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					Apple’s Announcements &
Voice Control
     The most landmark of the iPhone 4S
     announcements, Siri voice assistance holds
     the promise of a new way to interact with
     smartphones. Although this new feature is
     currently limited, it could soon offer companies
     a new style of interaction between their
     customers and their mobile properties.
iPhone 4S’s Siri artificial intelligence
feature will only interact with Apple’s
built in apps. In the future, however,
all apps could see voice
This type of interaction is already happening today with Kinect. This
summer, Microsoft introduced voice commands to their popular
motion tracking game system, and companies like Netflix are already
taking advantage of it.

Although Kinect’s voice command system isn’t as sophisticated
as Apple’s it will start to let brands cut their teeth on the
A5 Chip &
Dual Core
     A dual core doesn’t just render game graphics
     faster (although this will probably be the first
     sector to take advantage of it), it makes the
     entire device faster. This means those rich
     product photos, demo videos, and
     augmented reality samples are about to
     look amazing.
7 x Faster         2 x As Fast
Graphics           As iPhone 4

Since the release of the iPad 2,
many retailers, including Gilt
Groupe, have seen significant sales
through iPad. Although this can be
attributed to several reasons, iPad
2’s dual core gives it it speed
and rich images that set it apart.
Although 4S’s rendering power will have lots of benefits, one pronounced
area will be augmented reality.

Trying to make realistic AR with iPhone’s limited processing power is like
pushing an elephant through a straw. With the A5 chip, hyper realistic AR
images like the ones become possible.
Multiple Carriers
& Cheap Devices
      Lots of companies have entered the
      smartphone markets with a variety of high and
      low-end products on a range of carriers,
      challenging iPhone’s limited variety. The
      introduction of more choices means a new
      flood of elderly, low-income, baby boomers
      and teens are about to become iPhone
      users. And they’re bringing their wallets
      with them
Not only does a low cost iPhone mean more people will be on the iOS
platform, it means that more people will be doing mobile shopping.

Studies have shown iPhone users are three times more likely to
shop via mobile than smartphone owners overall. Apple, iTunes
and the app store have created a culture of purchasing that is about to
gain thousands of new members.
Lack of NFC
     It’s not just about what iPhone 4S has, it’s
     about what it DOESN’T have, and NFC is one
     glaring omission. NFC would allow users to
     make a purchase or get more information on a
     product at the tap of a phone. Google launched
     NFC in Android earlier this year, but Apple’s
     failure to follow spells difficulty for the
Even though it presented a good
alternative to QR codes, SMS,
and RFID, NFC still faced a
significant challenge for adoption.
Without iPhone’s early and
enthusiastic adopters behind
it, NFC faces a hard road

Apple still holds patents on NFC
and may be waiting to firm up
infrastructure before integrating it
but retailers shouldn’t hold their
breath waiting.
4G(ish) Speeds
     The speed of mobile web just hasn’t caught up
     with everything we want to do with it, but the
     introduction of 4G-like speed in the iPhone 4S
     will get things moving. For retailers, this means
     that the pain users have experienced with
     mobile websites is about to be gone and
     mobile shopping is about to get more popular
     than ever. If you don’t have a mobile site, now is
     the time to get one.
Mobile commerce has nowhere to go but up. Unfortunately it’s been
caged in a little box called 3G. Slow loading times simply won’t fly for
consumers used to screaming fast Wi-Fi connections in their homes.

But mobile retailers shouldn’t interpret this as a sign that you can slack
off on your mobile site and rely on 4G to deliver your desktop site
faster. The mobile experience is still different, and 4G still isn’t as fast
as Wi-Fi.
Start developing for iPhone 4S today
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                  device’s release


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