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Comments (including positive and negative)

Very friendly staff always have a smile and willing to help anyone

The library staffs are very kind and helpful

Our library meets almost all our needs

Professional staff, but not have the sufficient number of books

In some textbooks, there are more than 15 copies for tutors only, but there are only 1 or 2
copies for students: Moreover, the library is too noisy to study or even stay

Positive way: the library staff are all friendly and help students to resolve their problems (e.g.
Borrow books or other facilities).
Negative: I hope library can have more computers and discussion room for students to use

The library services are good. The website provides good resources and useful information

positive: the material on databases is good enough, library staffs' performance also quite good
negative: too noisy, smell not good, sometimes the internet is very slow, the printer is very hard
to print sometimes it does not want to print out

good atmosphere , over all good

we don’t get proper text books, and we always rely on other libraries, we r paying fee here and
we are borrowing from other universities.

Online campus library is good and would like to see it be more improvised by new techniques
used in accessing the journal and articles.

librarian staff are pretty much helping and friendly and doing good professionalism.... however
the resource material especially the availability of books, the study room, the facilities is
extremely poor standard for university library (3 from 10)...

overall the library needs to expend, we need more room

There needs to be more flexibility giving the study rooms in the library for students who want it.
It seems to be a policy of the library that a study room cannot be given to the same group twice
in a day, which seems to be quiet weird even when they are empty.

There is a lot of space for improvement for the CQU library

books that are required , are not available

Its good having all the necessary collection of books
Number of Books available in the library is not enough for all the students. Not only the tax
Books but also reference books are also not enough specially in the area of Accounting

Overall, the staff, equipment, everything is good and well structured.

pls provide software. when we are given any assignments how can we do in our home without
any software. how come we sit whole day for the assignment purpose. if software library is
maintains, it can be most helpful for us. so we can install software in our home. i roamed for a
software around 2 weeks to do assignment. please for god sake don’t neglect my comment.
please don’t take this comment casually. hope u provide software library.

online materials seems more comprehensive than materials in campus. sometimes we will cost
lots to print it, it is more insufficient, hoping will be improving campus' materials

should have more books related 2 subjects and more copies in number.

The library staff of the CQU-MIC are extremely rude and not at all friendly. Especially the girl at
the counter and the young lady with spectacles are the most inefficient members of the library. I
have never received any positive or good reply from these 2 lady's.
Other staff, XXX and the other lady at the counter are very good and helpful.
Books are never available and students have to always rely on other uni's library for their needs.
If we speak to the staff regarding the issue, then the answer we get is: You should buy your own
textbooks. Do not rely on library for availability in a very rude manner.

Excellent assistance from library staff and up to date notifications regarding library facilities and

The library should have more copy of books for student. Of course, we support to purchase all
text books but still for the first few weeks of the course, we really need to have a look on the
text book we gonna use.

its a good experience to b there

I really appreciate that CQU has come up with this survey which would really assist us (the
students) to describe our problems. And I hope our problem and suggestions would be looked

insufficient books in telecommunications and management.
other areas are good and have sufficient books in other department.

Too Small, No individual seat, Very Noisy, Don’t people here know how to use LIB?? Can't they
keep quiet when they get in LIB???

I personally think that they need to ad mote facilities and more books. The size is in adequate
and the collection is not sufficient. though staff are very helpful and friendly and readily explain

The library should provide enough text books

noise problems. need more books in stock
Staff has the right to put in fines if the books are late, but they shouldn’t be involved in asking or
forcing people to return books on time. I think the root problem is that very very very few no. of
books are available for each subject. And the agony is that they know this, even then they don’t
want to spend a few dollars on increasing the no. of books.

Most of the time books are almost impossible to borrow, during certain peak times have to stand
in a long queue to use the photocopy machine, computers are not sufficient. Staff are very
friendly and helpful.

needs more improvements

need more printer

professionalism is the main feature of our library .
library don’t have a very good collection of books .

unsafe system and i ever found virus in computer

library providing online resources very good quality. but the not providing required books,
required books not enough.

There are no partitions or screens between the computers on the tables, so i find it hard to
concentrate on my computer while i am distracted by other people doing movements and there is
no privacy.

Size of library is very small (in terms of books and space for study),Library staff can do better by
explaining things properly instead of just reading policy.
In order to provide better service library staff should have a better understanding of the
attributes of customer service.
Library staff should have control on those people who make noise and disturb dedicated students
they can do it by various ways
One way to stop noisy people is to start deducting points of noisy people because they just use
library for their gossips and fun.

The Library on and average provides very good service and online availability checking and
everything is also very much useful. The seating capacity in library is limited comparing to the
student CQU melbourne campus has.

all we expect from a library is to get the required text books of that particular subjects we are
doing in a semester, which is never possible only in our university. each and other universities
have enough books to serve their students and even other university students. so try to get more
text books in the library.

Library database useful for assignment

The Library does not have enough resources (books) available.
It is bit small and congested.

Recommended to upgrade & increase the PCs inside Mel-CQU Library.
Want to increase number of copies of text books.
Library service can be satisfied
Students controlling inside the library is negative. Ex speaking loadly, using mobile phones are
not being terminated.

there should be more computers or should be able to work in microsoft word as all the projects
are made on them and the computers does not allow to work on word.

books cannot be found in the proper place, its bit difficult to search for the books

I am satisfied with library services.


books , computers , chairs and study rooms facilities are not adequate compare to number of
student, although the electronic database and facilities is fairly efficient and thus provide little
relief from the stress and frustration. however the service of book reserve and collection is very

overall have done very good

the library is good but the number of books is not there. the number per copy is very less but the
staff is friendly and helpful

positive: good service, on time service, perfect uses of material, friendly, professional,
negative: very less resources, not meet with the standard, lack of space, crowed place b/c of

Increase in student numbers hasn't been resulted in an increase in facilities and physical
resources (PCs, study rooms, tables, chairs). The book collection has grown over the years -
thanks to the library staff who offer a great service.

A University like CQU should have more books as compared to the students present in the
campus, just keeping 2-3 books for 100-150 students will not be sufficient.

Overall good

no best, only better.

Number of resource materials should be increased so that students don't have to wait for long
which effects them in doing their studies.
library staff need to be a little more friendly

Collections in electronic databases are not adequate.
Seating capacity should be improved
The environment should be more quiet for studying

Overall is good, but there are a few things that needs to be taken care of, for example, silence in
the library, which is never there.

Team work is here. It's good, they never delay us. But one important issue is library doesn't
consist of many text books which will help pauper students, so if it is possible please arrange
more new text books.

librarians are always help me to find out information
however, i found that melbourne campus library are too noise
people are always talk loudly at library so it's is unlike other libraries

the most important thing that I feel is, CQU library has not enough book collection. Very very few
books available in the library to consult.

Text and reference collection is inadequate compared with the rising number of students. Hardly
anyone can get the book they need. The library requires more books and better references.

library should be quite , other library is good but it has so much noise and it is so small.

the electronic resources are really good but still lot needs to be done.
as in this campus student strength is really high but availability of books is too low so more books
should be made available in the library.

group discussion rooms in library are not sufficient

no comments. it's purrfect!!!

it doesnt feel like its a library. collection of books are really not enough.

the resources are not enough

silence is not maintained in library and i use to be disturbed mostly because of this reason and
students are using their mobiles in library and coming to the staff they are not having patience,
the way of approach to the students is a bit odd.

The library here is not provided with many books in general, very few books are available which
is not enough for the students to make any reference. Also the size of the library is too small.

Library staff helpful but not enough of them. Facilities could increase

like the electronic resources of the cqu library are excellent but the available books are very less
for the students compared to other good universities and cqu is the part of the kawal system of
other libraries and we can access the libraries of other universities but students of other
universities do not have a access to cqu library.
no .of computers are sufficient, few members of library staff are always rude and do not provide
satisfactory service. number of books are not sufficient , it would be great if u can provide with
news papers and magazines, thnx

Please deal with the students with friendly manner & don't let them feel that how tired you are!
Assist them when they come to the help desk as soon as possible.

we need more books for our class reference!

Library is too small

overall i am satisfied with the library services but there is little shortage of law books at this time.

There should be space separate where students can study individually/quietly, and in group
where they could interact. I personally suggest bigger floor area for library probably one floor
just for library.

Positive: * Staff is motivated and friendly
* Lecturers and Tutors easily accessible
Negative: * Library book section a bit small
* More silent study areas should be introduced.


there are lots of resources, computers available for research.
library staff has to be more friendly to students. They are always angry!!!! God knows why?????

The is services provided by Library is good but their is scope of expansion in library.

CQU Library in Melbourne is good in general about staff and service however number of books
are limited so that sometimes I have to go to other Uni to borrow.

include more books

I m pretty satisfied by the service of the library. And the cooperation of the staff is pretty good.
But i would like to bring to your attention that the number of books is pretty less of almost every
subject. More books and more copies of each book , not only referred text books, the other
subject related text books, should be added on the shelves and also the latest edition should be
provided to keep in pace with other libraries like RMIT and Monash etc. since the uni has
witnessed a phenomenal increase in number of students in recent years. The management of
library is no doubt is pretty good.

the library is very small with limited books

library should increase the no of books and should provide it to the students for a longer time of
at least 2 months

Overall, library services are good, but there are not enough books in the shelves........and at the
same time there are no text books for some subjects at all........

make the library more bigger
the number of copies of books are very less

very very very limited copies of text books for all the subjects

CQU library melbourne very small. Not having enough books for the students. Staff is really nice
and friendly. Online electronic resources are really very much helpful.

overall good service

The staff of our library are very friendly. And the order of library is very well. But our library is a
little small, and the collection of books in library is not too much. I hope our library can have
more books for us.

I think the Library is already pretty good at this moment.


Access to library is must and students should be motivated to take part in library activities.
Library should have enough material for student activities.

The stuff in the library is very friendly and warm-hearted. Thank you for their help.

the library is too small


There should be multiple copies of the books be available as most of the students are having
problems because most of the books available are given to the teachers concerned so whenever
the students are in need of books they dont get it.
1) There should be multiple text books in lab
2) they should be issued for at least one week and shouldnt be reissued.
3) There should be no holds on textbooks or refernce books. They should be allowed on first
come first serve basis.
4) Most of the students are going to other universities for the books as myself also go to Monash
university for the books.
Please do look into this matter.

While closing the library randomly checking the students is very annoying and irritating because
students most of the times are busy making their assignments, but they need to pop out for the
security check moreover the security and the library staff treat students as if they are blacklisted
thieves which sounds very rude, I strongly feels that they need to implement some new
techniques so that this system may be altered in some effective and efficient way.

staffs are friendly and kind, also they make me easily to talk with them and ask question.
but, library need more resources for students borrow.

There are few problem, about which i am too much serious and you people take this seriously.
1. Too much noise in library, feel just we are in any fish market.
2. Two study room is not enough.
3. There should my any computer in study room

library staff are always busy with students at desks
not enough books tables chairs computers study rooms
staff friendly particularly XXX and XXX who help me with my assignments

staff is excellent

Library Stuffs needs training about professionalism.
i visit Uni melbourne, Victoria University and RMIT library at frequently. its quite unfortunate, i've
found our library stuffs the poorest professional behaving. the most annoying thing is when they
are asked any question they behave like i/we are bugging them. its simply disgusting. i wish they
would learn how to behave with the enquiry.

computer facilities are slow

library should have more books

*The majority of the library staff members are professional and helpful. However, one particular
staff member is surly and her attitude borders on rude. Dealing with her is not a particularly
pleasant experience.
*Despite the presence of signs all around the library, students continue using mobile telephones
and carrying out loud, unnecessary conversations. All done within view and earshot of library
staff members. All other libraries I have been to make an effort to enforce this rule.
*I have been to two "how to use databases" sessions now. Each with a different staff member. I
was very grateful and impressed with their presentations. I am glad they took the time and effort
out of their day for these presentations, they were VERY helpful and informative.


library may have reading places blocked from other areas so it will be so easy for people to
concentrate on their work and also discuss with friends same time

healthy environment but need to reduce noise level.

the staff is excellent over here bit a they should be polite and more helpful as they are not. thats
what the drawback is. thanks

The library has good and friendly staff and conduct quizzes Would love to see more of such

please issue the books at least for three four days but just for a overnight loan...i know other
student needs that particular book but this problem can be solved by keeping more books.....

library in the Melbourne campus is very poor.
the size is too small not enough resources, really not up to the standard of another uni anywhere
please slow improvements better then no improvements
Some Librarians need to behave well to customer and leave their personal problem on ne side
before coming to work.

the service is good, but more books are required.

Better be have more books to borrow or read

we can not get books for some more days, and we have very less books in our library.

The library really lack for new books and different varieties of books, we need books.
Second and most important is environment of Library. It seems that we are in any fish market
not in library. Too much noise, extra discussion is always going on in library.
Third, is study room, which is two and its not enough

Positive: timings are good
Negative: Staff needs to be more friendly, should have more books to get issue.

positive: staffs are really friendly, they can really help me.
negative: too much noise in library, i know its hard to control people talking in library, but still
noisy. Not enough spaces for study, like tables for group or indiv. opening hours on sat and sun
should be longer as weekdays.

+ staff are helpful in needs
+ online books, newsletters, magazines etc. are very needed for research.

the library opening n closing hours should be more accommodating n the overall structure needs
an improvement

positive thing is the staff is very co-operative and the negative thing is limited number of books

well every thing is fine but there is no sufficient books.

the library is well maintained but has very less resources in fact its too low. we have lot of
students who wants books but there are very few choices and very less no. of copies.

I think the library staff are doing a good job in providing information of library access
but we definitely need more books, magazine and individual study desk.

libraries are supposed to fulfill the needs of books for students however in MIC you will never
find the book you want to read or study. except that everything is available. here is no one to
assist new students how to search for the books and you are simply guided to see the map or
handouts are given which serve no help at all. finally foe single book you can see 20 holds at a
time. seeing the number of students enrolling and demand for the particular books why cant
these adjustments can be made earlier so that at least students can have sufficient amount of
material to read, especially the recommended textbooks .and you will never ever get the book to
study in the library which is most interesting part of the campus library.

In order to this survey, library staff are friendly and helpful. But student reception staff are not
that much friendly and kindly.
There's hug information available on the electronic database. However, we often find that there
is available on article title but not content for electronic resources.

everything is mentioned in my answers to survey questions

The library is very noisy especially during peak hours between 1pm to 2pm. Library staff
themselves joke and talk too loudly in the counter. They rarely tell the student to lower the noise
level. Insufficient workstation with microsoft word for students in library.

facilities of cqu library is not good in compare to other uni's in Melbourne. Availabilities of book
are also less in compare to number of students they have in MOA & MPA. library is also small to
seat & study in it for student like me who's house is not big enough to study & sleep together.

library space is quite small and the number of books should also be increased. The seating
capacity is limited as due to the space acquired by the library.

The library should have more books in order to students can research because there are limit
books for some courses.

library at MIC is no mean a library if we compare with other universities. the staff of library never
show any positive interest in books and they attitude towards students is far away from the word
professionalism. the collection is not much really, students always tend to go the other
universities for books. staff is always rude and seems to be stressed.

No doubt services are good. the look like proff. and very friendly
in nature. attending the person in good manner. all the books of related my course are available,
but with all these, they should need to little bit improvement i.e the quantity of books are too
low, that's way books are not available easily. So i think they should try to improve this. Thanks.

melbourne library does not have enough sources like books as compared to rockhampton library.
We often go to other libraries for borrowing books for our courses.

poor amount of books and unsatisfaction of service

Overall its good but some books they need to bring for more student.

Everything good but it can be made better.

Everything is good

Library is good enough.
But some points are not good at all
those are number of computers and student drive access from out side of campus
student often needs their data at any time thats why they want to access their student drive at
any time(24/7) but library closes at 11:45 in weekdays and at 5:00 in weekends so that thing
create problems for students
Some times some students can't find any free computer so university must increase numbers of

Need more books for subjects, and has place regulations to have absolute silence inside the
library for the students to do their studies which i think is absolutely necessary.
There certainly should be a lot more books.

more relevant, different variety and course books to be added. and adding more computers in
library and computer lab.

the library staff (not all) need to be patience in some situations like when it is busy, at least they
have to ask us to wait, i know its not that easy to manage all the students at a time, but they
have to consider all students as the part of CQU.



nice too see the professionalism and the courteous manner of the library staff. keep up the good

need more books....

I think the library in Mel campus is good and the people working there are very friendly and
helpful. But only that the library is very small and not many people can be accommodated there.

staff is very cooperative, and helpful

The staff are always helpful and more than willing to assist me to find the resources I require

Library should have adequate resources. Students should be provided with more number of
copies of books.

More databases and include other facilities

regardless some limitations, library has extremely positive image

I hope the open time can be longer , Eg, from 8:30am-8:30pm in a day, and it will perfect if we
can also use the library on sunday. Thanks.

CQU library, Melbourne is the worst.
No standard.
Indian students use as a restaurant by talking loudly , using mobile phone.
Staff could not stop that.
What a shame

no comments keep it up

The Computer in the library is not enough for students.

It is too less book for the library. And some books are changed edition but library is no this book.

I'm really thankful to the well-trained Library Staff who've always been co-operative to the
student needs, especially XXX and XXX.....I'm glad to be part of CQU !!!! Also, if you could please
increase the number of books in the library, it would be highly appreciated. Cheers !!!! :)
Maximum holding books are only 5 books, which are not enough.
I consider, it should be 10 to be able to holding books.
Need more useful books for study.
E-mail remind system is good but some times make me confuse. I will explain this matter in the
next category of this survey.

expand the library and its materials

MIC library needs to increase the reading materials to serve the increasing strength and demand
of new students

need to add more resources
books are very few

library premises in melbourne, cqu is well equipped according to my needs but only one area
required to be improved is having more and more of systems in the library as during the
submission time of assignments there are only few systems available.

their are some people who talk a lot in the library but the staff cant control them at most of the
time so if some one can do something and about that it will be great.

In order to improve the library and Information commons services, I suggest the following:
Increase in number of computers
Increase in number of scanners, printers and photocopiers

increase the number of books

staff is friendly
very less books available on computers as compare to noof students

the library has very limited number of copies of books which is difficult for the most of the
students to access them.

We need more computers!

Library is supposed to be library. I personally reckon there are no books at all in the library, as
beauty of the library is with the books like a home with a family. Please take necessary actions to
meet the academic requirements of the students; the only purpose of a library.

whether can be open more earlier, such as 8am or 8:30am. Books are not enough, if can, hope
add more books

overall working of library is quite satisfactory


everything is good in library system but only the main problem is in proportion of academic books
availability which is very less than the students requirement. so library is far away from their
main motive.

It's been good all the way.
electronic resources are good but books in the shelves are not adequate as well as the audio
visual collection.
Library closes so early.

do not have any books,
always referred to other uni’s

Sometimes Library can't understand the question which I was asking...It's difficult for me...

The loaning system is too strict. Sometimes it can cause inconvenient for people that needs to
borrow the material for 1 more day.

get more copy of books

Most library staffs are generally friendly but some are not really. Loan period should be extended
more for assignment needs.

inadequate material is big problem

is there possible that the staff in the library can be more involved in the environment instead of
sitting there and doing the paperwork.

Please notice the excess amount of waste printed papers around the printers area, it is such a
pity that students print stuffs but never pick them up. It is a waste of money and papers!

The library is doing fine but it would be more appropriate if the opening hours were extended
especially on weekends.
The other thing would be to have more workstations and come up with a way of minimising noise
or throwing out those who make noise out

excellent service in comparison to libraries of other universities

There are many books which are not available for the students and hence has to rely on other
university library.

The seats are not enough for students and there is a little noise in library.

melbourne campus library should increase the stock of the books

book-collections, caval card facility, books can be issued from other uni, let other uni student can
visit our library.

No Laptop facility is available in library??? Very poor infrastructure, Internet connection is so bad
that i believe CQU has the least Bandwidth, not at all acceptable.
No positive thoughts!!

Well i dont want to win the prize that u have put on all as a student (International) i dont think
and as would most of us here at Melbourne Campus that we are being provided the services for
the fees we paid as compared to other universities here. just to pint a few shortcomings:-
1) Library doesnt have adequate books
2) borrowing period is so short
3)lack of adequete sitting and workstations .
4)lack of study rooms / group discussion rooms
5) campus should be on 24/7 .
May be this survey would probably serve no need to what i m writing in this but if any of you
reading what i have put down here is true and only way for you is to come to the Melbourne
Campus and watch it for yourselves and have student opinions as well.
Well an effort should be made Asap as i dont think there is any shortcomings on the finance front
as education is a service sector first then being a business only.. when its made to grow in a
business sense it loses its importance . SERVICE IS ESSENTIAL..TO GET THE MONEY'S WORTH
Sorry if im a bit rude.. but its true.
Kind Regards,

Library should be open on Sunday as well like melb Uni etc.
The closing time on Sat is too early.
Seats are not enough in some period such as Exam or assignments due soon.
Computers are not enough.
Reference books are not enough.
Staffs are friendly and helpful.

Library is quite small in Melbourne campus, and there are few numbers of collections.


u have to improve the availability of books of different references as well as the text-books from
which the lecturer takes lecture & ask exam questions....

shortage of books

should have more text books on the shelf

Library staff are great
Students need a bigger library with more of everything

Some librarian people become rude with the students. collections of books are so poor. silent
room are not adequate. there is a library in CQU campus- it is a positive thing that we can told to
other university student at least.

The volume and subjects that this library coverers is very small. this should be increase. If we
compare this library to the other universities libraries like RMIT, it has very few books & old ways
to find out books of our requirements.

sometimes the library services which i access remotely are not available because the server does
not responds quickly.

Library facilities are awesome

lacking of books for reading
library's performances are very well in overall activities, the only thing the library should do is to
make library larger in term of sizes regarding more students come into CQU University. Hopefully
this suggest will help students be able to obtain more resources of books, journals and articles.

there are not adequate books in the library but i can get it in one or two days

not spacious, limited space for group studies, proper decorum is not maintained.


No adequate text books as compared to other universities. At most we have 2 to 3 copies .In that
one book given to the lecturer and one is 2 hour loan ,so we can get one book if no one have
that book.

Physical collection is small but adequate for my needs as collection is current. Limited seating
available and its virtually impossible to find seating during peak times. Library staff are friendly
but obviously overworked (my opinion) with students needing assistance. Library is very small for
number of students.

need to change the loan days, for 3 days loan should be changed to 1 week, the 1 week loan
should be changed to 2 weeks, because 3 days are too short.

oh ya They are helping us though I am satisfied and it is not up to the mark needed

the library was too small and don't have enough book

our campus facilities averagely satisfied to our need

I have found the staff to be very helpful and keen to expand the range of services and assistance
provided by the library, in order to cater for the changing needs of students

Each and every facility in the library meets all the requirements.

library is too small and too noisy!

library staff gets all the points.
resource material is not fully available

not much books in the library, as are in other universities

The air conditioning is extremely bad in library, even in every single class room.
Please reinforce the air conditioning of all facilities!

try to keep more copies of frequently asked books. since it is very essential to all the students

Services may be more well after doing framework

The available facilities are nice but not enough with the demand for example, the copies of the
books which r in must requirement for the courses which r running here.
i think i this is good but i suggest u that give more facilities for our better future

I think CQU melbourne has to provide more books and journals especially textbooks that are
using in the curriculums. Honestly i would say that the library is really not good enough since
availability of books are rare and the collection are so minim. However the staff are all very
friendly and good manner.

the books is too less!

sorry, no comments

should contain more number of copies for the books which are in demand....

I think with the success of this university, and with the increasing number of students, there are
too many things that needs to be done, to make a better place to study.

CQu library staff is good and very pleasant and help me in different matters. But the major
problem is that CQU library doesnt have adequate number of books which make it worst among
melbourne libraries. Students of CQU have to go to different other libraries of other institution
like VU and RMIT.

not even one single library facility is good

Need to improve or upsize the library resources materials such as providing more books. another
option is that they can include another room in another level just for text book and it will be
especially design for using text book.

staff should try to help students as much as they can, and not assume that the students know
what to do.

hi there,
i think the library is with having enough books and computers.
library staff is also behave in a professional manner and try their best to help the students.

Computer services are fine, but it's too noisy! need more individual area for study! and more
books, please.

Everything is good only collection of books and group rooms for discussion and silent room for

Some of the books are not available in the library

Really nice and helpful i can really find the information all of the i need for my course

School need make lots books in the library

some librarians are not friendly in behaviour and lack in giving respect while talking. prescribed
text book copies are very less in library which is not expected by most students even after paying
lot of fees.
the books availability in library is not enough for the student and the class space for the study is
also not enough. And also some student making noise and some of their are just talking with
friends and on mobile phones even it is not allowed.

pretty good

I suggest to get some more books, on management and telecommunications. More copies should
be kept so more students can take the advantage of the books.

I Don't have words regarding CQU library. In other words No positive comments only Negative

Some Date base Links are expired or incomplete, it waists a lot of our time, to painstakingly
search a document, only to find that it is missing.

No comments. Everything is best according to me.

The library is too small for such a large student population.
The number of books are no match to the student population.
But is good about the library is the staff.

there should be more books available in the library

library staff is good, but resources like books, loan period are not enough.

less book stores make me always go to other libraries.

All good. Workstations need to equipt with upgraded software.
Need one more printer.

Desperately needs more books. Resources inadequate. University library like a home library

i really appreciate the move from you that you people are now looking serious to improve your
services. its really a good move. continues improvement leads to good customer's satisfaction.

the computer systems provided in the library are a little slow..., there is a lot of noise in the

The MIC library I use for my study requirements cater to most of my needs. All the readings
suggested in Course profile must be available for consultation at least a single copy. Some signs
indicating the area of subject as well as course codes (where books can be useful) around the
book shelves will be very helpful and save a lot of time. I spend plenty of time in matching
contents of chapters with my needs. But I am really satisfied with the services provided, staff is
very co-operative.

service provided by library to students is overall good but not up to that mark like the copies of
books and journals available in the library are less as compared with the number of students.
Also the number of computers in library and labs should be increased proportional to the number
of students as at time of assignments , the students who have no systems at their home , face
difficulty finding a free system.
Staff is good and friendly but the problem is that there are no text books and if there is then only
1 or 2 copies for about 250 students. Also books should be issued for longer time or can be
renewed more than once.

Library staffs is friendly & service is good. But lack of the facilities. In particular, printer. (Not
adequate and always get malfunction.

There are not even adequate books to satisfy the needs of the students. Whenever library is
accessed for the books there are none. This is shameful for such a big uni.

Staff is friendly but there are times that they haven’t listened to my requests..

The library staff are very friendly and gives fair chance to everyone. Really appreciate this. There
is no problem with the staff but the prescribed books should be more.

actually the management and all other thing r very good but i think the library should be open 24

our library facility and staff is too good. i like to visit library as they give me good response on my

Staff is friendly and answer all queries very well.
All other services are useless if we can not borrow TEXT Books for long periods. What the hell is
2 hrs loan ???
There are 40 students in a class and only 2 copies are available & one of which is just 2 hours
loan. I always have to go to RMIT University library for research purposes and for getting more
references. Even our tutor XXX asked us to go to RMIT ? If we have to go to RMIT for books
then what is the purpose of our library??? Think yourself....

more books and materials

Not enough physical resources (references).
Not available basic software like Microsoft word in the systems.
staff is punctual and helpful when approached.

Positive: It is easy to excess computer facility within library is the important to do assignments
with books because most of the library they don't have facility like this.
Negative: Students can not access/use the computer programs and very limited availability and
that is the worst to do assignment to with the use of computer within library.
It is too much loud/ noise in library. Student can not allow to use personal laptop.

Although online materials are very useful, there is still value in having print materials available.
Many students complain that there simply aren't enough books in the library. Without these
resources international students in particular, find it very difficult to then understand the heavily
contextualised discussions of online journal materials.

Borrow most the book could be longer
What is the one area we could improve to assist you?

More novels and stuff not including all research and work related books

If it's possible, the library should buy more books for students to rent and extend the time of
loan for each item (e.g. from 7 days loan to 14 days loan). Don't allow anyone to talk inside the

More and more books in shelves can help students better, so we need to have as much as we

There is need to improve the availability of number of books which is not available in the library

Extension of opening hours to 10pm at night during the weekdays. Get up a "Quiet Area" where
students can study or work on assignments. Purchase more copies of the Prescribed textbooks

Study discussion rooms - Computer area should be increased - Stock more books

The one area which most students would like the library to improve is the collection of books.
The stock is inadequate

computer lab and library

should increase space and available books

please provide course reference text books minimum10 copies on each subject.

it would be better if the library would provide more links to other good websites in the database

please give us more resource material (a lots of books) more than 4-5 copies especially for each
required book subject (not just 2 copies please)... because they are lots of student complaining,
including me, when we need to borrow the book is have been borrowed by another student....
(not all of student have money to buy books each semester, therefore we are depend on book
availability in the library to help us study)
and as you know there are more and more student enroll each semester... if copies of required
book has increase at least there will be more probability for student to borrow the book

update or add more computer to use
to complete the database warehouse for search on-line library

More Flexibility.

Get more up-to-date books in to the library

increase the quantity for books

More course books to be made available
It would be much more easy to get required books form library and holding period can be reduce
id the number of books available in the library is enough and adequate.
Thanx for asking our opinions

The book Loans should be increased from 3 days to at least 7 days with more number of books
should be available.

hoping improving the materials in campus not only in online library.

1. should have more number of copies of books as mentioned in the course profile.
2. more study area.
3. if no work, the students should be asked 2 go out.

Please make sure these lady's improve their way of speaking to students.
Also, course textbooks should be readily available.

we should have some more number of multiple copies of prescribed textbooks and also updated
editions of all the subjects so that we can access other associated libraries less frequently. It will
be flexible for us and also our time will be saved.

As mention above, just the books is the area u should improve. I know, CQU melbourne library is
too small, but still we can but some more book on it.

Need more space for library . Well known Computer journals are hard to find and normally not

More group study room. And Pleaseeee...............we need a bigger campus with more facilities.

we need more text books and journals, because we have a lot of students studying and the
books are not enough.


1   . increase the collection
2   timings have to be increased.
3   size is inadequate.
4   Silence should be made compulsory

We suppose to get the text books for enough time not for 2 hours

must b open 24 hrs.

more books and increase the study area in the library

Please provide more text books

It is ridiculous to have 2 course books for more than 100 students.

For starters you could start off with increasing the collection of books and journals in the library.
Actually get the students to use the library as a library, not a meeting place at lunch break for
talking and crowding the computer area.

An online, easily accessible catalogue of all reading materials, resources and recommended
research databases relevant to each course being taught by campus by term. This could then be
linked to the teacher's online access so they only have to go to the one place to access the
materials they need. Students could use it too, except they're the ones who need to learn how to
conduct research!

Increase the number of copies of text books... very frustrating when wanting to borrow a book. I
usually go around to other campuses to check to see if i can borrow and finally I go to the CQU
Melb campus because i have given up hope of ever finding what I want when i need it.

course material or text books should be kept on the shelf according to subject more clearly

help more with international students

you must keep a good collection of our course textbooks and secondly the library staff must talk
in a friendly manner .

management system

to provide more reference books, and text books that are available to all students.

Providing more cabins for group discussions

I think CQU (Melbourne Campus)'s library is too small, school should increase more books,
because i always can't find assignment's materials from CQU library, and need to borrow from
the other school, also it always haven't got enough books for students to borrow.

Size of library is very small (in terms of books and space for study),Library staff can do better by
explaining things properly instead of just reading policy.
In order to provide better service library staff should have a better understanding of the
attributes of customer service.
Library staff should have control on those people who make noise and disturb dedicated students
they can do it by various ways
One way to stop noisy people is to start deducting points of noisy people because they just use
library for their gossips and fun.

It would be of great help if u can increase the copies of text book for various subject and so that
whenever the book is needed it's available at least for three day loan

all we expect from a library is to get the required text books of that particular subjects we are
doing in a semester, which is never possible only in our university. each and other universities
have enough books to serve their students and even other university students. so try to get more
text books in the library.

The navigation system on CQU web should be more clearly to assist new student to find their
request easily, since I first login to the online library, the page layout is made me a bit confused.

Can add another room for the library, would definitely help if we had more books available.
size of the library available computers and the individual study area need increasing

Collection of books(Online and hard copy)

we need more books in data base and managements

Please try to increase the number of books.

By having signage somewhere on the shelving to indicate the relevant discipline e.g. computing,
marketing etc. This would assist people who are unfamiliar users to find the correct area more


Provide more books and more space, it could even be better if the reading space or desk are
demarcated or partition to promote privacy and distraction when reading.

but library research web made so complex that difficult find searching in the net.

the number of computers must be increased and space for group discussion must be there but
the problem with uni is that space is limited but the number of students coming to the uni is not
limited. cheers

more space and more resources asap.

Every time I have visited the Library staff are extremely busy servicing student needs. The
librarians are solidly booked and the loans staff run off their feet. Obviously more staff are
required with the unforeseen increase in student population.

please keep more recommended books since we have to make advance bookings even for books
which are available on a 2 hr loan.

Books quantity should be increased n timings on weekend should be increased

no, at present.

Number of quality books should be increased.

friendliness of and help by the library staff

number of text books and reference books should be increased so that more and more students
can have access to them
Need to have more number of books, and their copies. Though it is adequate to have books
related to the subjects being taught here but other than that are not present in good number,
can have books on general topics.

some time journals are hard to get into and a broader range of subjects would be useful

A single login should be available to access all electronic databases from outside campus.

improvement should be on the infrastructure i.e. more computers, sitting arrangement, etc. -
everything else is fine.

Assistance is good, and have no complaints. Thank you !!

Please arrange new text books of Master Of Accounting

i hope school can provide a quite environment for me and my friends to study

Better collection of books and journals

increase the computers in the lab. and increase the collection of books.

There are not enough books available for us to borrow. The books collection should be made

availability of books should be more as we, the students have to always access other university
libraries for references.

nothing really.

need more books and sitting arrangement should be adequate.

place more seats for the students and please keep quiet in the library

should change the staff that are presently working in melbourne campus and place experienced
and worthful staff and keep on asking suggestions from the students by e-mails etc and
implementing them as quick as possible.

More space as library is very noisy & hard to study

more stress should be given on physical resources.

news paper and more books.....and please provide students with magazines.

please try to provide more books for the access by students

when someone loose the item & can't return in timely manner.
And if the student want to return it after placing order then please don't panalize student if they
are ready to return item which they have lost.

i think to prepare more textbooks for campus reading is necessary!
Produce an online catalogue of contemporary links (eg. resources, websites, databases, etc),
pertinent to all courses taught during that term by campus.

you can improve on the online staff services in the library.

Please make more photocopy machines available at students disposal.

Library should get more course profile books on the racks for weekly loan and overnight loans.
Defaulters with overdue books should be taken seriously n fined.

Communicating in a more friendly manner

Provide enough Text books that can match the number of student in take and increase the size
and availability of books in library

CQU Library Melbourne is very noisy, should ask student keep quite in library or may ask them
leave the library, it's really disturb if compare with the other Uni.

try to have more books, at least have some three or four copies in the reference area and extend
the library to further more. put some fines those who make disturbances in the library.

The collection of Books.

by adding more books

try to get more no. of books.........every tutor must be having a copy of their subject which they
teach rather than taking copies of library that are useful to students.....
try to maintain textbooks for every subject.....

have more books, materials for the courses to borrow

Extend opening hours to late night and weekends

They should have to increase the number of copies of different books

by increasing the number of text books and opening hours of library during exam time

Available reference books

In CQU melbourne campus lots of student coming every semester but we do not have adequate
books. So please increase book volume

computer processing is very slow.

I hope our library have more books for students. Because sometimes I want a book ,but the book
has only two or three, and the those have borrowed by other people. So, I hope the library can
help us more.

If the opening hours is longer, more computer can be use in library then it will be good!

There should be more collection of study text books

The library is very important part in the school, but the size of our library in melbourne campus is
so small. I suggest that bring more books in our library, please.

we need more books


Please see the above mentioned suggestions.

Library staff can be more friendly. There is a urgent requirement for course textbooks which can
be borrowed for weekly or fortnightly. Plus a few more computers will surely enhance the library
and help the students.

Racial discrimination!!!!! specially by the administrative department, and improving the systems
configuration in library because most of the times computers keyboard and mouses doesn’t work

more elective resource provide is more important for students to do assignment, because there
are not many hand cope in library

of course
1. Discipline
2.increase in number of study room

more staff to help students

more books

give more information about search catalogues through library and opening hours should be long

stuffs quality

computer infrastructure should be improved
and more text books should be available

increase the number of books in library.

*While I realise there is limited space available, perhaps some effort could be made to increase
the number of books in the library.
*Perhaps the library could open earlier to allow those who wish to get to uni early a chance to
squeeze some study or research in, especially for closed reserve books.
*Staff could begin to make an effort to enforce the 'no mobiles, no talking' rule.

may have more number of 2 hr loans

nothing much

what i think we should start creating some discipline in the library as their are lot of students who
are creating the disturbances. so some strong actions should be taken towards them even if I’m
also I’m in one of them. but it should be stop now. and the fines should also be reduced to a

PLEASE HAVE MORE BOOKS That’s what a library is about. More group study rooms please

More books

we need more books, so that we don’t have to go other libraries for common books......and the
books should be issued for a long time also...

larger study area
larger resources- books!!!
computer not enough for busy hours which happens a lot during a day

Provide more books and a larger room for study. Rest everything is cool.

we may need more books related with our class, such as more textbooks for borrow!

More books are essential

more number of books made be available for loans

most of the things are fine the only thing i don't like personally we can not get books for 2-3
weeks or more. just like other universities.

1. Increase number and quality of books and ease of available.
2. Discipline in library.
3. Increase study room in library.

Staff need to be improved, more books

opening hours and more space to do revision

CQU Melbourne campus doesn't have enough books*(which is known as text book in course
profile) so every student doesn't get that at the cheaper price. The student has to go here and
there for books as they are new in Melbourne. Now if CQU take fees of $250 more from the
student and provide the text book free to student it will more helpful to student.

get feedbacks n act on them quickly

arranging the books in order so that it can be easily identified by the students
there should me more books to improve

More choices and more books which we need daily basis.

Facilities & Equipment

kindly arrange for more recommended textbooks and increase the computers in the library as
they are very less as compared to the students who access library. and there should be someone
to help searching in required books especially for new students.

It's better to provide a few more text books at library book shelf.

We do hope library collection can be abundant to meet our need, and borrow time for the book
can be extend more days.


The librarians should be more professional and talk softely when on duty. They should assert
more authority in ensuring that the library is quiet and conducive for students to study or do their
assignment etc. The IT guys at the lab are very professional and successful in maintaining noise
level at a reasonable level, the librarian should learn from them. The library should open at
8.30am instead of 9.30am in the morning.

Availability of books of different courses & also make good facilities to seat & study for student
like me....

the number of books should be increased as some of the books related to accounting are taken
up by the tutors so the students have to go to other universities and the space available for the
library should be increased as to accommodate more students.

The library staff should have more time to show students how to search library data and website.

firstly, collection of books should be increased for sure. staff should be changed, at least 1-2 if
not whole of that. staff should be friendly.

I think nothing. All the thing are reliable and satisfactory, excluding which i mentioned already in
upper level. Thanks.

Melbourne library should have more resources like books so that students can benefit of that.

quiet study environment

books there are no books for students for there particular subject.
i request you guys to please put more number of books in library. the collection of books is
horrible. mind you we are doing postgraduation and hence we require more number of books.

keep storing books n good articles makes students assignments easy.

the problem for the books that we are not getting.
increase computers
permit students to access their drive out side from campus
and give student drive access link on home page

books, computers and also few things for social developments and to educate international
students about the Australian culture

The quantity of books.

by keeping course relevant books

Stocking of more course books for the business and law

Collection of more books(subject area) and also other areas which can explore the knowledge of
everyone’s. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.


if possible please try to keep more books of the prescribed authors of various courses and please
increase the loan period for the reserved items.

need more books..

The library could be made more spacious that would help students to concentrate more.

More printers and photocopying facilities

number of copies of books should be increased.

Interface of the library website

books assistance

The printing system could be improved, Eg, the printing machine can show the computer No, we
can find our required materials easily. Thanks.

in library u have 2 or 3 books available pls try to increase some more books cause now we are
many students

First and foremost thing to be improved is to increase the number of copies of particular subject
books. So that at least 1 in 50 can avail it.

I consider, it should improve more number of books in the library.
Library should open more long time. Because, it can not be allowed to get books as late time in
E-mail system need to improve for systematically change.
It is appreciate to remind due date for student. However, its system is always send me same
sentence even I can not renew holding items anymore. It make me confuse... If student can not
renew the item, then it should not send mail, which is mentioned as student can renew the item
by e-mail.
It should be facilitated more books. When i compare with other university of library, Its library is
very small.
Need more books!!!

improve the resources

MIC library needs to increase the reading materials to serve the increasing strength and demand
of new students

add more books and other hard copy resources

Facility of having more and more of copies available in the library of the text books.

the computer facility and the group study area improvements.

put more academic books in library and set more self -study areas

Kindly improve the internet speed and increase the number of computers on urgent basis as one
finds it very very hard to get hold of a computer even in normal days, not to mention the time
when assignments are due for all students. It takes 20-25 minutes on average for a student who
just needs a print out of his/her assignment.

We lack in newspapers and mags we don’t have subscription to mags
and no of compare very less

Provide some more number of copies of books as well as proper services to access them and also
the borrowing time should be increased.

More hardcopy

to buy more books, books are not enough for doing research.

there should be more computers and seating facility in the library

Allowing student's to use Laptop's in the library, with the supervision of the librarian present on
the day.

Increase the number of books of courses.

I'm happy with the things are going, nothing more I could ask at this moment. Keep up the good

provide handsum amount of books to students

more clear advice on accessing journals and other research information on a broad range of

CQU Melbourne Library should have more books to assist students. Books are very limited at this
books and study material need to be improved

More and fast computers in library with extra sitting arrangements for readings books only
(Sitting arrangements for reading library books or look into the books which does not require

please provide more text book and more regular check up on computer facilities such as printers
on every level of campus.

More books & other teaching aids like videos, dvds etc. Also some more student consulation
rooms on campus.

The service is fine, just the opening hours and maybe have some more books if there is enough
space on the shelves. This would help some of us who do not have internet at home and cannot
access the electronic library.

adequate number of books prescribed as the main textbook of the subject. books are very
expensive here.

Increase the number of copies of book in library.

The resource are a little bit narrow.

should increase the time period of the issue of the book

access of other uni's library on our(student) id card..

Allow Laptop facility in Library like all other libraries of other universities, if need an example
please visit Monash or Victoria uni.

already mentioned above ...

Increase seats, Study table, silence study area, reference book and open time.

Library should improve the collections of books

everything is ok should include some more books

more availability of books of Business & Law faculty. it's quite low in compare to number of
international student u have in Melbourne campus and fees u charge from us for providing this
kind of facility in compare to other Universities of Melbourne. And also provide information for
how to get's books ..... for study..

other universities has lots of collections of books, but cqu has not got enough books, so frankly i
don't feel worth while visiting the library.

Quieter library as it's always extremely busy due to the small size compared to the student body
(over 3100)
Please raise your collection of books. may be you can introduce order system with Monash
Library. It will help the student. Tell the librarian that student come from different culture and
sometimes they can't understand the language properly so give the student time to understand
and not to rude.

The quantity of books on different course & extra curricular activities must be increase

no comments

Please make a larger library with more space and more books

material resources are not enough.

more books are available in library

Please provides more resources especially in printed resources.

increase the number of books of the masters of accounting

Resource material is not sufficient.

the website should be more easy and friendly use and if you can provide web site links for the

2 hr loan should be extended
online resources should be increased like computer facilities

less information resources (text books)

Employ more library staff
Increase size of library
More study rooms
More PCs

rapid access to database online, few more equipments....

i hope the library can have more book

number of books, electronic equipment, seating arrangements

More group work rooms

put more computers in library and more number of text books...they have only one to two books
in library and both are gone to either tutor or lecturer...which is no good

To assist the students you should provide more books in the library.

resource material.

more and more of relevant books
Increase the amount of books in library will help me most.

different authors books for a single subject.

Time to Time information

database search should be easily accessed

all area

I hope that the library can provide more computer and printers.

new book information

increase the number of books and also the loan period.

increase size of library and make it interesting so that students should feel like sit and study in
library..... Also good computers required.

Firstly, Making sure that a good environment is maintained in the library at all the times.

Availability of Books for loan to students

keep more set of prescribed text books. I never ever got the prescribed text book from library.

IN business in general

i think the photocopier machines are not enough. And some times we are having a problem in
getting print out.

Book collections

Provide more books on different of subjects

more books, online and on shelf

More books

Increase in the number of seats for studying.

provide more copies of prescribed text books as it became more difficult to find prescribed text
books these days. spend your money in purchasing more prescribed text books rather than other
textbooks which are very less often referred by students and implement smart ways by which
you can impress students
hoping to win your gift bye bye

By improving the availability of book and also try to available library for the student 24 hours at
the exam time.
have not think of yet.

More books.

At least 4 to 5 books of each subject should be available on the Library. Should be big.

have PDF Files of books in the LIBRARY, that way, you don’t need many physical copies of a
book, better service for all.

The timings should be more so that books are available at all the times. Library is the blood of
every university. If blood closes then the university's identity is no more.

Pl. Increase the size of the library by increasing the copy of the books .

there is one area of improvement that is to increase the number new editions of books which are
recommend to students and are compulsory for them to study and also the recommended
references .

expanding the area of the library

library hour, sh'd at least one station which open 24 a day.

Staff to be proactive and realize that all the students here are new to the system carried out in
the library. They may take time to make them aware of the procedures rather them
concentrating on rules.

improve the store of books

Needs to provide more books on subjects with multiple copies.
Latest journals are required, books with latest editions.

Make the library look like a university library. For god's sake, get some books, more magazines
and other resources.

more books, new generation computers and personal sitting arrangements.

the atmosphere should be calm...

the library needs an extension. there is a huge lack of space in it.

One area which really needs some attention is the environment of library, I have seen a lot of
students discussing something around computers of library. This happens mainly when
assignment submission dates of any core subject are near. Individual sitting area is improper, we
have to share the table with someone, who may get disturbed with our discussion even if its in
slow voice.

more number of systems should be provided,

More copies of text books should be purchased
Improve the facilities and increase the books in library.

Every area needs to be improved. In fact, we always need to strive towards perfection, but this is
not even normal.

need more books. most of the time when i try to borrow one i have to wait..

The number of prescribed text books should be more then what they have because what if 2
texts are already occupied and the third student needs it. Everytime i have seen that there are
just 2 copies of each prescribed text books.

We should increase the size of our library

it should be open 24 hrs

ya one think that i would like to say is to increase a number of (quantity) text book in every
library. as some time we have to wait for 1.5-2 week for book.

getting more number of copies on the materials that are available

Please Please Please... have more copies of TEXT books. Otherwise all other services provided by
library are useless...

Enforce the silence in the library rule at all times

also more books and materials

Include more resources (hard copies).
Extend working hours during weekends.

Library should have Electronic Automatic scanner machine for books so it can save librarian's
time, so it can deduct the que. or Library should have some laptops, so students can borrow on
night hold ( First preference should have to first year students because they are not able to
purchase from outside/market)

Actual hard-copy materials (ie books).

Strictly for silent in library

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