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									Leading Precious Gemstones Retailer Now Offering Planetary
Gemstones At A Fraction Of The Cost
 Retailer of investment quality gems, GemstoneUniverse.com, now offers planetary gemstones at
 approximately 1/6 the cost worldwide. These natural, unheated and untreated precious
 gemstones are hand selected by the firm's Astro gemologists.

Online PR News – 01-November-2011 KARNATAKA,INDIA -- Planetary gemstones have been gaining
worldwide attention for their therapeutic role in providing abundance, fortune and wellness in life.
GemstoneUniverse.com, a global retailer of precious gemstones , now offers authentic planetary
gemstones at approximately 1/6 the price generally available worldwide.

GemstoneUniverse.com is the only retailer of investment quality gems in the world to employ certified
Astro gemologists to offer guidance as customers select from some of the finest natural, unheated and
untreated stones. All employees of GemstoneUniverse.com are GIA certified AJP’s and adhere to the
strictest ethical standards in the field.

"Sacred ancient Hindu texts prescribe specific ways to alter a person's karmic life map, including ratna, or
gems. At GemstoneUniverse.com, we understand that gems can work wonders in life, which is why we are
so pleased to offer authentic planetary gemstones at reduced prices. If an individual has hit a roadblock in
life, planetary gemstones are often the answer they seek," explains Abhijita Kulshrestha of
GemstoneUniverse.com ( http://www.GemstoneUniverse.com ).

GemstoneUniverse.com has been honored with the Export Excellence Award for two consecutive years by
the Jewellers Association. The retailer was specifically chosen from among thousands of exports firms for
its commitment to Planetary Gem Therapy, high ethical standards as well as its offering of superior quality

"At GemstoneUniverse.com, we respect the pivotal role of planetary gemstones, and we are delighted that
our expertise in both gemology and Vedic astrology has helped so many customers choose stones
personalized to meet their life objectives. More importantly, we are committed to providing the highest
quality gemstones at competitive prices, which is why all of our gemstones are accompanied by relevant
certification," concludes Kulshrestha.

About GemstoneUniverse.com: GemstoneUniverse.com ( http://www.GemstoneUniverse.com ) is a
leading worldwide retailer of precious gemstones. From lucky birthstones to investment quality gems,
GemstoneUniverse.com offers the widest collection of all natural, untreated and unheated planetary

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