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                                                                                           GRAPHIC DesIGn


Participants plan and lay out a graphic design that includes the
theme for the next year’s conference and that could be used in
national TSA conference publications.

In 2010, participants must include the theme of the 2011 conference,
which is Snapshot of Innovation. In 2011, participants must include
the theme of the 2012 conference, which is The Road to Success.

CHALLENGE                                                                                                        R Work hard
                                                                                                                 and your entry in
Create and produce a one (1)-color graphic design that is appropriate
for national TSA conference publications and other small promotional                                             this event could be
items. The design must promote the theme for the upcoming national                                               used to promote the
TSA conference.
                                                                                                                 next national TSA

ELIGIbILITY                                                                                                      conference.

Participants are limited to two (2) individuals per chapter, one (1)
entry each.


The entry must be started and completed during the current school


Business Casual TSA dress as described in Competitive Events
Attire is the minimum requirement.

A. Participants check in their entries at the time and place stated in
   the conference program.

B. Entries are reviewed by evaluators. Neither students nor
   advisors are present at this time.

C. Ten (10) finalists are announced at the awards ceremony.

D. Participants pick up their entries from the display area at the
   time and place stated in the conference program.

                                   2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide   155
                                          Graphic Design

                                                             A. Graphic Design is an individual event. No recognition is given
                                                                for a group effort.

                                                             B. The design may not exceed 20 cm (8 inches) x 25 cm (10 inches).
                                                                The design may be presented either in portrait or landscape

                                                             C. The design must be printed on 8 1/2˝ x 11˝ photo paper or card
                                                                stock and placed in a three (3)-hole clear plastic sheet protector
                                                                when submitted at check-in.

                                                             D. The original design layout must promote the conference theme
                                                                for the upcoming national TSA conference. The following
                                                                information must be included:
                                                                  1. The words “National TSA Conference”
                                                                  2. Conference year
                                                                  3. Conference city and state
                                                                  4. The exact published theme for the upcoming conference, not
                                                                     the current conference (quotation marks are not necessary)
                                                                  5. The design also must incorporate one (1) complete, unaltered
                                                                     black and white (line art) version of the official TSA emblem. (As
                                                                     long as the unaltered copy of the official TSA logo is present,
                                                                     other TSA emblems or portions of the emblem that have been
                                                                     altered in some way may be integrated into the design.) The
                                                                     unaltered TSA emblem can be used only in accordance with
                                                                     trademark policies that appear on the national TSA web site
                                                                     ( Failure to follow the information provided
                                                                     in the policies results in disqualification. The TSA logo may
                                                                     be used with or without the registered trademark symbol (the
                                                                     circle R).
                                                             E. The design is produced as a black and white camera-ready
                                                                image for one (1)-color (monochromatic) duplication.

                                                             F.    The design may include the use of commercially produced or
                                                                   computer generated type and public domain clip art. Any use
                                                                   of copyrighted or registered artwork must be accompanied by
                                                                   written permission from the original artist. (Refer to Rule k in
                                                                   the General Rules.) On a separate sheet of paper (placed in
                                                                   the same clear page protector, behind the art) list the origin
                                                                   of the non-copyrighted graphics or images.

                                                             G. If the design entry contains images of people, proof of consent
                                                                must be attached to the back of the entry. Minors require parental
                                                                consent. (See Photo/Film/Video Consent and Release form that

156                                2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide
                                                                                Graphic Design
                                                                                                               TECHNOLOGY STUDENT ASSOCIATION ®

H. The winning graphic design may be used in publications and
   promotional items for the national TSA conference. Winning
   entries become the property of TSA, Inc. and may or may not
   be used in future promotional materials and publications.


Designs are evaluated for creativity and effectiveness to communi-
cate a message, neatness, and technical quality.

           2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide                   157
                                          Graphic Design

                                                             STEM INTEGRATIoN

                                                             This event has connections to the STEM areas noted below. Please
                                                             refer to the STEM INTEGRATION section of this guide.

                                                             Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

                                                             LEADERSHIP SkILLS

                                                             Leadership skills promoted in this event:

                                                                 •    Communication: Students use pictures/symbols/other ways
                                                                      to effectively communicate an idea or theme. Use leadership
                                                                      lessons: It’s All in the Details and Did You Know?
                                                                 •    Creative Thinking: Students use original thought to create
                                                                      something new and unexpected. Use leadership lessons:
                                                                      Put Creativity Into It and The Five Senses
                                                                 •    Organization: Students organize thoughts for an effective
                                                                      layout that allows symbols to articulate an idea. Use
                                                                      leadership lessons: The Organized Tent and Making Sense
                                                                      of It All

                                                             Additional leadership skills promoted in this event:
                                                                 •    Decision Making
                                                                 •    Evaluation
                                                                 •    Problem Solving

                                                             TSA AND CAREERS

                                                             This competition has connections to one or more of the career areas
                                                             featured in the TSA AND CAREERS section of this guide. Use The
                                                             16 Career Clusters chart and the TSA Competitions and Career
                                                             Clusters grid as resources for information about careers.

                                                             CAREERS RELATED To THIS EVENT
                                                                      Advertising executive
                                                                      Graphic designer
                                                                      Marketing manager
                                                                      Public relations manager

158                                2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide
                                                                                 Graphic Design
                                                                                                                TECHNOLOGY STUDENT ASSOCIATION ®


A. Event coordinator

B. Event evaluators, three (3)

C. Assistants, two (2)

A. Coordinator’s notebook, containing:
   1.   Event guidelines, four (4)
   2.   Official rating forms, fifteen (15)
   3.   List of entries with finalist report
   4.   List of evaluators/assistants
   5.   Stick-on labels for numbering entries
   6.   Marking pens for evaluators
   7.   Tally sheet
   8.   Results envelope
B. Rulers for evaluators, three (3)

C. Three (3) 2" three (3)-ring binders, in which all entries will be
   randomly divided and secured for judging; judges will evaluate
   all three (3) binders

D. Display tables for placing, or cables for hanging, the ten (10)
   finalist entries

A. Upon arrival at the conference, report to the CRC room and
   check the contents of the coordinator’s notebook. Review the
   event guidelines and check to see that enough evaluators/
   assistants have been scheduled.

B. Inspect the area(s) in which the event is to be held for appropriate
   set-up, including room size, chairs, tables, outlets, etc. Notify
   the event manager of any potential problems.

C. Check in the entries at the time stated in the conference program.
   Anyone reporting who is not on the entry list may check in only
   after official notification is received from the CRC chairperson.
   Late entries are considered on a case-by-case basis and only

            2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide                   159
                                          Graphic Design

                                                                  when the lateness is caused by events beyond the participant’s
                                                                  control. Requirements for attire do NOT apply during check-in.

                                                             D. Place entry numbers in the lower right hand corner of the entries.
                                                                Divide total entries into three (3) equal sets and secure in the
                                                                three (3)-ring binders for judging.

                                                             E. Meet with your evaluators/assistants to review time limits,
                                                                procedures, and regulations. If questions arise that cannot
                                                                be answered, speak to the event manager before the event

                                                             F.   For participants who violate the rules, a judge identifying a
                                                                  possible infraction will place a neon color sticker dot (with the
                                                                  rule code written on it) on the entry. At that time, the decision
                                                                  either to deduct percent (20%) of the total possible points or
                                                                  disqualify the entry must be discussed and verified with the
                                                                  evaluators, event coordinator, and a CRC manager. Secure the
                                                                  initials of the coordinator and manager on the rating form.

                                                             G. Each judge will be given one (1) of the three (3) binders for
                                                                scoring and then switch binders twice, until all binders have
                                                                been scored. All three (3) judges will score all three (3) binders.
                                                                Scoring by each judge is completed independently of the other

                                                             H. Evaluators average their three (3) scores to determine the
                                                                ten (10) finalists. Any ties that affect the top three (3) places
                                                                should be broken through the discussion process.

                                                             I.   Display top ten (10) finalist entries for public viewing only during
                                                                  the assigned time.

                                                             J.   After viewing time is over, take all top ten (10) finalist graphics
                                                                  to the CRC room to be secured.

                                                             K. Submit the finalist report, including a ranking of the ten (10)
                                                                finalists, and all related forms in the results envelope to the CRC

                                                             L. Manage security and the return of entries to the contestants in
                                                                the event area.

160                                2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide
                                                                                 Graphic Design
                                                                                                                TECHNOLOGY STUDENT ASSOCIATION ®

                                 CoNSENT AND RELEASE

I hereby give permission for images of my child or myself (as applicable), captured during Technology
Student Association (TSA) activities through film, photo or digital camera, to be used solely for the
purposes of TSA promotional materials and publications, and I waive any rights of compensation
or ownership thereto.

Name of minor in images (please print)

Name of minor’s parent/guardian (please print)

Name of adult in images (please print)

Parent/guardian or adult’s signature (as applicable)


            2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide                   161
                                                                  GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                                   Graphic Design

2010 & 2011 OFFICIAL RATING FORM                                                                                                   MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                                            PARTICIPANT/TEAM ID#

impact (15 pts.)
   Effective communication of conference theme ..…5 pts.
   Appropriateness of design ……………......….........5 pts.
   First impressions (sharp clean edges of graphics and
      fonts; entry is clear of smudges, smears, pencil or
      other extraneous marks)….…............................5 pts.
Graphic (15 pts.)
   Graphic is appropriate for stated theme………...10 pts.
   Fonts are readable, have eye appeal, appropriate
    dimension and placement …………….......………5 pts.
   [Proof of permission to use copyrighted image(s) must
   be included. A release form must be present if photo-
   graphs of individuals are used. Clipart must be docu-
design elements (40 pts.)
      (visual weight of design elements) ...................10 pts.
      (eyes are drawn to main message) .................10 pts.
      (size relationships within the design) ................10 pts.
      (design elements flow together) .......................10 pts.
One page technical explanation (30 pts.)
   Techical explanation including programs
      used and process……………………................10 pts.
   Explanation of inspiration/how graphic
    relays theme………...…….....................………..10 pts.
   Grammar/spelling…………………………...............5 pts.
   Cited work in APA format………………......……….5 pts.

Rules violation (must be initialed by coordinator
and manager) ............minus 20% of the total possible pts.

TOTaL .................................................................100 pts.
ranK Order

                                                  I certify these results to be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Printed name: __________________________________________                                      Signature: ______________________________________

         162                                2010 & 2011 Middle school technology Activities, national tsA Conference Competitive events Guide

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