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Bamboo Roman Shades and Wooden Blinds


									                             Bamboo roman shades are an excellent way to
decorate a window. The bamboo can be stained to match other decor in the
home or it can be purchased in its natural color of light brown or even a
brownish green. Some of these shades can be acquired with affixed bamboo
valances. These give the shade a delicate type of decorative touch to
them. All types of shades are sold with the hardware included in them so
that hanging them will only stipulate that the purchaser to know the
exact size of shade that will be required. Slats are the cross members
found in any type of window shade. Some of these slats will be vertical
while others will be horizontal. Each design will offer the owner the
some degree of sun blocking as well as privacy. Each manufacturer of
bamboo roman shades or cheap wooden blinds will offer a variety of ways
to close and open them. Draw cords on bamboo roman shades or even on
cheap wooden blinds will allow the owner to raise or lower horizontal
type slats. The vertical slats will have a rod hanging on the side or
even a draw cord to pull the blinds closed. There are some blinds that
have a continual type of cord loop attached to them. These cords can stay
put while the owner pulls it to close or open the blinds. The continual
loop cords are great for larger windows that only have the one huge
window treatment. Pet owners or families with small children will love
bamboo roman shades or even cheap wooden blinds that come with a cordless
option. This option removes the dangling cord from sight so that it will
not be played with or pulled down by little hands or claws. There are
blinds that are sold that have cords that will raise the bamboo roman
shades from the bottom. These shades actually come with two cords
attached to them. The other cord will be attached to the top of the
blinds and will raise them when needed. PVC is a newer material that is
used to create numerous amounts of products. This material is similar to
a very durable plastic and can be found as the main component in some
blinds sold today. There are PVC blinds that mimic the look of bamboo
roman shades on the market today. This material makes cleaning the shades
very simple as there are no real grooves or pores for dirt and dust to
hide in. They also tend to last longer than real bamboo and just as
simple to install as the real thing.

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