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hollywood (PDF)

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									SPRING 2009                                                                                                        THE CORPORATE NEWSLETTER OF RAMSAY HEALTH CARE

Private wins WA
Employer of the
Year 2009 Award
Hollywood PRivate                    service staff in obtaining
HosPital is the proud                national qualifications,
recipient of the Department          advanced study for our
of Education and Training WA         nursing workforce, retention
Employer of the Year 2009            strategies for over the 50s
award, which is part of the          age group, as well as
WA Training Awards; a State          providing staff with
Government initiative which          opportunities to change the
has been running for the past        direction of their careers.
15 years.                               “Unlike many
   The awards were hosted by         organisations that “out
the Minister for Energy and          source” their training, we
Training, the Hon Peter              have a dedicated Training and
Collier at a gala event on           Development Department.
Friday 4 September 2009.             We’ve also developed an

                                                                          Conjoined twins separated in
   Hollywood Private                 ethos of shared learning so
Hospital’s (HPH) Executive           every staff member views
Director Kevin Cass-Ryall was        education as their
delighted that the hospital          responsibility. This means
received the award.
   “This is an
acknowledgment of years of
                                     training does not simply
                                     happen periodically –it’s on
                                     going,” he said.                     Surabaya - 1st for Indonesian
                                                                          Private Hospital The Surgical Team
hard work by countless                  “Along with formal
individuals at HPH in its            training, experienced staff
commitment to training,” he          mentor new staff. It’s an
said.                                approach that ensures
                                                                                                                                                               Chairman of the team: Dr Urip Murtedjo.
   The WA Employer of the            knowledge is shared and new
                                                                                                                                                               Team Coordinator Dr. Agus Harianto
Year Award recognises best           staff are looked after,” Kevin        Conjoined twins Rosita and Rosida were separated after                              Surgeons and anesthetists:
practice in training, looking        explained. ❚                          a nine hour operation at Ramsay Health Care’s Surabaya                              •	 Plastic surgeon led by Prof Sjaifuddin Noer and
at the organisation’s whole                                                Internasional Hospital (RSSI) on Thursday, 13 August 2009.                             Prof David Sontani Perdanakusuma
philosophy and approach to                                                    The operation performed by three surgical teams comprising                       •	 Pediatric surgeon led by Dr Poerwadi and
education.                                                                 plastic, digestive/paediatric and cardiothoracic specialties and                       Dr Kustiyo Gunawan
   “I believe our unique                                                   supported by an anaesthetic/intensive care team, was a first for                    •	 Cardiothoracic surgeon led by Prof Puruhito and
approach to training is the                                                an Indonesian Private Hospital.                                                        Prof Paul Tahalele
result of our strong culture                                                  The babies, aged six months had connected heart and liver                        •	 Anesthetic and intensive care specialists
that sees our workforce as                                                 tissue. Skin coverage post surgery was also a major challenge.                         Prof Koeshartono and Prof Eddy Rahardjo
our most valuable asset. We                                                   The twins, now weighing 4,190 grams and 4,170 grams
are a values based                                                         respectively, have continued to progress very well following the
organisation and these values                                              operation and are now in a stable condition.
are the foundations of                                                        The Twin’s parents were very grateful for the skill and
everything we do”, Kevin                                                   dedication provided by doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.
said.                                                                      The twins have one older brother aged 6 years.
   “Our staff are central to                                                  There was strong media interest in the story being covered
the success of our business.”                                              by over 20 television stations and local and national
                                    ABOVE L-R: Kevin Cass-Ryall,
   HPH has a variety of             Executive Director; Anne Green,        newspapers in Indonesia. ❚
programs which include              Training & Development Manager;
engaging high school                & Nola Cruickshank, Director of                                           ABOVE: Conjoined twins Rosita & Rosida.
students, training support          Clinical Services                               RIGHT: Rosida (left pic) & Rosita (right pic) following the operation.

       Indonesian conjoined twins successfully   Slings provide aid for Sri Lanka               Peninsula takes out Award                    Noosa turns 10                        HR Update
       seperated                                 The NEW Lawrence Hargrave                      The Avenue excels in ACHS                    News from Indonesia                   Ramsay Strategic Sourcing Initiative
       Hollywood wins WA Employer of Year        GPS used in Westmead surgery                   Greenslopes robot notches 150                Warringal tops 500,000                Fun & Fitness
       CEOs Message                              Developments update                            prostatectomies                              Our Community                         Movements & Appointments

                   Printed on 100% recycled Post Consumer Waste paper using a Chlorine free process
  CEO’s message
   Private Hospitals –                                                                                                                                       •	 There	are	280 private hospitals &
                                                           a very significant part of the delivery of         By 2030 they will account for twice as

   Punching above our                                   hospital services in this country. In 2007/08,     many hospital admissions as they do today            272 day hospitals in Australia, with
                                                        3.1 million Australians were admitted to           and will use more healthcare resources than          27,768 beds – just under 33% of all

   weight                                               private hospitals representing 40% of total
                                                        hospital admissions for that year. For the
                                                                                                           past generations because they will be living
                                                                                                           longer and managing more complex
                                                                                                                                                                hospital beds in Australia.

                                                                                                                                                             •	 Private	hospitals	treat	40% of all
   two RePoRts weRe released in June 2009               same period 1.1 million patients had elective      conditions.                                          patients in australia.
   by the Australian Government which provide           surgery and this represented 64% of all               The private hospital sector can be flexible
   a comprehensive range of statistics and              elective surgical separations in the public and    and responsive to future patient demand           •	 In	2007-08,	private	hospitals	admitted	
   information about public and private                 private sector. Over the last 10 years,            and is not only prepared to invest in the            3.1 million patients. In the same
   hospitals. The reports, Australian Hospital          separations have increased by 23.1% in             economy both in terms of infrastructure and          period, Australia’s 742 public hospitals
   Statistics 2007-08 and The state of our public       public acute hospitals and by 66.9% in             development but also in employment,                  admitted 4.7 million patients.
   hospitals, released by the Australian Institute      private hospitals.                                 training and development of our staff. The
                                                                                                                                                             •	 Private	hospitals	perform the majority
   of Health & Welfare and the Department of               The reports also demonstrate that despite       recent survey completed by Ramsay’s
                                                                                                                                                                of surgery in australia – 64%.
   Health & Ageing respectively, include a              government funds to curb waiting lists, the        National Workforce Manager Liz Spaull
   range of performance indicators but also, for        number of days that patients wait for              showed that Ramsay trained 6020                   •	 Of	the	total	660 different procedures
   the first time, report on a wider range of           elective surgery in the public sector              undergraduate health care students in                & treatments undertaken in
   information than previously available on             continues to rise by between 5 & 10% per           2007/08 and provided over 2 million clinical         Australian hospitals, private hospitals
                             access to elective         annum. Median waiting time for surgery in          placement hours to undergraduate nursing             provide 653.
                                 surgery.               public hospitals was 34 days in 2007/08 up         and medical students. We receive no funding          Source: Australian Institute of Health & Welfare,
                                     The                from 28 days just 4 years prior. Three percent     from governments or private health funds             Australian Hospital Statistics 2007-2008.
                                  information           of patients wait more than 1 year.                 for this training.
                                   contained in         Ophthalmology, ear, nose & throat surgery             Hopefully, with such a solid body of
                                   these reports        and orthopaedic surgery were the surgical          evidence, we can get some traction and            •	 In	2006-07,	the	most	recent	period	for	
                                    reaffirms the       specialties with the longest median waiting        understanding of the real role that private          which this data is available, public
                                   fact that            times in 2007–08 (68 days, 57 days and 54          hospitals are playing in the Australian health       hospitals received a total $27
                                   private              days respectively). This is of interest as         care environment.                                    billion to treat 60% of hospital
                                  hospitals in          ophthalmology and orthopaedics are                                                                      patients. In 2006-07, private
                                      Australia are     specialties particularly of the elderly                                                                 hospitals received a total of $7
                                                        population and, with an ageing population,                                                              billion to treat 40% of patients.
                                                        waiting lists in these specialties can only get                                                         Source: Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, Health
                                                          worse. In 2010 the oldest of the baby                                                                 Expenditure Australia 2006-07.

                                                              boomers will be 65 years – so increased
                                                                  utilization of hospital services by      Chris Rex
                                                                      older Australians is imminent.       Managing Director

Slings provide aid
for Sri Lanka
a gReat sense of charity and a personal               the last four years he
affinity with war torn Sri Lanka has spurred          has provided services
Melbourne Orthopaedic surgeon David Young             as part of the                                       Dr David Young preparing for an
to find a novel way to assist with improving          Orthopaedic Outreach                                 operation in Galle, Sri Lanka
the delivery of orthopaedic surgery in that           Program of the
country.                                              Australian                ABOVE: Dr David Young.       “We are very hopeful that our idea of
   Weary of running fundraising events that           Orthopaedic                                         creating an ongoing source of funds through
would raise ever decreasing amounts of                Association (AOA) and is currently Chairman of      the profit that comes from manufacturing our
money for sorely needed orthopaedic                   the Sri Lankan Chapter of this Outreach             own slings in Sri Lanka, will assist with our
equipment in Sri Lanka, David, together with          program.                                            aim.”
the Melbourne Orthopaedic Group (MOG) at                 “Sri Lanka has suffered a terrible civil war        ‘Orthotic Technologies’ is the philanthropic
The Avenue Private Hospital, have established         since 1983 and then the devastating tsunami         arm of Melbourne Orthopaedic Group set up
a philanthropic organisation that designs and         that has left the country ravaged and devoid        to source slings and braces with all profits
manufactures slings in Sri Lanka for use on           of much of its ‘middle class’. Doctors, lawyers,    directed towards equipment for Outreach
their patients in Australia. All proceeds go          accountants, are many of the professionals          visits to Sri Lanka. While Doctors fund their
towards improved orthopaedic equipment for            that have left the country leaving it worse off.    own way to and from the country, all money
this country.                                            “Following the Tsunami, there was a great        generated goes only into the equipment
   “We wanted an ongoing source of funds to           need for medical services and equipment and         which stays behind for use by the local            ABOVE: David evaluating a deformity on a young boy
purchase surgical equipment to improve the            there was a real desire to assist from Australia    surgeons. The plan is already working. Last        in Sri Lanka.
effectiveness of our trips to Sri Lanka. By           and other countries. A lot of equipment was         month David introduced the ‘8 plate                BELOW: One of the Sri Lankan manufactured slings.
purchasing slings manufactured in Sri Lanka,          sent over but it was second hand and so four        technique’ for guided growth of lower limb
we not only have an ongoing profit stream             years on, it is now broken or in poor repair.       deformities in children. The $8000 of ‘8 plates’
that can be directed towards our cause, but              “Working in this country is difficult with       was donated through Orthopaedic Outreach
we are also creating local jobs for the people        limited equipment and we have been trying to        with money generated by ‘Orthotic
in this country – so it is a win-win.” David said.    assist as much as possible by raising funds for     Technologies’.
   Sri Lanka is a country of approximately 21         new equipment which we deliver whenever                David hopes that other surgeons may be
million people with a very limited number of          we go on an Outreach visit . “The Victorian         able to assist through purchasing slings via
orthopaedic surgeons – David estimates only           government is aiding in the building of a           ‘Orthotic Technologies’. ❚
23 Orthopaedic surgeons for the entire                casualty department and two trauma theatres            For further information contact
country.                                              at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital in Galle.          Joanne Ritson
   David, a sports medicine orthopaedic               While this is wonderful – we still need                Melbourne Orthopaedic Group
surgeon with the Melbourne Orthopaedic                equipment and manpower to train the                    03 9529 3333
Group and the nominated orthopaedic                   surgeons and help expand their delivery of   
surgeon for the Sri Lankan Cricket team, has          health services particularly in the area
been assisting in this country for 10 years. For      of trauma .
                                                                                                                                                          Private health
                                                                                                                                                          insurance coverage
                                                                                                                                                          hits all time high
                                                                                                                                                          tHe latest quaRteRly private health
                                                                                                                                                          insurance statistics have been released by
                                                                                                                                                          the Private Health Insurance Administration
                                                                                                                                                          Council (PHIAC). The statistics show that
                                                                                                                                                          more people than ever before have private
                                                                                                                                                          health insurance, and that private hospitals
                                                                                                                                                          are now seeing twice as many insured

  The new Lawrence Hargrave Private
                                                                                                                                                          episodes than they were ten years ago.
                                                                                                                                                             The statistics show that private the
                                                                                                                                                          number of people with private health
                                                                                                                                                          insurance has risen to 9,745,242 people,
                                                                                                                                                          which is 0.4% higher than the previous
                                                                                                                                                          quarter. The proportion of the population
Following a $9 million upgrade, Lawrence                                                               full range of services for patients recovering     covered has remained the same at 44.6%
Hargrave Private Hospital, a specialist                                                                from a stroke, an accident, pain management        but there continues to be trend of people
rehabilitation hospital in Thirroul, New South                                                         or any condition where there is a need to          taking out or downgrading to policies that
Wales, is set to reveal its new state-of-the-art                                                       improve tolerance, strength, pain relief and or    require either a member excess or co-
facilities to patients and the community in late                                                       functional disability.”                            payment towards the cost of treatment.
September.                                                                                                The hospital also offers hydrotherapy and       Hospital treatment policies with no excess or
   Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital Chief                                                            physiotherapy services to the general public.      co-payment now only make up 26% of all
Executive Officer Robyn Ashe said the                                                                     The redevelopment was undertaken by             policies, compared to 45% of all policies in
redevelopment had significantly expanded                                                               Fugan Constructions and has taken                  2001. ❚
and improved the hospital’s inpatient facilities                                                       approximately 18 months to complete, during
with new accommodation as well as improved                                                             which time there has been minimal disruption
outpatient and consulting facilities.
   “This new development will assist Lawrence
                                                                                                       to normal services.
                                                                                                          A formal opening of the facility with the
                                                                                                                                                          Ramsay Health Care
Hargrave Private Hospital to meet the ever-
increasing demand for rehabilitation services        Wollongong in the Thirroul hills boasting
                                                                                                       Ramsay Health Care Board is scheduled for
                                                                                                       later in the year. ❚
                                                                                                                                                          completes Share
in the Illawarra area” Robyn said.
   The cornerstone of the redevelopment has
                                                     sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.
                                                        “This has been the most significant
                                                                                                                                                          Purchase Plan
been the expansion of the hospital’s inpatient       development at the hospital since it became a                                                        Following tHe suCCessFul
facilities seeing the hospital grow to 54 beds –     dedicated rehabilitation hospital in 1981. Our                                                       completion of a $220 million institutional
the majority of these being private rooms with       staff and doctors are very excited that we can                                                       share placement, Ramsay Health Care
ensuites.                                            now offer patients these excellent new                                                               recently completed a share purchase plan
   Lawrence Hargrave Private Hospital is             facilities in which they can undergo their                                                           offer to existing shareholders. On 7
specialist rehabilitation, medical and palliative    necessary rehabilitation treatment” Robyn                                                            September, shareholders were offered the
care facility providing inpatient, day only and      said.                                                                                                opportunity to subscribe for additional
outpatient services. The hospital is equipped           “Many of our patients have had surgery                                                            shares. The Share Purchase Plan offer
with an eighteen metre hydrotherapy pool, a          locally and are then referred to us for their                                                        closes on 25 September and was capped at
large physiotherapy and exercise gym,                rehabilitation. However, some are locals who                                                         $40 million. ❚
occupational therapy department and a day            have had surgery out of the area and then
patient area. The Palliative Care Services are       return to Wollongong where they can
supported by the medical practitioners from
the Illawarra Area Health Service.
                                                     undergo their rehabilitation either as a day
                                                     patient or an inpatient, allowing them to be
                                                                                                                                                          APHA launches
   The hospital is located 10 kms north of           close to home and family. The hospital offers a                                                      new website

GPS used in
                                                                                                                                                          aPHa Has launCHed their new
                                                                                  "Dafydd had a plumbing problem in the sinuses of his forehead,"         website, which has a
                                                                              explains Dr Singh, "This was causing his sinuses to block up and pressure   number of new features including a jobs
                                                                              to build, leading to terrible headaches."                                   board for member hospitals to post
                                                                                  The solution was to unblock the sinuses. But the sinuses in the         employment vacancies, a find a hospital

surgery at
                                                                              forehead are in a critical area, surrounded by the eye, brain and smell     feature for the public looking for a private
                                                                              organ. One slip and any of them could be permanently damaged.               hospital in their area and an improved
                                                                                  To successfully perform the operation, Dr Singh used the very latest    member area with information on Safety
                                                                              Computerised Surgical Navigation equipment - A "GPS" system for             and Quality initiatives, the National
                                                                              surgeons. This high-tech machinery is only available at a few major         Procedure Banding Schedule and more. ❚

                                                                              Private Hospitals, including Westmead Private Hospital. Dr Singh
                                                                              formally trained in the use of this highly specialised equipment during
                                                                              his 3-year fellowship at the world-renown Guy's and St Thomas’
                                                                              Hospitals and King's College, London.
                                                                                                                                                          Chemotherapy budget
                                                                                  The system, known as the “Stealth Station” is a computer assisted
                                                                              surgery platform supplied by Medtronic and plays an important role in
                                                                                                                                                          measure delayed
daFydd tHoMPson, 50, from Seven Hills, never thought that the                 ENT, Neurological, Spine and Orthopaedic surgery. The System allows         HealtH MinisteR niCola Roxon
shape of his sinuses would affect his childhood dream of becoming an          surgeons to pre-plan a procedure virtually and then is able to follow the   announced Thursday that she will further
aircraft pilot, or that he would be cured by a computer.                      plans in reality.                                                           delay the introduction of the measure from
   Dafydd has been flying commercial aircraft out of Sydney Airport for           Much in the way that satellite navigation works for transportation,     last year’s budget that would have seen
many years, but in May he was dramatically grounded after suffering           The StealthStation® uses either an optical camera or an                     patients being forced to either pay
severe headaches whilst in the air. His headaches began after a bad           electromagnetic tracking device to identify where a surgeon’s               hundreds of dollars for chemotherapy
head cold and made it impossible for Dafydd to captain his aircraft           instruments are in relation to a patient’ anatomy at any time during        treatment or go onto a public hospital
safely. He was admitted to a major inner-city hospital. After numerous        surgery and is able to display three-dimensional feedback to the            waiting list for treatment.
investigations, he was diagnosed with migraine and advised that he            surgeon potentially resulting in smaller incisions, more accurate               The measure could have resulted in large
should not continue to fly. Dafydd wasn't so sure, especially when the        interventions, less post operative pain and faster recovery times           additional costs to private hospitals and,
migraine medications he was given didn't work.                                    Dafydd still remembers waking up from the operation in the recovery     ultimately, patients. The Minister has said
   Unable to work and with no relief from his crippling headaches,            room at Westmead Private, "Dr Singh had told me that it might take a        she will now discuss the measure in the
Dafydd looked for a second opinion. He was referred to Ear, Nose and          little while for my headaches to improve, but as soon as I woke up, they    context of the Fifth Community Pharmacy
Throat Surgeon, Dr Narinder Singh. Dr Singh operates at Westmead              were gone!" Dafydd went home from hospital the very next day with           Agreement. That is understood to mean
Private Hospital and is a Clinical Senior Lecturer at Sydney University. Dr   no scars, no stitches and no bruising, the whole complex operation          the budget measure will not be introduced,
Singh specialises in nose and sinus conditions and suspected that             being performed with high-tech instruments passed through the nose.         if at all, before July 2010, and in a very
Dafydd's symptoms were coming from his sinuses, rather than from                  Cured of his headaches, Dafydd can't wait to get back in the air and    different form. ❚
migraines.                                                                    continue living out his childhood dream. ❚
Developments update
bulldozes into a                                                                                                                       Gymnasium
                                                                                                                                       extension at
new future                                                                                                                             Donvale
tHe $60 Million redevelopment of Pindara Private Hospital
has begun with the demolition of the Hospital’s outer                                                                                  tHe MayoR oF
buildings now underway to allow for the construction of a                                                                              Manningham, Councillor
multi storey carpark, specialist suites, four additional theatres                                                                      Charles Pick was on hand
and a 50 bed accommodation ward.                                                                                                       to proudly cut the ribbon,
   Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Trish Hogan said the            workmen were erecting fences and commencing the process           officially opening the
commencement of this significant redevelopment was a very            of the next stage in Pindara’s life.                              gymnasium extension at          Bronte Kumm & patients try out
exciting time for the hospital, which has been a leading                “This redevelopment will provide additional health services    Donvale Rehabilitation          equipment in the new gym.
provider of emergency, medical, surgical and maternity               for people of the Gold Coast, as well as expanding those          Hospital in August.
services on the Gold Coast for over 35 years.                        already in existence to meet growing demand,” Trish said.            Chief Operating Officer, Danny Sims, along with NSW/VIC
   To celebrate the pending demolition, staff and doctors               “Pindara was constructed in 1971 and has undergone             Regional Manager Bronte Kumm and Chief Executive Officer
were invited to a                                                    smaller renovations and extensions over the years but this will   of Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital Pat Bliss were in
“Demolition Party” and                                               be the most significant development at the hospital since it      attendance. Staff and doctors are delighted with the final
enjoyed reminiscing                                                  was opened.                                                       product.
and painting last words                                                 “Our staff and doctors are looking forward to being able to       The gym is now an expansive area with new and
on the walls of the                                                  expand the services we provide with this new development.”        improved equipment, including upper limb body
Administration                                                          The redevelopment has been awarded to ADCO                     ergometers, stepper, leg press and speed ball.
building. At 6am the                                                 Construction Services, a prominent Australia building firm and       Two soundproof group rooms have been an invaluable
following day,                                                       will be completed by December 2010. ❚                             addition, equipped with the latest projector technology for
                                                                                                                                       presentations and education sessions.

Albury opens new theatre complex
                                                                                                                                          Donvale CEO Pat Bliss said patients and staff would both
                                                                                                                                       benefit from this development, with improvements to the
                                                                                                                                       environment in which they receive and provide excellence in
tHe oFFiCial oPening of Albury’s new theatre complex, including a new state-of-the-art theatre, recovery area and two                     Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital is an 80 bed facility that
new day procedure areas, took place in August. The total theatre complex now has six theatres and two procedure suites.                has been providing rehabilitation services to the community
  The Hon Sussan Ley, Federal MP officially opened the new complex. ❚                                                                  for 20 years.
                                                                                                                                          “We are delighted to be able to improve patient and
                                                                                                                                       community facilities at Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital,”
                                                                                                                                       said Pat. ❚

UQ clinical school development
underway at Greenslopes                                                                                                                ABOVE L-R: Ramsay Health Care Chief Operating Officer, Danny Sims,
                                                                                                                                       at the opening of the new gym along with Manningham Mayor,
                                                                                                                                       Councillor Charles Pick; Chief Executive Officer of Donvale
                                                                                                                                       Rehabilitation Hospital Pat Bliss & DVA Representative, Alan Campbell.
tHe agReeMent between Greenslopes Private Hospital                      The project will be staged to minimise the impact to
and The University of Queensland has been finalised for the          hospital activity and will commence with the clinical

                                                                                                                                       Facelift for Masada
$14 million redevelopment of the Greenslopes Private                 education centre and then move into the clinical teaching and
Hospital University of Queensland Clinical School.                   tutorial areas and UQ administration. The last stage will be
   In a first for Australia, Greenslopes Private Hospital will       the construction of the new meeting space.
host a fully fledged clinical school on its campus allowing it to       Work is expected to commence in late 2009 with                 RaMsay’s Masada
expand its current medical school by up to 65 medical                completion in late 2010. ❚                                        PRivate Hospital has
students, all based on campus.                                                                                                         recently undergone a
   Clinical School Head, Professor Darrell Crawford said that a                                                                        refurbishment and
fundamental role of the University is to support the learning                                                                          upgrade of its
of the community that it serves.                                                                                                       equipment.
   “Placing this clinical school within the hospital will allow                                                                            Masada CEO Petra
access for all staff to these educational facilities,” Professor                                                                       Snelleman said they
Crawford said.                                                                                                                         were delighted with
   “The flexibility of the collaborative learning centre                                                                               the results.               ABOVE: An example of the spacious,
allowing for different learning environments is a highly                                                                                   “The ground floor      newly redeveloped patient rooms.
innovative approach in the design of this facility.”                                                                                   has been painted, re-
   The clinical school will be located in four distinct areas                                                                          carpeted and the furniture and soft furnishings replaced
including a collaborative learning centre, tutorial and meeting                                                                        throughout all clinical areas,” Petra said.
rooms, office space and a clinical education centre.                                                                                       “With the purchase of state-of-the-art phototherapy
   These facilities will be fitted out with the latest in learning                                                                     units, isolettes and patient monitors, the special care nursery
technology and will be shared between the UQ clinical school                                                                           is providing the highest standard of care which is being
and the hospital community.                                                                                                            appreciated by staff and paediatricians at the hospital.” ❚
Peninsula takes out Innovative Practice                                                                                                        Tamara’s Kitchen
in the Private Health Sector Award                                                                                                             shines
deb sHaRP FRoM Peninsula Private Hospital’s cardiac services            Adrienne Caulfield, also of
                                                                                                                                               taMaRa PRivate
unit took out the prestigious award for innovation in the            Peninsula Private’s cardiac unit
                                                                                                                                               HosPital is pleased to
private sector at the Queensland Private Hospital Association        took out third place at the
                                                                                                                                               announce its recent
meeting in June.                                                     meeting for her presentation on
                                                                                                                                               success following an
   Deb’s paper was about reducing door to balloon time for           the findings of the hospital’s
                                                                                                           ABOVE L-R: Award recipients         intensive audit
acute myocardial infarction.                                         domiciliary heart failure service
                                                                                                           Adrienne Caulfield & Deb Sharp.     undertaken by the NSW
   More than 93% of all primary PCIs presenting to the hospital      and its impact on unplanned                                                                            ABOVE L-R: Kerry Fittler, Caterina
                                                                                                                                               Food Safety Authority in
via MICA with acute myocardial infarction have been                  readmissions. During the last twelve months growth of 86% in                                           Walker (Hotel Services Manager),
                                                                                                                                               July 2009. All Hospitals
completed within established benchmarks and best practice            the heart failure population enrolled in the program has                                               Di Patterson& Margaret Marshall.
                                                                                                                                               are required to have a
guidelines have been followed.                                       exceeded all expectations, yet in spite of this enormous
                                                                                                                                               comprehensive Food
   The paper demonstrated the very significant benefits of           growth, unplanned readmissions to the hospital continue to
                                                                                                                                               Safety Plan in place and Tamara received a ‘B’ compliance
having primary angioplasty available on the Mornington               decrease as patients are being managed very effectively in the
                                                                                                                                               rating following this stringent audit process. Tamara
Peninsula for the local community (the alternative would be to       community through a nurse led heart failure service.
                                                                                                                                               Private was very pleased to receive commendations on the
transfer patients to Monash Medical Centre’s Angioplasty                Some health funds (Medibank Private and HBA) already
                                                                                                                                               excellent Catering Service we provide to our patients. ❚
Centre 30 to 40 minutes away)                                        support the home based service. ❚

Castlecrag The Avenue
           scoops 7 EAs
                                                                                                                              Robot notches up
GP Education                                                                                                                  more than 150 radical
CastleCRag Hosted a very successful GP education
evening in June with its orthopaedic surgeons.
                                                                     in ACHS prostatectomies
   Each specialist spoke for half an hour at each rotation on the
adult flat foot, commonly missed upper limb injuries and ankle
arthroscopy.                                                                                                                  uRologists at gReensloPes Private Hospital have recently
   The feedback from GP’s was extremely positive:                                                                             performed the 150th radical prostatectomy using the da Vinci Surgical
   ”One of the best meetings I have been to this year”                                                                        System. GPH was the first hospital in Queensland to operate with the
   “Small group format excellent, excellent quality speakers”                                                                 robot in late December 2008.
   “A first rate evening with three excellent presenters in their                                                                Urologist, Peter Heathcote said the urologists who had been extensively
specialities”. ❚                                                                                                              trained in the procedure were now undertaking more than 25
                                                                                                                              prostatectomies a month and they expected this number to continue
                                                                                                                              to increase.
                                                                     in july tHe Avenue undertook                                The robot is cutting edge technology that enables surgeons to operate
                                                                     Organisational Wide Survey for full                      in the difficult to get to lower pelvis through very small incisions with
                                                                     accreditation by ACHS (The Australian Council            unmatched precision. Use of the da Vinci Surgical System represents the
                                                                     of Healthcare Standards). The review took                fastest growing treatment for prostate cancer world-wide.
                                                                     place over three days and was a huge success                Some of the benefits of the robot assisted surgery include shorter stay
                                                                     with the hospital achieving a rating of                  in hospital, less pain and less risk of infection. Patients can expect a faster
                                                                     Extensive Achievement (EA) for seven criteria.           recovery and return to normal activities in a few days. ❚
                                                                        CEO Petra Snelleman said this was the first
                                                                     time the hospital had achieved such an
                                                                     excellent review during accreditation and it
                                                                     was a remarkable result.
                                                                                                                              Engineers hands-on with robot
                                                                        “This was a team effort and the results               MeMbeRs oF tHe Engineers Australia Biomedical College were given the
                                                                     could not have been attained without the                 unique opportunity to attend a hands-on professional development event
ABOVE L-R: Andrew Fraser Member for Coffs Harbour, Jenny Gardiner,   hard work from every staff member and                    around the da Vinci Surgical System at Greenslopes Private Hospital.
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Health & Doug McRae         manager, who undertook an audit, a project                  Those who attended and participated thoroughly enjoyed the exposure
Commercial Manager, Ramsay Health Care – Coffs Harbour.              or a report,” said Petra.                                to this cutting edge technology as it is used in its clinical environment,

Baringa plays host
                                                                        “We would also like to make special                   which is not often a luxury afforded to the biomedical engineers and
                                                                     mention to both Karen Hayton and Clare                   technicians.
                                                                     Fulton the Quality and Risk Managers who                    On board for the event were da Vinci Robot Australian agents, Device
baRinga PRivate HosPital hosted two important guests                 contributed so much to the achievement of                Technologies and Greenslopes Private Hospital Urologist, Dr. Peter
recently in Jenny Gardiner, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for       these outstanding results.                               Heathcote and his team.
Rural Health and Andrew Fraser, Member for Coffs Harbour.               “Special mention also should go to Helen                 Biomedical College members were treated to a live stream of a
The pair were toured around the hospital and had the                 Raik and Barb Cleland whose portfolios also              prostatectomy being undertaken by Dr Heathcote using the robotic
opportunity to discuss health care in a regional setting and         achieved the EA results. The surveyors where             system, which continued with a presentation by Device Technologies da
funding for future health planning in the region. ❚                  so impressed with Barb Cleland’s teams                   Vinci Product Specialist, Dominic Breuker who then led a hands-on
                                                                     initiatives that they stated that Crit 3.2.3 was         demonstration with the robot in the Operating Theatres. ❚
                                                                     boarding on an OA. The team have now set

Kareena educates community                                           the quality platform for The Avenue to
                                                                     continue to advance.”

during diabetes week
                                                                        For all the other criteria the hospital
                                                                     achieved moderate achievement which is also
                                                                     a great outcome. ❚

KaReena PRivate nuRses took to the community in July
during Diabetes Week, educating greater Sutherland Shire
community about the risks of Diabetes.
   Blood glucose Levels and blood pressures were tested at
local libraries and at the Hospital.
   97% of people tested were found in the normal non fasting
BGL range, 3% recorded elevated BGLs with no previous
diagnosis of Diabetes.
   78% of people tested recorded BP range within the “WHO”
normal limits the remaining 22% recorded elevated BPs.
   Education, counselling on lifestyle changes and risk factor
                                                                     ABOVE L-R: Clare Fulton, Karen Hayton
material was shared. ❚
                                                                     & Barb Cleland.
Noosa turns 10 Half a million patients
on tHe 10tH anniversary of the opening of Noosa Hospital, more than 40 employees who have
been with the hospital since it opened in 1999 were awarded for their long service at an official
ceremony. Director of Clinical Services Jane Peeters was the hospital’s first employee, taking on
                                                                                                            treated at Warringal
the role of managing the emergency medical centre and renal dialysis unit.
                                                                                                            waRRingal PRivate HosPital
   The hospital currently employs over 400 staff and one in 10 of these employees are still there.
                                                                                                            admitted its 500,000th patient on Monday 24
   Noosa was the first public/private hospital in Australia and since opening, the $20 million
                                                                                                            August 2009.
hospital has cared for more than 250,000 patients and performed more than 60,000 operations.
                                                                                                               Mrs Sandra Beaumont of Bulleen, was
The hospital has always had a lot of community support. At a community open day in 1999, a
                                                                                                            admitted to the day surgery department at
crowd of 8000 went through the doors.
                                                                                                            Warringal Private and was very excited to be
   The hospital’s very first patient, Stan Bisset – admitted on 1 September 1999 – was
                                                                                                            informed that she was the 500,000th patient
coincidentally an inpatient on the day of the 10th anniversary. The youthful 97 year old is also the
oldest surviving Wallaby and one of the oldest surviving soldiers to have originally walked the             to have been cared for at the hospital since it
Kokoda. Stan was able to join in the festivities of the anniversary before returning to the ward. ❚         opened in March 1976.
                                                                                                               Mrs Beaumont, her husband and their
                                                                                                            daughter, have all been patients at Warringal
                                                                                                            Private over the past 30 years and she said she
                                                                                                            had always found the care provided at the
                                                                                                            hospital was of exceptional quality and            with the communities they are located in and
                                                                                                            kindness.                                          over a number of years it is common to have
                                                                                                               Since opening, Warringal Private Hospital       treated and assisted generations of local
                                                                                                            has been providing acute medical and surgical      families with their health care needs.
                                                                                                            services in Melbourne’s north east and the            “Warringal Private has over a number of
                                                                                                            broader community. Whilst it began with only       years, provided a broad range of important
                                                                                                            50 beds it has since grown to a capacity of 145    acute health services from day surgery
                                                                                                            beds. It is one of the busiest private hospitals   procedures to open heart surgery, to the
                                                                                                            in metropolitan Melbourne with                     community and we are pleased to be able to
                                                                                                            approximately 20,000 admissions per year.          continue providing these services and share
                                                                                                               CEO Graham Clarke said “Hospitals such as       this significant milestone with our 500,000th
                                                                                                            Warringal Private have strong relationships        admitted patient”. ❚

ABOVE: Original staff members of the Noosa Hospital who still work there celebrate its 10th anniversary
(photo courtesy Noosa News).
                                                                                                            DVDs for
                                        News from                                                           parents
                                        Indonesia                                                           neonatal PaediatRiCian dR
                                                                                                            Charlotte Middleton, a senior medical officer
                                                                                                            at St George Private Hospital, has developed a
                                                                                                                                                               Becoming a Dad; Normal characteristics of
                                                                                                                                                               newborn babies; Post-natal exercises &
                                                                                                                                                               Breastfeeding basic.

  Indonesian                                                                                                set of new born educational DVDs for new
                                                                                                            parents and parents to-be to address a deficit
                                                                                                                                                                  Dr Middleton is a mother, medical educator
                                                                                                                                                               and medical practitioner with over 11 years

  Infection Control                                                                                         in the market for this information.
                                                                                                               With support from Ramsay Health Care and
                                                                                                                                                               experience in neonates and paediatrics. She
                                                                                                                                                               has also had media experience in the past and

  Seminars draw
                                                                                                            St George Private Hospital, Dr Middleton has       a keen interest in medical education for new
                                                                                                            finalised the first three DVDs and has the final   parents and parents-to-be.

  large crowds
                                                                                                            four in production under her business ìDr             For further information on these DVDs
                                                                                                            Charlotteís Webî. Ramsay Health Care will          please contact the Ramsay Marketing
                                                        ABOVE: HICMR Seminar in Jakarta on July 16, 2009.   launch these DVDs in their hospitals later this    Department. ❚
                                                                                                            month. The topics covered on the DVDs are:
  duRing tHe MontH of July 2009, two                     attracted 150 participants from 39 hospitals.
                                                                                                            Jaundice in newborn babies; Sleep & settling
  Infection Control Seminars were held in                Topics included lectures on Endoscopy Care,                                                           ABOVE: Dr Charlotte Middleton with one of the stars
                                                                                                            in newborn babies; Changing a nappy,
  Indonesia. The Jakarta Seminar, which was              CSD and an update on H1N1. The Main                                                                   of her informative DVD series.
                                                                                                            wrapping and bathing a newborn baby;
  held in Bintaro Hospital’s new Conference              Speakers were Helen Musgrove and Annie
  Centre, attracted 210 participants, from 70            Lyons from HICMR. ❚
  hospitals. The second seminar in Surabaya
                                                                                                            Bodylines: body contouring,
 RHCI Annual Meeting 2009, Nusa Dua, Bali
                                                                                                            melanoma & suturing for GPs

  ABOVE: Ramsay Health Care Chief Operating Officer, Danny Sims, along with other delegates at the
  Ramsay Health Care Indonesia Annual Meeting in Bali.

  tHis yeaR RaMsay Health Care Indonesia (RHCI) re-elected The Laguna Resort, Nusa
  Dua, Bali, the most beautiful island in Indonesia, as venue of RHCI Annual Meeting 2009,
                                                                                                            KaReena PRivate HosPital hosted a Category 1 GP symposium during August for 23 eager
  which held on July 30-31, 2009. It was great that even in a volatile situation due to recent
                                                                                                            local GPs who enhanced their knowledge and skill in suturing techniques, flap excision
  bombing in Jakarta, Danny Sims joined the group to present an update on Ramsay Health
                                                                                                            techniques, body contouring pre and post surgery results.
  Care operations in Australasia overall performance. Unlike previous years on welcoming
                                                                                                               Led by plastic surgeons Ilias Kotronakis and Adrian Knox, the GPs explored problem excision
  dinner this time, some managers, including Danny, showed their singing talent, and
                                                                                                            areas, pitfalls to be aware of when performing procedures in their rooms and when to refer for
  everyone enjoyed dancing on a dance floor. ❚
                                                                                                            Specialist intervention. ❚
OUR COMMUNITY                                                                               Art Festival raises $17k for Cancer
                                                                                            duRing august, joHn Flynn Private Hospital’s auditorium and mezzanine level were transformed into an
                                                                                            art gallery complete with 450 works of art, sculpture and art glass, for the biannual hospital art festival.
                                                                                               This event raises funds for the Cancer Council Queensland and also to display the works of the many talented
                                                                                            artists both at the hospital and throughout the local and interstate community.
                                                                                               Mr Rob Readings (Channel 9 Gold Coast News), joined John Flynn CEO, Greg Jenke in officially opening the
                                                                                            Festival on Friday 21st August at the launch at which 300 invited guests and artists were given a preview of
                                                                                            what was to come on the weekend.
                                                                                               Over 500 people attended the Art Festival and over $42,000 worth of art was sold with approximately
                                                                                            $17,000 being raised for the Cancer Council Queensland. ❚

ABOVE L-R: Caboolture Private Oncology staff – RN Jasmin Barber (with daughter
Jade), RN Shari Sturgess (with daughter Georgia), invited guest, Director of Clinical
Services Helen Jones & RN Ros Madsen.

Caboolture Private Hospital hosts
Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea
austRalia’s biggest MoRning Tea is one of Cancer Council’s leading
fundraising events and the largest, most successful event of its kind in
Australia. Over $60 million has been raised since it first began in 1994.                   ABOVE: John Flynn Private Hospital CEO, Greg Jenke speaking at Opening Night.
   Caboolture Private Hospital once again hosted an extremely successful                    ABOVE RIGHT: Some of the amazing artwork on display during the Art Festival.
morning tea on Thursday 28th May which was held under marquees at the
front of the hospital. The hospital staff planned the event for the patients
and families who have attended the hospitals Oncology Unit over the past
few years.
   More than 120 people attended the morning tea and in excess of $2,500-
                                                                                            Strathfield staff assist in Open
                                                                                            Heart Mission
00 was raised through donations and raffles for the Queensland Cancer
   Also two Oncology staff Vicky Tanzer and Ros Madsen were celebrating
receiving study grants from the Qld Cancer Council to complete Oncology
                                                                                            intensivist dR david Gattas and ICU nurse Mary
Nursing Courses. ❚
                                                                                            Villanueva from Strathfield Private Hospital recently
                                                                                            joined a mission to Suva, Fiji where 47 patients were
                                                                                            operated on.

Wangaratta Private Supports                                                                    As part of a team of surgeons, nurses and allied
                                                                                            health workers, David and Mary operated on children

Daffodil Day                                                                                with holes in the heart and young adults who had
                                                                                            their valves replaced as a consequence of rheumatic
                                                                                            heart disease.
on FRiday 28tH August                                                                          Teams of surgeons, nurses and allied health
                                                                                                                                                          ABOVE: Dr David Gattas & ICU Nurse Mary Villanueva with a
the staff at Wangaratta                                                                     workers visit the pacific island nations once or twice a      young patient in Suva, Fiji.
Private Hospital supported                                                                  year to provide free operations for patients with
the Cancer Council in                                                                       cardiac problems. Many Ramsay staff and doctors
celebrating Daffodil Day.                                                                   participate in this operation open heart surgery               these limitations patient care is never compromised,”
The daffodil symbolising                                                                    mission.                                                       Mary said.
hope for a brighter future                                                                     Mary said she joined bout six years ago on a                   “Dr Gattas and I are very proud to represent
for all those touched by cancer, sparked the imagination of staff into raising              mission to Vanuatu and was inspired by the work                Strathfield Private Hospital in helping with this
funds by yellow theme dressing for the day. Pictured is Eric Churchill, manager             which made her continue.                                       outreach program.”
of Hotel Services, and Sharon Wright, ward clerk, who’s colourful outfits not                  “The experience of working in a third world                    Interested in joining future trips – contact Mary
only gained additional sponsorship money from some of the doctors, but had                  country is very challenging as the availability of             Villanueva at Strathfield ICU. ❚
patients in tears of laughter. ❚                                                            equipment and other services is very limited. Despite

New treatment                                                              a univeRsity oF Adelaide study undertaken at Ramsay
                                                                           Health Care’s Adelaide Clinic, has found that mild and repeated
                                                                           doses of magnetic brain stimulation can be an effective
                                                                                                                                                      “The advantages of TMS are that, unlike electro convulsive
                                                                                                                                                   treatment, no anaesthetic is required and there is no associated
                                                                                                                                                   cognitive impairment,” Professor Galletly says. “The only side

for the
                                                                           treatment for chronic depression.                                       effects that patients have experienced are slight headaches due
                                                                              Adelaide Clinic Psychiatrist and Chair in Psychiatry for the         to the effect of the pulsing magnet on their scalp. This can be
                                                                           University of Adelaide Professor Cherrie Galletly said 38               alleviated with a simple headache tablet.”

                                                                           patients with a major depressive disorder have shown a clear               Professor Galletly says there are no medications involved
                                                                           improvement after undertaking treatment with magnetic brain             with the procedure. However, most patients are taking
                                                                           stimulation for 30 minutes at a time.                                   antidepressants and can remain on these during TMS
                                                                              “At the start of the study, all participants met the criteria for    treatment. Only people referred by a psychiatrist are accepted

                                                                           moderate to severe depression and most had contemplated                 for treatment and TMS is restricted to people with private
                                                                           suicide,” Professor Galletly says. “After treatment, 12 patients        health cover as it is not reimbursed by Medicare at this stage.
                                                                           had made a full recovery and many others showed significant                Although TMS has been available in the United States and
                                                                           improvement. A six-month follow up of 11 patients showed the            Europe for some time, the procedure has only been available in
                                                                           improvement was sustained.”                                             South Australia at Ramsay’s Adelaide Clinic in the past 12
                                                                              The ongoing study involves people who have severe, long-             months.
                                                                           term depression lasting up to 20 years. In 87% of cases, the               “There has been a lot of interest from psychiatrists in
                                                                           participants had trialled five or more antidepressants.                 Australia because it has been a long time since we have seen
                                                                              “Preliminary results indicate that 12 transcranial magnetic          new treatments for depression. This is a very exciting
                                                                           stimulation (TMS) treatments, given three days a week over a            development for the profession,” Professor Galletly said.
                                                                           month, may be sufficient to achieve good results,” Professor               Adelaide Clinic CEO Carol Turnbull said the Clinic was very
                                                                           Galletly says.                                                          excited to be part of this research and was proud of what they
                                                                              The procedure involves placing an electromagnetic coil near          were achieving in treatments for depression. ❚
                                                                           the frontal cortex of a patient’s scalp for half an hour. The
                                                                           magnetic energy stimulates the region of the brain which is
                                                                           involved in mood regulation and depression.
            ELLA LOWE                                              Employee
                                                                                                                                         Financial Benefits
  NURSING SCHOLARSHIP                                              Benefits                                                              in addition to the great CUA Bank@Work program, we also
                                                                                                                                         now can offer employees access to an ANZ product which
                                                                   RaMsay HealtH CaRe values its
Notice to all Ramsay Nurses                                        employees…how do we know this???
                                                                   Have you seen our new employee
                                                                                                                                         incorporates a range of discounts and benefits. All the
                                                                                                                                         information is contained in our HR intranet site so log-on today

Submissions are now                                                benefits intranet site - go to the Ramsay intranet and click
                                                                   through to the HR intranet where you will find all of the
                                                                                                                                         and browse the financial benefits available to you as a Ramsay
                                                                                                                                         employee. ❚

being accepted for the                                             benefits available to Ramsay employees!

2009 Ella Lowe Nursing
                                                                   Here is a snapshot of new offers to the national
                                                                   employee benefits program – details of which can all be
                                                                                                                                         Ramsay Employee Club
                                                                   found in our HR intranet site:                                        did you Know that we have a monthly $100 Scratchie Draw?
Scholarship                                                                                                                              A member of our Ramsay employee Club is drawn out each
                                                                                                                                         month and the winning membership number is published on
we aRe now accepting submissions from permanent clinical
employees who wish to apply for the annual Ella Lowe
                                                                   Employee Wellness                                                     the Ramsay employee Club website:
Nursing Scholarship, which involves provision of a grant of up     as a RaMsay employee, your health and wellbeing is our                   If our winner does not claim the prize, it jackpots the
to $10,000 to study or research nursing within a private           priority! Hence, we’re excited to announce the launch of the          following month. Congratulations to a lucky winner from the
health sector context.                                             new RHC Employee wellness intranet site. You can access the           Northside Group who just won $500 worth of scratchies!
   The research or study may also be used to develop               wellness intranet through our HR intranet – as wellness                  All of our Ramsay employee Club members should log on
initiatives to:                                                    provides a key part of our national employee benefits                 to and check the winning
   • Improve patient outcomes                                      Program which is key priority for our HR teams at Ramsay.             membership number. Quick…this month, it could be yours! ❚
   • Enhance quality and safety in nursing                            The wellness intranet and associated Wellness program, is
   • Improve service delivery.                                     designed to support:
   Ella Lowe was a dedicated clinician who achieved much in
her career. She was a Nurse Executive for Peninsula
                                                                      1. RaMsay eMPloyees - Providing access to the latest
                                                                         wellness information, interactive tools and discounted
                                                                                                                                         Private Health Insurance
Healthcare and a Professor of Nursing at Latrobe University
before spending some years in Indonesia as a Clinical Nurse
                                                                         wellness items;
                                                                      2. RaMsay FaCilities - Supporting current or future
                                                                                                                                         for Employees
Consultant.                                                              wellness initiatives;                                           as PaRt oF our national Employee Benefits Program, we are
   Ramsay Health Care is pleased to honor the memory of Ella          3. loCal wellness CooRdinatoRs – Providing flexible                always looking for ways to help our employees save money on
and her achievements through the provision of this Nursing               tools and resources to support delivery of wellness             their private health care costs. We negotiate the best deals we
Scholarship.                                                             programs at individual Ramsay facilities.                       possibly can for employees to help them to save money and
   For more information around submission timeframe,               don’t miss the exciting range of new initiatives                      benefit from the security of knowing they have excellent
eligibility criteria and scholarship rules, please visit the       including:                                                            private health cover in place.
Ramsay HR intranet site and download the Application Form.         • wellness sHoP – Looking for gift ideas? Kickstarting a                 Ramsay has negotiated a number of great deals for our
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   • How the research will make a significant contribution to                                                                               Medibank Private
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   • How the employee and Ramsay Health Care will benefit                                                                                   MbF
      from the grant and research in the particular field/area.
   Applications must be submitted by Friday, 30th october.                                                                                  In the June edition of The Ramsay Way, we gave you some
Late applications will not be considered.                          • HealtH PRoMoting HosPitals – Keep up-to-date with                   information on our HBA / BUPA offer. This month, we are
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                                                                                                                                         New program at
   to make the switch to Medibank Private, simply call 131 680 or visit any retail centre,
and introduce yourself as a Ramsay employee. you can also click on the Medibank                                                          New Farm a
Private website link available on the Ramsay HR intranet site.                                                                           success
Think about your health & ask about Medibank Private’s Priority cover! ❚                                                                 RegisteRed nuRses
                                                                                                                                         waRRen O’Shea and
                                                                                                                                         Urmila Shyam have
                                                                                                                                         successfully completed a 12
                                                                                                                                         Month New Graduate
                                                                                                                                                                         ABOVE L-R: New Farm CEO, Sue Feeney; Warren O’Shea; Ken Craig DCS
                                                                                                                                         program for Registered
                                                                                                                                                                         & Urmila Shyam.
                                                                                                                                         Nurses at New Farm Clinic.
                                                                                                                                            This was the first time such a program has been run at the Clinic. An afternoon tea and
  OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY UPDATE                                                                                                    certificate presentation was held for Urmila and Warren in recognition of their achievement.
                                                                                                                                         The Executive Team at New Farm Clinic wish them both a long and successful career. ❚

  Warners Bay
  makes history -                                                                                                                        Joondalup
                                                                                                                                         graduate nurse
  5 years LTI free
  sHowing CoMPReHensive
  CoMPlianCe and implementation of the
                                                                                                                                         scoops award
  RHC Occupational Safety Management                ABOVE L-R: Sue Clark; Regina Ross; Robyn White;                                      wanting to HelP her community and
  System and Injury Management procedures Chanelle McLennan; Malcolm Passmore &                                                          bring a positive and happy attitude to the
  Warners Bay Private Hospital made history         Jodie Stiess.                                                                        health care industry is just one of the reasons
  in August 2009 when they reached FIVE full                                                                                             JHC enrolled nurse Rachael Street won the
                                                                                                                                         prestigious Nurses and Midwives Board of         ABOVE: Rachael Streets with CEO Kempton
  years without incurring a lost time injury.
                                                                                                                                         Western Australia (NMBWA) Graduate               Cowan(left), Director of Nursing Shane Combs &
     Additionally the average cost of claim, number of claims and number of medical
                                                                                                                                                                                          Deputy Director of Nursing Shane Tobin-Longly
  treatment injuries has also reduced demonstrating wide-spread improvement.                                                             Nurse of the Year award.
                                                                                                                                                                                          (front right).
     “Whilst smaller facilities tend to have less frequency of injuries their more limited                                                  Over 150 of WA’s best nurses and
  resources can make avoiding injuries and lost time just as challenging as the larger                                                   midwives from both the public and private sectors were nominated in 18 award categories.
  facilities. I can personally attest to the commitment applied at Warners Bay and it has                                                   Rachael was one of three finalists for graduate nurse of the year and received her award at
  directly resulted in this wonderful outcome”. Chanelle McLennan - National Safety                                                      a gala dinner held at Burswood Entertainment Complex on Saturday 29 August.
  Manager.                                                                                                                                  “The award was totally unexpected but I felt honoured. I couldn’t have done it without the
     The facility and its entire staff were the recipient of a congratulatory BBQ to celebrate                                           JHC theatre staff or my preceptors who shared their knowledge with me – in particular Marie
  the occasion hosted by the National Safety Team. Well done Warners Bay! ❚                                                              Clarke, Alison Brayshaw and Barbara Orr,” Rachael said.
                                                                                                                                            Rachael was the first enrolled nurse to participate in JHC’s perioperative graduate
                                                                                                                                         program, and due to her success the program is now a permanent addition to the theatre
                                                                                                                                         education plan. ❚
                                                             Ramsay extends                                                                               “Our new agreement not only has the most competitive pricing for
                                                                                                                                                       Stryker products in the country but also provides substantial education
                                                                                                                                                       funding each year that will be used to support projects by the Ramsay

                                                             partnership with Stryker
                                                                                                                                                       Training Institute and selected educational programs, directly
                                                                                                                                                       benefiting our employees,”said Bill.
                                                                                                                                                          “One of the other key benefits of the agreement will be joint
                                                             RaMsay HealtH CaRe recently extended its long term partnership                            business improvement projects that will initially look at streamlining the
                                                             with Strkyer Australia for a further 5 years.                                             communication process between the doctor, hospital and the supplier
ABOVE L-R: Phil Nicholl, Managing Director, Stryker             Ramsay National Procurement Manager Bill Porter said the                               when ordering and processing prostheses and instrument sets, in an
South Pacific & Chris Rex, Ramsay Health Care                agreement went beyond the typical commercial arrangement and                              effort to keep our business processes simple and efficient for all parties
Managing Director, signing the new 5 year partnership        looked at true partnership opportunities for both businesses.                             involved.” ❚

  Ramsay                                                                                                                                                                        Next Generation
                                                               by the recently established Clinical                             • Powered mattresses
                                                               Assessment Group (CAG). The CAG consists of                      • Intermittent Pneumatic

                                                                                                                                                                                Beds for Ramsay
                                                               15 senior Clinicians from across the Ramsay                         Compression devices

                                                               network and this group has the authority to                      Paul Fitzmaurice, Executive Manager
                                                               accept or reject any product that it is                       Corporate and Commercial Operations, is the
                                                                                                                                                                                RaMsay HealtH CaRe has started rolling
                                                               presented with.                                               sponsor of the Strategic Sourcing initiative
                                                                                                                                                                                out a new bed called the Prius Elite – a

                                                                  If a product is accepted by the CAG it is                  and made the following comments: “The
                                                                                                                                                                                hospital ward bed designed from the
                                                               then subjected to a comprehensive clinical                    Strategic Sourcing initiative is an opportunity    ground up to meet all Australian and
                                                               trial at a number of Ramsay hospitals. The                    for Ramsay to use its significant purchasing       International standards in bed design but
                                                               results of the trials are recorded and available

                                                                                                                             power to form long term partnerships with          also for better patient and nurse use.
                                                               for review on the Ramsay Intranet site.
                                                                                                                             selected globally recognised manufacturers to          Ramsay proposes to replace all of its
                                                                  When a manufacturer’s product passes
                                                                                                                             deliver equivalent clinical outcomes and           mechanical beds to the Prius Elite bed over
                                                               both clinical assessment hurdles it is then
  RaMsay HealtH CaRe has successfully                                                                                        generate a superior value for money financial      the next three years.
                                                               invited to participate in an open market
  embarked on a strategy to partner with                                                                                     proposition. The Prius range of products has           Ramsay strategic sourcing partner, Prius,
                                                               tender conducted by Ramsay Group
                                                                                                                             proven to be clinically superior in many cases     said some of the features of the bed
  selected manufacturers in an open and                        Procurement. This tender process is the final
                                                                                                                             and has offered Ramsay an attractive long          included its light weight and
  transparent commercial relationship. The                     barrier to product change. Ramsay will only
                                                                                                                             term financial package.                            maneuverability, maximum range of high
  Strategic Sourcing Strategy is aimed at                      make a Manufacturer change if a product is
                                                                                                                                “Ramsay is not a manufacturer, but in           and low movement; under bed lighting as a
  utilising Ramsay’s significant purchasing                    deemed clinically acceptable and represents a
                                                                                                                             these tough times we must look to use all of       standard feature and an attached nurse
  power to form beneficial arrangements with                   substantial better value for money package.
                                                                                                                                                                                recording device allowing ease of use for
  selected globally recognised manufacturers.                     To date, one Manufacturer has been                         our strengths to enhance our chances of
                                                                                                                                                                                documentation completion. The bed design
  This strategy is underpinned by the assurance                successful in the Ramsay Strategic Sourcing                   being successful in the immediate and long
                                                                                                                                                                                is also the only bed on the Australian market
  that clinical outcomes must be at least                      initiative: Prius Health Care Solutions Pty Ltd.              term. The Strategic Sourcing initiative is one
                                                                                                                                                                                that allows for the full use of the linen
  maintained at their current levels.                          Ramsay has entered into a 5 year Preferred                    such strength that will allow Ramsay to form
                                                                                                                                                                                stripper when the bed extension is at
     To ensure that clinical integrity is protected            Supplier Agreement with Prius covering three                  open and transparent relationships with
                                                                                                                                                                                maximum. ❚
  Ramsay has adopted a two tier clinical                       major categories:                                             strategically aligned manufacturers.” ❚
  assessment mechanism. The first tier is driven                  • Ward beds

     Caring for the super of over 650,000 of us
        While we’re busy taking care of others, HESTA is busy taking care of us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               An Industry

       Issued by H.E.S.T. Australia Limited ABN 66 006 818 695 AFSL 235 249 regarding HESTA Super Fund ABN 64 971 749 321.
       Consider our Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about HESTA - call 1800 813 327 or visit our website for a copy.                                

   404.HESTA Group 226x158.indd 1                                                                                                                                                                            25/3/09 11:28:31 AM
Hudsons Coffee Shops                                                                                Hudsons Coffee shops are providing
                                                                                                 the ideal environment for staff, visitors,

opening in Ramsay                                                                                patients and the general public to meet,
                                                                                                 work, escape, catch up with friends or

hospitals                                                                                        simply watch the continual flow of
                                                                                                 people throughout the hospital.
                                                                                                    Hudsons Coffee store designs are
Hudsons CoFFee sHoPs are now open in two                                                         conceptualised with the vision of the
Ramsay Health Care hospitals – The Avenue Hospital                                               customer – the stores must meet their
in Melbourne and Greenslopes Private Hospital in                                                 needs and from experience, there are a          The Sydney Team
Brisane – with a third store due to open at John
                                                                                                                                               Ramsay is moving to SAP ERP6!
                                                                                                 vast diversity of needs in a hospital
Flynn Private Hospital shortly.                                                                  environment. A modern menu featuring
   The first Hudsons store opened in Melbourne in                                                healthy choice options is something           tHe RaMsay saP Implementation Project team has been
1998 and since this time the brand has been                                                      which Hudsons Coffee has implemented          working hard to deliver SAP ERP6 to Ramsay Hospitals across
growing and adopted a successful franchise platform with                  in the hospital stores.                                              Australia. We are now moving into the User Acceptance
stores now spanning a range of environments including central                Hudsons Coffee offers every customer the benefits of being        Testing and End User Training phases for the pilot go live in
business districts, regional areas, airports and hospitals.               part of the Hudsons Coffee Rewards Club where every                  Western Australia and
   Hudsons Coffee General Manager David Parkes said, “We’re               transaction in store equals credit (to the value of 10c per every    Sydney Head Office.
extremely excited to bring our brand into the already well                dollar spent) which can be redeemed in store on any drink or            Information regarding
respected Ramsay Heath Care group. The partnership is                     food item. ❚                                                         the SAP Implementation
beneficial to both parties involved; with Hudsons Coffee                                                                                       Project can be found on the
establishing their brand within the Ramsay Health Care group                                                                                   Ramsay intranet site in the
                                                                          ABOVE: Franchisees Allison & Adam de Vries from
and Ramsay Health Care receiving a quality product which their                                                                                 SAP Implementation Project
                                                                          Greenslopes Private Hospital.                                                                       The Melbourne Team
visitors, patients and staff can enjoy.”                                                                                                       section. ❚

TAFE NSW & Ramsay                                                                                                                              Elaine retires after 50 years
work together to train ENs                                                                                                                     of nursing
RaMsay is woRKing
                                                                                            Student Endorsed                                   westMead PRivate nuRse Elaine
closely with TAFE NSW National
Business to provide clinical                                                                EN Program                                         Hannon retired in August after 50
                                                                                                                                               years of nursing service. Elaine
placements for over 80 trainee                                                              RaMsay tRaining institute in                       commenced her hospital training as a
enrolled nurse (EN) students                                                                conjunction with the Gold Coast Institute of       nursing assistant in 1958 at the War
each year in NSW.                                                                           TAFE and Greenslopes Private Hospital              Memorial Hospital Waverley (Sydney)
   Karina Keily, Gradplus NSW                                                               congratulated 13 students who graduated            at the age of 16.
Coordinator said it was a way                                                               from the Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Course this          She spent the next 20 years nursing in various hospitals and
to keep trained ENs coming                                                                  month. The first cohort in the new integrated      nursing homes, both rural and city. In 1975 Elaine trained as an
through the system. “This was                                                               program commenced in April 2008, and after         Enrolled Nursing at Auburn Hospital.
an opportunity for us to be        ABOVE L-R: Malcolm Passmore, NSW Operations                                                                    She has spent her last 19 years working with as a night shift
                                                                                            18 months were presented with their
proactive in relation to training Manager, Ramsay Health Care; Francesca Saccaro,           certificates by the GCIT Course Coordinator–       Enrolled Nurse in the surgical wards at Westmead Private
                                   Director, TAFE National & DET International Business;
and employment, because we                                                                  Debbie Blow and Greenslopes Director of            Hospital and prior to this at Bankstown Private Hospital.
                                   Danny Sims, Chief Operations Officer, Ramsay Health
wanted more ENs in our skills                                                               Nursing – Marg Kenny, during their graduation         Elaine has seen many ups and downs during her nursing
                                   Care, & Pam Christie, Institute Director, TAFE NSW –
mix,” said Karina.                 Sydney Institute, at the recent agreement signing.       ceremony which was held at the Hospital.           career, but wouldn’t change any of it; she will leave her
   TAFE NSW nursing teachers                                                                   The 13 graduates will now become                profession with many fond memories.
are registered nurses with varying clinical specialities.                                   employed as EENs at Greenslopes and will              Carol Bryant, Chief Executive Officer of Westmead Private
   “Our fulltime teachers maintain professional currency while they teach, and              commence early October. This program is an         Hospital stated “This is a significant milestone for nursing and
our part-time teachers are working in the industry, so students receive current             excellent example of industry and training         we thank Elaine for devoting so much of herself to others over
and relevant knowledge and training’ said Liz Bougaardt, Head Teacher of                    organisations working together, and due to its     the past 50 years. We wish Elaine all the very best in her
Nursing and Aged Care, Western Sydney Institute.                                            success, two other groups of students are          retirement”. ❚
   Karina said once finished, participants are qualified as Endorsed Enrolled               currently undertaking the 18month course
Nurses with a Diploma in Nursing, and will then hopefully take up employment

                                                                                                                                               Graduate Midwives
                                                                                            with a fourth intake commencing early
with one of our hospitals and participate in the Gradplus program for Enrolled              October.
Nurses which will be rolled out across the state in 2010. ❚                                    For more information contact RTI. ❚

St George Private School-
Based Trainee wins Award
                                                                          New Farm                                                             for Pindara
st geoRge PRivate are
                                                                          bids pair                                                            PindaRa PRivate Has contributed to the future workforce
                                                                                                                                               needs for Obstetrics Care in supporting two student midwives,
                                                                                                                                               Karen Robinson and Merri Devlin through the Graduate
extremely proud of their
very own School Based
                                                                          fond farewell                                                        Diploma of Midwifery at Charles Sturt University in
                                                                                                                                               Wagga Wagga.
Apprentice/Trainee of the                                                 on tHe 30tH July 2009                                                   After a long year of assignments, deadlines, and middle of
Year Regional Finalist –                                                  Annette and Stewart Muir                                             the night phone calls from the birth suite, both Karen and
Natalie Mitrevski                                                         retired from New Farm Clinic.                                        Merri have achieved outstanding results and are now working
   The BAY2BAY Sydney                                                        Annette commenced                                                 as Registered Midwives at Pindara.
Regional Awards were held                                                 working at the old New Farm         ABOVE: Annette & Stewart Muir.      Both of these midwives are part of the Pindara Graduate
in July to celebrate                                                      Clinic in Llewellyn Street, New                                      midwife programme and will facilitate their recent midwifery
achievements in vocational                                                Farm in 1979 as an Assistant in                                      training by rotating through the clinical areas of the unit over
education and training by                                                 Nursing and relocated to the                                         the next 12 months. ❚
school based apprentices                                                  current New Farm Clinic, which was built and opened in
and trainees.                                                             Sargent Street New Farm, in 1986.
   This year’s BAY2BAY                                                       Annette has always given so much of her time and support
Regional Winner was                                                       to the patients, staff and doctors at New Farm Clinic. Annette
Natalie Mitrevski, a year 12 pupil of Kingsgrove High School              has made many friendships during her time with Ramsay
and a trainee Assistant in Nursing (TAIN) at St George Private            Healthcare and this was evidenced by the large attendance of
Hospital. Natalie was chosen from amongst 8 exceptional                   staff and doctors at a farewell lunch held at New Farm Clinic.
finalists from all disciplines and will progress to the NSW State            Stewart has been employed at New Farm Clinic for 10 years
selection interviews, the results of which will be known in               as a part-time maintenance officer. Like Annette, Stewart
September.                                                                provided support and assistance when needed.
   St George Private Hospital has embraced the opportunity to                Stewart and Annette have decided to become grey nomads
partner with the Sydney Institute of TAFE and the NSW                     and travel Australia. ❚
Department of Education to employ trainee AINs as part of its
                                                                                                                                               ABOVE L-R: Trish Hogan, CEO, Karen Robinson, Merri Devlin, Stephanie
workforce planning Strategy. ❚
                                                                                                                                               Virgona, NUM Women’s Health Unit
                                                                                                                                                 MOVEMENTS & APPOINTMENTS
                                                                                                                                                                                   Roger has been with
                                                                                                                                                                                Ramsay and will assume his
                                                                                                                                       series:                                  new role on or about 1
                                                                                                                              n pink
                                                                                                           lth care                                                             September 2009 and, until
                                                                                                    say hea
                                                                                    r the ra                                                                                    a new CEO of Lake

                                                                            iathlo unshine Coast
                                                                            r now fo
                                                                                                                                                                                Macquarie is hired, Roger

Over 200 Ramsay Staff compete                                         w          r–S
                                                                                                                                                                                will continue to maintain
                                                                                    20 sep
                                                                                                          dney                                                                  oversight of this hospital.
                                                                                                  er – Sy
in City2Surf                                                                        26 se
                                                                                             ober –
                                                                                                    Gold C
                                                                                                            oast                                                                Ramsay Chief Operating
                                                                                                                                                                                Officer Danny Sims said
207 RaMsay HealtH                                                                    17 oct         – Perth
                                                                                              mber                                               MalColM PassMoRe               Roger had done an
Care staff and doctors                                                                8 nove         r – Ade
                                                                                      22 no  vembe                ourne                          aPPointed nsw                  outstanding job as CEO of
competed in the 2009                                                                                       – Melb
                                                                                                  y 2010                                         Regional oPeRations            Lake Macquarie Private
                                                                                       30 januar               Hobart
Sun Herald City2Surf -                                                                                2010 –                                     ManageR                        Hospital over the last 5 ½
14kms from the city to                                                                  21 Feb                                                   Malcolm Passmore,              years. “Under Roger’s
Bondi Beach. The Ramsay                                                                                                                          formerly CEO/DCS of            leadership, Lake Macquarie
Health Care team was the                                                                                                                         Figtree Private Hospital has   has gone from ‘strength to
10th largest corporate                                              LEFT: Erin Howard-Gillis                                                     been appointed to the          strength’ and is now
team that competed in                                               from the Ramsay Meditech                                                     position of NSW Regional       considered one of Ramsay’s
the event which                                                     team crosses the finish line.                                                Operations Manager.            flagship hospitals,” Danny
attracted over 75,000                                               RIGHT: Some of the                                                               Malcolm has served in      said.
runners this year.                                                  Castlecrag team.                                                             both hospital DCS and CEO
   For the third year in a                                                                                                                       roles since 1995, during
                                                                    BELOW: Nowra’s entrants.
row, Mike Hirner (Group                                                                                                                          which the majority of this
Financial Controller) was                                                                                                                        time has been in regional
the first Ramsay Health                                                                                                                          hospitals such as Brisbane
Care staff member to cross the line, this year crossing in a                                                                                     Waters Private on the
time of 56.14 mins and 577th position. Ramsay’s Managing                                                                                         Central Coast, St. Andrews
Director Chris Rex didn’t do too bad either, finishing in 75.22                                                                                  Ipswich Private in
mins.                                                                                                                                            Queensland and two terms
   The Ramsay Health Care team raised a fantastic $2927 for                                                                                      (one as DCS and now as
the Schizophrenia Research Institute (SRI). Special mention                                                                                      CEO) of Figtree Private.
to Robyn Ladd who raised $1545 and Amber Sutton who                                                                                              Malcolm also is a former
raised $700. ❚                                                                                                                                   CEO of Kareena Private in      sHane MitCHell
                                                                                                                                                 the Sutherland Shire (south    Shane Mitchell has been
                                                                                                                                                 of Sydney).                    appointed to the position

Lake Macquarie’s City2Surf                                                                                                                           Malcolm reports to
                                                                                                                                                 Danny Sims and assumed
                                                                                                                                                                                of CEO of Nambour
                                                                                                                                                                                Selangor Private Hospital.
experience                                                                                                                                       his new role on 1 August
                                                                                                                                                 2009. He will also maintain
                                                                                                                                                                                   Shane is a Registered
                                                                                                                                                                                Nurse and has an extensive
tHe day staRted                                                                                                                                  responsibility for Figtree     background in Emergency
Eight well prepared                                                                                                                              Private until a replacement    Care. He was the Manger of
“athletes” from                                                                                                                                  CEO for Figtree is found.      the John Flynn Emergency
Lake Macquarie                                                                                                                                   The hospitals which            Care Centre for the past 10
Private Hospital                                                                                                                                 Malcolm will be responsible    years and has held similar
competed in this                                                                                                                                 for will include all NSW       roles at North Shore
year’s City2Surf. As                                                                                                                             Regional hospitals             Hospital in Sydney.
we arrived in                                                       Docs conquer Kokoda Challenge                                                including Dudley Private,         Shane completed the
Sydney just around the corner from Hyde Park it felt as             FouR RaMsay HealtH Care doctors recently completed                           Berkeley Vale Private and      Ramsay Health Care Future
though the entire city had come to a stop for this one day.         the 96km Kokoda Track on the Gold Coast in an impressive                     all hospitals and day          Leaders course in 2008 and
Hyde Park was mind blowing. It was an unbelievable                  24:58:40. Supported by Ramsay Health Care the doctors                        surgeries north of Berkeley    also managed a Medibank
experience.                                                         were Jaeme Zwart (Cairns Private) & Daniel Rowe                              Vale, and Kareena Private      Private Best Practice grant
   At 9.00am the 1st gun blew and the race had started.             (Greenslopes Private), Tony Hurd and Mark Goves.                             and all hospitals south of     to implement a Stroke Unit
41 minutes later after more waiting the 1st runner had                 The Kokoda challenge is an annual long distance walking                   Kareena (including Albury      at John Flynn incorporating
crossed the finish line … we still hadn’t crossed the start line!   event designed to reflect the key elements of the Spirit of                  Private and Murray Valley      streamlined care pathways.
   Finally we started and we made it up famous “heartbreak          Kokoda with 96km representing the actual distance of the                     Private Hospitals). Whist      The initiative was a finalist
hill”. At the 12km mark we could see Bondi Beach. And what          Kokoda Track. The walk must be completed in under 39                         not a ‘regional’ hospital,     in the Baxter Quality
a sight! It was here most people picked up the pace … the           hours, the 39 hours symbolizing the 39th Militia who were                    Kareena has been included      awards at last years APHA
race was almost over. With sore calves and tight hamstrings         the first of our Australian troops to arrive at Kokoda on 15th               in Malcolm’s portfolio         conference.
we all crossed the line in just over 2 hours.                       July 1942.                                                                   given his prior history as
   From there we made our way to Bondi Pizza where                     Dr Zwart said the walk was “no stroll in the park”.                       CEO of that hospital.
Ramsay had it open for employees. We were served                       “Within the first 4 hours we had to stop and start blister
champagne, soft drinks, pizza, salad and fruit and to those         prevention as the trail began to take its toll on our feet.”
lucky one’s a free massage was also available. After accruing          He said it was cold at night and thankfully they had a
more calories than we probably burned during the race we            support crew to offer hot drinks.
walked another 2kms to find our happy bus driver waiting to            “We finally managed to stagger across the finish line 25
bring us home.                                                      hours later, placing us in 47th position out of 300.
   It was an awesome day, filled with laughter, sweat and              “The whole event certainly gave us a glimpse of what the
great company.                                                      diggers experienced with their mates during their hardship
   Melissa Smith - Lake Macquarie Private Hospital ❚                in PNG.” ❚

                                                                                                                                                                                PatRiCio gRego
Gold Coast Marathon a success!                                                                                                                   RogeR aPPointed to
                                                                                                                                                                                Patricio Grego is the new
                                                                                                                                                                                Commercial Manager at
on sunday 5tH July, over 170 doctors, staff and family
                                                                                                                                                 albuRy wodonga                 New Farm Clinic starting at
members joined the Ramsay Health team to participate in
                                                                                                                                                 Roger Snell, current CEO of    the hospital in June.
the Gold Coast Marathon. A number of extremely athletic
                                                                                                                                                 Lake Macquarie Private         Patricio, has a science
team members entered in the 42km marathon and the 21km
                                                                                                                                                 Hospital, has elected to       background but is also a
marathon, with many entering into the 10km run and the
                                                                                                                                                 relocate to Albury and take    qualified accountant and is
5km walk/run challenge this year.
                                                                                                                                                 on the CEO position at         currently finishing his CPA.
   With staff from Corporate office, John Flynn, Pindara,
                                                                                                                                                 Albury Wodonga and             He was previously in Cairns
Greenslopes, New Farm & Nambour Private Hospitals joining
                                                                                                                                                 Murray Valley Private          Private Hospital.
the team Ramsay Health took out the 3rd largest corporate
team award. ❚

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