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					                                                             LER 1951

Graphic Organizer
                  Pocket Chart
                  Double Sided Chart!

Includes:                               Suggested Uses:
• 35.5"h x 39"w Flame-Retardant         • Brainstorming ideas
  Pocket Chart                          • Organizing thoughts
• 9 Pockets for cards, measuring        • Compare and contrast
  35.5"l x 2"h
                                        • Classification
• 2 Window Storage Pockets on
  the back, 35.5"l x 6"h                • Sorting

• 20 write and wipe blank sorting
  cards, measuring 2.5"h x 8.5"w
• 5 write and wipe blank title cards,
  measuring 2.5"h x 25"w

The Graphic Organizer Pocket Chart was designed to help teach
students how to organize their thoughts. This can be used for
multiple grade levels and subject areas. These charts are great to
compare similarities and differences among many different topics
studied in the classroom. Graphic Organizers are research-based
instructional tools to use to organize thoughts when writing,
brainstorming, or testing.

The Venn Diagram is a common way to organize information. It is
made up of two or more overlapping circles. It is often used in
mathematics to show relationships between sets. In language arts
instruction, Venn Diagrams are useful for examining similarities and
differences in characters, stories, poems, etc.

A Venn Diagram is frequently used as a prewriting activity to enable
students to organize their thoughts prior to writing a compare and
contrast essay. This activity enables students to organize similarities
and differences visually, before writing about them.

T-Charts are a type of graphic organizer in which a student lists and
examines two parts of a topic, such as the pros and cons associated
with it, its advantages and disadvantages, facts vs. opinions, etc.

Use the blank cards provided and start organizing the students’
thoughts. When not in use, the two large pockets offer easy storage.
The possibilities of the Graphic Organizer Pocket Chart are endless!

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