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 Graphic Organizer                                                        IDENTIFYING CONFLICT

The Sniper             Liam O’Flaherty

Identify Type of Conflict Chart In the story “The Sniper,” the main character
faces different conflicts. Some conflicts are internal, which are within the
character. Some conflicts are external, which come from outside the character.

Identify the kind of conflict the character faces in the following scenes by writing
internal or external in the second column. If the conflict is external, identify the
source of the conflict. The first one is done for you.

 Scene                        Type of           Source of external
                              Conflict          conflict

 A bullet almost hits him     External          The enemy sniper
 while he is smoking.

 He wants to smoke a
 cigarette, but he know it
 is risky.
 A woman points out his
 location to the armored
 car driver.
 He is shot in the arm.

 He must overcome the
 pain to plan his escape
 from the roof.
 His enemy on the
 opposite roof will shoot
 him if he tries to escape.

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