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									Wiki – collaboration
Creating a Wiki
   1.   Select Site Actions
   2.   Select Site Settings
   3.   Under Site Administration, select Sites and workspaces
   4.   Select Create on the top toolbar
   5.   Type a title for your wiki
   6.   Add your wiki name to the URL name
   7.   Under select a template, select Wiki
   8.   Select Create

Wiki Home
Think of the wiki home as the table of contents for your wiki. Before you begin creating the
wiki, map out the structure of the wiki on paper. This will make it much easier and less time will
be wasted.
   1. To edit, select Edit in the upper right hand corner.
   2. Edit the information
   3. To hyperlink a word or url, highlight the word or url and select the world link icon. Type in the
      Text to display and the address. Select OK.
   4. When finished, select OK.

To add pages
   1.   Select Edit
   2.   Type: [[name of page]]
   3.   Select OK
   4.   The new page will have dotted lines under it.
   5.   Select the name of the new page
   6.   Add any content needed.
   7.   Select Create

   You can add as many pages as you need.

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