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									CL 11/12/10

                            Incident 012063 at Hyde, Wareham

'Approximately 35 firefighters plus support crew and the Red Cross 'FESS' welfare support vehicle
attended a property fire in Hyde, near Wareham in the early hours of this morning (02:55, Saturday
11 Dec, 2010). The family, mum, dad and son had been awoken by their smoke detectors to find the
house smoke logged. They quickly left the building and called 999.

Incident Commander, Louis Minchella, said: "This was an extremely lucky escape. Although fire
investigation is going to take place later this morning, we believe that it could well have started in
the log burner in the living room. The smoke alarms absolutely saved the occupants' lives. They
also did exactly the right thing in getting out, staying out and calling us out. The damage to the
property is extensive although crews did an excellent job in salvaging much of their belongings. The
Red Cross support vehicle and staff also did an excellent job in clothing the occupants who were in
their nightclothes in their car when we arrived. They were able to provide hot drinks and support
when the occupants most needed it. Although this is an awful thing to happen at any time,
especially just before Christmas, they are alive - saved by their smoke alarms and it could have
been so very different."

Fire Investigation Officer, Tim Spring, said: "The cause of this fire was a poorly installed wood
burner. Always ensure that wood burners are adequately serviced and make sure that the door
seals are in good condition. Never leave or place any combustible materials directly above the
burner or any other source of heat for that matter. Although this is a good news story in relation to
the fact that the occupants are alive and well due to working smoke alarms, the situation could
easily have been avoided if the wood burner itself had been correctly installed."


                                       Carol Longman
                             Media and Communication Manager
                             Dorset Fire and Rescue Service HQ
                Peverell Avenue West, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 3SU
                                        tel 01305 252614

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