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					      DRAFT MINUTES - subject to confirmation at next Parish Meeting
        Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday 7 April 2011 at 7.15pm
                                   at Diseworth Village Hall

1. Attendances and apologies

Present:        Cllr. T. Wilkins, Chairman of the Parish Meeting
                Parish Councillors: D Bamford, A Cawdell, M Downs, S Roberts, D. Wiggins.
                Mrs Betty Cawdell.
                Mr D E Maas, Clerk to the Parish Meeting.
                Mr George Pollard, local news correspondent.

Apologies were received from Cllr. L Downs.

2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 1 April 2010

RESOLVED that the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 1 April 2010 are a true record
and that they be confirmed and signed

3. Matters Arising from the above minutes - none

4. Chairman’s Annual Report for 2010/11

Cllr. Wilkins gave his Report, the notes used by him being appended below.

5. Parishioners’ Time

Cllr. A Cawdell expressed concern that, despite the consultation, County Highways had virtually
ignored the Parish Council’s considered requests to keep certain street lights switched on after
midnight and conversely had considered the A453 alongside the Airport to be all-important and none
of the street lights there were to be switched off.

Mrs Betty Cawdell said the recent speed reduction scheme in Long Whatton had had little effect,
especially in West End. It was noted that the installation of the scheme was not yet complete as the
reactive warning signals had yet to be installed.

Mrs Betty Cawdell, on behalf of Long Whatton Church, thanked the Council for its continued
maintenance of the Churchyard and clock.

The meeting closed at 7.30pm.

                 Chairman’s Report for the Annual Parish Meeting 7 April 2011

Another year has passed by but not without matters to make it a busy year. Since my last report. The
evening Skylink Bus Service has been taken away from us and now passes through Kegworth, this
must be very hard on the villagers who relied and depended upon it.

Donington Park although not in our Parish has started having racing events again with its race goers
using the facilities within the villages. It was noticed and commented upon that the speed of the
motorcycles attending a recent event passed through Long Whatton with respect to the speed limit , I
do not think this is solely down to the speed cushions.
I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new residents of the Parish especially those in Langley
Place, Diseworth and Paddock Close in Long Whatton. The two affordable housing projects which
have proved to be very popular.

Also I would like to extend a welcome to the tenants of the allotments, at last, and I would like to
comment on what a lovely sociable atmosphere is created. I am sure that there is more talking going
on than gardening.

The local police office has closed under the local government cuts, P.C.Jason Underwood and the
crew have been ‘re-homed’ at the Yew Lodge Hotel, And my thanks go to the proprietors for their
offer. In a recent report from the Police they are reminding resident not to leave their homes insecure,
as there were four burglaries in the parish all did not secure their homes.

Leicestershire County Council Highways have been busy recently with the most welcome traffic
calming measures in Long Whatton still to be finished off. On the negative they did let us down
considerably by not gritting, salting, or ploughing the snow to ensure safe transit for villagers and the
bus service, leaving some elderly passengers coming to the villages to complete their journey on foot.

Leicestershire County Council are, as a cost cutting exercise and to ‘reduce carbon’, planning to
reduce the street lighting within both villages quit considerably between the hours of 12 midnight until
5.0am. So may I ask any householder or land owner to cut back any overgrow hedge and keep it well
maintained to prevent any accidents to pedestrians when walking home after a night out. I am sure
that if Leicestershire County Council were serious about saving money and carbon footprint malarkey
they could make serious inroad by extinguishing lights along it many main roads and motorways

This would of course reduce light pollution.

Many various plans pass in front of the Parish Council from pollarding a tree to a new build home. But
a recent contentious proposal come from East Midlands Airport and their idea to fill a 10 hectare field,
south of the A453, with P.V. cells, this would be right on the edge of the habitation of Diseworth. If this
or any other development takes place on the land they have recently purchased south of the A453
Will have an enormous detrimental effect on the Parish as a whole, on Diseworth historic heritage,
and the quality of life of the villagers.

Long Whatton Village News had begun to flounder a little as items were not getting published like the
Parish Council notes. Thanks go to the out-going editor for his work in the past, and wishes of
encouragement for the in-coming editor and of course thanks to Cllr. Cawdell for his efforts in
arranging meetings to ‘kickstart’ the publication.

Finally I would like to thank the Councillors for all the work they have put in it makes the Chaimans’
job a lot easier and to the Clerk for his help and encouragement and keeping the Council running

Tom Wilkins

Chair, Long Whatton Diseworth Parish Council

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