In the Small Small Pond by liaoqinmei


									In the Small, Small Pond

                   CHALLENGING WORDS



      It may be a small, small pond, but there is lots of activity!
 Do you know what lives in a small, small pond? You may be surprised
      at what you see in the small, small pond. Come and see!
                     --- Conversation Questions---

(1)    Explain what this book is about.
       (Answer) All the different animals and bugs living in the pond.
       (Follow Up) Do you like ponds?

(2)    Look at page eight. What do you think the frog is thinking?
       (Answer) Any Logical Answer.
       (Follow Up) Have you ever caught a frog?

(3)    Pretend you are one of the turtles. Why do you drowse and doze on the
       (Answer) Any Logical Answer.
       (Follow Up) Have you ever fallen asleep in the sun?

(4)    Do you think you could learn new things from watching life on the pond?
       (Answer) Any Logical Answer.
       (Follow Up) Tell me something you learned at school yesterday.

(5)    Define "tadpoles"
       (Answer) Baby frogs.
       (Follow Up) Have you ever watched a tadpole become a frog?

(6)    Describe what the raccoon was doing at the pond.
       (Answer) Catching fish for dinner.
       (Follow Up) Do you like fish?

(7)    Describe what the whirligigs do.
       (Answer) Circle, swirl, and twirl.
       (Follow Up) Have you ever watched water bugs skate on water?

(8)    Tell me why the minnows scattered.
       (Answer) A frog jumped into the water.
       (Follow Up) Do you know someone who has a fish tank?

(9)    Name another animal that might live in or on the pond.
       (Answer) A Beaver.
       (Follow Up) Have you ever seen a beaver's dam?

(10)   Describe what the geese did.
       (Answer) Made a parade.
       (Follow Up) Do you ever watch the geese fly in a V formation?

        1. List the animals and insects we met at the pond today.

        2. Write two sentences about the turtles gathered on the log.

        3. Write a journal entry about your trip to the pond.

        4. Draw and label a picture of the pond and its inhabitants.


   1.    Have some pictures of frogs, fish, ducks or other animals or insects
         that live in or around a pond. Ask the student if they know where they
          all live. Have they ever been to a pond? Did they fish? Say, " Today
          we are going to find out just how crowded this small, small pond really
          is. Let's read and see."

   2.    Have the following words on the table: Frog, turtle, tadpole, fish,
         ducks, and dragonflies. Ask what they all have in common. Ask if they
         have seen any of these in or on a pond? Say, " Today we are going to
         read about some of the animals who live at the pond. Let's read and
         find out who they are!"

   3. Have some pictures of different bodies of water, ponds, creeks, rivers,
      and the ocean. Ask students if they think you will find the same things
      in all these bodies of water. Tell them in today’s story you will read
      about a pond and what you will find in a pond.

Book Title: In the Small, Small Pond
Author: Denise Fleming                       Illustrator: Denise Fleming
ISBN: 0-590-48119-3                          # of Text Pages: 28     AR: 2.0 LEX: NP
                                  Building Oral Vocabulary
 4            wriggle           16          whirligigs        21           dabble
                                   Prediction Questions
 4  Tell me what the tadpoles become.
 8  Guess who we may meet next.
12 Tell me what might happen when the frog jumps back in the water.

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         Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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