the athlete
                                                                                                                   Specific sports • Specific sports nutrition for the athlete
                                                                           raisins anymore. You can           •    Bloating, heartburn and constipation issues constipation issues
                                                                                                                                   • Bloating, heartburn and
the kitchen counter. Put cut fruit   Another barrier that comes up a       select dried mango, blueber-       •    Headaches • Headaches
front and center in the refrigera-   lot is not knowing how to make        ries, strawberries, apricots       •    Abnormal food•cravings
                                                                                                                                     Abnormal food cravings
tor so you can see them as soon      healthy selections when eating        and peaches. Remember                             *Private and one on one sessions
                                                                                                              *Private and confidential confidential one on one sessions
as you open the door.                out.                                  there is also sugar in dried
   Go places where you are
reminded to eat fruits and veg-
                                     How to overcome the excuse:           fruit and because it’s faster                              609.677.5599 We are located at:
                                                                                                                   Cornerstone Commerce Center, 1201 New Road, Suite 111-A,
                                         “Always order fruits and          to eat, you may consume too                             nancea2@comcast.net
etables. If you go to restaurants                                                                                                    Linwood N.J 08221
                                     vegetables, even at fast food         many calories from sugar.
that feature vegetarian dishes       restaurants. You can order apple      Remember, 1/4 cup equals                           Fire road, suite B7 • egg HarBor townsHip
                                                                                                                         2511 609-653-4900 • NaNcea2@comcast.Net n.J
or cafes that serve awesome          slices at McDonalds or a fruit        one serving of fruit.                                      www.NaNcyadlerNutritioN.com

Nancy Adler C.F.T., S.S.N., S.S.C. Nancy is a certified nutritionist specializing in nutrition and weight control. She owns a nutrition consulting business in Linwood where she
counsels people in making permanent healthier lifestyle changes. She currently holds three ofa the highest accredited certifications through I.S.S.A.: C.F.T (Certified Fitness Trainer),
S.S.N. (Specialist in Sports Nutrition), and S.S.C. (Specialist in Sports Conditioning). Nancy has competed in running events for charity. She often lectures groups about nutrition
and wellness at women’s organizations, schools, and professional establishments throughout the county. She may be heard on local radio and seen on television spreading the good word
of health and fitness. You may read Nancy’s thoughts on nutrition and fitness in the T.V Atlantic magazine weekly and in Ed Hitzel’s Restaurant magazine.
 You may also see Nancy on Television Friday mornings on “Better Living with Adrienne” on NBC-TV40 at 10:25 A.M. discussing health and nutrition topics.
                    NaNcy adler NutritioN has moved. She is pleased to be a part of South Jersey Spinal Care Center with
      Dr. Christopher J. De Polis Jr. D.C.,C.C.S.P, Cornerstone Commerce Center, 1201 New Road, Suite 111-A, Linwood N.J 08221
                         609 653-4900 • NaNcea2@comcast.Net • www.NaNcyadlerNutritioN.com

 The County Woman Magazine                                                 www.TheCountyWoman.com                                                            November/December 2010

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