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									Occupational Communication/Oral Interpersonal Communication
Will Vail
20 Questions for Informational Interview

  1. On a typical day in this position, what do you do?

  2. What training or education was important for success in this position? Why?

  3. Are you familiar with MPTC’s ______________________ Program? If so, how would
     the skills developed in my program be useful here?

  4. What mixture of talent, education, work experience, etc., would best prepare me for this

  5. What personal skills are particularly important to doing well in this position?

  6. What entry-level jobs are best for learning as much as possible?

  7. How did you get your job? Is that the typical way positions are filled here?

  8. What opportunities exist for advancement in this field?

  9. What four-year college degrees would complement the technical education I’ve already
     received? Which colleges offer such training?

 10. How do you see this field changing in the future?

 11. Is there a demand for people with your skills?

 12. What special advice would you give me while I’m looking for work?

 13. What are the pros and cons of working for a company this size?

 14. What are the pros and cons of working in this field generally?

 15. Would you be willing to evaluate my resumé and suggest improvements?

 16. What professional organizations or journals are important to my success?

 17. What types of education or training does your company provide? What kinds of education
     or training have you sought on your own? How useful have you found such training or

 18. If you had it to do over again, would you choose this line of work? Why or why not?

 19. What are the salary ranges for various levels in this field?

 20. Whom do you know that I should talk to next? When I call them, may I use your name?

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